Founder Edward Avila Passes 1971-2020 Founder Edward Avila Passes Founder Edward Avila

USA –  -( It is with heartfelt sadness that we have to bring you the news that Founder, Edward Avila has died after a long fight with cancer. GOD’s speed brother, you will be missed. ~ Fredy Riehl, AmmoLand News. Read more online.

“Edward passed away today [3/31/2020] after a long battle with cancer. He fought until the end, sharing his story with the community (in the Team Forum) and hopefully inspiring hope in others. He was ever stoic, honest, and accepting of what life had put before him and he made the most of every moment he was able to cram into his last year. Even at the end, he did not ask for anything, did not complain, did not give in. He went out on his own terms, fighting and stubborn to the last.

I’m having to write this early because I know when the time comes, I wont have the strength to do so. Edward started this site as a mailing list back in 1996 when he left the military. He had a passion for the AR platform, but there simply was no information online about it. It was small back then, about 20 people for the long while, until internet usages and interest began to grow. The mail list quickly became 200+ people and needed a new approach. He enlisted my help and we moved it to a discussion forum format. It has since grown into an amazing community of folks, not just to talk and share firearm information, but to make friendships and look out for one another. ARFCOM changed from a firearm site, to a collection of patriots with a shared love of this country and what our founding fathers died for. His legacy will remain as long as we look out for one another, find the best in ourselves, and never give up on our rights.

Edward’s loss is a big one for the community. He was a huge source of knowledge, which he always loved to share. He was a passionate humanitarian and helped so many people because of this site. He was an incredible brother, one of my heroes, and my best friend. He was an amazing father, son, and loving husband. This world, which he leaves behind, will be a less special without him in it.

I could talk for days about Ed and the lives we lived and shared. I could talk about his impact on the world and the legacy he leaves behind. Instead, I invite you to share a memory you may have of Edward. A story, a shared experience, an exchange of ideas, a conversation, anything that made you smile. Let’s celebrate him for the things he did and remember a hero of the community. Sharing his memory will allow him to continue to live within each of us. Hopefully this will help his spirit continue to touch other folks and maybe inspire a few to change for the better.

I love ya bro and will miss you more than I can put into words.


Edward Avila 1971-2020
Veteran of the US Army

  • Leaves behind a loving wife, a wonderful son, and a grateful family.

  • Leader of the AR Movement,, and a major 2A supporter.

  • Friend to many in the community and industry.

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1 year ago

Sorry if I’m not broken up, but the worst gun deal I ever had was on I proved I was right, but they would not do anything to a fraudulent seller with good feedback. I lost over $500 and have NOT done a single internet gun deal since. They ruined it for me!!!

1 year ago

There isnt a single person among us who wont have people curse them or have something negative to say about them. I dont know this guy, but bringing AR15’s into the mainstream, for whatever his motivations were, benefitted us all. He built something… he was OBVIOUSLY Pro 2A and not a person here has anything credible to show otherwise.
Facts are
1. He served
2. He built something
3. He chose to SUPPORT our rights rather than diminish them.
To that I say THANK YOU SIR and may you rest in peace. You contributed.

Ej harbet
Ej harbet(@ej-harbet)
1 year ago

Rip! Gone too young.

1 year ago

Rest in peace, Brother. You earned it. And thank you for all the good you did.

1 year ago

Im very sorry to hear of the loss of the founder of I have in the last 8yrs have become an AR15 hobbyist ,myself.I consider myself a very green AR owner and have just s tarted putting together my own lowers.I am just getting into the hobby very heavy now as im looking around for a site/group/page/forum/chat….to join for info and to ask mostly(in my own opinion) stupid questions that most of your guys know but i have yet to learn.Of course gun safety is already under my belt and i know how to shoot as well as most… Read more »

1 year ago

It is appointed unto man once to die. And, then, the judgement. We are all “tourists” just passing through. Not one of us knows how many heartbeats God has allotted unto us. It behooves us to “be ready” for when we reach that last heartbeat…and to use each one wisely. As I have aged, I realize many things and activities…and even a few people….are not worth the heartbeats. Too soon old; too late smart, At least Edward had forewarning of his last heartbeats. Hope he used that time wisely to prepare for his judgement… many do not….nothing else is as… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  StLPro2A

i hope this dosnt sound selfish but do you have a link for any resources i could get from you to learn how to build and even mill an 80% lower?I have had the 8 0%er for almost 9yrs a family member gave it to me before he passed away years back.I was just talking about getting my 1st firearm.My uncle said that he was so sure i would get into the hobby once i purchased my 1st firearm that i would want this…..He gave me a wooden box and said i couldnt open it unless i purchased a firearm… Read more »

1 year ago


1 year ago

This young man brought the AR weapons group to the fore, if not for him millions would be clueless.So sorry to hear the news I know the AR15 Members are saddened at this hero’s loss.
God Bless You Edward, and thank you for serving our country.You will be sorely missed.

1 year ago

Very sad, so young. R.I.P.

1 year ago


1 year ago

ARF.COM has become a place for uneducated bigots to blow smoke about their Colt AR15 rifles. All others are treated as infidels. At ARF.COM, there is no tolerance for opinions or results that are outside the staid, and absurd, cliquish goosesteppers. No outside opinions or facts are allowed. I joined ARF.COM a long time ago. The moment I mention I had built my AR15, I was savaged by the ‘frat boys’ as a poor rube who will be plagued by malfunctions and inaccuracy. Of course, the opposite was true. In the 1990s, during the time I owned a gunsmith business… Read more »

moe mensale
moe mensale(@moe-mensale)
1 year ago
Reply to  tetejaun

Colt lost the M16 contract with the US military because the original patents expired and anybody could now bid on them. FN underbid Colt on the production costs. That’s all. It had nothing to do with “bad tooling,” “out of spec” or any other bullshit you want to throw out there.

It sounds more like you have a case of sour grapes that’s been festering for a long time. Get over it. Let the man rest in peace. And stop blowing smoke up our asses.

1 year ago
Reply to  tetejaun

When a company like Colt produces that many guns there will be QC issues. You are negative, there’s nothing a web forum will do to help that, until you wake up and look at your behavior and accept the fact that only “you” can make yourself happy. How did you become so polarized? It takes work to get banned from AR15.COM, yes there are some butt-holish mods but there are some amazing people that frequent the forums. Your venom shows your lack of class if nothing less: would it hurt to bite your tongue out of respect for a man… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  tetejaun

What I find interesting and telling is that when most people die they all of a sudden become the greatest person that ever lived. I’m retired Special Forces, been retired for 23 years, build ARs, and am active on many weapons websites, yet I’ve never heard of this guy. I also know that plenty of people completely support Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed, and completely ignore his criminal background. I want to know exactly what he did that was so special. Did he have a conceal carry permit, did he ever pay the federal fee to own a silencer/suppressor, did… Read more »