Is the Second Amendment worth it?

Opinion By Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen

Democrat's War on Guns
Is the Second Amendment worth it?

USA – -( It is without a doubt that our country will elect a Democrat President sometime in the future.

Folks, the Democrats are good at promising cheap trinkets to the lazy and they are great at frightening people into making decisions against their own interests. We know for sure that the Democrats will eventually get back into the White House.

That’s the way US politics has worked in the past.

After Trump, though, we are in uncharted territory.

For decades, the Dimwits, aka the Democrats, ignored the benefits and magnified the disadvantages of civilian-owned weapons. They tried to frighten gun owners and non-gun owners alike into making poor choices based on emotion, and not on the facts.

The Dimwits tried to fool us into peaceably giving up our weapons. Instead of giving up our weapons, we gave them Trump.

After Trump, will we peaceably disarm?

Now that the Dimwits realize that their lies failed to stampede us into disarmament, as has occurred in other countries, they are demanding that we “sell back” our so-called “assault weapons,” and whatever other classes of guns they fear. The Dimwits claim that our Founders never imagined the effect of technology on personal weapons. But our Founding Fathers did have full knowledge of the arms possibilities. They had knowledge of the Puckle Gun (considered one of the first machine guns ever built-in 1718) and others like it.

Our Founders gave us the Second Amendment fully understanding, and expecting, improvements in firearms and weapons technology. Logic Note: If the Second Amendment does not apply to modern technology, then the First Amendment should NOT either.

Those who wrote the Constitution wanted to limit government; they did not want to hinder technical genius.

The Dimwits plot to pass the Universal Instant Check System. If it were to be signed into law, rest assured that lists of firearms owners would be made, and used to confiscate weapons and ammunition. They are so eager to disarm us, that they can hardly wait for RED FLAG LAWS to accomplish that task one by one. The Dimwits are also too lazy to collect the 4473 documents from FFL Dealers, who must retain the 4473s for not less than 20 years, per § 478.129(b) Record retention: Firearms transaction record.

The Dimwits believe that when new gun bans become the law of the land, house to house searches will occur and we, the law-abiding citizens that we are, will quietly and happily disarm.

With all the new rights the Dimwits have normed into our culture, one would think that one has retained the right to safety in the home. So we would not expect government agents to swarm our homes, endangering our families, and take our property.

But that seems to be their plan.

The Dimwits should surely remember that past gun bans have not been fully obeyed.

Crazy Dimwits are finally telling us the truth when they promise voters that the next time they win the White House, forcible disarmament will follow. After all, according to Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who not so jokingly reminded us about who would be controlling the atomic weapons, “It would be a short war…”.

If even thinking about nuking our land and our people isn’t insane, what is?

Although Swalwell was quickly shushed, the proverbial cat was fully out of the bag. But the Dimwits could no longer restrain from hiding their madness, Beto also made the confiscation claim.

The Dimwits, of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, labeled our NRA as a “domestic terrorist organization”! Can you imagine that a Civil Rights Organization, who helped train the freed slaves and promotes safety, is a domestic terrorist organization?

Our Second Amendment, and our Constitution, are under attack by lunatics, liars, and idiots. They are mean, nasty, and extremely destructive. They have a selfish streak, and can not be trusted.

Some of these loonies may be family. We may love them! But how can we ever trust them in the future? The political path they chose is not necessarily a peaceful path.

Why have we not seen most of the Democratic party apparatchiks flee their party’s massive lies, not only about the benefits of disarmament and socialism but about Republican subversion against the very Constitution we love?

Millions of Dimwits should have renounced the hatred of our country and spoke out against the damage that recent Dimwit policies have done to our Constitution, the country, our Presidency.

How many in the Dimwit Party really believe that we firearm owners are eager to sell out our beloved country to the enemies of freedom?

Our souls are wrapped in the flag of freedom!

Are their souls?

Is the Second Amendment worth it?

Is it all worth it?

And the answers are: No, Yes, and Yes!

About the Authors:

Alan J Chwick has been involved with firearms much of his life and is the Retired Managing Coach of the Freeport NY Junior Marksmanship Club. He has escaped from New York State to South Carolina and is an SC FFL ( [email protected] | TWITTER: @iNCNF

Joanne D Eisen, DDS (Ret.) practiced dentistry on Long Island, NY. She has collaborated and written on firearm politics for the past 30+ years. She has also escaped from New York State but to Virginia. [email protected]

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Ryben Flynn

Terrorist: noun
noun: terrorist; plural noun: terrorists
a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.
Sounds like BLM, Antifa and Leftists in general. And maybe Democrats?

Will Flatt

And now you know why Pinochet tossed commies out of helicopters. Leftists always default to terror, mass murder and mass insanity (aka political correctness).


– is the word “unlawful” necessary? Is it not still terrorism If it is carried out by a government?


To all my Veteran friends on here. Thank you for your service, and God bless!


No. It was my pleasure to serve my country and its people for eight years. My only regret is that I had but this one broken body to give it, and that there isn’t more people like you out there!

a.x. perez

While trying to destroy or at least weaken the 2nd Amendment, they have demonstrated hostility to the First Amendment by trying to silence their opponents and deny us the right to peaceably assemble (declaring the NRA terrorists. Really?) to seek redress of grievances, the 4th Amendment, 5th Amendment,6th Amendment and, 14th Amendment guarantees of due process and just compensation.

They are not after just our 2nd Amendment rights, they want to destroy them all.


“After Trump, will we peaceably disarm?”

Hell NO.
The Dems have turned into ENEMIES OF THE STATE.As far as I am concerned they are Traitors and not worthy to cal themselves Americans anymore(some are outside this and want the same thing as Conservatives do) but not enough of them.
We will ultimately have a Civil War,there is NO TWO WAYS around it.
They will have to kill me to take MY GOD given rights.


There’s an old saying, “Watch what you ask for, you might get it.” The Dems should consider very carefully what that saying might mean concerning gun control. I’m staying in the NRA, I’m a life member, and the rifle club I belong to is NRA- affiliated, so being in the NRA is a requirement to be a member. It’s not ideal, but it’s the only place I can train for my possible future as a HANSOB. This past week I got an invitation to up my NRA life membership to endowment level. I also got an invitation to become a… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

The local solution to a National problem!


Help me out…what does HANSOB refer too?


As a NRA member, and a GOA & JPFO member, I do feel your NRA burn, and am angry. But I hope that you didn’t miss our poorly stated point, and that being, that San Fran’s resolution, calling NRA a ‘domestic terrorist organization,’ is very dangerous, for ALL 2A groups. If the NRA, as a terrorist organization catches on, in other locals, even GOA, JPFO, NAGR, etc., won’t survive the onslaught. The main stream sees the NRA, as us, being all 2A proponents. Sadly, they do not see GOA, JPFO, NAGR, or any other groups, as their enemy. Just the… Read more »


Already a long time GOA, a long time JPFO, member.

No disagreement in what you’re saying, but the optics are what the main stream sees. And this is NRA as the leader, and they still have more ears than GOA.

Support the GOA, most definitely, but you should still hold your NRA membership too. We need all the lobbying critters we can get.


I’m a Patron member, but they get the same deal from me, not a penny more.

Ansel Hazen

I scanned my latest beg letter. Put it into editing software and superimposed Wayne Must Resign!!! over the face of it. Dropped it in the mail last week.

Sans check of course. 🙂


@AJ Same here, but I gave up on them when they helped usher in the assault weapens ban


I became one for $200 back in the same decade.

Ansel Hazen

It wasn’t poorly stated Alan. I got what you meant.

Wild Bill

@AJ, Those five millions of Second Amendment supporters will just move over to a leaner, meaner, more effective Second Amendment group.
I had a lawn mower that stopped working. I couldn’t fix it so, I got rid of it.

Idaho Bob

Is the Second Amendment worth it? Ask the Jews of Europe in the 1930’s & 40’s. Is the Second Amendment worth it? Ask the slaves of the southern United States int he 1800’s. Is the Second Amendment worth it? Ask the family recently executed in Mexico. Is the Second Amendment worth it? Ask yourself, can I really trust the government? Is the Second Amendment worth it? Ask one of the progressive lefts heroes: “One man with a gun can control 100 without one” and “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the… Read more »


That is their plan, sure enough. It’s up to us to see that they don’t get them. NONE of them….


The next time some bird-brained anti says 2A was about muskets, tell them they are absolutely correct… why? Because muskets were the MILITARY ARMS of the day and the 2A’s fundamental purpose is to protect individuals rights to own the same arms as the MILITARY, full stop, period, end of story!


Those who join those who oppose our Constitution, are not smart enough to realize the people they have joined are going to enslave them as well.
The globalists care nothing about the people who live in this country, they only want the wealth they can steal from this country through the ignorance of those who think the globalists will give them what they want. Only a fool would believe the globalists would “give” them anything.

Wild Bill

@ authors Chwick & Eisen, I suspect that “Is the Second Amendment worth it?” maybe the most foolish, poorly punctuated, and least Constitutionally knowledgeable title that I have ever read, but I have to know what the “it” is, first! Beginning letters of words in a title are uppercase. The Second Amendment is merely an enshrinement of our natural Rights to keep, carry, and use arms to make a meaningful defense. Our natural Right to make a meaningful defense does not depend upon that writing as outlined by the S. Ct. Your actual question, C&E, calls for a balancing decision… Read more »


Sounded like Harold to me too, only angry with nothing to back it up !
Like if he can sound intelligent and educated enough, we are all automatically disarmed cause we’re just so stupid. Probably has never had a weapon pointed at him although he needs it badly.

Will Flatt

What will happen in America after Trump? Who knows for sure what will happen, exactly. The GOP could POSSIBLY hold on to Congress & the White House, but I doubt it. Many analysts say that after Trump, the Left will PERMANENTLY GAIN ABSOLUTE CONTROL OF ALL ELEMENTS OF GOVERNMENT. ALL OF YOUR WORST NIGHTMARES WILL ALL HAPPEN AT THE SAME TIME.

Civil war is our inevitable future.


It’s not just democrats per se, but globalists, socialists and communists. Most of them do identify with the democratic party, but this is way more than party politics as usual. Due to years of moral decline, our country has the needle in its arm, and the globalists and communists (and yeah, the socialists, too) are doing all they can do to push the plunger and send the United States into oblivion. They’ve been baby-stepping it for decades (hell, for a century at least) and are willing to wait it out. Yes, it’s a cold civil war that is being conducted… Read more »

Will Flatt

The Democrats are playing a long game that conservatives and Trump fans are just now beginning to perceive, and slowly trying to understand. All they have to do is run out the clock till this time next year and then they will flip all government blue, not just at the federal level but also at least 2 dozen states, through a massive election-rigging scheme never attempted in the entire history of “free” elections! What happened just days ago with the Kentucky election and the massive fraud perpetrated there is their beta test for 2020. Sue to get every name that… Read more »


Civil War in our future is inevitable because the international financial interests have been steadily working toward it since before the ink was dry on the U.S. Constitution. They had a timeline of which they informed their “imperial managers” (their words) in 1834 right after President Andrew Jackson kicked their Second National Bank out of the country. It predicted their regaining control of our economy by the year 1900 and regaining political control by the year 2000. They were 13 years late regarding economic control with the illegal 16th, and prohibited 17th, Amendments and the Federal Reserve Act in 1913… Read more »

Wild Bill

@WF, predicting the future is a tricky endeavor. They can not even get tomorrow’s weather prediction right.
I am sure that the globalists, elitists, and communists are after us. We are the target. Trump is just one, of several, things in the way.
I think that Trump, with a Trump senate, Trump house of reps, Trump screened bureaucracy, and a Trump built judiciary, will go a long way towards protecting us, without civil war.
Restore the Republic.


I will not comply.

God bless our troops, vets, and law officers


Being FREE is always worth it. It’s just a shame that so many infiltrators posing as public servants are still actually being allowed to conspire together, to make the freedoms that so many have died for meaningless. Freedom is being held hostage…

Deplorable Bill

Is the 2A worth it? There are laws that enslave men and there are laws that set men free. Our constitution, the amendments and the bill of rights are such laws that set men free. The 2A IS the law of the land and it IS good sound reasoning that has caused other nations to think twice about invading the U.S. Yamamoto, the man who planned the attack on Perl Harbor was asked afterward why he did not invade the contentals U.S.? His answer is one that all left wing, rinos, socialist, communists should remember. He said: “There would be… Read more »


I served in the United States Marine Corps been to Iraq and Afghanistan seen my brother in arms die loose limbs come back home with all sorts of problems. I believe most of us signed up to serve to protect our country. We all swore an oath to protect this country and constitution from all enemy’s foreign and domestic. We are in a time where our constitution and rights are being infringed by the demoncrats and liberals I will stand and fight against these enemies I will take up arms against these enemies and put my life on the line… Read more »


The NRA needs to clean house and get back to the job we hired them to do. That being said a massive membership drive should be launched. With over 100 million gun owners in the country it’s a sad statement that the NRA only has 6 million members. If you had a massive voting bloc of 100 million and a few bucks from each member you could have the presidency of the USA! Politicians would be terrorized into compliance with what ‘We the People’ demand or face losing their jobs. Gun control groups would have no power and we might… Read more »


Maybe they need to follow their own bylaws and make every effort possible to get the state MILITIAS back in force and effect. Well, this should get a few down votes.

Wild Bill

@CL, The unorganized militia still exists. Perhaps you could have a formation occasionally, fill out the command structure and hold a few classes. If you really want the unorganized militia to fall in … you could pay them.

Will Flatt

40 years of Whiny LaPee-yew in the NRA and only 5 million (if that) members in the NRA. Did it ever occur to you that the vast majority of gun owners are wise to the NRA’s baloney and repeated betrayals of gun owners for the last 90 years?? That the majority won’t drink the koolaid?? Have you forgotten exactly what was going on in the NRA circa 1975 that directly contributed to people breaking off to form GUN OWNERS of AMERICA? Or the second attept to reform the NRA in the 1990’s that was squashed by Emperor Wayne & his… Read more »


The Second Amendment was DEMANDED due to deficiencies in the Constitution of 1787-88. important Founders raised the issue because sole power to arm the militias that each State had as stated in Article One, Section Eight. The Boston Tea Party of 1773 raised the ire of the King who sent a big army to OCCUPY Boston. Two years of oppression resulted in the residents using their arms to form the uncharted militia known as the MINUTEMEN. When the British Army marched toward Concord and Lexington the Minutemen realized that without their private arms the British Army would never leave. Tyranny… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

C.K. that is well said and truthful. The ARMED AMERICAN CITIZEN is something all traitors, cartels, invading nations, home invaders, murderers etc. should worry about. Should the day come when our own government bans guns and/or attempts confiscation that day at Concord will be full circle again. Those politicians, judges, lawyers and enforcement people who would disavow their oath to defend the nation, people and the constitution would be/are legally traitors. Treason carries with it a legal, legitimate, moral, truly earned and final penalty. The penalty for treason is death although I would add a PUBLICLY TELIVISED TARRING AND FEATHERING… Read more »

Get Out

IMOA we need to not air our dirty laundry out in public, anti-gunners are lapping it up. What will you say when they label GOA (Any other progun organization) as a domestic terrorist organization? As a NRA Member I’ll come to GOAs and your defense when an anti-gun buffoons label you a terrorist. Anti-gunners are trying to divide gun owners and it’s working for them too. I am a NRA member and have told them that I have not been pleased with the current direction the NRA is heading. I will join other progun groups to boost their voice if… Read more »


@GO – Well said, particularly the last four lines. I agree that “antis” see the NRA as representing all gun owners, just as the cannot consider separating violence and guns. I personally have not dropped my nra membership, but will not be renewing. We all need to advertise, support and grow the other civil rights organizations ( GOA, SAF, +) so they are ready to fill whatever void is left as the NRA disappears. It is OK to disagree on methods and priorities, but we all need to support each other in efforts to protect our rights. I’m always open… Read more »

Get Out

@Finnky, I didn’t appreciate those buffoons calling members a terrorist and renewed my NRA membership because of it. It’s only a matter of time before they go after GOA, SAF or another pro-gun group. I believe the NRA headquarters knows they are on borrowed time unless they change their ways.


@GO – Amazing how many people are thumbing you down here. I am not among them. Strongly agree that labeling a civil rights organization as “terrorists” sets a horrific precedent. Would argue that such behavior is an existential threat to our democracy. I ask any who agree with SF how they would feel if ACLU was called a terroristic organization – so far have not been able to convince any of them of the parallel, but still trying. No longer find myself agreeing with NRA about much, but we all need to protect each other’s right to free speech –… Read more »


Other than basic membership dues, give nothing else, and let them know with each mailing. Fully support GOA. But to forsake the NRA completely, will be disastrous for all the other groups.

Side Note: Sadly, my #RINO Senator, Lindsey Graham, and Rep Dan Crenshaw, are major pushers of ERPOs, at the state level, not the Federal Level.

Will Flatt

By this time next year, there probably won’t even BE an NRA to defend. Radioactive Wayne is still at the helm and the BOD have decided that they will join Wayne in riding the NRA all the way down to Ground Zero just like Major Kong in ‘Dr. Strangelove’. The IRS and other federal agencies are initiating CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS into NRA’s malfeasance at the hands of Wayne & Co.!! So yeah, go ahead and like a sheeple, blame the vocal advocates for NRA REFORM for “creating division” within the 2A activist community. We all know the real shill doing Bloomberg’s… Read more »


@WF – I’m fine with the NRA disappearing, as long as it is because we chose to no longer associate with the leadership – instead of NRA disappearing through governmental action limiting our rights of association. Also as long as GOA, SAF, step up and carry on the fight for our rights. Not that NRA’s demise will add much slack – however NRA and Hammer (sp?) do already have political connections, politian’s ears, and public understanding that they represented numerous constituents across the country. We will have to step up our game with direct communications when asked by our… Read more »

Will Flatt

@Finnky I’m 100% with you on everything you just said. I am confident that FPC, GOA, SAF, etc. will have no problem taking up the very light slack from NRA’s departure. One additional note: While I would prefer that NRA just go away because we the gun owners said so, I can accept if the NRA goes away because of the criminal wrongdoing & corruption of their entire leadership. Double goes for the BOD who have the responsibility fo roversight, and instead they’re double dealing above the table and grafting under the table, as OV says below. ALL of them… Read more »

Get Out

@wjd, The NRA did not push for ERPO’s in fact they oppose them. IMOA they knew ERPO’s would pass at the state level. We need to stop the infighting because the anti-gunners know if they can divide us, we can be conquered. I don’t give money to the NRA other than NRA membership dues. I also want the NRA to continue to be a thorn in the side of anti-gunners and their politicians. In addition, the NRA opposes any effort to create a federal ERPO law, in which federal agents would be tasked with seizing firearms after a hearing in… Read more »

Get Out

, Did you read the posted link? Do you have a link you can share?

Deplorable Bill

It is obvious to me that the second war for freedom and independence is coming. Socialism or communism can’t take hold while the public is armed. That is why the left is trying to disarm us. Those who are guilty of treason, of disavowing their oath to the nation, the people and the constitution deserve the consequence that treason brings upon all who employ it. Treason is more worthy of the death penalty than a single murder because it is an attack on THE NATION as a whole. The disarming of our nation IS AN ATTACK ON OUR NATION. Those… Read more »


We are strongest when we show a unified front. That’s SOP. Now is not the time to let the NRA die. LaPierre should go, yes, that is a given but we mustn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. I am an NRA patron and am withholding some but not all money I send to the NRA. Let’s win another election, take back the house and then collectively sue LaPierre for dereliction of duty. Because now is not the time.


I’ve always thought it interesting that NRA is having such problems NOW – of all times to get sick, why now?? Seems a little convenient to me. BTW, I’m a live endowment member.

Will Flatt

Fine, tell me how you plan to forcibly remove WLP & his toady BOD members (which is most of them) and rebuild the NRA before next spring when the primaries begin, and I’ll return and sign up once more for a life membership. Because anything less than that and we all lose BIG TIME in one year from now. Only God Himself can fix this radioactive slag pile and make it a warhorse again, imo!

Joe M

Shameful article. Would that the authors had the self-awareness to know that. If we want to be viewed as respectable, responsible, and competent citizens, we’re not going to get there with name-calling. Dimwits, really? That’s the best you’ve got? No wonder the stereotype is of knuckle-dragging right-wingers. If we want there to even be a dialog, we need to shoulder the burden of responsibility. Fear-mongering rhetoric. Pandering to the panic-prone is the absolute weakest form of oration. Oblique threats and hyperbolic hysteria may get you a few upvotes in this echo chamber but all you’re doing is driving a wedge… Read more »


No comment.

Wild Bill

@CL, I see your point. A comment would be a wasted effort on this garden variety, low level propagandist. He is merely seeking responses to get paid.
He does not say by whom we should want to be viewed as “respectable, responsible, etc”. He just implies that we should live up to his standards, as if he were in charge.

Will Flatt

The only coward I see is you, and since you infer that you served, you dishonor your service with the 1960’s leftist mantra of “peace at any cost!” A second civil war is, thanks to the divide cultivated by the tolerance of left-wing extremism over the last 60 years, an INEVITABILITY. Leftists will do far worse than calling you a dimwit, or a knuckle-dragging xenophobic homophobic islamophobic cisgendered irredeemable deplorable nazi. The hateful labeling has been going on by leftists for over 50 years, Rip Van Winkle. Welcome to 2019; the Leftists are openly talking about genociding ALL non-leftists and… Read more »


I have nothing but respect for anyone that so values their Second Amendment Rights that they are willing to leave their home state and relocate where their freedoms are respected. Joe M is offended that the party that seeks to deny us our civil rights is labeled “dimwit”. That is the “Tell ” right there. On Veteran’s day or any other day isn’t the real shame that Veterans give all to preserve our rights and freedoms only to return home and find their fellow Americans belong to a political party that has thrown in with the enemy ? The same… Read more »


That’s the problem, YOU cannot move anywhere habitable to get away from them,they are like a pestilence.
They inevitably spread like a virus,until eradicated.(Californians moving into Red areas are a PRIME example),they destroy everything.
IF they were not set on being GLOBALIST,instead of Americans that love their country,maybe we could have a dialogue and find common ground.
If that were possible I am all for it,but they DO NOT want to compromise,they want it ALL it’s TOTAL CONTROL OF WE the PEOPLE or nothing.

Wild Bill

@Consider, Well said and thorough.


Thank You Wild Bill. I think previously , you may have objected to my posts, That’s O.K. Joe M comes here objecting to infighting among pro-gunners ? No, he came here to create infighting.His post reads like a Harold Hutchison that rose to anger ! There is no doubt we infight, but the things that bind us are much stronger than the things that divide us. It is like there is a big family get together and someone comes in pretending to be a member of the family. Everybody knows he is not a member, he betrays himself in the… Read more »


Newsflash to the leftist apparatchik: We are not choosing a war on our own soil. The folks you are trying to defend, those who seek to destroy the first nation on Earth to reject fifty centuries of governance according to the arbitrary whims of tyrants, founding a nation on principles of liberty under the rule of law, are the ones choosing a war on our own soil. International financial interests, who ran the entire world for several centuries before our nation was founded, have been presenting your slimy arguments since before the ink was dry on the U.S. Constitution, and… Read more »


“Sometimes a Cigar is just a Cigar.”
Sigmund Freud


Shut the hell up. Referring to patriotic veterans as “cowards and rabble-rousers” merely proves your worthlessness. Who the hell says we conservative patriots even want “a dialog” with insane anti-2nd Amendment gun grabbers, who absolutely refuse to negotiate in any way (and certainly NOT with any honesty)? If those idiot circus clowns can be effectively opposed at the ballot box, then by all means, peacefully do so! But if they remain a rabid danger, then civil war is indeed justified. We veterans swore an oath – a permanent vow of personal honor – to protect this country, from all enemies,… Read more »


The First Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” The Second Amendment states: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” What’s wrong with this picture is that you are using this innate right not for the betterment of this country… Read more »


Joe M. You preach to us on Veterans day and what you say is not exactly what one would expect when addressing people that have laid their life on the line for you. I’m sure you are a liberal or you wouldn’t be trying to start a negative discussion on this day. Did you or your parents spit on the troops as they returned home from the war? You sure sound like the type. Other people have offered to discuss this with you but all we hear is crickets, maybe you are Antifa.

Get Out

M, Perhaps you should first understand the differences; Veterans Day officially honors those who have served in the military in any way.

Memorial Day formally commemorates those who sacrificed their lives in the service and protection of America’s freedom.


The time for dialogue is over they are coming after are God given rights it starts with the second amendment how far would you let them go. The veterans of this country and the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice did so for the freedoms and protection of the American people. You are right the divide in this country does not need to exist but it does and it will not go away not in our lifetime. I for one will not forget the sacrifice so many made so we could even have this discussion I will honor… Read more »