Below the Radar: The PLEA Act

Warning Take Action Call Protest
Warning Take Action Call Protest

United States – -( One way for anti-Second Amendment legislation to sneak past the radar of Second Amendment supporters is for the anti-Second Amendment extremist in office to engage in a form of “microtargeting.” Like the form used in advertising, anti-Second Amendment microtargeting aims at a very small portion of the whole, aiming to get a result without a lot of fighting.

This is what Representative Eliot Engel has done with HR 2670, the PLEA Act. The PLEA Act’s long title is the “Protect Law Enforcement Armor Act,” and Engel is going for a two-fer with this bill.

First, he is trying to reboot the “cop-killer bullet” hysteria for the present era. This was one of the things the Brady Campaign (then known as Handgun Control) used certain police chiefs to scare the public into opposing our Second Amendment rights. What ultimately passed in the 1980s is reflected in 18 USC 921(a)(17), 18 USC 922(a), and 18 USC 922(b). Like any anti-Second Amendment extremist, Engel doesn’t let facts get in the way of attacking our rights.

With this bill, Engel is targeting one specific handgun currently on the market: The Fabrique Nationale Five-seveN.

This pistol fires a proprietary round also used by the P90 and has a 20-round magazine in its standard form (10-round magazines are also available). In one sense, it is similar to the Flamethrowers? Really!? An Act he is also pushing.

The objective in both cases is the separation of the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, or other pro-Second Amendment groups from other gun owners who are not as involved in Second Amendment issues, not to mention the general public. The legislation is pretty pointless – and it’s also designed to go after other firearms as well. Note that he creates a very loose definition of armor-piercing handgun in the text of the legislation, and much of what will determine an “armor-piercing handgun” is left up to regulations determined by the Attorney General.

Now, the Five-seveN did pick up some notoriety after it was misused during the 2009 Fort Hood terrorist attack. That being said, this pistol’s retail price of nearly $1,450 means it’s not exactly the first choice for a criminal. And, not to belabor the point, but the armor-piercing ammo, per existing laws, is already restricted, with laws that are rarely enforced. Keep in mind, felons are prohibited from having any kind of firearm, much less the Five-seveN, and the same prohibitions also apply to ammunition, including the armor-piercing types.

The PLEA Act is another bad-faith piece of legislation that doesn’t address any real problems. Second Amendment supporters can use this as an educational tool for less-involved gun owners, particularly as it applies to the tactics of those who seek to take away our rights.

Of course, it goes without saying that Second Amendment supporters should also be contacting their Representative and Senators, politely urging them to defeat this legislation and to support the Protecting Communities and Preserving the Second Amendment Act instead.

Update: Visit the Contact Your Reps page to find and contact your representatives.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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Heres a link (at the bottom of the comment) to take action against this legislation. It is not nearly as easy or straightforward as those provided by FPC, GOA, etc, but is still by no means difficult. Just click the “call or write congress” link directly below the “ H.R. 538 (113th): PLEA Act” header and it will take you to a page where you can then enter your address, which will find your appropriate representative for you. It gives simple, step-by-step instructions to follow as well as a direct link to my representatives website, which is where the contact… Read more »


– you got to him. Article now has link at bottom to aid in contacting representatives.


When I discuss (with anti-gunners it’s usually argue) gun rights with anyone, I refuse steadfastly to talk about types of guns, calibers. brands, magazine capacities, etc. I declare, “I know all guns are deadly dangerous, that’s why they are effective tools for last ditch self-defense.” I then ask: “Can you prove that criminals will be deterred by your proposals?” Throw the ball into their side of the court.

Wild Bill

, I just ask the anti firearms group-think/non-thinkers, “Why do you hate women, children, and old people so much?”


As an “old person” and a woman, I like your response. I may borrow it from you and use it myself. God knows that they can’t miss seeing the old woman standing right in front of them (unless they are actually, literally, physically blind). I’m almost 6′ tall and…let’s just say, I’m not svelte.

Ej harbet

If you do that,i use a kids term! You rock!
We must use every weapon we have to smash these cretins.

Wild Bill

@Cat, You go girl!


Moron author’s name is too long, didn’t read. Please stop running stories from the pseudo-intellectual leftist moron.


“Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the biggest moron of us all”


Ahhhh…….is it cav2108?


This is just the same old garbage these Leftist dirt bags have been spewing for years, repackaged and re-labeled. I am old enough to remeber all of the “cop killer” b s from intern drowning Ted Kennedy as well as a host of others.


Genetic freaks.
Any weapon capable of a velocity of over 3500 fps fmj WILL penetrate any armor made.That is known to civvies.
If you really want to get rid of armor as a defense, use a 300 WM, OR LARGER CAL, THE KINETIC ENERGY/FT POUNDS ALONE WILL KILL ANYONE EVEN IN THEIR BEST ARMOR.


I have my ’06 loaded with Hornady Interbond bullets coming out the pipe at 3100 fps. They maintain, on average, about 80% weight retention. Think they would work?


Gindy . . . Depending on the range they may not penetrate B.A. w/ceramic inserts. HOWEVER, anyone who gets smacked in the torso with one of these is going down. The bullet may not penetrate but all of the K.E. has to go somewhere. And it is going into the torso of the individual hit with the bullet. You MAY NOT kill them but you sure in HELL will change their minds about continuing their aggression!


I kind of figured that too! Those 150 gr bullets do a great job delivering a tremendous amount of kinetic energy. It’s fun watching them knock things down!!


Back in the early 1960’s my family were visiting Dad’s side in the Reno area. One of his brothers was quite the “gun guy”, of course they ALL were darn good shots by the time they were eight, growing up on a farm and time up in the montains Hunting was a major portion of their protein. Can’t sell a cow if you eat her first. Deer? Free meat. We had gone east of Reno quite a ways, along US 50, headed off into the open to the north of the highway, Nothing for a hundred miles, On the way… Read more »


The real goal is to be able to covertly ban most high powered rifle ammo that can penetrate body armor. Pay attention folks.

Dave in Fairfax

UncleT, Since most cops only wear level 2 or 3a armor, that’s any bullet bigger than a .22 LR.


Most! Not hardly. ALL!


Hate to burst your bubble. I know a shitload of police officers. While some of the detectives wear level 3a. All the patrol officers wear level 4. Same goes for the sheriffs officers and Highway patrol I know. So to say All wear 2 or 3a is a non educated statement. Keep Your Powder Dry

Dave in Fairfax

Darkman, I’m impressed. where are you? It’s hard to get people to wear hard armor.
The guys around here only go as high as 3a unless they’re doing something special.

I never go lower than 3, and that’s on my mass casualty bag, just so that I’ve got something in case someone is waiting for the 1st responders to show up. All I keep for family and guests is level 4 with full collars.


This is my experience as well… I SERIOUSLY doubt 75% of the Officers I know could make it through a shift wearing level 4. In fact, we had to really get nasty to get our agency to cover the full cost of plates ONLY FOR THE SWAT TEAM. That’s 30 or so guys. Again no agency I know of covers level 4 plates for anyone other than SWAT. My agency has 545 sworn officers… so not a small agency. The other Agencies we frequently work with are nearly twice our size… none of them cover level 4 plates or carriers… Read more »


Where do you live? I can tell you that in Florida HALF of the 2000 or so Officers I’ve come into contact with in my 10 years of service DONT WEAR ANY ARMOR. Of those that do, I have NEVER seen a deputy, officer, or trooper wearing anything above level 3. In fact, outside of SWAT guys I know maybe 4 guys who even own level 4. Of the 30 or so guys on our SWAT team NOT ONE wears level 4 outside of SWAT or active shooter responses. In fact most agencies dont allow exterior plate carriers… so they… Read more »


Nice information. Where are the contact information? Without the contact information, this op-ed is only ONE-HALF done.


I don’t agree when Harold gets piled up on here, but you’re correct, and Harold knows better.


Harold may well KNOW better, but as usual, he just doesn’t care. Journalistic integrity is NOT one of his strong suits, and never has been.


Once again, thank you, Harold! Your warnings are appreciated.

Will Flatt

I think the professional standards established by General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis are appropriate here: “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”

My God, how I love the wisdom of United States Marines!!

Will Flatt

Thank you, I’ll be here all day.

More to come! Also, watch for the Roof Koreans.


may their tribe increase…….


During the Tet Offensive the expression; “The most dangerous weapon is a pissed of 18 year old Marine with a rifle.” was coined. At least to some programs about Vietnam I’ve watched.


Ken W. . . . I was there. A “pissed off 18 yr. old” United States Marine is one of the most DETERMINED people you will ever meet! They are one of the most focused and vicious individuals you will ever see! Semper Fi!!!


Will Flatt . . . LOVE IT!!!

Will Flatt

These tyrants don’t deserve civility. They know they are violating their Oath to the Constitution, they KNOW they are warring on their bosses, We The People. They know they’re bucking for a fight that they THINK they can win without any personal hazard to their lives or their fortunes. They’re essentially trying to insure that government forces can murder Americans with impunity. Why else would they seek to diminish civilian firepower to the point where nothing we have can defeat soft body armor, yet increase government forces’ firepower to the point where they can defeat any hard armor civilians possess?… Read more »


WF you are absolutely correct! They feel the time has arrived that they can act with impunity. Why wouldn’t they? It’s been successful everywhere it’s been tried outside of our founding. Without our Constitution they would be much further ahead than they are now. They don’t even have to improvise anymore! The schools have become their tools in the indoctrination process and each year the schools, supported by complacent parents and communities, churn out another class of “useful idiots” that Vladimir Lenin so fondly referred to . With complicit media and 24/7 bombardment of central planning we’re actually seeing their… Read more »


W F . . . The forces of evil in our government are leading us toward America’s Second Civil War. They think they can win that one. Are they in for a very shocking lesson!