POF Revolution, The .308 AR-15 Rifle – Video Review

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- There was this guy, Jeff Cooper, maybe you’ve heard of him. He was a marine and he came up with many of the modern pistol fighting techniques; helped invent the 10 mm round, and had this idea for the ultimate general-purpose rifle, his one rifle. This rifle would be less than 3 feet in length and weigh less than 7 pounds, so the rifle was very compact and maneuverable, while still packing the punch of the 308 cartridge. Giving it the ability to make decisive impacts, even at longer distances. He came up with the scout rifle, but that’s only because he never got to see the POF Revolution. If he were alive today, I believe the POF Revolution would be his one rifle. 

One rifle to fill every role, seems like an unrealistic expectation, some kind of unachievable goal. However, the Revolution can pretty much fill any role you can come up with, and do it better than most anything else available. Because there’s nothing else like the Revolution. It maintains the compactness, maneuverability, and superior ergonomics of the AR-15, while having the significantly greater knockdown power of the 308 cartridge.

POF Revolution DI

One thing people seem to really have a hard time understanding about the Revolution is whether it be piston or direct impingement, it is an AR-15 that shoots 308. It is not an AR-10; the much larger stoner design that was chambered in 308. AR-10’s, while good, I don’t think ever saw the success of the smaller AR-15, due to the larger size of the AR-10. I wouldn’t go as far to say that an AR-10 is cumbersome, but I don’t think you’ll find anyone who says that it feels as good as the smaller AR-15. The Revolution is an AR-15, chambered in 308, not an AR-10. This sits on the exact same frame as your 556; Daniel Defense, BCM, or if you really know what’s up, your POF. That is exactly what makes it so revolutionary. POF has gone through the engineering to make the significantly larger 308 round work in the smaller AR-15 package.

POF Revolution DI

What that gives you is one seriously compact and nimble 308 rifle. With a collapsed length of 34 inches, and weighing in at only 6.8 pounds, this is a pint-size 308. Of course, some minor changes needed to be made to make the AR-15 platform able to accommodate the SR25 308 magazines that the Revolution uses. First, the most notable thing differentiating a Revolution from a normal AR, is the greatly enlarged magazine well to accommodate those 308 magazines. Yet, the takedown pin placement remains exactly the same as a normal AR-15. Of course, some changes had to be made; the trigger has been moved ever so slightly to the rear, and the safety has been moved back as well. You can see how close it now sits to the rear takedown pin. Have no fear, the Revolution maintains the same superior ergonomics because POF cleverly and slightly moved back the grip in order to maintain the exact same relationship between the grip and safety that you would find in the AR-15. POF has come up with its own end plate that is slightly lengthened to accommodate the grip being moved back, and it has a QD mount in it.

A close look at the Revolution lower so you can see the changes.

Now I know what you’re thinking, a less than 7 pound AR that shoots 308 has to kick harder than the tenth shot of tequila. Well, you’d be wrong. Due to POF’s adjustable gas block, they call the Dictator, in combination with their muzzle brake, recoil is actually very light. The Dictator allows you to dial down the recoil to the point where it is pretty much the same as a 556, just like an AR-15. 

None of that matters if the gun doesn’t work. We ran well over 1000 rounds through the Revolution without a single malfunction, using a variety of ammo types. It worked amazingly well during run and gun drills and even suppressed. What is really impressive to me is the accuracy. You can easily shoot 3/4 inch groups at 100 yards with the Revolution, but what is most impressive, is when you start to stretch things out. Using Norma Match 168gr, we walked this 16 inch barreled 308 all the way out to 1000 yards. Now, I will say the targets at 1000, were man-sized, but I was still blown away.

POF Revolution DI

 POF didn’t just stop with the amazing innovation of packing the 308 cartridge in the AR-15 package; they also included all the great features of their Gen4 lower. This lower has all controls; bolt release, mag release, and safety on both sides of the gun, so you can easily reach everything from either side that you choose. There’s also a bolt hold-open button inside the trigger guard. They also include a very clever indentation for your trigger finger when it’s not on the trigger. Speaking of triggers, POF makes some great ones, like the very crisp 4.5 pound one that comes with the Revolution.

The E squared chamber is another bit of innovation that POF has come up with to make their rifles more reliable than most anything else available. They cut 4 very small groves in the neck of the chamber. This vents just enough gas back to push the casing from the chamber, so that you get true push-pull extraction. Not only will this simple innovation make some of the small parts on the system last longer, it will also greatly increase reliability and longevity in the rifle.

This is a look inside the Revolution’s E Squared chamber

The POF Revolution is an amazing feat of engineering that combines one of the greatest rifle designs of all time, with one of the most formidable rounds ever conceived. Furthermore, POF executed the entire rifle superbly, not sacrificing the quality of features for the innovation. It is also one rifle that can fill just about any role.

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Love my S & W MP10. With 168 gr match handloads I have shot a 3/8″ group. The gun is the “King of the Road.” Good for anything. Best for most. OK, not best for close in defense. A standard .223 for that.
I read: “We do not recommend 30 calibre for the great bears. I thought: “I have a 20 round magazine. There would only be pieces left.” haha


I realize calling it an AR-15 is a marketing idea to emphasize the dimensions, but in states like MD where I live that’s a dirty word. Call it what it is, an AR platform.


@A; That would be the next question that needs to be answered. Will the Maryland State Police or GUN-CONTROLLERS accept it in the State of Maryland. There is already a LOOOONNNNGGGG list of weapons which have been banned from Maryland.


@Laddyboy – Similar to above question about price – if you are asking, then no they won’t be legal. Of course, this disregards @USA standard response regarding laws repugnant to the constitution. Did MD actually outlaw the AR15 by name? Seems quite shortsighted of them. Look at all the lowers labeled differently, like VA-15 PSA was recently selling… “Nope, not an AR15, it’s a VA15 – so completely legal in MD”. I’d have to guess that MD’s law has wording to include clones, derivatives, and/or a list of features which they ban. Seems the anti’s are moving toward simply saying… Read more »


I have decided that when it comes to LEGAL and weapons, SCREW all of them.(you break your OATHS, and try and make and enforce UNCONSTITUTIOAL SO CALLED laws, GO to Hades.
Two words for all politicians. “SUPREMACY CLAUSE”.
Those frigging criminals only want to CONTROL ALL OF US.
Not on My watch until hey cap my arse.
As Nancy Reagan used to say, “JUST SAY NO!”.
Strongly suggest everyone who is young enough ARMOR up, the stuff is STUPID cheap for GREAT BA.(10 mags per rifle, min)
Soon, you will not be able to get ANY of it.


Interesting marketing angle. When I see all the very common .308’s that are essentially like AR-15’s, but of course they need to have a somewhat longer lower receiver to accommodate .308 magazines EXACTLY as this one does, I have always just referred to them as AR-10’s, to denote the .308 relative of the common AR-15. Curious that something that has been around for years is now supposed to be some kind of breakthrough product that is “different” only because it claims to be suited to the product name “AR-15”. As for not being an “AR-10” because it differs from the… Read more »


The light .308s recoil hard! This particular rifle would be a kicker, expensive and not legal in many NRA type matches, and certainly you would not want a .308 in three gun. The single best .308 semi around is still the M1-A. Heavier, yeah but available, not fancy and of course combat proven and compared to other stuff out there more affordable. And anyone who owns a semi whether .308 or 5.56 should have no less than ten 20-round mags for the .308 and ten 30-round mags for the black gun. Now, check availability and cost…

Small Arms Master Gunner

You did read, like I did, that the gas block can be adjusted down until recoil is much like a 5.56?

BTW, I contend that the single best .308, is the FN-FAL.


As far as breakdowns I agree, accuracy is another matter.
I do not want any rifle (except CQB’s) in my safe if it won’t shoot MIN .5 moa.
I will not put good $$ down, period.




– As the saying goes, if you have to ask you cannot afford it.


MSRP $2664.99


Mr. Cooper was WAY ahead of his time. (O.T.) I remember the mag where he wrote an article when the WUNDERNINES came out in 9mm,he was not a happy camper. He said (and I paraphrase) this would be the cause of serious issues. In a lot of ways he was DEAD on, the proliferation of them EVERYWHERE started the craze to higher cap mags, and we see what that did to the crime stats(esp in Mass shootings, FOUR or more DOA). While time waits for no man he saw into the future, me I LOVE the Wundernines and all the… Read more »