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U.S.A.-( Talking about Politics is Heavily frowned on by a lot of people in the business world, which is fine by me most of the time. Now when folks in the Firearms Industry start pretending politics has nothing directly to do with their very existence, livelihood, and freedom. That’s where I start putting people in boxes labeled “Only In It For The Money” or “Not Real Gun Guys” or “Useful Idiots!” On the opposite honorable side of that spectrum are the real gun guys. Patriots who are businessmen working to provide for their own families as well as many others, while at the same time willing to risk their fortunes to make America a better, safer more equalized place for all of us to live in.

Jay Jacobson President of Franklin Armory in Minden Nevada is all the way over on the right honorable side of that equation.

Jay Jacobson President of Franklin Armory

Jay joined us via Skype to bring us all up to speed on firearms industry goings-on not only for his company, but also Nevada, and the rest of the country from his own perspective. Including FA’s current ongoing efforts to offer Californians more and better firearms options in the form of what they call Title 1. As Jay explains in the video Title 1 is a long gun that is not a rifle, shotgun, or pistol so therefore legal for Californians to purchase and own. However its recently come to light that the ATF has solicited the state to create new law requiring the Title 1 to be registered as an Assault Weapon. Although Nevada, Franklin Armory’s home state is run by Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak, (who clearly means to move the Silver State in a less Free, more Anti Gun Direction) firearms manufacturing has been allowed to proceed mostly unhindered. As Jay reports their facility is “moving full steam ahead”, operating seven days a week currently to help keep the numbers of employees in the building at any one time low and properly “Socially Distanced”.

Jay explained Franklin Armory has a policy of maintaining an all American supply chain for the parts they themselves don’t make in-house, so they’re not suffering from production problems some other companies are due to the slow down of parts coming in from China and other countries.

“I’ve always said Food, Fuel and Firearms aught to come from your country or you’re not much of a country”, Jay goes also on to say “Now you can add medicines to that as well!”

Our conversation quickly turned to what we both believe is a massive overreach of Government in reaction to the Covid-19 crisis, although everyone realizes there is clearly a health threat to some, we all see how quickly our political leaders seized on the opportunity to not only shut down society, print trillions of dollars, also to impose draconian universal rules on states and cities around the country clearly not in as bad a shape as obvious hot spots. This extraordinary and historic reaction to a virulent form of the flu has caused a lot of Americans all over the spectrum to question the intent of our political leaders.

“There’s been a lot of upset in our economy, and you have to wonder why?” he goes on to say “I think it’s to destroy our economy so the democrats have a chance of winning in November!”

I asked Jay how he thought moving forward would this affect the firearms industry?

He had an interesting answer to that which I’ve never really thought about before:

“When times are good people they go out, they buy guns…When times are bad and there’s a pandemic, they go out and buy guns…The one thing that will keep it down for our industry is if there’s a modest recovery and everything is just moving along evenly, then people are not inspired to go buy a gun one way or another!”

Jay explains that FA’s strategy is to create new products and new markets giving gun folks out there a good reason to go out and buy new guns. Overall its always educational for me to speak with Jay Jacobson, and we go on in this video to discuss new products on the way from Franklin Armory as well as a few legal battles the company is fighting from shore to shining shore so that we can all exercise our Second Amendment rights. I hope you’ll take the time to not only read this article, that you’ll also check out the video on YouTube as well as others that we’ve done covering Franklin Armory’s various offerings, including our SHOT Show coverage of the upcoming Binary Trigger for Ruger 10/22’s.

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