Re-Elect Anthony Colandro To The 2020 NRA Board Of Directors

CNJFO Endorses Anthony Colandro!

Re-Elect Anthony Colandro To The 2020 NRA Board Of Directors
Re-Elect Anthony Colandro To The 2020 NRA Board Of Directors

New Jersey – -( Anthony Colandro deserves a full 3-year term on the NRA Board of Directors! His independent, take no-BS style has enabled him to build Gun For Hire, a successful and expanding range business just 15 miles from the heart of the anti-gun bastion known as New York City! His soul is good, his intentions are benevolent, his philanthropic deeds are beyond measure.

Colandro runs a top-notch operation, has world-wide appeal with gun owners of every walk of life, and has continuously supported CNJFO and our members from our humble beginnings.

Anthony’s DECADES of Second Amendment activism experience, fighting for all of us, with a target on his back, is the thing legends are made of! Leading rallies, testifying for gun owners at hearings held at our state capitol, hosting Tony Simon’s Diversity Shoot and the Second Amendment Women Shooting Club–SAW at his range. He never stops fighting! His in-your-face weekly radio broadcast reaches millions of gun owners nationwide.

It is for these and so many more reasons that the Board of Trustees, Executive Committee and rank & file members of New Jersey’s most active & agile Second Amendment organization, the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners, Inc., proudly endorses Anthony P. Colandro, our 76th NRA Board of Director, for reelection! Colandro is an asset beyond belief, and will continue to help steer the National Rifle Association far into the future! Please cast your bullet vote for Anthony P. Colandro of Woodland Park, NJ!

Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners

Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners

The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners is a not for profit, charitable organization formed under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes to the extent allowed by law.

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No. He’s a LaPierre stooge.

Gopher wacker

My ballot will say in bold letters, “Dump Wayne.”


Another LaPierre ass kisser. Apparently, no one with balls willing to dump LaPierre is running for election to the Board.


hmmmmm…..which of LP’s chosen few do I vote for???……

Here’s an idea…let’s make an (out of court) harsh example out anyone complicitous in the infringement of the Second Amendment. Fearing the same treatment, any future commie bastards will leave the Second Amendment alone.

Then we won’t need the NRA.


GOA, the group that lies about the NRA and occasionally sends out post cards to you to fill out and mail. Those form post cards mean nothing. If you want action, WRITE A LETTER AND CALL!

jack mac

tete: “write a letter and call”! Try kicking a dead horse. Its better to leave it and get another horse. The same with the Board. Don’t feed a dead horse or the Board,either.


Added his name to my ballot. Seems this ballot had plenty of Sheriffs, military and grass roots activists. Those are whom I voted for.


Wayne LaPierre is the NRA’s “Bernie Madoff”. He and his BOD co-conspirators have stolen and/or wasted tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars from membership funds. Any BOD member who is not publicly outspoken against him is with him. “Over the years, the N.R.A. had become more nonprofit in theory than in practice. Revenue passed $350 million last year.” “If the expenses incurred by Mr. LaPierre were not legitimate business expenses of the N.R.A., and if he conspired with others within or outside the N.R.A. to incur those expenses in a way that would conceal them, then criminal charges… Read more »


I voted for him because he said he was going to turn over tables but the first podcast after he wins election he starts giving excuses for LaPierre’s behavior. Colandro is just like the rest. Sucking from the teat until its host is dead. Go away you are not helping.

Until someone calls for LaPierre to step down and reduce the BOD to 10 or less they can all go to hell.

jack mac

Oldvet: The BOD knows we are still here. Here as a source of funds. I am not wasting time or postage on that ballot. I am not going to suckered in anymore by their voting faux.


LaPierre found him the cheapest opposition to buy off.