More Revelations at Former Officer Goines Federal Bond Hearing from No-Knock Raid


Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas were the victims.
Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas were the victims.

Arizona -( There was a federal bond hearing for former Houston Police Officer Gerald Goines last week after his arrest on 20 November, 2019.

In the hearing for Goines, FBI special agent O’Neil Brown testified about more evidence found in Goines’ official, but unmarked Houston Police Department car. From

Brown’s testimony brought forward new revelations about the investigation into Goines’ alleged activities. He testified that Goines was involved in a sexual relationship with one of his confidential informants. This same confidential informant told investigators the drugs Goines said were purchased from 7815 Harding Street came from a different address — one unrelated to Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas, Brown testified. Brown also said investigators discovered a stolen gun in Goines’ unmarked HPD unit and various illegal drugs, including cocaine, and ecstasy.

It appears former officer Goines had more illegal drugs and illegal guns in his car than their victims, the Tuttles had. They had only a small amount of marijuana, and a small amount of cocaine discovered in their modest home, where they had lived quiet lives for the last 20 years since they had married.

Dennis Tuttle, 59,  was a medically retired Navy veteran. Rhogena Nicholas, 58, his wife, a devout Christian who emailed a prayer to her mother every day. Both were killed in the no-knock raid at their 7815 Harding Street Houston residence. based on lies from a neighbor across the street and the false “evidence” by former officer Goines to obtain the warrant.

Goines,  his partner Steven M. Bryant, 46, and the neighbor, Patricia Ann Garcia, 53, were arrested on federal warrants after an FBI investigation prompted by the raid and double homicide.

Goines,  his partner Steven M. Bryant, 46, and the neighbor, Patricia Ann Garcia, 53, were arrested on federal warrants after an FBI investigation prompted by the raid and double homicide.

In the interest of justice, it appears Dennis Tuttle fought back against the armed home invaders, who had shot and killed his dog in his living room, with virtually no warning. The home invaders were undercover narcotics police. Four officers were wounded. One of those was Gerald Goines. Goines was the lead investigator in the case.

Goines was wounded in the neck, and unable to talk. He was in the hospital for some time. The wound may have prevented him from coordinating a more extensive coverup.

It seems doubtful he would have left a stolen gun in his vehicle if he had the chance to remove it. Previous revelations by his partner, Bryant, showed there had been heroin in the car as well. Some of the heroin found in his official car might have ended up at the 7815 address if he had not been prevented from planting it there.


Authorities allege Goines lied in a search warrant affidavit when he said that a confidential informant had bought heroin at the home. But the informant told investigators no such drug buy ever took place. Goines had indicated in the search warrant that Bryant had identified heroin bought at the home. But Bryant later told investigators he had retrieved heroin from Goines’ police car.

Dennis’ Tuttles guns were all legal, it appears.

It has been reported that Goines was involved in over 100 no-knock warrants in the seven years previous to the Harding Street no-knock raid. His informants, in the documents used to obtain the warrants, swore guns had been seen in all of them. Mysteriously, no guns were reported as being seized by Goines, after the raids were finished.  From

Goines swore in search warrant affidavits that “knocking and announcing would be dangerous, futile,” because he claimed a confidential informant had seen a gun inside. Those claims led judges to grant no-knock warrants, which accounted for 96 percent of all the search warrants he filed in the last seven years, a KHOU 11 Investigation has found.

But in every one of the more than 100 drug cases based off those warrants, there’s no record of Goines ever seizing a gun after executing a no-knock search warrant.

The discovery of a stolen gun in Goines official car fuels speculation about what may have happened to all the guns that might have been discovered in those previous raids.

Police Chief Acevedo stated, in a recent press conference, that if you go to a random number of residences in Texas, more than half are going to have guns.

From the press conference:

“..most houses, I would say a greater number, you would find firearms than not.”

What would the percentage be if those residences were being used by drug dealers who informants had swore had guns on the premises?

When those who wish us disarmed talk about laws to disarm the innocent, they carefully refrain from mentioning corrupt police and the black market.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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I’m a former LEO. If these 2 have been doing such criminal activities for the past 10 years, what does that say about the leadership capabilities of their former Chief?


It shows he’s also a LEO.


It says to me that he’s one of the lying scumbags that has been aiding and abetting his pet thieves for years and years, and continues to do so. Or, yeah, he’s the average chief. What else can a society expect from “proper officials” that get their jobs by appointment? Would a sane man expect him to NOT do whatever the man who appointed him says to do?


Texas has the death penalty with an accelerated execution for heinous crimes. I believe, if I were on the Jury, this would qualify.

Also, the judges who issue these warrants on these flimsy CI statements, should be brought to task. The invasion of private property should have stricter scrutiny than the word of someone insisting to remain anonymous.


not to dwell overmuch on the OTHER OFFICERS that regularly participate in raids such as this. If Goines NEVER picked up a gun at any of those 100 or so no-knock raids, which OTHER officers watched as he ppcketed those guns that, statically HAD TO HAVE BEEN THERE? Dirty coppers can only continue being dirty of other so-called “clean” coppers are also dirty. WHO has researched which officers accompanied Goines on those other 99 raids? And how often? Seems Gines had quite the little racket going on.. until he met his nemesis, whom he killed but not until one well… Read more »


Either watch the movie “Serpico”, that launched a career for Al Pacino, or (much better) read the writing of the real Serpico. Then you’ll know how corrupt the PDs were… back in the 1960s! The real revelation is how much worse Mr. Serpico says its gotten now, decades after he won a gold shield for not quite being murdered (shot in the face, but not fatally…) by his own department mates, for refusing to take the graft money that they insisted all officers must. Not even for trying to buck the system, nor change it, but just refusing to participate… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

So we are led to believe this is all about job justification? On you tube, there is a guy that goes to another, similar, address and it matches the description on the warrant. Either way, two innocent people are dead, murdered by those who were sworn to protect them. The police, the home invaders, the terrorists and now the neighbor who attacked and then murdered the home owners are a disgrace. They are guilty of falsifying a warrant, breaking and entering, assault, murder x.2, covering up a crime scene etc. In an earlier article here on Ammoland re: this very… Read more »


Stop referring to LEO jobs as being “difficult.” Apparently the hardest part is keeping their stash of stolen drugs and guns from being discovered and their lies straight. Mix that with writing up fake warrants, keeping your CI side piece paid up and getting shot at by innocent victims and it’s a difficult job. Sheesh, give me a break.

Wild Bill

@gcm, We are sorry to hear of your loss. There is only one remedy for that kind of pain, and there are so many loving dogs that need homes.


Americans of color have been saying this for CENTURIES, but as soon as an innocent white person is killed, all of a sudden there is concern, and investigations are implemented. I am very saddened by the execution of the Tuttles, but at least the light is shined on the filth and dirt of law enforcement and the justice system.


My father admonished me years ago that the less you have to do with the police, the better off you are. They are not your friends!


100%! How can a cop be called good when he is enforcing unconstitutional laws and insists on violating the rights of the people to do his “job”?!!!


Not to downplay any of this, but this is what you get when you get a police force that’s one toke over the line, Sweet Jesus, one toke over the line. The thing about crossing a line, any line, is that once you cross over, there’s nothing but the promise of green grass ahead. And so you graze until the next line, for which you will deal with when you get there. Such is life, and such are some who wear badges. To me, rouge cops are worse than criminals because at least with a criminal you know where you… Read more »


They are ALL corrupt, it’s just a matter of how severe the corruption is. ALL law enforcement (police, HPD, sheriff, game wardens, etc.) enforce unconstitutional law and violate your rights with the excuse that it is the law or pat of their job! If they have “forced/coerced” you to answer their questions, enforced any gun law, enforced any cannabis prohibition law, written tickets to civilians for not having a driver’s license, written speeding tickets, delivered warrants pertaining to income tax, engaged in any “no knock” raid, etc. they have violated the Constitution!


Two deaths in the commission of a crime should put him up for the death penalty.


What good is a “death penalty” when it takes 15 years to execute them? And even then many of them either get paroled or the sentence gets down graded.

Old Ch.E.

Just two of the good reasons I made sure our address wasn’t Houston when we moved back to Texas in 2000. The Harris County Sheriff’s department was pretty good until the dems put Garcia on us.


ALL of the major cities in Texas are democrap controlled. Texas is seeing the same leftist corruption that states like Colorado experienced right before leftist laws started ruining the state. Texas also has the Bush family helping to push covert leftist and their one world order agenda, and Texas still hasn’t forced Lyin’ Ted Cruz to prove his citizenship. Cruz is an illegal alien and breaking the laws of both Texas and the US by being in the Senate; but Texans ignore this because Cruz plays on the conservative side (of course until it stands in the way of him… Read more »


Both need to sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole

Heed the Call-up

Yes, life in prison, as long as they are not long-lived, and are ended by Old Sparky.


methinks that, upon conviction by a jury of their peers, the ONLY appropriate sentence would be execution by firing squad. They used the power of their guns unjustly for years. All those rounds sowed should be the bumper crop they reap as their reward.


You are very lenient with cold blooded murderers.


I wouldn’t say so. In fact, the worst punishment I can think of for such miscreants is to be locked up for life… but in solitary confinement. No one else available to prey upon or destroy… ever. Except for themselves, for as long as they can manage to survive. THAT would be a true punishment! Plus, it might even cause them to come to grips with their own evil, and build their character into more than a lying, thieving, murdering, scumbag. And if they cannot, well then they die totally insane, in a padded cell full of their own evil.… Read more »


The Lord has an imprisonment system that can’t be beat, if there is no intention to repent then the sentence is total isolation in utter darkness with only the thoughts of what the person had done and what the person could have done to improve the situation that will only get worse.
No prison on earth can ever come close.


You’re so full of shiite your grandkids have brown eyes! These scumbags have no right to take another breath. Who cares if they spend decades going crazy in a cell, which by the way is bullshiite because prisons are not the hell holes you think they are. And for decades the punishment is on the tax payers to house them in a climate controlled environment, feed them three squares/day, provide them with continued legal aid, ensure they have exercise and visits from their relatives/friends, etc. You seem to think they are locked away in a dungeon in the dark and… Read more »


That’s pretty STUPID. Try locking up supporters of disarmament, but let those who are locked up for violating unconstitutional gun laws out! Better yet, lets put those who have been locked up for violating unconstitutional laws in charge of the prisons that house the scumbags who wrote, enacted, and enforced those laws!


Life in prison? Why should they live? Being a criminal is bad enough, but being a criminal while being in a job where you are supposed to be fighting crime is 100X worse. They used a position of authority to commit criminal acts and even accuse and murder innocent civilians. Their penalty should be death, and NOT after 15 years of appeals. We need to go back to public hangings and firing squads.


I try not to judge people but I try not to interact with the local police in any way. When I do I’m always respectful. Not that I have a criminal record or anything to hide. I have just read too many stories of people calling the police for help and winding up in jail, or worse, ending up with a dead child or dog. One thing that needs to be done right now is require all police personnel to carry personal liability insurance. This would be insurance that they had to pay for, not the taxpayers. This would achieve… Read more »


These assholes will be driven around the cell block like Porsche’s ! How come there isn’t a picture of Garcia ????

Get Out

What’s telling is the family had to hire private investigators and forensics team to get at the truth of what really happened. This incident was stinking of a coverup from the get go when it was reported here awhile back.


The Only Onesss.