VCDL Taking Action to Reopen Indoor Gun Ranges in VA

VCDL Gun Rights Lobby Day Virginia
VCDL Gun Rights Lobby Day Virginia

U.S.A. -( An Executive Order from Governor Northam has shut down all indoor shooting ranges, classifying them as “entertainment.” Practicing a life-saving skill or learning how to safely shoot a firearm is NOT entertainment!

Virginia Citizens Defense League members have been contacting the Governor and asking him to take the indoor gun ranges off the entertainment list.

So far all we’ve had is crickets chirping.

On Friday, the William J. Olson law firm sent a letter to the Governor on VCDL’s behalf. Click here to read the letter.

Over the weekend the Federal Department of Homeland Security sent out an advisory that gun ranges are to be considered critical infrastructure. This morning Olson sent another letter on Virginia Citizens Defense League’s behalf with that new information. Click here to read that second letter.

Still nothing but crickets.

I have requested that the Virginia Citizens Defense League Board of Directors approve a lawsuit that would have a stay on the closing of indoor shooting ranges. If the Board approves, we will move forward quickly.

If you know the owners of any indoor shooting ranges and they are interested in participating in the lawsuit, have them contact me ([email protected]). If you are a paying member of an indoor range, you might also consider contributing to the fight as soon as we announce that the lawsuit is in motion.

These ranges CANNOT afford to stay closed until June. Some of these ranges have millions of dollars invested in them. We HAVE to protect the indoor ranges or we will have very few places to shoot in the future, even after the ban is lifted.

For now, stay tuned…

Article on the DHS range classification HERE

Virginia Citizens Defense LeagueAbout Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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It is obvious that it is Northam’s intention to bankrupt ANYTHING TO DO WITH FIREARMS! VCDL needs to be prepared to fight this Communist Northam in court. Good luck!

Judge Priest

Ignore the Carpetbagger Scaliwag…


Winning in Commiefornia…
Villain ueva Backs down after Trump administration’s Dept. Of Homeland Security advises Firearms Dealer are Essential Businesses.


Governor blackface is a disgrace & a fool.
Please sue him every time he turns around. Surely the majority in Virginia is fed up with this idiot.