Criminal Releases Show Cuomo Cares Little About Safety

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

New York – -( When discussing the need for effective civil disobedience, one way to make it effective is to have good arguments for why the law being disobeyed is unjust. The constitutional argument, laid down via the Heller and Caetano decisions by the Supreme Court, is strong, but it doesn’t quite complete the job. What can be far more effective is to convince our fellow Americans that we are being punished for crimes and acts of madness we did not commit, especially when officials make it worse.

For once, Second Amendment supporters have something to thank Andrew Cuomo for in this regard, thanks to the “criminal justice reform” he signed into law that takes effect next year. Because for all he makes the absurd claim that the National Rifle Association has “caused carnage,” he has now done something far more likely result in carnage.

According to a report by Breitbart News last month, the legislation Cuomo signed will release “non-violent” offenders without any bail or pre-trial detention. Sounds reasonable, right? Well, here are some of the crimes deemed “non-violent” in that law according to a list from

  • Assault in the third degree
  • Aggravated vehicular assault
  • Aggravated assault upon a person less than eleven years old
  • Criminally negligent homicide
  • Aggravated vehicular homicide
  • Manslaughter in the second degree
  • Unlawful imprisonment in the first degree
  • Coercion in the first degree
  • Arson in the third and fourth degree
  • Money laundering in support of terrorism in the third and fourth degree
  • Making a terroristic threat
  • Aggravated harassment in the first degree

Maybe I’m wrong, but in what world are manslaughter, assault, and arson not violent acts? Does Andrew Cuomo seriously believe that this bill will make things better? Let’s put it this way, the only thing he made better was the position of Second Amendment supporters who engage in civil disobedience.

We have a governor who has not only pushed for semi-auto bans, but who has also openly declared his intention to use the power of New York state to drive the most prominent organization opposed to his anti-Second Amendment agenda into bankruptcy in the name of public safety. Yet he releases violent criminals. You couldn’t get a better pick for the type of executive to subject to civil disobedience than this.

You pretty much hit the trifecta: Second Amendment supporters already had things going for them to justify civil disobedience – the historical/constitutional record defined in the Heller and Caetano cases, not to mention the basic facts about the rare use of modern multi-purpose semiautomatic long guns. Then you add the inherent injustice of punishing law-abiding citizens for crimes and acts of madness they did not commit through the infringement of their rights. Now, Cuomo is releasing those accused of violent offenses back on the streets.

Second Amendment supporters can make their case to their fellow Americans, using this 1-2-3 punch, and it will set the anti-Second Amendment extremists back on their heels. And it gets done without scaring the crap out of our fellow Americans. Or at the very least, the fear – and eventual anger – will not be aimed in our direction. That is a good thing.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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Will Flatt



The Hegelian Dialectic. Democrats have been practicing it since 1904. Basically, you create pain and suffering among the public, or you stand back and allow the gangs and illegal aliens to make it happen. Then, when the public can stand no more and cries for relief, you deliver communism. We now have OPENLY communist democrat presidential candidates and representatives in the American Congress. Except in America, we have guns…no balls, but we do have guns. If Americans had balls, this crap would have stopped back in 1904 when democrats pushed socialism, took gold from Americans, created massive alphabet government agencies… Read more »

Arizona Don

Andrew Cuomo is one of the worst so called democrats who are in reality communists POSING as a democrat. The goal of all of these so called democrats is confiscation of all firearms. Regardless of what they may say! Problem is that will never work here in America. Why not? Well if it doesn’t work in a country as small as Honduras why would it work in, many times the size, America? Guns are completely banned in Honduras and for many years now it has had the highest gun murders per capita in the world. There is a lesson there… Read more »


Everywhere in history, when a new radical political entity comes to power, and they empty the jails, it is not to be nice to the jailed criminals – IT IS TO MAKE ROOM FOR THE PEOPLE WHO THEY INTEND ON PUTTING IN THE JAILS! There ARE crimes that carry heavy prison time in NY, and they ARE eager to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law! Possession of an unregistered “assault weapon”. Possession of a magazine that has a capacity of more than SEVEN! (To the outrage of lawmakers – a federal court ruled that SEVEN (The limit they… Read more »


@KK – Sounds like most gun owners would be in a position where they might as well fight to the death as submit to a search – or anything which could lead to a search. Not clear from your post whether it is 7 years or 10 years for each magazine over 10 rounds, but even with 7 years – even a moderate number of magazines equates to a life sentence. Personally, regardless of moral imperative (fighting for freedom or righting the governmental wrongs) – simple cost-benefit analysis says probability of death is preferable to lifetime imprisonment. Next time my… Read more »


I always go to the door with a pistol in my hand behind my back.
You never know who will be there these days.


“You pretty much hit the trifecta: Second Amendment supporters already had things going for them to justify civil disobedience – the historical/constitutional record defined in the Heller and Caetano cases” I would say, “You pretty much hit the trifecta: Second Amendment supporters already had things going for them to justify civil disobedience –THE PLAIN WRITTEN TEXT OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT. Do we want the Supreme Court to uphold the Second Amendment – YES HOWEVER – THEY have no more power to disarm us of the rifles and magazines that enable the CAPABILITY intended in the Second Amendment, that American Citizens… Read more »


The Supreme Court has ONE power: To insure ALL laws written by Congress are in 100% harmony with the Constitution, said Thomas Jefferson. The SCOTUS cannot redefine Rights, control or limit Rights.
The command and order “..shall not be infringed” means what it says. EVERY ‘gun control law’, gun restriction or gun license is unconstitutional and null & void.
If Americans had balls, and they do not, they would ignore all ‘gun control laws” as they are unconstitutional.

Wild Bill

@ttj, That one power that you wrote about is not in the Constitution. The S. Ct. made that up for themselves.


– While I overall agree with you, some of those offenses may not be as serious as they sound. For example, I have no clue what qualifies as “Assault in the third degree”. In Texas ANY unwanted physical contact can be charged as assault. Never heard of it happening, however it seems as though tapping someone on the shoulder to get their attention – could be charged as assault. Any examples of what qualifies in NY?


Thank you, Harold. Now, that’s fighting on offense. For too long, gun rights advocates lost or were ignored because they busied themselves fighting defense. Enough! This article must go viral.


“The lion cannot protect himself from traps, and the fox cannot defend himself from wolves. One must therefore be a fox to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten wolves.”
Niccolò Machiavelli

Heed the Call-up

Harold, the Democrats in Virginia are proposing making your type “civil disobedience” a felony. Now what do you propose?


Northam and Cuomo will call out the National Antifa against you.


@Heed – Don’t live in VA, but I’m thinking I would become a felon. US already leads the world in percentage of population in prison. How many people can the government support – while losing the income from the highest earning population.


Chaos is control.


da Blabbit On tried t make a point, but if anyone were to consdier hiswords just a second.. it ain’t the piec of paper in the pocket that makes one a safe driver. I know fourteen year olds who operate equipment and power toys at home, they are far safer than a good third of the nutjobs released to terrorise the roads after their worse than useless “derivers ed” classes. But the 14 year old cant get the piece ofpaper yet. Just iike with yur gun registratin scam…. having my name on your treasonous list does not make my rifle… Read more »


this just confirms my suspicions, the entire Cuomo gene pool is a cesspool, needs some Clorox in it. A whole mess of congenital f*ck ups.


I would comment but he’s not worth the 9mos his momma carried him.


Clearly, it’s not about punishment of criminals. It’s all about disarming the citizenry. It would appear that the lawful made disobedient in regard to firearms carries much stiffer consequences than the aforementioned crimes of those who have already been convicted.
Electing communists govenors along with their attorney generals have been shown to overstep their authority without any opposition. It’s a lot like voting for socialism, peacefully enacted, but violent to overturn. Disarm the people and release criminals, what could possibly go wrong?


Maybe Cuomo is planning on hiring the people he releases to confiscate the guns of those who won’t comply with his psychopathic control freak edicts. That’s it! He has an army of thugs with no conscience like him to do his bidding.


The “already trained” democrat army. Thugs protecting thugs and terrorizing unarmed citizens, yep, that’s the democrat way.

jack mac

Violent criminals have always unknowingly been the minions of anti-freedom public servants. It is time that the anti-gun members of the public realize that.


Time yes, but do they have the capability? Thinking takes energy, most people who think anti-gun don’t want to waste the energy on the truth, it is against their religion.


never mind that those indicted or convicted of such violent crimes are prohibited the possession or use of arms, by Federal law…… THAT could gt interesitng, hey?

jack mac

It should be noted that prohibited citizens who acquire firearms have the audacity to defy anti-constitutional laws.


@USA – “I’d like ‘Private Armies’ for $500M”


Well hell why not throw all the laws out the window ? We can go back & start over with a Constitutional Republic. Keep it up Cuomo.


What “laws”? the only thing that would go out the window are the EDICTS of the elite psychopathic control freaks. Laws have to be their to punish perpetrators of crimes that there is a victim of. No victim, no crime. No crime…not guilty you black robbed baal priest. (Judge)


Tar and Feathers needs to come back in style…

Politicians were waaaayyyy more respectful of the Constitution and Bill of Rights when they personally experienced accountability.


When the government fears the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny. ~ Thomas Jefferson


Turn him over to the Muzzies


As mack points out, those who have already decided that history and facts do not matter will not be swayed by talking to them. They are Anti-Firearms, Anti-Liberty for the same reasons that many of them are Pro-Communism, and that reason is that our Liberty and right to say no to them is a hindrance to them doing whatever they want to us through the barrel of a government controlled firearm. On a side note Harold kept his usual slimy Apologetics tour for compromising with them in his pocket this time, so give him credit for that at least. Knowing… Read more »

jack mac

Rev: Harold need not apologize, just stop doing it.


With no visible point of a clear change of heart, or taking responsibility for his actions he will always be a traitor. Plain and simple. He has squandered any chance of trust here, and without being willing to admit what he did that was wrong his actions will never have integrity or honesty behind them. A criminal who gets caught clearly on camera does not get parole on the basis of “rehabilitation” when he still denies what is obvious and beyond a factual doubt that he did.

Deplorable Bill

What the man did was to put the obvious tyranny into the light Now to add to the fact that the police have no law forcing them to help anybody even in imminent danger, Cuomo lets those who would do the crimes in the first place free? All of this while denying every American citizen their GOD given, constitutionally protected right of self defense and their right to keep and bare arms. He does all of this with his cadre of armed guards protect him wherever he goes. That leaves only two options; lay down and die/be enslaved or fight… Read more »


When I read something wrought by Harold I am reminded of “a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.”


It’s doubtful that you even read the article because once you saw who the author was it’s a good bet you decided that there was absolutely nothing in it worth reading.


In a well written article you can get the gist of it from reading just the first and last paragraphs and perhaps skimming the rest. That is what I did with this article. If I find something that catches my attention while skimming I will read more of the article. Life is too short for anything else.


“Second Amendment supporters can make their case to their fellow Americans, …”

The problem is, many “fellow Americans” are themselves “anti-Second Amendment extremists” – these voters are Progressives and they vote accordingly.

Progressives seek to impose, not persuade, and they are NOT persuadable..

Please understand this, Harold.

jack mac

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to live with these anti-freedom members of or public. Soon we may not be able to.