Is Another Presidential Candidate Preparing to Exit the Race?


Professor Elizabeth Warren Offers Class in Political Linguistics
Elizabeth Warren: Is Another Presidential Candidate Preparing to Exit the Race?

Fairfax, VA – -( We ask this question only half-jokingly and as a response to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s recent introduction of a “new” anti-gun bill.  It seems that every time a Democrat hoping to unseat President Donald Trump this November begins to see their campaign unraveling, they start to hammer on attacking the Second Amendment.

First came California Representative Eric Swalwell.  To be fair, though, the clock on when he would exit the race started the moment he filed.  The only reason people outside of his district would be aware of his existence was if they were interested in obscure politicians who make ominous threats towards large swaths of law-abiding Americans.

Next to quit was Texas Representative Robert Francis O’Rourke.  A media darling when running a losing campaign against U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, O’Rourke’s luster hardly faded with that loss.  But during his lackluster Presidential bid, when he shifted gears from just banning guns to actually confiscating them, the wheels completely fell off his campaign.  Now O’Rourke, once a Democrat rising star with national aspirations, has been relegated to hyping special elections for the Texas statehouse.  And he’s faring no better there, as his losses continue to mount.

We may have actually predicted California Senator Kamala Harris would fail in her bid to face Trump.  The week after we wrote about Harris embracing gun confiscation as a possible “exit strategy” for her floundering campaign, she quit.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker was the most recent proponent of gun confiscation to have to face reality, and abandon his quest to be the Democrat to challenge Trump.

This brings us back to Warren.

She hasn’t turned to openly advocating for gun confiscation, as the other failed candidates had, and she has been consistently hitting double-digits with polls, which the others could only dream of doing.  Last October, her polling numbers even hit the mid-20s, and she was in a virtual tie with long-time frontrunner Joe Biden.

But that was last October.

Since that peak, Warren’s numbers have seen a dramatic decline, and are now stagnating in the mid-teens.

As for her legislation, there is really nothing new about it.

It includes banning semi-automatic firearms like the AR-15, a federal licensing scheme for all gun purchasers, “universal” background checks, and other proposals that have already been introduced.  This anti-gun wish-list is also part of Warren’s anti-gun platform posted to her campaign website.

So what’s the point?  Why take a number of proposals that have gained no traction in the Senate, bundle them together, and try to sell them as a “big, bold proposal?”

The announcement of her anti-gun Senate bill could be seen as a desperate attempt to generate some traction in the polls among those Democrats who embrace eviscerating the Second Amendment.  During the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump, Warren tried to steal a little bit of the spotlight by asking a ridiculous question of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who is presiding over the process.  Clearly, she’s looking for something…anything…to rejuvenate her fading aspiration to be President.

Stagnating poll numbers and ramping up the anti-gun agenda have been, thus far, harbingers of doom for the field of Democrat Presidential hopefuls this election cycle.  Is Senator Warren’s campaign set on the same path of despair that so many others have followed before her?  Only time will tell.

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Join them all. Even state organizations in other states!


Hey Bwass! It was x’actly like watchin’ a dog and pony show at a three-ring ceircus only, they was fifteen of ’em!


Buh bye, Liz!


U.S. Senator Warren is a proven pathological liar, and a very dangerous moron. Our country is in the “Adam Shitter” if this batch of yahoos is the best that the now openly Socialist Democrat Party (read NAZI) can come up with for president, let alone as senators and reps.


Pinocchio Warren lost any chance as soon as her numbers scared the deep state.


The clown bus will be stopping again soon to let another Democratic clown out.


THAT is one lying, rotten to the core, FREE RIDE for all, socialist, HOMELY bitch…


Bat shit crazy Warren will turn tail and run now that she realizes she has no chance of VP w/Sanders, (laughable, a side note, AOC thinks she will be).

The DNC is the master of hypocrisy, in that, it advocates diversity, while it relentlessly shames rich white men, because now it rigs it’s primary, selecting a rich white man as its savior from Socialist Bernie, in hopes then he can defeat another rich white man, President Trump!

There I said it…….can’t make this shit up!


“The buck stops with Mr. LaPierre, CEO and Executive Vice President of the NRA, and he is ultimately responsible for the most recent negative optics and financial crisis facing the NRA.

Members of the NRA demand leadership change, accountability, and transparency; specifically, the following:
Wayne LaPierre and the NRA Officers, Executive Directors, Managing Directors resign immediately, including Josh Powell.”

Dubi Loo

Just a note: Josh Powell is no longer employed by the NRA.


Fire WLP, ffire Powell, and fire Spiker, the ILA guy for Virginia who stated he was ready to negotiate with Northam over infringments of Virginia gun owners!

Then, tomorrow… Get in gear and fight for gun rights in Virginia! Get off your lazy azz!

Will Flatt

Hey NRA, instead of worrying who will face off against Donald Trump in November, how about you get the hell off your collective butt and clean house already?? FIRE WAYNE and JOSH POWELL. Then, BoD, get your House in Order! The more you try to protect Radioactive Wayne, the more you undermine all gun owners going into the elections!!

Stop being a bunch of weenies. Get crackin’!!


They did fire Powell – 3 days ago. 1 step in the right direction. If if ‘Lil Wayne had a modicum of character, he’d be long gone too. Apparently we’ll have to pry him loose with a crowbar.

Will Flatt

Powell gone is awesome news. When they finally get rid of Wayne I’ll be dancing in the streets! When the BoD finally gets NRA on a no-compromise track and start killing antigun laws like GOA and FPC, I’ll once again get a Life membership!

Thanks, I needed some good news today, you just delivered!

Will Flatt

Thanks – I forgot who sent it to me, but I’ve saved it because for years I have known about the sins of the NRA and their leadership in particular. This wienermobile meme really sums up HOW I feel about the NRA, but the meme below does a better job of explaining WHY I feel the way I do about them. I really hope to God that the NRA gets the reform it has desperately needed for over a half century!! I would like to someday be able to delete all my NO-NRA memes and NRA Fudd memes on account… Read more »


I agree on the NRA cleaning house. I’m sick of contributing to the “Wayne LaPierre retirement fund” We need honest, not money greedy leaders. I guess association with the “vote yourself a raise” Washington crowd rubbed off.