What They Introduced: The Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has a grand scheme for guns and their owners if elected president in 2020. (Screen capture, YouTube, CNN)

United States – -(AmmoLand.com)- Senator Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign fizzled, and for that, Second Amendment supporters should be very grateful. As we noted when we covered her platform, her intention was to inflict massive injustices upon law-abiding gun owners in the form of restrictions on our Second Amendment rights for crimes and acts of madness they did not commit.

Worse, she vowed to sic the Internal Revenue Service on perhaps the most prominent organization defending those law-abiding owners from that injustice. Talk about a tin ear when it comes to constitutional rights – you don’t get much worse than using the IRS to punish people – or groups – for exercising their First Amendment rights.

Warren’s dirty political pool, not much different than the political targeting that will earn Andrew Cuomo a reaming from the courts based on recently discovered evidence, is not the major focus of this piece. Instead, we’re dealing with the legislation that she introduced recently, S 3254, the Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act. A companion bill, HR 5717, has been introduced by Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA).

As is the case with legislation introduced by Cory Booker and Eric Swalwell, we get a detailed look at just how our rights will be infringed over crimes and acts of madness that loyal Ammoland readers (not to mention any American seeking to exercise their Second Amendment rights) did not commit. Booker, as an aside, has co-sponsored Warren’s legislation.

Warren’s bill is a sweeping assault on our rights. It has licensing, a semi-auto ban, “red flag” provisions, and “safe storage” requirements. The licensing scheme is not as onerous as what Sheila Jackson Lee is proposing (it lasts for ten years), but that isn’t saying much, given that it still turns our Second Amendment rights into a privilege that some bureaucrat can revoke.

That being said, the usual provisions aren’t the worst of this bill. The three real nasty surprises in this legislation will not be the usual attacks Second Amendment supporters are wary about, but which can be just as devastating to our rights.

In her bill, Warren hits Federal Firearms Licensees with massive red tape requirements.

Executive Orders Rule Regulation Red Tape
In her bill, Warren hits Federal Firearms Licensees with massive red tape requirements.

More inspections, background checks for employees, record-keeping requirements, and lost and stolen reporting requirements. Lots of ways to trip up gun dealers, many of whom are small businesses for whom meeting her requirements would be very difficult.

Bad as that is, the next two are much worse – because Warren has set things up to bypass the grassroots efforts of Second Amendment supporters. This one-two punch represents a massive transfer of power away from the people to powerful special interests and bureaucrats.

The first “punch” is the repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. In other words, Warren will unleash the same unholy alliance of big-city mayors and trial lawyers that threatened to bankrupt the gun industry in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Second, and worst of all, she now places firearms under the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This, in essence, would allow government bureaucrats to inhibit not just innovation, but to ban guns via administrative edict. And what happens if they were to recall a gun, and you didn’t turn it in? We bet the license renewal might have problems.

Second Amendment supporters should contact their Senators and Representatives and politely urge them to oppose this bill. As a solution for the misuse of firearms, this bill is phonier than a three-dollar bill.


About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

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Will Flatt

There’s lots of tyrants out there that need to be converted into fertilizer for the Liberty Tree; Warren and Johnson are but two. We’re getting closer to the Boogaloo, day by day. Arm up, carry on!

Wild Bill

@wjd, Yep, about half of the country.


It is not only about guns, or gun control. The game for Progressive New Left types like Warren, Bernie and the rest of the Weather Bureau has been about power. All power. They deny your divine creation, deny your dignity as an individual and believe you need to be not only aggressively governed but you need to be dictated to at every turn. This has been the path they have been on since the 1960’s. They have just now put up the road signs announcing the final destination. For those of us who are foolish enough to believe that they… Read more »


nrringlee . . . Anyone who wants to see the Communist Democrap Party’s vision of the future for the citizens of the United States just read “1984” by George Orwell. If that does not get your attention, you are brain dead!


BINGO 100% I have been watching this playbook for years and it is running right to the TEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Its all about CONTROL, Gun Control, birth control (as in genocide through abortion), health control, etc. If you look at all of THEIR proposals you can see a common denominator and that is CONTROL.


same twisted thinking that has most of the nation in lockdown right now over a bug fat nothingburger.


If you take the time to read the two proposed bills, it will scare the shit out of any law-abiding gun owner.


MSummers . . .YUP!!!


None of their BILLS scare me, because ONE, they wont ever pass(not under this administration), and two, they would cease to exist if they did.They are so OUT of touch with real AMERICA, they are clueless and have NO Idea how vulnerable they ALL ARE.
Seriously, since Trump and before, these people as a party have done ZERO good for America, it’s all 100% SHIT.


Wow. Y’all need to chill out a little bit. Ms. Warren, Kamila, Corry, Cuomo, de Blasio and a bunch of them Dem want-to-bes balanced the anti-gun attitude with their heart warming love for releasing prisoners early and not turning over illegal aliens being released from jail or prison to ICE. while they don’t believe that honest law abiding citizens should have firearms, they promote the dregs of society. How dot these butt heads get elected?


Criminals will be their allies in driving fear in to communities across America. Once you are disarmed, helpless, terrorized and starving they know they own you.


It worked for Hitler and his Nazi regime.


NOT going to work here.

Dave in Fairfax

KenW, You’re right, it worked there. We have a different temperament here and are heavily armed. It’s hard to get Americans to agree about much of anything, much less do as they are told. There are exceptions, the Democrats being one of them, but as a group they are already disarmed. Individualism is a large component of the American psyche, and that makes obeying orders less attractive.


Sorry, but the US is not for sale. Molon labe


They’re elected by the “Useful Idiots”, the uninformed masses.



Stone . . . George Soros.


We should throw Bloomberg right there with Soros so they are both STONED.



Some people just need kill’n


By other FRIGGING idiots like THEMSELVES,and welfare bitches.


@Stone – Simple. Disarm majority of honest civic-minded persons. Set loose hordes of well armed criminals. Convince the sheep that guns are cause of the ensuing violence – after all if the criminals were not armed, they wouldn’t be violent, right??? Then sheep will vote for whomever promises to do away with the few remaining guns in hands of honest folk, so as to eliminate criminal violence. Entire narrative is based on equivalence engendered through insidious term “gun violence.” So many sheep cannot distinguish between the two words, often incapable of using either word by itself. Get hit over the… Read more »


Unless those that seek to destroy America are prosecuted for their crimes against the people, these assaults on Freedom will continue.


Start arresting and prosecuting for treason, which is what it is. Like they keep telling us everyday. “No one is above the law.”


Somehow, they ALWAYS are above the law, they kick our doors down a 2:30 a.m. over a BS deal and murder us, that’s OK.They commit treason and it’s OK.
Everything is criminal they do ,and somehow/some way, they SKATE. While we are BENT OVER and pounded.


@Doz —

Yeah, and the bitches won’t even return the favor with a reach-around, that’s how bad they are!


Stripeseven . . . The people are not in control of the United States anymore and have not been for about the last four decades. The United States of America has not been a Constitution Republic for about the same period of time. America is now ruled by an Oligarchy and will continue to be until the citizens decide to retake control of their country.


Add 242 to that.

Green Mtn. Boy

More anti Constitutional Bravo Sierra,brought to you by the un American Commiecrat party.


A more appropriate name for it would be, The Gun Prevention and Community Endangerment Act.


When are SANE Americans going to WTFU and see that these are ANTI AMERICAN Communists and do not deserve to even be IN THE COUNTRY much less making laws?.


She’s such a pig. Not gonna license nothing not gonna turn anything in. Another reason I won’t have suppressors and put my name on THAT list I know others disagree with me and that’s cool i understand I’m just not going there…they will b 4 sale under the table soon enough


They already are if you can operate a drill. Lmao


Simple just start making your own,ALL OF IT.


This thing is EXACTLY like that new commercial starring Kelsey Grammar where he comes on air talking about Marsy’s Law: a law that gives the victim more definitive rights, the rights they deserve, and so on. What they’re not telling you is that they are using the same formula that the ASPCA uses: high stress emotion. They don’t cite facts, nor would they ever, because truths like these are such buzzkills to their cause. What this law would do is severely limit anyone’s rights who ever stood “accused” of a crime of this nature because it gives the victim more… Read more »


I don’t know you, but whenever I read the majority of your posts, I’m reminded of a politician, who speaks a lot, but doesn’t say anything.


If there’s nothing there for you, then don’t read them. Problem solved. And, you’re right: you don’t know me so keep it that way.


Dear Dem Stupids,you’re already an inch away from starting one.AMERICANS, REAL one’s not Commie bitches like you cucks are buying more and more weapons monthly that EVER in our recorded history,NO illegal Law passed by YOU will ever be OBEYED,EVER!.
Give it up or you will BANE the day you ever were born,the Country will be a WAR ZONE.
Guess who will be first on their list of victims.

Wild Bill

@Dos, and then a coalition of enemy nations lead by the chinese and russians will invade, and kill every American that they come across.

Dave in Fairfax

WB, I figured the Iranis would beat them to it once the covid peak starts affecting supply lines.


Good thing nuclear missiles don’t get the sniffles.


Socialist/Democratic/Communists Are;
Anti-Constitutionalist’s=Anti-Americans=Enemies of the United States…
Anti-constitutionalist’s stand for nothing. The situation determines their support for an issue and their emotions rule, not reason and rationality.
These career criminals in Congress have endangered the American public, and continue to do so.


There are roughly 300 million firearms in the hands of law-abiding Americans.
They will die trying. Molon labe!


The Dems are pissed because President Trump is going to cut off their supply of nose candy. Don’t kid yourself, the Politicians are involved in the drug trade.

Ej harbet

The oath needs enforced! If you are sworn you should be punished severely for breaking it! As a lawmaker you break your oath by creating. Bills like this and or voting to pass them.


Removed forcibly or HUNG.


We have got to get rid of them all (vote them out) at the first opportunity. Do not ever give up.



Not possible to vote them out it’s going to take PHYSICAL REMOVAL.


Lizzie a good way for you to get innocent ABC agents dead, you ignorant slut.


Just doing ole Harolds job for him… again.

Heres the take action link to oppose this legislation.


Nice coverage…succinct and to the point.


Not part of this discussion but why isn’t the full page not displaying the last few days?

Dave in Fairfax

Terry, You have mail.