What Utopia? Democratic Socialism is Communism ~ VIDEO


Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “There is no difference between Communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same end:

  • Communism enslaves men by force
  • Socialism, by vote

It is merely the difference between murder, and suicide!” ~ Ayn Rand

The “Socialist Utopia” of Denmark!

In the Democrat “debate” this week in Nevada, Bernie Sanders used Denmark as a shining example of “successful socialism,” and the model he wants to use for the USA.

He calls it “Democratic Socialism” and cynically denies its umbilical cord to Communism.

Yet, in Denmark taxes are the highest in Europe.

“Free” higher education there is poor, by any standard.

“Free” healthcare is extremely poor. Deaths from cancer are much higher than in America, and Danes in general have a lower life expectancy than Americans.

Danes still burn much coal, and they drive cars!

Both private and public debt among Danes is extremely high.

Danish work ethic is poor. There is a critical skills shortage. Productivity is the poorest in Europe.

Consumption of anti-depression drugs in Denmark is exceedingly high.

With oil revenues dwindling, Danes are poor, and getting poorer! Most Danes are on some form of public welfare.

Violent crime, particularly perpetrated by unassimilated Islamic immigrants, is very high, and getting worse.

Vote Against Socialism
What Utopia? Democratic Socialism is Communism

And, of course, legally owning any kind of gun in Denmark is all but impossible, and forceful self-defense is essentially illegal. Violent criminals have a right to expect no resistance from their victims.

The foregoing pretty-well describes the “socialist utopia” of Denmark.

Curiously, I don’t notice many Democrats moving there!

Yet, that is Bernie’s wet dream for all of us.

It’s not an endlessly expanding ‘list of rights:’

The ‘right’ to education

The ‘right’ to healthcare

The ‘right’ to food and housing

That’s not freedom

That’s dependency!

Those aren’t ‘rights’

Those are the rations of slavery, hay and a barn for human cattle.” ~ Alexis de Tocqueville


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The entire Dem party has gone socialist or worst COMMUNIST… The FREE RIDE assholes are believing all of their bullshit and taking it hook/line and sinker. They are CLUELESS as to what they are voting for. they should do research on the socialist or communist nations, see where they are NOW and what the citizens the took the bait actually HAVE now.
And NO the Scandinavian nations are NOT “Socialist” like Bernie keeps putting out there. They are PISSED that he keeps lying for votes.
They wouldn’t be so anxious if they knew the FACTS !!!


REALLY disappointed in Clint…


All forms of government have one thing in common. The people at the top live like royalty while the working class scrape out a living. But for some strange reason, these socialist dreamers think all the entitlements will flow their way without lifting a finger because everyone gets a trophy. Who are they kidding? We Americans hate waiting for anything and are intolerant if stores are out of our favorite shampoo. Two day delivery still isn’t fast enough and any person under the age of 40 has never had to wait in line for gasoline during the shortages of the… Read more »


It is fascinating to me in my conversations with legal immigrants how in tune they are to what is happening in this country. These immigrants cite tactics taught by Cloward Piven who, in 1966 laid out a blueprint to turn this country into a socialist nation. They come from countries where socialist programs have proven to be unsustainable. Further, they cite fat cat politicians who administer programs who live lavishly while the peons live in squalor and are impoverished. In a nutshell, if people depend on big government they are only seeking to impoverish themselves. In the famous words of… Read more »


In 1921 Vlad Lenin said “Anyone that thinks ‘democratic socialism’ is not communism is an idiot”. The United States is becoming a communist country and the American people sit quietly. Unconstitutional gun control laws are made almost daily and the American people sit quietly. Yet, in this Republic, the American people are the ultimate power & authority. The servant governments have authority because the American people loan it to them and allow it. THAT ‘power’ can be repealed at anytime. By violent action if necessary, as is our Right & Duty. There are many on here that state “I have… Read more »


You do notice that ole Bolshevik Bernie continues to live in America. not his beloved Socialist/Communist countries where could move. Prefers to stay here, suck off the government teat (never has had a productive job), and destroy America to make it like all the Socialist/Communist countries he declines to move to. Liberalism/Socialism/Communism in action.


If so be it, let it be me: I curse thee Bernie with ill-health. May you, for the sake of this country, die sooner than later.


Danish friend took me home with her for the holidays one year. Great time. lived in her families’ homes and experienced real Danish celebrations for Christmas and New Years. learned much about Denmark…..and Socialsim. America’s past time is baseball…or football…..or whatever. Denmark’s past time is beating the tax man. Denmark’s standard of living is Waaay below America. Very modest homes. Very meager life styles compared to America. Coming back through Customs in Boston, I remarked to the Customs agent “How good it is to be back home in America.” He replied, “You won’t believe how many people have that comment… Read more »


Thanks for sharing, and reminding those in need of reminding. Nothing like a little absence to make the heart grow fonder. This, of course, is why immigrants all do what they do once they reach their newfound homeland by remaking it into what they left behind because it reminds them of home. But ask them why not simply go back, if that’s the case, and they will say, “What? To that shit hole?!”


In Denmark, members of the home guard take there service rifles home, much like Switzerland but not as universal. Interestingly enough, they have more machine guns per capita among “the populous” than we do. Denmark surrendered to Germany in WW2 in morning of first day of invasion without a shot fired. However the day before Germans were going to round up Jews, Danes learned of the plans and in an incredible act of collective courage shipped almost all Jews to Norway and Sweden overnight – hiding the rest. Knowing how hard it is for two people to keep a secret,… Read more »


Piling on a bit more – once upon a time, I took, a train from south Germany (way south) to Copenhagen. Look at a map and compare distances…. well over half the time was after crossing into Denmark. Sure German trains ran 231 kph, but that only accounts for some of the difference. This was quite some time ago and I suspect difference has grown. Also the (by far) most egregious official display of prejudice I have ever seen was in Denmark. Am reminded every time I hear socialists decrying our lack of racial equality and holding up Denmark as… Read more »


Even actor and Sensei Steven Segal fled to Russia when it became apparent that Trump was going to be the next President. He and Putin are now good buddies. That man needs to be banished from ever stepping foot back into this country because he turned his cowardly back on it. I spit in that commie’s bastards face! And while he could probably whip me, I know for a fact I could give him a run for his money. Hell, I might even get lucky and put all 6’4″ of him to sleep I can do that to people. Thing… Read more »


That guy is such a douche. I used to dig his movies back in the 90s. I find it interesting that he became a LEO later in life, given the fact he is just a common libtard now – those people for the most part hate cops.


He is the reason I quit thinking anything other than “actor” when it comes to all these celebs. Some still have their head on straight, but most do not, and, most feel they are God’s gift to this world. Which of course explains how they can get up there and preach their leftist crazy bullshit because, you know, they are all that important.

Wild Bill

Gentlemen, Hollyfraud. The plural of which is Hollyfrauds.


Better yet, just because they think so highly of themselves: Holyfrauds.

jack mac

Comparing felons to slaves is somewhat appropriate. Slaves where the previous underclass. Felons make up a large part of our current underclass. People classified as prohibited persons are an underclass of free citizens, deny the right to arms. An increasingly enlarging underclass intertwined with all people in our nation. An underclass that must be treated as such or risk being so subjugated. An underclass in our nation that is established to prevent a government from obtaining the power to deny rights from free citizens. A government with such power we now have. Bear in mind that a felony conviction is… Read more »


Let me guess: you either haven’t taken your medication yet this morning or it just hasn’t kicked in yet. I suggest if the former you take it and if the latter you back off the keyboard for an hour or two before posting again. You can thank me later.

jack mac

Medication in the morning, OK. Some people should wake-up while they can. One may be consider this a hint to wise and a statement to the stupid.


You are speaking of the bought and paid for democrat slaves, the welfare brood sows and their uneducated criminal spawn. 12% of the population commits 94% of all crimes.


All governments regardless of its structure or form are some form of collective assault on the individual by whomever is making up the rules. Our Republic has many forms of socialism such as police, first responders, water system, sewage system, public education, medicare, medicaid, hospitals, yada yada yada. They are not good nor bad. They and so many more things are our reflection from our legislative bodies of our Republic. We used to have private fire departments, do we want to return to that circumstance? What we do with what is created to solve a problem is the central issue.… Read more »


Never lived in one, but have visited and have friends who live in communities with private fire departments. Not private corporation paid by the community but straight up volunteer departments. From all I’ve seen they work quite well – in fact one saved the life of our son before I even met my wife. So… no objection to “private” fire departments from me.


Ever wondered what all those Venezuelans thought about after their socialist utopia turned to military dictatorship? It’s absolutely amazing that people could be easily swayed, but history is replete with examples on how that’s the case in every instance. Instead of believing those who
sing the praises, they should be researching the facts. Wishing, instead of working is what separates wannabe socialists from true reality.
Socialism disarms the populace and once that happens, game over. A one way street gets you nowhere.


It took the Muslims 1400 years to kill as many people as the communists took in only 100 years. The scripture has a name for those who will be the last enemy of the Lord left standing when He comes again. That name is; “Destroyers of the earth.” You will find that in the book of Revelation. The sad thing of todays communists is the FACT that none of them have ever lived in a communist country, and their teachers have never lived in a communist country. None of the communists in this country today have even one minute of… Read more »


And elsewhere, people don’t really like people who have destruction of their countries as an agenda. But then you have the lefties, brain dead useful idiots for Soro’s ilk.


If they are willing to restore voting rights for felons than 2A should also be restored after time served. Republicans should be pushing for this. I bet the DNC will drop it like a hot potato. And that is where Reps. should keep pushing. Then we will see how many judges want to release hard core criminals.

Wild Bill

@Arny, I agree with you in theory, but a certain recent troll, claiming to be a convicted felon, revealed his filthy mind by insulting the older gentlemen, vets, and anyone that disagreed with him, using the basest of language. That individual under cuts the theoretical argument by his real world behavior.

Heed the Call-up

WB, that is *if* the troll is what he claims to be. Knowing other trolls that we have had the experience of reading their tripe here are not what they purported to be. I believe the same for this current troll.

Wild Bill

@Heed, Quite true. You may be right because the tells are showing up.

Wild Bill

@USA, An excellent and uplifting post!


Read and share with All especially those in school, For they can change the future, You
can assist. http://www.batr.org/wrack/061911.html. Iva Cojones


Democratic Socialism is more a truthful term than Democratic Free Society. The latter is a smokescreen as there is no such thing – it equals pissing down ones back and calling it rain. No where in Our Constitution is the word democracy – yet politicians continue the verbiage assault. Even Dan Bongino got himself caught up in the verbiage trying to separate democratic and socialism. Dan, they are the same thing, each is a form of controlling the masses. There is a reason Our Constitution guarantees for America a Republic form of government – NOT democratic, NOT socialism and NOT… Read more »

Will Flatt

That’s no reason to let felons vote. Letting felons vote is just giving the commiecrats more of a base to work with. These felons will vote for the sort of BS we’re already seeing in places like Commiefornia & NY; things like “bail reform” where people arrested for serious crimes walk right out of their arraignments back onto the street, or MS-13 gangsters butcher their victims and then are given ‘sanctuary’ from the justice they deserve. Calling hardened convicted criminals “slaves” is the most idiotic thing I’ve heard all day, and to be fair I’ve been up since yesterday morning.… Read more »


Have you ever really talked with felons over a burger & a beer and listened
to why they are the way they are ?
In All of nature there is only the Predator And the Prey.
Mix in Society in a controlled ? Matrix against Nature and what is the Present
is what you get. We are all predators to some degree.
Read and Share, http://www.batr.org/wrack/061911.html
All The Best. Iva Cojones

jack mac

WF: Felon, is a term used in place of boogeyman. Boogeyman, a term to terrorize children and felon, to terrorize everybody. There is an increasing variety of felony laws that are used to convict an increasing variety of citizens. These convictions greatly enlarges our underclass of free citizen denied the right to arms. Those incarcerated are not free to exercise rights at their will. they are subject to the inescapable forced will of others an should not vote for that reason. When released from confinement, citizens should be allowed to exercise all the rights that we all, so far, can.… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Oldvet, the Democrats are seeking to do just that.

Will Flatt

@laughing Jack, when I use the term felon, I’m not just using it in the legal sense, but as an apt descriptor of the career criminal. My professional experience has taught me long ago that by the time someone picks up a felony rap, they have usually had considerable contact with the criminal justice system from an early age. I do not and will NEVER believe that these people should be allowed to own firearms, because I believe they should never be released back into society. They’re usually institututionalized and cannot function in civil society after release which is why… Read more »

Will Flatt

If you refuse to abide by the rules of the society you choose to live in, and violate reciprocity and infringe on others’ rights, it is perfectly reasonable to be removed from society and to have your rights removed as a punishment due to conviction.

Especially if the one who is violating others’ rights is a servant of the people.

Will Flatt

– Unconstitutional ‘laws’ are not even laws… Marbury v Madison. We have no duty to obey and police and courts have no authority to enforce. To enforce unconstitutional measures against peaceable, free citizens of this Republic is to violently deprive them of Rights under color of law. And that will get the goose-steppers SHOT.

Will Flatt

@OV – 5 years ago I was thinking that. The Left is like the Borg – their collective consumes everything. I figured Hitlery woulda taken the White House (whew – dodged THAT bullet)… the Left cheats at elections, and to shore up their cheating they’re 1000% behind and advancing the invasion of illegal aliens and giving them driver licenses (and motor voter laws automatically guarantee the Dems more leftist voters) since nonwhite immigrants of all kinds vote at least 70% Left.

Fortunately, more people are seeing this, and are thinking of ways to defeat leftist expansion.

Will Flatt

@OV – How a LEO reacts depends on that individual’s knowledge of the Constitution and their fidelity to the OATH they took when they were commissioned.

Will Flatt

@OV – Yeah, and a lot of people confuse power for authority. And tyrants ignore authority and rely on power. I think when we look at the political class today, we all know what category they fall in, regardless of their overinflated opinions of themselves may be.
Mao Tse-tung may have been a fracking commie, but he was right about power coming from the barrel of a gun. And we own nearly half the guns in the world and trillions of rounds of ammo. Politicians had better reconsider who REALLY has the power.

Will Flatt

Hawaiian-themed breakdance party in a traditional Inuit ice shelter


Someone understands! The power always resides in the people. No land without people has any power at all. Such lands are called; “uninhabited, and are fair game for whoever uses them first. Unfortunately, the people that move in bring their ignorance, biases, prejudices, and sheeple nature along with them everywhere they go. But sometimes, like very soon now, they muster up the courage to regain their liberties from the oppressors they stupidly invite in. I believe we are now in step 3 of the “stages of civilizations”, courage to liberty, and long past bondage, which started in 1815, and occurred… Read more »