Virginia Is Now In the Path of Second Amendment Sanctuary Tsunami

Virginia – -(

Red Wave of the National Rifle Association
Virginia Is Now In the Path of Second Amendment Sanctuary Tsunami

1. Patrick, Pittsylvania, Dinwiddie, and Appomattox Counties are now 2A Sanctuaries!
2. Huge turnouts at Board of Supervisors meetings!
3. ACTION ITEM: Amelia County to consider 2A Sanctuary resolution TONIGHT, November 20th 2019!

1. Patrick, Pittsylvania, Dinwiddie, and Appomattox Counties are now 2A Sanctuaries!

So far we have at least 7 brand new Sanctuary Counties in Virginia that we are aware of: Charlotte County, Campbell County, Carroll County, Appomattox County, Patrick County, Pittsylvania County, and Dinwiddie County. All so far have passed unanimously!

This is the beginning of tsunami!

2. Huge turnouts at Board of Supervisors meetings!

I attended the Board of Supervisors meeting in Amherst County last night. The turnout by gun owners was HUGE! The good-sized meeting room was full, standing room only, the crowd spilled out into the hallway, stairs, entrance, went out the front door and wrapped around the parking lot!

I was afraid I made the two-hour trip for nothing, as I didn’t think I could even get in the meeting room to speak. Many thanks to Speaker Vance Wilkins for his help on that. I did get to speak, emphasizing the importance of the resolution.

Apparently, it was a similar situation in Franklin County yesterday, too.

Both counties postponed the vote until they have their next Board of Supervisors meeting. In Amherst, the delay was to incorporate some of the wording from the VCDL model resolution. Franklin wanted more time to review the overall wording with their lawyers.

I believe both counties are going to pass the resolution.

3. ACTION ITEM: Amelia County to consider 2A Sanctuary resolution TONIGHT, November 20, 2019!

The Amelia Board of Supervisors is going to be discussing becoming a 2A Sanctuary TONIGHT, Wednesday, November 20 at:

General District Courtroom
16441 Court Street
Amelia, VA 23002-0024

A large turnout would be great!

I will be emailing the Supervisors the VCDL model resolution embedded below.

NOTE: the meeting is in a courthouse, so carry is NOT allowed.

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VCDL 2A Second Amendment Sanctuary Model Resolution for Virginia

Virginia Citizens Defense LeagueAbout Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

For more information, visit:

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Deplorable Bill

That’s the way to go! Maybe the politicians will wise up and uphold their oath of office, the one they swore to in front of witnesses and GOD ALMIGHTY. They swore to defend the nation, the people and the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. Disavowing one’s oath of office is, by definition, treason. Sooner or later someone is going to prosecute them all for treason. The constitution of our nation is based on sound, righteous, Judeo/Christian precepts, mandates, ideals, commandments and laws. Not the least of which are the right to life, the right of self defense and… Read more »


Glad to see the citizens are banding together to preserve their rights, I hope this becomes a national trend. It’s shameful that this action needs to be taken to preserve a right enumerated in our constitution that politicians seem to want to ignore. We need to generate this kind of passion to get voters out to unseat the gun control types. We are 100+ million strong, and that kind of voting power should have the gun control groups cowering in the corners. With that volume and a few bucks from each, you could get the presidency

jack mac

There are probably more then a 100 million +, who support all rights with out yet possessing firearms. I often wonder who, how, and why the numbers of firearms and owners have been determined. Those numbers are supposed to be unknown.


I’m with you, but Communists, by definition do not acknowledge any “God-Given” rights. They believe the State grants human rights. I have heard them say exactly that on Commie radio stations.


The people, united, shall never be defeated! New Left Progressives just hate it when we steal their chants! Tidal wave coming. in Arizona we are doing the same. First, pass a Resolution. Next step, pass a binding ordnance. AZCDL has your back!


It’s great to see, but am offended by the fact that we even have to do this in order to protect our God-given rights. So this is what it has come down to, in the land of the free: special permissions to do what your superiors do.


I’m supposing, because I don’t know, that it has something to do with the Cali fire situation? Otherwise, it makes no sense. I’m surprised that they haven’t hit you with an increased tax amendment. Or hired a team to clear the property for you, and then send you the bill. It happens.

jack mac

StWayne, they may consider USA’s non-compliance as threatening to public safety and have him Red Flagged. California, right? It is happening.

jack mac

Be watchful for yard crews and SWAT squads.

jack mac

Our rights are codified with the intent they not be denied by minorities or majority. By allowing the rights of any free citizen to be denied, our nation as planned is doomed.


I used to live in Cali, Santa Barbara to be exact: born and raised. When I enlisted, I said goodbye to that place forever. Way too politically left leaning for my liking even back then. I once had a Census Taker say that me telling him how many people were in my household wasn’t good enough, that he had to come inside to make sure and to, as he said it, “Inspect the place.” I told him “No!” He then got in my face and threatened me. I reacted by putting him on his ass. Next thing I know, I’m… Read more »


I get the rebellion, but you’re taking it to a point that it has become dangerous for you. I would do whatever it took to live longer so that I can be a thorn in their side that much longer. You don’t have to abide by their poison to make a cut sting. I just hope if ever we cross paths at an intersection, you’ll at least honk.


Because he lied and said that I assaulted him BECAUSE of his job.


Good for you, StWayne!


Keep them coming, Virginia. It does a person good to hear of a successful fight against the anti gun progressives.