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Second Amendment Sanctuary City Zones
‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ a Step by Step Guide to Make It Happen

USA – -( Grassroots activists across the United States, energized and perhaps outraged by what many believe is a creeping cancer of gun control, are fighting back by creating what have come to be known as “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.” AmmoLand News reached out to those involved at “Ground Zero” to learn how they did it, and how others can do the same.

One might consider Lexington and Concord—two villages in the Massachusetts Colony that would one day become a state—to have been the first Second Amendment Sanctuaries, and after more than two centuries, the idea has regained its popularity. While the Redcoats and gun smoke are gone, the activism is still very much alive. Whatever else the colonial militia was doing that April day in 1775, they were making it clear to the British government that their version of gun control was finished.

Today, in scores of counties in Illinois, Washington, New Mexico and elsewhere, gun owners are working with local officials, primarily sheriffs and county commissions, to create “safe havens” for beleaguered gun owners. Contrary to what some gun prohibition lobbying groups would have everyone believe, this is not a movement choreographed by some Second Amendment organization. The 2A Sanctuary is pure grassroots, it can be started literally by anybody, and that is what makes it dangerous to the anti-gun/anti-rights agenda.

Second Amendment Sanctuary

Effingham County Commissioner David Campbell, a leader in the “2A Sanctuary” movement in Illinois. (YouTube, Matter-of-Fact screen capture)

Such 2A “sanctuaries” may be symbolic, but symbolism can be a powerful political tool, especially with lawmen and local government officials leading the way.

David Campbell, a member of the Effingham County, IL commission, told AmmoLand in a telephone interview how the “2A Sanctuary” movement began in this part of central Illinois.

“I basically sat down and wrote a (draft sanctuary) resolution,” he recalled. “I got the state’s attorney to go along with it and he added some language to it.”

When the resolution passed, it set in motion an effort that has now spread to 64 of the state’s 102 counties. The movement had just begun.

In Washington State, following the passage last fall of an extremist gun control measure, Initiative 1639, that a majority of county sheriffs were opposed to, it took the efforts of grassroots activists including Vancouver’s Steve Drury, a small businessman who knows how to work with people, to start the momentum.

Steve Drury offered four key steps to make your own Second Amendment Sanctuary:

Step One: Gather Your Allies “The first thing is to get people with ‘flags on the ground,’” Drury stated. “Hold a rally in a public place, raise public awareness, hand out information in detail how ‘John Q. Citizen’ can proceed.”

Once that momentum is established, “Show up at a county commission meeting.” Such meetings typically have a period during which members of the public can make statements, and Drury wryly advises, “Bring your best three-minute speech.” It should be polite and firm, explain the issue, and provide an action plan, such as a proposed resolution or ordinance.

(Activists in Washington and Illinois have shared “sample” resolutions and ordinances, which become templates for other activists to use in their proposals. See Embedded Documents below)

Step Two: Turn activism into action.

“Continue applying pressure and get more people involved,” Drury advised. “We rallied every week for a month. Rally in parks or, when it rains, in a rented hall. This might cost a couple of hundred dollars, and you can raise that much by passing the hat.”

Money, as the saying goes, is the “life’s blood of politics.” It also gives activists a sense of involvement and ownership.

Drury reached out to several county sheriffs and found one, Klickitat County Sheriff Bob Songer, who was outspoken against the gun control initiative. Songer’s opposition became high profile when he appeared on the “Fox and Friends” morning program on the Fox News channel.

“Suddenly,” Drury recalled, “other sheriffs began stepping up.” Now, a majority of the state’s county sheriffs have announced their departments will not enforce provisions of the anti-gun measure, which is being challenged in federal court by the National Rifle Association and Second Amendment Foundation.

(Note: Neither Drury or Campbell said they were encouraged or even approached by NRA or any other gun rights organization.)

Step 3: Expand public awareness; this is where approaching the media with your story becomes essential. Reporters are always looking for a hot topic, and gun rights – without Drury or Campbell having to say so – is defeinatly hot button issue. It’s one thing to approach the county commission. Now it’s time to contact the media.

“You create a public awareness campaign,” Drury said.

Once the local media has been alerted, and they become interested in a story, “Now every time we do a rally, there is news coverage,” he stated.

Step 4: Expand your scope. The strategy Drury describes appears to be taking hold in other parts of the country. Once the core group of activists has grown – one of the rallies, held in the community of Battleground, near Vancouver, attracted 400 people – and give them something to do. Assign people or groups of volunteers to travel to other counties and get activists involved to do the same thing.

Matt Marshall, a rights activist in Yelm, a community in Pierce County about 150 miles north of Vancouver, told AmmoLand, “We set up a team of local volunteers. You have one person introduce a draft ordinance via email to their county commissioner and sheriff, then set up a meeting with both. If you have support, excellent, Things tend to go smooth and fast if the commissioner takes it and runs. If they’re hesitant, we then email the proposal to all of the commissioners.

“Then,” Marshall continued, “we have as many people as we can, from all over, call or email or both. Have them urge the commissioners to pass the ordinance (or resolution). We then show up at the open weekly commission meetings and have as many people as possible give public comment.”

Illinois Second Amendment Sanctuary Map 04-15-2019
Illinois Second Amendment Sanctuary Map 04-15-2019

One cannot discuss Washington without noting how Police Chief Loren Culp in the small town of Republic, the county seat for Ferry County, took a stand before the city council late last year, announcing that he would not enforce I-1639 within city limits. When law enforcement leaders like Culp and Songer step forward, it creates a strong message.

By following these strategies, what begins as a rally becomes a movement, and movements are difficult to ignore.

In Illinois, the “2A Sanctuary” effort appears to have started as a protest against that state’s Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) card requirement. In Washington, it’s about a gun control initiative largely bankrolled by a handful of wealthy Seattle-area elitists.

Down in New Mexico, the movement got started with opposition to new gun laws by the sheriffs, themselves. In a situation like that, activists in counties represented by those lawmen and women can organize public support to make sure the sheriffs get re-elected.

Local activism can take several forms, from operating a voter registration booth at a weekend gun show to raising funds for legal actions, as the Washington Arms Collectors has been doing for the past two months to support the SAF/NRA lawsuit against I-1639.

When county governments and local sheriffs and police chiefs declare they cannot or will not enforce onerous gun control laws, it’s another way of saying that anti-gunners have gone too far. It raises questions for reporters to pursue. It signals that there is another side to the Second Amendment, that it is part of the Constitution and it protects a right, not a privilege.

Ironically, it begins by exercising the First Amendment rights of free speech and association. As demonstrated in Illinois, Washington and elsewhere, it is working.

Let's make it happen!

Editors Note: If you are opening up a new front in the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement and need media coverage and help getting your message out, please email us [email protected] and let us know.

Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution Samples:

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Second Amendment Sanctuary Example #3 Carroll County, Maryland

Second Amendment Sanctuary Example #4 : Weld County, Colorado

About Dave WorkmanDave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

  • 38 thoughts on “Second Amendment Sanctuary, Step by Step Guide to Make It Happen, Example Resolutions

    1. Endless kudos for this article! So nice to have ideas on what responsible citizens can actually do, rather than only painful reminders of what tyrannical politicians and leftist activists are continually doing to them!

    2. A good read, but our govt is too far gone. The only way to restore our republic at this point is a full out bloody revolution, which only 3% of the people will have the guts to stand and fight….just like 1776. I don’t just say come and take them, I mean it. I’ve had a good life and will kill anyone trying to take my guns!

    3. This is all very well and good. It’s certainly a step in the right direction.
      However, the United States of America according to the 2A is a firearms sanctuary nation. This is a FACT OFTHE LAW OF THE LAND. The most alarming reality today is America is no longer what the founders made it to be. We no longer live under the rule of law in this country. Judges and political whores have been interpreting our constitution as if they actually have the power to do so. Why? Because we’ve allowed this over the last 100+ years. The plan text of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution is clear, at least to me. There is absolutely nothing that gives them to LEGAL athuorty to do that ( read 10 A ). Reality makes any law restricting the law abiding CITIZEN to own Aquier carry and use any firearms for any lawful reason that does not infringe on or put other CITIZENS in jeopardy is COMPLETELY OUTSIDE OF THE ATHUORTY OF ANY ELECTED OR APPOINTED HOLDERS OF PUBLIC OFFICE FROM POTUS DOWN TO DOG CATHER… Read the oath of office they all swear to and spend all of their terms VIOLENTATING. Again we the people keep electing the same SCUMBAGS over and over again. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. WE NEED TO START RUNNING FOR AND GETTING ELECTED TO PUBLIC OFFICE. D. Trump is a clear example of The fear he’s struck in the carrier political whores in Washington. I don’t care what you think of the man personally, that’s not the point so stow it. If you’re so pure and smart maybe you should run for president. The whole point is he’s the first American sense Eisenhower to be elected President. He’s the first President sence Reagan that has done or tried to do EVERYTHING he promised us he’d do when we elected him.
      Exalant idea, hold large public rallies in public places as 1A protects us. That’s the best way to get the message out. The media will be all over this, it’s free and national wide publicity. Don’t act like ANTIFA of WHITE POWER PHYCOS. Be responsible, respectful and informative. Don’t open carry weapons. That intimidates people and makes the other sides point for them. Don’t dress in military clothing. Ware casual weather appropriate clothing. Dress like your applying for a job or have jury duty. Your appearance and demeanor are what makes your point just has much as what you say. If you have reason to believe that violent groups like ANTIFA will show up, hire a professional security company to provide safety for you. Although most of us would think we can take care of ourselves, that’s not the point. Your not trying to fight of some thugs in a parking garage. Police are normally presant but have orders to stand down unless a violent crime or public disturbance happens. To sum up the founders gave us not only the rights but responsibility to aulture or abolish the Government that no longer sreves us and or violates the constitution. We’re not doing it. The same political and social conditions the existed in 1860 exsist today. Everyone remember how that ended? We need to avoid that. Storm clouds are getting blacker and closer.

      1. I’m in one of the Sanctuary Counties, and what you will find ids that it’s a sort of “Declaration of Independence.” In fact, here in Eastern WA, the latest is moving toward becoming our own state of Liberty, which upsets me, because Washington was a great man, freedom fighter, and business guru. Personally, I believe they should call the West side “Guevarra,” and we should retain “Washington.”

    4. Why anti gun laws pour out, everyone is working or homeless, when people sacrifice away from it all like our Veterans do…….we win pro gun fights !!! County level !!! State Level !! Federal Level !! Till then close your eyes or stay on the phones !

    5. Finally, it is beginning. People represented at the local levels, where their votes actually do count, are finding support from elected officials (Sheriffs & Commissioners) who support the Constitution and the will of the people. Civil disobedience is the first step when rights are denied by government officials, the next step, if recalls or elections don’t remove them due to corruption is taking whatever steps are necessary. Hopefully it will not come to that, but if it does, it will have the result needed but only after great sacrifice.

    6. Wow i didnt read NRA helped. Shows we CAN do this without negotiating rights our money ,go set down with county commissioners and sherrifs ,show them the above posted letters and talk in a decent mannor.if they arent interested remind them elections do they react dictates their time in office

    7. The U.S is a sanctuary country. These are you constitutional rights. This is just painting yourselves into a corner, to become a easier target…

      1. AMEN! The ‘sanctuary county’ crapola is being TOTALLY DISREGARDED by the attorney general here in Washington state. On the contrary, he has vowed to make the county sheriffs who support same ‘Mr. Bad Example’.

    8. Let the Revolution begin!!!! These people won’t stop till we are all on our knees!!! The time is NOW to become 2a activists !! Like the saying goes…..” I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees”. I carry 24/7 always have and always will !! The buck stops here!! My wife and l are doing our part…how about you? GET ACTIVE at your State House! Let your voice be heard. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish!!!

    9. You bunch of dumb shit right wing gun cultists. How do you expect anybody to follow the law if brain dead sheriff’s break it by refusing to follow it?

      1. The Sheriffs are bound by the oath of office they swore to, which demands that they rightfully oppose laws that are unconstitutional. Go take a powder P.Louise, you’re uninformed.

      2. No worries lib tard!!Just vote for the Bern. You will all live happily ever after in your socialist utopia!!! Just dont expect me to help you in a hold up / active shooter situation. Your on your own!!!

        1. SteveK is 100% correct in the above statement.
          In nearly every jury-is-diction, your County Sheriff is the “Highest Law of The Land”
          He/She has the ultimate power and authority. This is FACTUAL.
          Information is clearly defined.
          Best stand behind your County Sheriff.
          They know the TRUTH, These Sheriffs do not waver.
          Yes, Facts do matter.

      3. Instead of using filthy language and uncalled for insults, we lawful, peaceful gun owners are showing you violent, leftists what real positive resistance is all about. I hope your mother washes your mouth out with soap.

      4. Wow you start out with calling us names & using profanity & you wonder why we wont give an inch to unconstitutional laws? Those same people you are calling criminals are also the same criminals that come up with the laws we fight against. I hear your mother calling for you to come out of the basement & eat supper.

      5. Funny, This person chooses to label 2nd supporters accordingly.
        Is this the same person whom I stand next to in a check out line, at a grocery store, where I carry concealed, standing right next to him/her?
        Makes one wonder does it not?
        Gun haters rub arms with CPL Holders daily, without incident.
        Going on for many years now. Facts matter.
        These people really are dumber than a box of rocks.
        Must be the Soy or Fluoride that prevents utilization of critical thinking skills…….
        Might be the Dimwa Box doing it to them…aka Black Scribe Mirror as in TV. Programing.

      6. You people started the Sanctuary City movement which makes a point of ignoring Federal immigration law, so what’s the big deal? We’re just protecting our rights. Why do you embarrass yourself by your use of insults and epithets?

      7. Hey you pea brain socialist the criminal does not obey the firearm laws especially felons that are prohibited possessor s . gun laws that are restricted only hurt the lawabiding citizens.. The police are not responsible for your safety.the police will show up after the crime has been committed and the perpetrators will be long gone. In most cases you will be dead. If you dont want to legally carry for you or family protection thats your business and you are on your own. But dont criticize me for exercising my God given 2nd amendment rights . you have as much intelligence as a rock.

      8. Lawenforcement officers are not duty bound to enforce any law that violates rights already protected by the Constitution. Laws come from Government, Your rights come from God. They are not a subject of interpretation or infringement. There is now such thing as a common sense violation of your rights. Anti gun laws and restrictions are by nature Unconstitutional. If you actually read the text of 2A and can comprehend what these words mean this becomes obvious. If you also bother to read 10 A it’s also obvious the Government has no lawful athuorty to make such and enforce such laws. This is your liberty and your safety your pissing away. If you don’t want to own and carry a weapon then don’t. That’s your dession. You have absolutely no right to make my dessions for me. Calling people gun nuts shows how weak and ignorant you are, not them. You point a finger and use these pejorative terms to ridicule people and a subject you have zero knowledge of. The responsibility to protect your life and property is first your own not Government. If your so foolish and gutless to think you can outsource this your a fool. You think that someone else will take care of you. You are sadly mistaken. What makes you think you will be able to call 911? What makes you think police will be able to even find you in time to protect you? The common sense reality is when seconds count, Police are minutes away. You don’t get it do you? As a 33 year veteran of lawenforcement I clue you in on the reality that we’ll be investigating your murder not saving you ass. You have a duty to yourself and by extension to those around you to take the initiative to stop a violent attack, not cringe and cower waiting to be murdered. Take the initiative to learn and train yourself to be able to do this. Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution. Didn’t you learn civics in high school? You don’t have to be a policeman or superman to do this. All you need are the brains and balls to be able to do this. How many of these phycos and terrorist would try to shoot up schools, movie theaters and malls if it was common practice to put this asshole down before he could get off 3 rounds? How long would these Gangs last if the public they terrorised fought back? We fastly out number them, do the math. Everytime I hear a FuckTard like you flush that toilet under your nose, I have to wonder how you got this far in life.

      9. P.louise it’s uneducated , uninformed , welfare recipients like you that are the problem. Try starting elementary school over. You might just learn something. You live in our country & we have something called the constitution of the United States. It is the reason people like you are able to speak the crap you do. It is also the reason we the people have the Right to keep and bear arms.

    10. Yo go figure.The dems want to dump a bunch of people they do not know in our neighborhoods, and at the same time, they also want to take away the means to defend your family.

      1. But at the same time, they are refusing to take them into their “sanctuary cities” that they so vehemently flaunted in our faces. Hypocrisy & stupidity abounds with the Dems.

    11. I support the “Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance” (SASO) that 8 State of Oregon counties passed last November. Unlike resolutions (non-binding), SASO’s have teeth, and actually punish county employees who fail to comply. It also supports your county sheriff who decides not to enforce unconstitutional acts, having an entire county government behind him with firm directives.

      1. That is correct however even rob Taylor who is the man when it comes to saso told me just today that the resolution is a good first step and then we can follow it up with saso – kinda tests the water

    12. I’m so proud to see typically cowardly conservatives actually taking a stand now to declare rebellion against federalism. The “I will not comply” movement will do more good for gun rights than political lobbying has in 100 years.
      Lobbying and voting can help slow the loss of our liberties. Open rebellion is the only way to reclaim them.

      1. They are not “Cowardly,” they are the money makers of society, so time limited, spend extra time with families, and they are fairly pacifist in nature.

        1. That’s NO excuse!!! My wife and I are extremely busy but we always make time to show up at anti-gun bill hearings to give them a piece of our mind . and if we both cant go usally at least one of us does!!!

          1. Do you work 16 hours a day 6 days a week Douglas? BTW, wasn’t making an excuse but, seeing how you called it out, you have identified yourself as a “Coward,” right? Maybe you misunderstood the crux of my post, here’s a chance to correct…no exclamation marks necessary.

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