Below the Radar: The Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act

Warning Take Action Call Protest
Warning Take Action Call Protest

United States – -( One thing Second Amendment supporters should recognize is that a piece of legislation doesn’t need to grab big headlines to be a sweeping assault on our rights. This is particularly true in the case of HR 4081, the Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act.

This is part of a package of legislation introduced by Representative Sheila Jackson Lee last summer. Her “Santa Fe High School Victims Act” was discussed earlier. But HR 4081 is arguably the centerpiece of her package – and it is perhaps one of the most onerous pieces of legislation Second Amendment supporters have seen.

Unlike the Blair Holt Firearm Owner Licensing and Record of Sale Act or the Federal Firearm Licensing Act of 2019, this bill adds outright registration, the precursor to confiscation, to a very cumbersome licensing process intended to make gun owners agree to give up their rights. In addition, violation of the licensing provisions can get you 15 to 25 years in prison. By contrast, the current felon-in-possession laws under 18 USC 922 have a ten-year maximum sentence per 18 USC 924.

Under this bill, though, it is more than just punishing someone for not having the Attorney General’s permission to own firearms. Just getting the license entails not just a background check, but a psychological exam, 24 hours of training, and a requirement to have insurance.

The psychological examination is a real doozy, too. Not only must you see a licensed psychologist, but that psychologist must be approved by the Attorney General. Also, the psychologist doesn’t just talk to you. They talk to a spouse, your exes, and at least two other family members (or other associates). That alone is time-consuming, simply because those other four interviews will have to be scheduled.

There is also no time limit for approval on the license – an invitation to create more Carol Bowne situations. And for the first five years, the license must be renewed every year. After five years, it’s once every three years. You also pay an $800 fee for the license. Just remember, if you can’t afford the fee, can’t make the exam, the guns you own right now could land you 15 to 25 is Representative Jackson Lee gets her way. And that’s punishment for crimes and acts of madness you did not commit.

Of course, Representative Jackson Lee took a page from Bobby Rush: She has named this act after a victim of the misuse of a firearm – in this case, Sabika Sheikh, a Pakistani exchange student killed in the Santa Fe High School shooting. She can literally use Ms. Sheikh as a shield against the very legitimate criticisms of this massive infringement on Second Amendment rights.

Second Amendment supporters need to contact their Representative and Senators and politely urge them to oppose this massive infringement that only punishes the law-abiding. Second Amendment supporters should urge them to instead support legislation like the School Violence Prevention and Mitigation Act of 2019 and the Protecting Communities and Preserving the Second Amendment Act, which actually address school security and the misuse of firearms and do not infringe on our rights.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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I live in Houston. I would suggest to vote this idiot out of office on our next possible chance.

This lady (using the term lightly) has not done anything for the people of TX or the US except move her mouth up and down in a pointless self center, self endearing motion.

Get this idiot out of office


You left off and added 200#s to her BIG FAT BLACK ass.


You don’t vote on, charge a fee for, or give permission to law abiding citizens to exercise Constitutional rights. Deprivation of rights is a crime.

Gene Ralno

These socialist nitwits never loosen their grip. This one is the original “limousine liberal” who publicly demonstrated her disdain for taxpayers. Seems she lived only a short walk from her office but abused her privilege to limo service every day. She recommended that the UN monitor U.S. voters during the Obama’s campaigns. With a big mouth and no brains, she’d confiscate every privately owned firearm in a nanosecond if the public allowed it.

Will Flatt

Sheila Jackson Lee is truly a piece of work. She’s a walking meme – a bad meme. She’s an insult to cartoon characters everywhere. She brings SHAME to Texas and is the scummiest of DemoRATS.


You misspelled “work”… in the 1st line.

Will Flatt

MS-S, do you you know what the phrase “a piece of work” means?
If you’re being sarcastic it doesn’t translate well over the internet.

Wild Bill

@MSS, I have noticed that Texans will often replace “piece of shit” with “piece of work” when they are being polite. I can not say in this instance because I am still taking Southern as a Second Language.


@WB – Expression is more wide spread than that, though I’d never interpreted with that translation. Always new ir was an insult, and that was enough for me. As a child in CA I somehow assumed it meant one had to work really hard to put together something so bad. Like mounting a 308 barrel on AR15 receiver- takes extra effort but Not helpful.


Who cares Grammar QUEEN.


Yea we have one of them from Florida too. Can’t recall her name but you’d recognize her hat. And we shouldn’t forget that we have a sitting Congressman that thought Guam might capsize. Yes the inmates are indeed running the asylum.


SJL is the best example there is of what happens when people vote based on race. A couple years ago she actually introduced a bill to raise the age to buy a handgun to 21. So clearly neither she nor her equally brilliant staff were aware that 21 was already the age for handgun purchase. She also made a speech about how gun crimes by gangs were not their fault, “because those guns were trafficked.” SJL and the ultra criminal mayor of Houston manage to get on TV at least once every day, and lately every hour.


“A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.” – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin


Again: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Mr. Ben Franklin.

Arizona Don

Franklin was right then and that pertains to NOW as well. Never register any firearm. History proves what happens to registered firearms as well as those who do the registering.

What happened to the Jews in 1930’s and 40’s in Germany will happen here to conservatives. Make no mistake about that. Anyone who cannot see the hate in their eyes for conservatives now is blind.


Anything submitted by shiela jackson lee is bad legislation. This women is so ignorant she believed the astronauts traveled to MARS in the 1960’s. During a tour of NASA Hg. in Houston a few years ago she personally asked the tour guide to point out where on MARS our first MOON landing occurred. This level of stupidity is self developed not taught.


I believe what she asked was if the Mars rover would be able to see the flag planted by the Apollo astronauts. Single cell organisms have more intellect than she does. Brings to mind: “But, I don’t know nothin bout birthin no babies, Miss Scarlett!”


$800 fee for the license. Since the SCOTUS have determined that a very small tax being imposed as a precondition to one’s exercising their RIGHT to vote is unconstitutional, an $800 fee as a precondition to exercising one’s right to arms would also be. SOMEONE needs to grab this piece of dirt congresscritter by the scruff, push her up against a solid wall, and TELL her in very coherent language that she is violating her oath of office, and if she does not back down and withdraw this piece of spit bill of hers, she WILL have felony perjury charges… Read more »


Screw that fat black(LOUD MOUTHED) bitch,IT will never be allowed to pass in Texas, ir we have t start a shooting war, we have had all of this shot we are going to take.
I m sincerely sorry of Sabika, but I be damned if these Demoncunts use her death to THINK they can TAKE AWAY my RIGHTS.(Jackson Lee is a POS)


Being black matters?

Ryben Flynn

FOPA forbids registration of guns and owners, and since licensing is a form of registration, FOPA would have to be repealed or amended.


What do you think these anti-gun Bill’s do ??
New laws overwrite or modify old ones all the time.
Just because the author of a story doesn’t go line by line about the bill equals the anti-gun people left that out.

Xaun Loc

The really funny thing is that Ryben actually thinks FOPA means something! None of the anti-gun states pay any attention to FOPA.

FOPA exists only because it was the easiest way to get NRA to support the Hughes Amendment. It gave the NRA an opportunity to pretend that they had accomplished something positive for gun owners.


Heres the link to FPC’s take action in opposition of 4081 page. __________________________________________ __________________________________________ How about with all these “under the radar” articles you provide actual links for people to “contact their representatives” instead of just telling them to do so, Harold?! If I can provide a link as a casual reader, you most definitely can as a “2A activist writer“! Admittedly I am a bit more involved than the average reader, however, having an easy link for those less in the know to click and make their voices heard just seems sensible, especially for someone like you who… Read more »


She’s another of many perfect examples of why our election process is broken and the government needs to be overhauled to prevent POS like her from ever running or being elected to office.


How would you do that? I’m with you about her but wonder about changing the gov’t without opening the whole Constitution for change.


eNFORCE the laws against perjur, the swearing of your oath of office the=n failing to uphold it. Its already there.. USE it. But no one’s got the guts. So far. FIrst time some high profile congress critter of this category gets charged and free cot and hots at the CrowBar Hotel, some others might pause for a breath or two before they float their own equally corrupt and illegal bills.

Arizona Don

I do not believe three quarters of the states would ever vote to install any socialist policies here in the US including but not limited to gun control. That is what the constitution dictates, which is 38 states. So therefore, I believe your concern although legitimate could be considered unfounded. However, it is not really unfounded. There is a reason for it. However, if we look at the color coded map of the 2016 election we can see area wise most of the United States is center RIGHT leaning. This includes all of fly over America. The main blue areas… Read more »


JPM the real “problem” is the people that support her & vote for her. If enough of the people in her district truly disagreed with her Or would simply take the time to vote against her the problem would be solved.

Ej harbet

Id love to take a dump in her hat! I know its immature but im sick of these people and taking a dump in her hat would be nicer than removing it with a cloud of oo

Behind The Lines in N.J.

Join the discussion…Well from the look of her face I thought you did and that she then put the hat on; [you know, like that famous little boy cartoon character of the 1950’s did with the butter that then melted all down his head and face?


For all those sheeple too cowardly to make a conviction in life, instead opting for government security in exchange for your liberties, who by default deserve neither, I offer you Socrates. “ὁ δέ ἀνεξέταστος βίος οὐ βιωτός” from the early Greek Koine language, and means: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” It’s time to wake up America. You’ve been asleep at the wheel far to long. And on this bus, the same one driving you down someone else’s idea of a primrose path, you have been but a passenger.

Will Flatt

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Harold. FPC, GOA and SAF have already told us this. Stop insulting our intelligence with your “below the radar” tagline, none of this is escaping our attention. We also haven’t forgotten your provable lies, being a koolaid dispenser for NRA and a Radioactive Wayne toady, and shilling for proven antigun RINOs and telling readers to support these 2A traitors. You can write milquetoast “safe” articles for only so long, Harold, before you revert to form. We know this, and patiently await your relapse with certainty. Everyone else, you know what to do. Share this with your friends… Read more »


Holy shit Will give it a break already!! It’s beyond getting old!!! YOU may know the intricate details but many may not! Let people read the article and process it as they wish which is something we all should do. How do you react if something on television pisses you off? Do you call the station and demand to fire the producer? Or do you just change the channel? How about you add something of value to articles, if you are way ahead of them? Better yet, why not move on to the next article? Your condescending and belligerent rants… Read more »


I made a login account just so I could down vote your outrageous comment.

Stop helping Michael Bloomberg


Will, the guy can’t open his mouth without you screaming, “Traitor!”. Don’t keep forgetting the 1A.

Will Flatt

pluckaduck, the dude is free to take his dog and pony show anywhere he wants. Getting fired from here won’t be the end of the 1st Amendment, which, last I checked, was a prohibition on government, not the free market. And Harold’s primary offenses have to do with lies, shillery, and advocating for readers to support oath breakers.Keep in mind over 80 people agree with getting rid of Harold and just a couple of low-information trolls on here keep gargling Harold’s phallus railing against the petition. The numbers don’t lie.


You continue to make the case against yourself! If ANYONE doesn’t toe YOUR line you routinely come up with a slanderous name or a derogatory suggestion against them. Apparently you think it’s something very cool! You have a tremendous opportunity to be a leader here but it appears that you’re more content being a bomb thrower. You have 80 malcontents to sign your petition. But you have absolutely no idea how many read AmmoLand articles, process them, and move on WITHOUT adding their two cents! Do you? I couldn’t care less if Harold, Dave, or anyone else writes for AmmoLand… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Gindy, So… you don’t like WF? You make your point as delicately as ever.


WB, I haven’t given it much thought as to whether, or not, I like Will Flat because I’ve never met him. I’ll let that judgement to our Savior – Jesus Christ! What I would like to think is that he brings a wealth of information to the table and could be a great source to others, especially those new to the 2A debate. I really like to read his posts and often look up the links he provides as well as a large portion that others provide. Oftentimes the information provided by the forum is more helpful that the article… Read more »


He needs to tone it down a lot. Thanks for the insult, WF. Says a lot about your mind set and ability to discuss.

moe mensale

Speaking of gargling dicks, do you swallow or spit? I bet your 80+ sycophants are dying to know. Do you reward them with reach arounds? Nah, you’re probably too selfish.

Wild Bill

@moe, You are such an elegant debater.


No, like you he snorts.


@loveaduck – was ready to second your call to elevate the discussion, but then this.

Expected better from you, though I certainly understand temptation.

No such expectIon for @moe – would “mute” him if forum provided the option.

Will Flatt

There you go again judging others by your own standards & experience. So stunning, so brave, so pithy. Thanks for bringing all your troll buddies out for the festivities.

moe mensale

And, bingo, just like clockwork the stupid little moron and his stupid little petition show up to ruin everyone’s day. If nothing else, WF, you’re as predictable as the other stupid little moron, USA. You two must be related. There’s no other possible reason for two people to be that dumb and irritating. You’re like boils on everyone’s asses.