Fight Back! Support State Level Organizations!

The Second Amendment Sanctuary movement is expanding, and now Presidio County, Texas has joined. (Dave Workman photo)

U.S.A.-( We, as firearms owners, must accept the fact that our very way of life is in jeopardy. Every day billionaires, under the protection of the very thing that they vilify, spend millions to strip us of our God-given right to self-defense.

These billionaire politicians, with the help of the mainstream media, push a false narrative that we are safer if we are unarmed. They tell us we need to listen to the moms, while ignoring the millions of mothers who are gun owners. They say to us that we need to listen to the children while feeding them what to say.

They will exploit every tragedy to push their ideology. Well, only if that tragedy happens in the suburbs and there is no good guy with a gun. If the victim or the shooter is a minority, then the story will get buried because they take the minority vote for granted.

The anti-liberty lobby will tell you in one breath that they don’t want your guns and then, in the next breath say, “Hell yes, we are coming for your AR-15s.”

The slow drip of tyranny is eroding our unalienable rights as our founders have laid out for us in the Bill of Rights. States across the country have banned the most popular style of rifles in the country in the name of “public safety.” People getting tangled up in bedsheets die at a higher rate per year than all deaths with long guns.

These gun grabbers realize that these rifles pose very little danger to the public. They know that a so-called “assault weapons” ban would not affect the country’s crime rates. In fact, the Justice Department under Bill Clinton determined the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 had “little to no effect” on gun violence.

That law wasn’t about stopping “gun violence.” It was about taking guns out of the hands of Americans by using made-up, scary terms for semi-automatic rifles. Remember, the Brady Campaign coined the term “assault weapon” because it sounded like “assault rifle” and therefore could easily confuse the public. Assault rifles are fully automatic rifles and are highly regulated (unconstitutionally) under the National Firearms Act of 1934.

Across the country, states have enacted Unconstitutional magazine bans. Once again, they use the tired trope of “public safety” to explain why they want to infringe on our rights. They will even hold press conferences where they will hold up a rifle and spew misinformation about guns and magazines.

“No one needs more than ten rounds to hunt a deer,” They tell you.

What they don’t tell you is that the Second Amendment isn’t about hunting, target shooting, or even self-defense. It is about the ability to throw off the chains of tyranny! It is about the ability to rebel against those who wish to step on our throats in the name of the state! My God! The founding fathers would be shooting by now.

California is so restrictive they have a list of “approved” firearms that people can buy. You can have two manufacturers with identical guns; the crippling bureaucracy state will approve one, and the other will be banned from the state. There is no rhyme or reason to the decision making, just the crushing power of the government on smaller manufacturers who don’t have unlimited budgets to compete with the giants of the gun world.

They hope to disarm us, little by little, using these draconian laws. The goal post will keep moving. How long before California shuts down their approved list to block any new guns from being added? It is coming! That I can promise you.

A new tactic is to go after ammunition. States like California have started using a buggy and expensive system to enact background checks for people who just want to buy ammunition. This new step isn’t there to keep anyone safe. It is there to put an extra burden on gun owners to discourage the purchase of ammunition and in turn discourage businesses from selling ammunition.

Speaking of preventing people from purchasing ammo, some states have gone as far as pushing for a “sin tax” on ammo. They believe the tax can cut down on the number of gun owners just as the tax on cigarettes cut down on the number of smokers in the country.

Chris Rock once said, “We don’t need gun control. We need bullet control.”

He talked about making ammunition incredibly expensive. It appears that Democrats across the nation have taken Rock’s idea to heart. They are pushing for an Unconstitutional tax that can be up to 50% of the price of the ammunition. The right to bear arms includes ammunition. Without ammo, there is no right to bear arms.

According to Murdock v. Pennsylvania, you cannot directly tax a right. Yet, this direct tax on a right (so is the NFA) is what they are pushing. Once again, they say, “it is in the interest of public safety.” Safety should never trump liberty, and “those who would sacrifice liberty for safety deserve neither.”

These are the same people that claim to be social justice warriors, but they pass these unfair laws that hurt the poor. I can afford to pay a little extra for a firearm I want. I can grin and bear the cost of an illegal tax on my ammunition, but how about the people in the inner cities? You know, the ones that they claim they care about so much.

Don’t they have a right to self-defense? These virtue warriors are making people choose between putting food on the table for their kids and having the ability to defend themselves against the common criminal and the elected criminals. Remember, gun rights are civil rights. We must never forget that. Hell, even Martin Luther King Jr carried a gun, but they don’t want you to know that.

Why wouldn’t MLK be for gun rights? He understood people need to have the tools to defend themselves against terrorist groups like the KKK. These anti-gun groups would rather have the woman who is nine months pregnant be a victim of a home invasion than have an AR-15 at her disposal to protect herself and her unborn child.

My mom was able to stop a home invasion when I was younger. A much larger man broke into our house and confronted her. She was home alone with my four sisters and me. What he didn’t account for was the fact that she was armed and ready to defend herself and her five kids. If it wasn’t for her gun, I might not be here to write this article. My mom and the Second Amendment saved us that day.

The anti-gun crowd uses fear, emotion, and misinformation to control the debate on guns. They ram through their overbearing laws “for the children.” Except those like my sisters and me who were saved by a gun that fateful day. They could care less about those of us that are alive because someone had a gun to defend themselves and their family against those that wish to do them harm.

Groups like Everytown for Gun Safety and their surrogate groups like Mom’s Demand Action don’t care about the children or even crime itself. They have a deep-seated hatred of guns and a disdain for the American gun owner. They are ideologues backed by a billionaire wannabe tyrant.

The good news is national gun-rights groups like Gun Owners of America, Second Amendment Foundation, Firearms Policy Coalition, and even the Nation Rifle Association have been able to beat back most of these bad laws. They have prevented the useless Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 from being renewed. They have prevented universal background checks from being passed. They have been winning the war on the national level.

The bad news is that Bloomberg and his cronies have taken to dumping millions of dollars into local elections to try to put people in office that will pass their gun control bills at the state level without question. Beholden to “grassroots” groups like Moms Demand Action, these Democrats vote in line with what Bloomberg wants, but the fight isn’t lost.

In every state, real grassroots groups are fighting back against the Bloomberg funded Astroturf organizations like Moms Demand Action. Unfortunately, most of these groups are underfunded and run on a shoestring budget. They are often overlooked by the gun community, but they are the ones in the trenches fighting back! They need our help.

National groups are great to support. I am the Virginia State Director for GOA, so I am not going to tell you not to give us money, but the local groups are just as, if not more, important than the national groups. I am a card-carrying member of VCDL myself. In Virginia, they are working their asses off to fight back against the anti-gunners invasion of the Commonwealth. They are a powerful voice for gun owners in my state.

We, as gun owners, should pick at least one national organization to support. I support multiple groups. We should also choose one local group to back. This way, you have skin in the game at the national as well as the local level. It is more critical than at any time in history that we get involved in fighting back against the anti-gun politicians.

If you can’t afford to support these groups financially, you can still help out. Almost every group has a mailing list where you can sign up to get important alerts about what is going on in your state. Most of these mailing lists are free to join. It only takes five minutes to give yourself the tools for the battle. Knowledge is power. Whereas the other side relies on the ignorance of their members, we need to be informed as gun owners.

You can also volunteer. Maybe it will be to man a booth at a gun show and pass out literature. It could be making phone calls to state delegates. There are tons of ways to help out without spending a dime of your own money. Call or email your local group. I am sure they have a way for you to help.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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Will Flatt

I’ll support any local gun org that’s NOT joined at the hip to the Vichy NRA and Radioactive Wayne.


This is good meme but it left out the NRA nit only supported but wrote the NICS and gave the Nod to pass in 1999 Gun Free Zone act, which, was huge in damaging our 2A Rights!

Will Flatt

@UncleT – I can always update this meme!! Look for it in future comments regarding the Vichy NRA!

Will Flatt

Ok, here’s an updated version!! Thanks for the reminder. Note that the bulk of the infringements that have happened in the last 50+ years happened under Radioactive Wayne’s watch, because HE AUTHORED THESE 2A BETRAYALS!!


Very nice, thanks. Care That I use it?

Will Flatt

@UncleT – Sharing is caring, which is why I’m happy that Ammoland lets us post memes now!! I hope you get maximum mileage out of it!


Thank you, have a Happy and Safe NewYear!


Your lies about the NRA make me think you are one of those FBI stooges that plies the internet.
I find it unfathomable that Americans can be swayed by such lies. But, the ignorance & cowardice of the American people must never be underestimated.

Will Flatt

No, that would be YOU. I’m retired, and the only federal job I ever did was a constitutional one in the census bureau, and only for one year. You’re the purveyor of disinformation, and everybody here on Ammoland calls you out on it routinely!!


It is too bad that your ignorance of the NRA and the lies of the heel-biting groups like SAF, GOA, etc., have you attacking the oldest pro-gun, pro-second amendment organization. EVERY lie you tell about the NRA can only be found in the New York Times, WAPO and the mailings of SAF, GOA, etc. How easily you weak-minded ‘useful idiots’ are made to dance against pro-rights NRA. THAT post of alleged NRA support is a lie. It is the trash the anti-gun and heel-biting money-making pro-gun groups use to stir up dissension. You believe their lies, yet you have never… Read more »

Will Flatt


But please, by all means keep posting your BS for all to see so everyone will know you’re a fake 2A activist, a fudd, and a false patriot.


The argument for gun control loses credibility when you’ve become a victim. Since most folks haven’t had that experience it’s easy for them not to believe it could happen at all.
Those masses who speak gun control are simply dictating to you and me that we are incapable of making our own decisions and that only government is best suited to rule over you.
Unfortunately evil people would love nothing more to face unarmed victims. Society is safer when criminals don’t know who’s armed.


I would add one thing, unless I missed it, YOU call, YOU write letters, YOU E-Mail, YOU go to your regs office yourself for a face to face. I’ve done this many times and whether it worked or not, the Rep being honest or not, got some information to them they claim they didn’t know about and actually got my rep to vote the way I wanted him to vote to protect our rights. One HUGE thing I got out my Rep, that I truly believe is, he admitted to me in a face to face that ALL these politicians… Read more »


i support florida carry. was a nra member.
these people appeal to a persons feelings, which many let govern their lives. feelings do not hold sway over morality, rights or statistics/facts in a sane persons mind. but then again, who are we talking about?
i usually rephrase this issue into a morality issue to make it more personal. who has the moral right to tell me I cannot defend myself against an animal, whether it be a two legged or four?


In Arizona, it’s the Arizona Citizens Defense League. They do more for gun owners in Arizona in one month than the NRA has done for gun owners in 25 years! Begin at your local level to stop states from passing and enforcing liberal agendas and sending idiots like Pelosi and Schumer and Schiff to Washington, and to stop idiots from being elected as Governors as in New Mexico and Virginia. Spend your money where it will have the most effect and do the most good; at home and locally, then consider national organizations if you can afford it.

Green Mtn. Boy

Both of my state organizations,one GOA and the other NRA.


We also need aggressive people in elected offices. Their is no reason we cannot have people introducing legislation to roll back each and everyone of these illegal laws. We are always on defense because we are never on offense. Bill after bill should be introduced to one by one repeal any and all restrictions. The anti liberty people do it why not us? Just keep pounding and pounding be relentless and sooner or later the dam will burst


In Wisconsin, I can tell you as a fact that the NRA is always working, starting when they get word of any related issue. I worked extensively for years as President and Executive Director of our State Association. To get the most out of the NRA you need a strong State Association. They need a trusted source on what people in the state want. We were second to last in the Nation to have concealed carry because our lead Pro Gun guy/group, the only one for many years, was anti conceal carry. I belong to many pro gun groups, but… Read more »


Real courage is found, not in the willingness to risk death, but in the willingness to stand, alone if necessary, against the ignorant and disapproving herd.
— Jon Roland, 1976

If we are ready to violate the Constitution, will the people submit to our unauthorized acts?
Sir, they ought not to submit; they would then deserve the chains that our measures
are forging for them, if they did not resist.
— Edward Livingston 1825

Will Flatt

Hitler was a socialist. National socialist.


Yet, your posts assist such a tyrant.
Your lies against the NRA are those of a stooge and puppet.
I guess every coward must have someone on their side to hate.

Will Flatt

The NRA IS EXACTLY WHY WE’RE WHERE WE ARE, IN SPITE OF ALL WE HAVE DONE, TJ. YOU SIR (spelled CUR) are the stooge and puppet of Democrat operative Whiny LaPee-yew and his $10,000/hr personal shark, William Brewer, WHO HEAVILY CONTRIBUTES HIS EARNINGS TO ANTIGUN DEMOCRATS!!! Because of pro-NRA FUDDS like YOU, fudd money flows from your wallet to the NRA to Brewer to antigun Demorats!! THIS IS DOCUMENTED. At this point i’d tell you to rape yourself in the poop chute, but you’d probably enjoy that so how about you go hell on the donkey ([email protected]$$) that you rode… Read more »

Will Flatt

Yep, those of us in the know know about that. We just have to try to pry open some minds and dump in some historical truth!


Maybe try connecting the dots a little more recent for people to get a true understanding of who’s who & where they are today ? Here’s a short video connecting some of the characters from a few decades ago. If they would keep researching further they will come to your conclusion.