Pro-Gun Candidate Michelle Salzman is Running for Florida’s House District 1


Michelle Salzman
Pro-Gun Candidate Michelle Salzman is Running for Florida’s House District 1

Florida – -( Michelle Salzman is a mother of three children, and is strongly pro-life, being an advocate and voice for innocent, unborn children who deserve the chance to be born, grow up, and enjoy life.

Michelle is also 100% unapologetic in her support of our Second Amendment Rights.

From Northwest Florida, she joined the U.S. Army at the age of 17 and served five years, including in a combat zone in Bosnia, and won several achievement medals during her military service.

Attending the University of West Florida after the army, she began her volunteer work, and has been a full-time volunteer for several years serving various charities and local PTAs, and served on the State of Florida PTA Board of Directors.

For several months now she has been a member of Florida Carry, Florida’s premier Second Amendment Rights organization which fights to remove the current infringements under state law, including the general ban on open carry, the ban on campus carry, the ban on airport carry in non-sterile areas, and others.

She supports Constitutional Carry, meaning you can carry without government permission under the Second Amendment, and carry in virtually all places except for jails, prisons, courtrooms in session, mental asylums, and nuclear facilities.

She is opposed to magazine capacity limits and bans against lightweight sporting rifles which would limit our ability to fight back against armed attackers, who sometimes prey on the innocent in multiples. Forced by the government to have to reload after 10 rounds (or whatever the magic number of the day is for tyrant politicians) when your life is on the line is an immoral infringement on our right to keep and bear arms.

She is also opposed to “red flag laws” that would have militarized police coming with guns to your home to strip you of your property and rights when no crime has been committed or threatened, based on hearsay from someone who might overhear your innocent conversation in public about guns and misunderstand it.

Michelle Salzman is the real deal; she speaks plainly and she means it. She will be our bold voice in Florida’s State House working to protect the innocent, to restore our liberty, and to fight for lower taxes and encourage economic growth.

If you are tired of wishy-washy, do-nothing lip-service politicians, then please support, and place your vote for Michelle!

About Phillip Evans:

The author is a self-defense rights advocate and member of the GOA,, and, and posts at

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Fantastic! All the qualifications In a candidate that I would want.

Michelle Salzman



The libtard women will hate her just because she’s pretty.

Michelle Salzman

I’ve actually been told that several times… and I’ll take it as a compliment 🙂


Gorgeous, actually!


I live in a free state as of 2020 BUT a lot of Californians are moving in so who knows. They may want to destroy us like California.

I wish Mrs Salzman all the luck in her race and sorry I can not vote in Florida. Of course if I was dead I would probably be a registered democrat, at least once, in every state. Good luck to a veteran and a nice lady.


This is great and I would love to see more and more women with all of these same qualities, running for offices in the blue states.

Ansel Hazen

Damn, I wish someone like this was up here running against Susan Collins.


Mr. Hazen, Is that “ranked choice:\” voting thing still used down Maine way ?

Ansel Hazen

Sadly yes. Used for the first time in the 2018 midterms. It knocked out Moody for Governor and Poloquins reelection. And while Poloquin was a squishy RINO he wouldn’t have voted to impeach like Golden did. Moody would have continued in LePages footsteps but instead we have Mills who fought LePage every day he was in office.

It’s a big reason I don’t feel my vote is worth shit any more.


Jack B votes for Out of Box from my representatives. Marshall made some good points. Makes me think Mike Hill should remain in office.  I ask what is the tie breaker? –       Both are Military Vets. –       Mike more conservative than Michelle –       Not all incumbents are to be removed. Remove ones that fail to fight for the values they committed they would support. So far so good. –       Right to life. Mike has record with heart beat. It seems to me we keep Mike. However: I would like to see: –      A supporter of Police to enforce laws that are… Read more »


The only explanations for challenging Mike Hill, the incumbent is an ego trip or Hill being too conservative for Ms. Salzman. Hill is one of the most reliable conservatives and 2nd Amendment patriots in the Florida House. Ironically, he is the antithesis of a “wishy-washy, do-nothing lip-service politician” and that is why the liberal Republican Chamber of Commerce faction is after him. If Salzman was a genuine conservative, she would support Rep. Hill who instead of talking about it, has actually sponsored a Red Flag repeal and has sponsored or cosponsored Campus Carry, Open Carry and Constitutional Carry Legislation. The… Read more »

Michelle Salzman

I am so honored to have been featured. Thank you. The article is so well written! I appreciate the support, and am hopeful we can start making progress to restore our liberties


I’m from Florida District and good luck getting me to vote for anyone but, Matt Gaetz


I think she is running against Mike Hill which is a State House Representative for State District 1. Matt Gaetz is the Congressional House of Representatives for District 1.

Michelle Salzman

Yes, thank you!

Michelle Salzman

I am running against our State Rep- Mike… the Gaetz’s are actually on my host committee for my Republican Fundraiser- I hope I have your vote and we are certainly voting for Matt as well!