Gunsite Academy Announces the Jeff Cooper Memorial Shoot

GUNSITE ACADEMY Announces the Jeff Cooper Memorial Shoot
GUNSITE ACADEMY Announces the Jeff Cooper Memorial Shoot

U.S.A.-( Gunsite Academy, the worlds oldest and largest shooting school is pleased to announce the Jeff Cooper Memorial Shoot, May 24, 2020.

Jeff and Janelle’s 100th birthday is in May of 2020. In honor and celebration of this, and upon the suggestion of the late Jack Furr (former Gunsite Staff member), we will be hosting a one (1) day special match.

This match will feature some of the old Cooper courses of fire with the final sixteen or so finishers to shoot off in the famous “J Ladder.” (Details are still being sorted out.) While not a GAS Match sized event, we think it appropriate to recognize Jeff and Janelle’s 100th birthday on Memorial Day weekend with celebratory gunfire and family competition. The match will not exceed one hundred (100) shooters
The Cooper 1911 Centennial Match will be a “retro” event. As Cooper would have liked…it is a single stack .45 ACP 1911 ONLY event. (No revolvers, Double Action auto-pistols (“Krunchentickers”), striker fired, extended magazines, wide bodied pistols, etc.) No whining! This is a Cooper event! If you wish to whine about only 1911’s, the complaint manager is Helen Waite. If you want to complain, go to Helen Waite.) Also, no red dot sights, race holsters, or extended magazines. Think about what Jeff Cooper would have worn and shot.

Awards will be presented by placing in the event. A special retro shirt and lunch is included.

There will be a separate contest for best “BBQ Rig.” It can be any gun, holster, etc. So, bring your best pistol, revolver, stocks, holsters and belts to be judged. Contest is solely based upon what we think looks the best.

Watch our social media and web page announcing when we will open the limited enrollments for this festive day. Some proceeds will benefit the Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation.


About Gunsite AcademyGunsite Academy

The original ‘American Pistol Institute’ (API) now known as Gunsite Academy offers firearms training to elite military personnel, law enforcement officers and free citizens of the US.

We know Americans take our rights very seriously, and the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States guarantees each citizen the right to keep and bear arms. However, with each right comes an equal responsibility to discharge that right effectively, legally, safely and within the bounds of morality. Rights demand responsibility.

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Jeff Cooper, now there was a real man! Wish he was still here.