Ranger Point Precision Makes Lever-Actions Tacticool

Ranger Precision’s M-Lok handguard looks strange but works great. IMG Brian N

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Ranger Point Precision released a Modular M-Lok Handguard for Marlin Lever-guns on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21st?

Ranger Point’s spec and instruction sheet highlights four topics: robust build quality, easy DIY installation, practical functionality, and natural ergonomics.

I’ll give you my take on how these and other attributes hold up after I’ve had time to use the handguard in the field for a sufficient period of time. Until then allow me to share with you what the manufacturer says.

Robust Build Quality

In addition to its hard anodized 6061 aluminum construction, the RPP handguard is supplied with purpose-built mounting hardware that is significantly stronger than the Marlin factory hardware. Our burly tenon is made of 17-4ph stainless. Our barrel band adapter clamps around the barrel, rather than simply using a floating pin. While we have confidence in the strength of our system, there is a practical limit to how much weight your barrel dovetail can support, so we discourage the use of heavy accessories and bipods.

I’ll talk more about this in the forthcoming article but my initial impression of the build quality is that it is indeed quite good. These rifles are known for their offhand shooting characteristics. I can’t imagine why someone would put a bipod on a lever gun.

Easy DIY Install 

We wanted to guarantee a drop-in fit, with no gunsmithing required. Unfortunately, rifle tolerances can vary quite a bit, so we knew we couldn’t achieve this goal with precise machining alone. So we came up with our proprietary self bedding system. Incorporating rubber bands allows our handguard to accommodate a wide range of tolerances without having to alter parts. In addition, these pads improve accuracy potential, even over factory parts.

The installation reveals a lot about design. This design appears well thought out. The replacement tenon is overbuilt in comparison to the stock piece. It fits well and when screwed in creates tension that holds the handguard in the receiver’s grooves well.

Practical Functionality

Our handguard offers compatibility with all standard M-Lok accessories as well as flush cup style QD attachments. All three panels offer mounting points for both. In addition, all three panels are separately removable, without dismounting the handguard. In the event of damage, the affected panel can be easily replaced at a modest cost. This allows for easy customization as well. New panel designs/colors may be available in the future.

I like the overall layout of the RPP design. I do wish that the side panels had two M-lok slots at the front rather than one to facilitate a common Picatinny rail section. I typically put my light on the side rather than the bottom but there are other mounting options and the pictured location is working out well so far. This design gives more than adequate real estate for whatever accessories one might want.

Natural Ergonomics 

While this is a subjective category, we tested numerous designs before settling on this one as the best. The flat bottom provides stability when shooting from a rest, the slender width accommodates most hands sizes, and deep finger grooves along the top offer excellent control for offhand shooting. Throughout, you’ll find radiused, chamfered, or tumbled edges to make the guard comfortable on bare hands.

The handguard fits my hands quite naturally. Originally, I was surprised that the handguard was closed (on the barrel side) rather than open like most AR M-Lok handguards but it allows for even more grip placements– just because it’s not where I tend to place my hand doesn’t mean it won’t be where you hold. My initial impression is that the side panel groves are remarkably comfortable. I’m looking forward to putting the rifle (in its new configuration) through its paces that will tell the full story.

Dopamine hits are real. Some people get them with social media likes. Socialites discover this pleasure in hollow flattery. Music does it for many. Perhaps the most ridiculous way to achieve a dopamine hit is among runners, who can be found literally chasing their next runner’s high. Running— really? Where are you all going in such an all-fired hurry anyway?! During this stay at home stuff, many have found solace in the glorious dopamine spike accompanying delivered boxes.

Don’t act like you are unaware. Be honest, have you been ordering more stuff recently?

We’re losing our jobs, entering a recession, and buying everything in site. (No, Mr. Editor that’s not a typo. Yes, I’d normally write “everything in sight” but we’re all shopping online so “in site” or “on-site”— whatever—I guess it isn’t too clever if you have to explain it.)

Before you scroll on thinking that the preacher-man is being judgmental or perhaps just mental— I dig the delivered boxes too. I’m commiserating with you NOT judging you.

Yesterday I received such a glorious box!

The box came from Ranger Point Precision and contained their new M-Lok handguard for lever guns that recently came to market.

I installed it right away so I could share pictures with you, our faithful readers. I can share pictures but I can’t give you a review— not yet. That is coming.

Lever-action rifles might not be considered super tactical today, they were the most tacticool gun around in their heyday. IMG Brian N

It installed per the instructions (with DIY ease), is built with quality materials, and my initial inspection reveals the hand guard’s machining has been executed with refinement.

This is just a simple product announcement so I’ll save additional comments for a later article.

However, I will admit that the contents of yesterday’s box have already proven good for more than one dopamine hit. I’m hopeful concerning its future promise as well.

Thank you Ranger Point Precision for shinning some light— continuing to create— we’re Americans and therefore we’re industrious.

Leather slings and aluminum handguards might seem blasphemous to some, but the combination here is incredibly versatile and handy. IMG Brian N

About Ranger Point Precision:

Ranger Point Precision (RPP) is a family owned and privately held firearms parts manufacturer located in the Houston area in Cypress, TX. Founded in 2012 by President/CEO Adam Devine, the company has grown from Adam’s passion for firearms and mechanical engineering. Made in the USA, RPP designs unique and innovative performance parts for pistols and rifles including Marlin Firearms, Henry Repeating Arms, Winchester Repeating Arms, Steyr Arms and more. Ranger Point Precision prides itself on delivering unmatched quality products and world-class customer service. To learn more, please visit us at https://www.RangerPointStore.com or follow @rangerpointprecision on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.

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nature223 (@nature223)
1 year ago

a lever gun has the same ability to shoot accurately enough to do the job, be it hunting, target shooting, or self defense. a 45-70 has major accuracy at long range.. a 30-30/ 308 variant of lever gun is more then enough for most game animals on the northern continent. my marlin 39A will cloverleaf bullet holes all day long if I do my part. a lever gun will shoot any powder, black or smokeless..it requires no gas system to operate.they can be scoped or other modern methods of observation or tactical engagement tools for operating in all light levels… Read more »

Schadenfreude (@schadenfreude)
1 year ago

Put that on the stainless 45/70 as shown on their website – now your talking, do I need a 45/70 in stainless, no less with an M-loc rail [email protected] no, do I want one [email protected] yes!

Also don’t like it don’t buy it, quit acting like a bunch of Fudds

RichV (@rich56)
1 year ago

Be embarrassed to have that on your Marlin. If I couldn’t have a AR for a defensive rifle, a lever action would be my last choice after SKS, Garand, Remington 7600 rifle, 870, Ruger American with 10 rnd mag

uncle dudley
uncle dudley (@rockhouse)
1 year ago

Some may think this looks cool and some may thing it’s stupid, I see a rifle that would be harder to keep clean with all the extra places for dust to find a hideout.

RT (@rwthomas1)
1 year ago

Lever guns are great rifles. Proven for hunting and defense. This allows a light and a red dot to be mounted easily. Setup like that a pistol caliber lever gun makes a really great home defense rifle. Now I need a Marlin to hang one on….

JFCrosby (@captjfcrosby)
1 year ago

We’re talking here about something that is totally useless and not needed. When I need a tactical firearm, I’m going with one of my ARs or one of my tactical shotguns. My 1873s and 1894s are used for hunting and cowboy action. Enuf said.

RT (@rwthomas1)
1 year ago
Reply to  JFCrosby

In places where freedom is restricted, a lever gun like this is a great alternative. Nothing like modern tweaks making a classic more useable. Like a restomod classic car.

MagnumOpUS (@magnumopus)
1 year ago

Dangnamit, a lever action rifle does NOT need to look “tacticool” or tacti-anything.

It’s pretty damn cool as it is!

What next, a quad-railed Kentucky rifle to bring it up to date?

Chuck Connors is rolling in his grave.

nature223 (@nature223)
1 year ago
Reply to  MagnumOpUS

chuck was a known good gun handler…he was fast too

Jeremy (@jeremy)
1 year ago

Looks great! Already ordered mine. I think I like it more than the MW handguard!