Piles of Bricks Staged At Protest Sites Across The Country ~ VIDEOS

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- An unknown group or groups have left pallets of bricks at the sites of the civil unrest from coast to coast. These pallets seem to have appeared overnight, and no one knows the source of the pallet of bricks.

In a weird coincidence, former US President Barack Obama tweeted that he has put out resources to “help young activists sustain the momentum by channeling their energy into concrete action” [emphasis added] the day after people found the bricks at protest sites.

This tweet led many to surmise that Obama was referring to the bricks. AmmoLand News has not found any evidence of the former president having any connection with the pallets of bricks. It most likely was just a poor choice of words on his part.

Protest have erupted across the country stemming from the death of George Floyd. Floyd died while a police officer had his knee on Floyd’s carotid artery. Antifa has used these protests to start riots. Looting of stores has taken place in cities of all sizes. Rioters have used the bricks as weapons against police and have also used them to vandalize storefronts.

AmmoLand News has reached out to our federal law enforcement contacts, and they have no leads for the bricks. It could be a case of copycats, or it could be something much more sinister. The rioters themselves also do not appear to be the source of the bricks. The quantities of bricks people are finding are pointing to a group or groups that someone is funding.

Many on the right have blamed George Soros and his foundation for supplying the bricks. Although his foundation is known for stoking the fires of discord, it is unlikely that he or his organization would directly provide weapons to rioters and bring unwanted law enforcement attention on them. That would also guarantee to lose their tax-exempt status. AmmoLand News also hasn’t been able to find evidence tying the billionaire to the bricks. Antifa is also a suspect, but each cell acts independently, and coast to coast operations seems unlikely.

Another theory is that these bricks are from construction projects near the protest, but most of the locations that people have found the bricks do not have construction happening. AmmoLand News also checked with local police departments to see if anyone has reported bricks stolen from construction sites. Although there were reports of some construction materials taken there, haven’t been reports of thieves taking large quantities of bricks or paver stones.

AmmoLand News tried to track down any large purchases of bricks from the area where people found them, but it only led to dead ends. It is a possibility that whoever purchased the bricks did such small quantities so that it wouldn’t be noticed, but no stores contacted by AmmoLand have reported an uptick in sales of bricks or paver stones.

AmmoLand News checked with local trucking companies and couldn’t find any evidence of anyone hiring companies to deliver bricks. It is possible that whoever supplied the bricks could have used rental trucks to provide them to protest sites. Many places rent trucks and vans.

AmmoLand News will continue to investigate the source of the bricks. Any readers who have verifiable information the source of the bricks or groups involved in delivery are encouraged to contact AmmoLand News.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnews. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at www.crumpy.com.

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I’m in Southern Missouri. Can someone direct me to the closest pile of abandoned bricks. I want to build a patio..


– Wonderful solution. Just make sure you use quickset so no one can tear them up to throw through your windows.


Same here in Wyoming. I’d like to add a brick patio to my back deck for my BBQ grill. There was a protest in Cheyenne, but they don’t appear to have thrown anything; just shouted, waved cardboard signs, and marched. Watched the video, but didn’t see any pallets of bricks. I suppose another DIYer got to them first.

Elisa Delaurenti

With surveillance cameras ALL OVER, they need to find and identify those who delivered these bricks. Some of these pallet loads came in big trucks and took forklifts. Who drove those trucks?
Who sold those concrete blocks? FIND THEM. Someone is hiding the street cam footage.


Barrak Obama? Oh, you mean Frank Marshall Davis III. Son of a former board member of the American Communist Party. The community organizer with no documented history? That guy? Yes, no wonder. He is tapping in to the resources of America haters like Soros to help “the cause.” Antifa is a terrorist group. Declare them as such and then follow the money.


I hope the idiots paid with a credit card or are on security footage. The fed coming knocking for terrorists is a much different story from a journalist asking some disinterested stores.


The “spontaneous” riots may have a coordinated component.


Oh yeah! That they do.

IN Dave

I guess I need to make a trip to a big city around me. I have a couple building projects that I could use supplies for. Given the bricks intended purpose I somehow I don’t think the police will be too concerned about a property theft report…….maybe I can even get some help loading.

Mystic Wolf

I have a few projects as well, like a BBQ island I could use a few thousand bricks, I wonder if the thugs would mind if I used the window smashers for something good and tasty


There is no bloody way that bricks can appear without anyone knowing where they came from.


Question, why aren’t the companies delivering the bricks asking questions? And if they are not why aren’t law enforcement asking them?


I have an answer to the question of: why aren’t law enforcement asking them? It’s because this is the “authority’s” desired outcome. They’ve planned long and hard for this, and want to see the rioters succeed.
“This is a distraction. Don’t allow yourself to be so distracted. Let’s not lose sight of what started all of this in the first place: the U.S. government.”
-John W. Whitehead
June 01, 2020


O my, read it, dread it, sounds pretty damn spot on. Time to go stealth mode.


That’s not the only decent analysis. It goes on and on and on. This one item alone contains at least a dozen hyperlinks:
“The fact that huge piles of pre-staged bricks are suddenly showing up at protest locations all over America indicates a level of planning and coordination at a very high level.”
Yes. That. “At a very high level”, indeed!


Thank you sir


Thanks for the two links. Interesting reading, regardless where you fall on the subject.


@Knute Knute – Linked write up clarifies and articulates what I have suspected. It is all too believable. Won’t be long before we moderate – honest – law abiding gun owners find ourselves united with antifa, white supremacists and honest LEO in opposing our government in the fight of our lives. Could easily make the French revolution look tame. Hate to see US become a third world dictatorship, but that certainly looks like where we’re headed. By the time it is over, US will be a footnote – with China dominating international society and Russia playing second fiddle. Without our… Read more »


So that the de-funding police movement will succeed?
And fewer LEO’s will benefit by fewer funds – how?

Wild Bill

, Police belong to cities. Cities are ruled by mayors and city councils. Who knows what democrat progressive mayors and city councils will do next.
Fewer police or no police will benefit us by allowing antifa to capture and hang more progressive democrat mayors and city councils. One must always look on the brute side.


here in MI police departments are saying there were many out of state vehicles in the protests, causing problems, riders instigating, This was a planed and organized event, those bricks were not free, someone had to order them, pay for them, sign for them, FIND THEM AND ARREST THEM EVERY ONE!

Wild Bill

@toomany, And those provocateurs intended to leave in those cars, too. So why not just run the plates? Or even better … slice the valve stems and see who comes back to the vehicle?

Wild Bill

@OV, Yep … accidents will happen!


No doubt stolen bricks and some funded by deep pockets.


Shoot the rioting scum and bury them, use the bricks to finish off the mass grave…

Deplorable Bill

Guys, there are cameras on most every intersection in the U.S. It will not be difficult to find who did this. Give it a couple of weeks. If the cops don’t catch them, we WILL catch them.

Arm up, carry on.


I wondered about that. I live in a mostly camera-free rural zone, but I thought that our big cities were becoming more like U.K. & European cities with CCTV cameras covering most major intersections. Seems like they could pursue the origin of the bricks.


Who benefits the most from the bricks? The mass media!


No… Joe Biden and the rest of the Leftist garbage benefit most.


Sinister forces working within the USA to give full logistic support to an enemy of America.
Foreign sources and Globalist giving financial assistance to anarchist and looters.
Treat all the above listed as we would AlQueda, ISIS but harsher.


I saw in a post recently that at least two of the brick caches from different locations contained unmarked unserialized bricks that were made from locally available material. Authorities said they were probably made in underground kilns near the distribution sights so as to avoid detection. If this is the case there would be no bills of sale, etc. This would make it extremely difficult to trace back to the bricks creators. I suspect the authorities are examining the other brick cashes to see if they too match this pattern. It will be interesting to see what they come up… Read more »


– OMG Ghost bricks! There should be a law against making bricks for personal use!

Wild Bill

@Finnky, Ghost bricks. Most humorous.


IMHO a post is someones opinion.
Your post seems to be extreme speculative sensationalizing!


@Graystone – Guess as a stone with little color or personality, you have a different sense of humor than the rest of us. Posts are playing on political sensationalizing home built firearms, sometime referred to as “ghost guns”. Hoplophobes have seized this “issue” as another route to attack honest gun owners – in reality “ghost guns” are not an issue and rarely used in crime, “Controlling” ghost guns would do nothing to reduce violence or crime, – serial numbers are so useless in solving crimes that most police never bother to trace any firearms. This attack is simply an effort… Read more »

Wild Bill

@OV you mean real surprise or faked surprise? “I am shocked, just shocked, to see collusion going on here!” With apologies to Claude Rains.

Get Out

Hmm, looks like an opportunity to get free brick for a backyard brick BBQ. Suggest they drop a couple bags of concrete mix too.


You all are worried about bricks? This on Twitter:

Jack Posobiec


BREAKING: 2 crates filled with pipe bombs discovered near Korean War Memorial in DC after suspects spotted in bushes. Federal assets in pursuit.

Wild Bill

, We were worried about bricks, when all we knew about was bricks. Now, we are worried about pipe bombs, too?

Wild Bill

@OV, Police everywhere have been on 12 hour shifts. They are getting tired. Attrition through injuries is ongoing. Antifa is upping the ante. We could get the call!


Am I the only one who is baffled that this isn’t “a news worthy” item? Crickets, More Crickets!
It seems that No One – either side – is addressing this!
Surely, there must be video’s, folks who witnessed a delivery – even in the middle of the night there are “people” out & about, etc.
As the old saying goes: inquiring minds want to know.


Well, The communists who committing all of the violent acts have to have some thing to throw. What a better weapon of opportunity than an alley apple? Bought and paid for by the Communist Democrap Party!


What’s Next? Pallets of Rifles and ammo? Somebody knows something, but not talking. Protection at the highest level . This is definitely a high level organized attempt at bringing down society and the president

Get Out

Hah, if they were to drop pallets of rifles and ammo out there this site and every other gun forum would go dark. We’d all be out there getting guns and ammo too.

Wild Bill

@904, Only the Fat Boy Institute could not track these perpetrators down. The sheriff of Mayberry County, N. Carolina could track them down.


The sheriff of Mayberry was a genius! I’ll bet you meant “even Deputy Sheriff Fife could track them down.”

Wild Bill

, Even better.


You know, the one that had to carry his one ‘bullet’ (cartridge, actually. I guess if the sheriff was REALLY a genius he’d have known that… 🙂 ) in his breast pocket because he was a naturally born career screw-up? 🙂

Wild Bill

, I am sure that after his career at Mayberry SD, Fife went on to a deputy directorship of the Fat Boy Institute.


Didn’t that actually happen in the show? I seem to remember Don Knotts quitting while the show went on, and the writers explaining his absence by saying he went off to work for the State Police, or some such. Not quite the F%*king Bunch of Idiots, but closer anyway… but I’m not sure. that’s been many many moons ago.


That was one of my first thoughts when seeing videos of all of the protesting. Of course, if a large number of these folks contract COVID-19, it won’t be because they were out running around in the streets like idiots without taking any precautions at all, it will be because they are black or brown (except for the ones who are white) and the rest of us are a bunch of racists who caused them to contract the disease because we’re evil people.

Wild Bill

@OV, Perhaps the nice looters and arsonists will reveal that the unconstitutional stay at home and shut down orders are all just an opportunistic democrat power grab.


Those are concrete pavers used for walkways and patios and driveways. The makers and sellers of these are not difficult to locate. They might have been stolen or brought in from far away. It would take a forklift to unload a pallet of these. Who rented forklifts ? Who rented trucks?

Why hasn’t the FBI been tracking these communists? Oh, thats right the FBI has been working to frame Trump over the last 4 years.


Looking at the images of the pallets of bricks, there is NO way those pallets were bought at some supplier then transported AS a pallet of bricks. Look at the way threy are stacked.. this is NOT hwthey come from a manufacturer or distributor. These are hand piled, quickly. I can imagine a standard van, such as an Econonline o rxpress, four guys inside, the bricks were perhaps loaded inside on a pallet with a forlklift, but one on scene the pallet gets flopped on the ground and four determined guys can stack the whole mess using a “bucket chain”… Read more »


Find the CAMERAS, They are Out There, Just need to LOOK. “PERIOD”


While I agree – shouldn’t it be called “physical” distancing, instead?

Wild Bill

@Gray, It should be called unconstitutional bull shit.


Any one of these AZZHOLES that pick up a brick and starts to hit me or throw it at me IS GOING TO GET SHOT!!!


Why such pussyfooting around this John? Afraid of being branded a conspiracy theorist by the Clowns? “Its also possible that someone bought the bricks in such small numbers as to go unnoticed”? Really? And then put them all on pallets and even banded them back up? All the same type too. Wow. Isnt it funny how these asshats can find video of just about everything that happens but not any of the dozens of trucks it probably took to haul these, not to mention the machinery it must have taken to offload them. Soros and his crew are afraid of… Read more »


I agree Bill! There’s been way too much dancing around with this! There’s a deep rooted network of highly connected people involved in this from wealthy world investors like Soros & Bill Gates, celebrities, and US politicians including Obama and Clintons. We have the means to discover what someone had for breakfast but can’t figure something like this out. Ya, right!!

Wild Bill

@G, It is only the FBI that can not figure something like this out.

Ansel Hazen

Obama knows nothing about it.

Just like he knew nothing about the fake dossier.


Wow! Beach front property in Wyoming! I might be interested in it if it’s near me. Does it front the Pacific or the Atlantic? /s


It has been found in philadelphia, that both antifa, and white supremacist groups have been involved in both inflaming lawlessness, and inciting violence. I have commented time and time again on this platform that the racist, and inflammatory comments and perspectives on this platform are divisive, and will lead to violence and destruction. SO HERE WE ARE NOW, JUST LIKE I FORETOLD …




No, it’s just your white antifa brothers ready to sacrifice black lives. Google “brian jordan bartels” and note the design on his bandana. And for more insight on who antifa is going to sacrifice check out this twitter thread from a progressive journalist: https://twitter.com/LeighTauss/status/1267085577419186178

It’s all antifa, all the time. And you, Warlok11, are one of them.


@Warlok – If I recall correctly, you posted more racially inflammatory material than anyone else.

So you post offensive, racist material – and now you come back telling us we are racists because of racially offensive material that has been posted on this site?


Racist and inflammatory? Antifa & white supremacist? Are you sure you’re posting on the right forum?