Riots, Violence, Retreating Police: Gun Sales Expected to Set New Records… Again

U.S.A.-( There is nothing quite like mob violence, the retreat of the police, riots, and the burning of public buildings and private property, to fuel gun sales. An American city abandoning a Police Station to the leftist mob and almost losing a second!

In just a few days, we will see the May figures for gun sales as told by the National Instant background Check System (NICS)

I have been watching to purchase a Kel Tec P17 pistol, to try it out; they are being snapped up as quickly as they hit the shelves. Many of Palmetto Arms AR15 clones are out of stock.

May of 2020 is going to be a very high sales month.  The immediate future looks bad; the future of gun and ammunition sales however is quite certain.

It is completely understandable that a resident of Minneapolis, Detroit, Atlanta, Dallas, Memphis, or Louisville, along with a host of additional cities, would find themselves wishing they had purchased a pistol, rifle, shotgun, and/or ammunition, before the current crop of leftists thugs decided to burn down their once-beautiful city.

Those wishing they had armed themselves likely see there is still a chance… if they act now and act quickly.

If you are well armed and well prepared, do not blame those who saw the world in a different light until the recent riots convinced them otherwise.

Welcome them to your world. Offer them advice and training. Give them a wider perspective. If they are your neighbor, plant the seeds of a neighborhood looking out for each other and preventing violence.

Americans have spontaneously formed militias to maintain order and prevent looting, long before, and as long as, the United States has existed.

Some of that is currently happening in Minneapolis. From

“We heard that and figured ‘Well, we better get up and go see if these guys need help,'” the second man said, pointing to the smoke shop behind him. “It turns out these guys are out here with machetes and trying to keep looters out of their business because the cops can’t get out here. And so, I figured, before there were cops there were Americans. So here we are.”

Rioters tend to avoid armed defenders of buildings, businesses, and neighborhoods.

If you ever wondered why rioters stay in the inner cities, in spite of provocateurs pushing them to go to the suburbs,  now you know.

American suburbs are well-armed. That is where many of American’s retired veterans and police officers live. For each of those, there are 20 other armed Americans, and likely a third of them have experience in hunting. A hunter is halfway to being a militiaman.

Men naturally form into groups to defend their homes and businesses. America has the seeds of necessary leadership and experience, to form and use rudimentary, spontaneous militias to protect their own.

The United States is the most armed population in the world, with about 450 million guns owned by a hundred million or more citizens and residents.

Those numbers are going to continue to rise. Much of the rest of the world looks on in awe and wishes they had the freedom to be armed, such as exists in the United States.

The subjects of Communist China, wish they had the option to be armed. The residents of Libya and Syria wished they had their own community militias. Some did. Many of those who did not have fled.

There is nowhere for Americans to flee. We have to stand and fight for the future of this nation. The most important fight, at the moment, is to reassert the rule of law, not just in the rioting cities, but in the capital.

Pray for President Trump to have wisdom and guidance from Divine Providence.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining, engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30-year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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The rioters ARE domestic terrorists, deal with them as such.


“American suburbs are well-armed. That is where many of America’s retired veterans and police officers live.”

Yes we are, yes we do.

Wild Bill

@JIAZ, Sounds like you all have a wealth of talent in your community. Since “they” don’t teach much of value in American schools, anymore, there must be a way to teach patrolling, ambushes, point defense, small unit tactics, ditch medicine, and of course marksmanship and gun safety.


There is a “way”, and yes, we do.;)

Green Mtn. Boy

Yup 2020 looks to be a banner year for firearm and ammunition sales.

Wild Bill

@GMB, I spent all my stimulus money on firearms. I want that industry to come back faster than any other industry to show the politicians what is essential and what isn’t. Buy American. Buy now. And Restore the Republic!

Wild Bill

@wjd, If you paid Federal Income Tax, you should be getting a check, direct deposit, or a debit card.

uncle dudley

This past week just proves that we don’t need any gun laws that keep honest law abiding citizens from buying and owning firearms and we must work hard to keep anymore laws from being put on us, the liberal democrats will keep pushing for the second amendment to be overturned.


they can get some letters written on pieces of paper that claim that Second is “overturned” but they will yet have ONE serious problem. We who value the principle of armed individuals KNOW that right and duty are from the God who made us. And NO flyspecks on paper can trump His ways. Those Jews in Poland in the late 1930’s knew that as well, and many refused (or “forgot”) to surrencer ALL of their guns when that demand was made. Later, after bieng herded into a crowded ghetto, the Nazi military came round to herd them off intothe cattle… Read more »


It is a good thing that President Trump announced for all to hear and understand; the National Guard will assist local and state LE quell the growing out of control mayhem and revolution taking root in the urban sewers of America. God forbid if the American citizens are forced to do it. It would end quick but be a reminder to the Communist left and anarchist to never do it again.


Gun stocks soar as riots, looting erupt across America | Fox Business


If the Democrats STEAL the election we will need these weapons to stave off A BLANKET CONFISCATION by a party subverted by Communists.


The up side… we are out of the city and pretty sure our area is protected. Good police policy and an armed public.
The down side…. I didn’t load up on ammo sooner.


Without rule of law, if need be, load anything that will cycle. Bad guys aren’t fussy about what makes them “leak”.


And don’t sneer down at the lowly rimfire. It will kill most anything, given a proper hit, and the light recoil and blast makes that perfect hit easier to achieve. Bigger would be better, but a .22 is a big step up over being unarmed!


This was supposed to be a response to Swany. Guess I fat-fingered it. Sorry, JIAZ.


or from a pile of bricks and pavers…… far more accurate and effective at much longer range. Let them hrul their bricks. As tey recover from that throw, still slightly off balance, hit them anywhere. Most of these guys are wussies anyway, so any sharp pain anywhere shoould have them writhing on the ground out of action. Of courrse, if they pick up another brick, play the shampoo game.. lather, rinse, repeat, until the desired results are obtained.

Wild Bill

@Swany, Next make coordinations and mutual support agreements.


@USA – Just as gun owners are not all alike, “the left” is not a monolithic block. We can take advantage of that fact to increase separation between groups, especially on gun control. Most of the left has always pushed for police to have a monopoly on violence, while in the meantime legal constraints on police have continued to erode. Simultaneously military hardware has been “granted” to police departments rather than sold off to the rest of us civilians. A large fraction of those gun control advocates are wringing their hands at the incredible scenes of police brutality they find… Read more »


Even the useful idiot progressives are clamoring for guns. My son’s sister-in-law, a dyed in the wool liberal, phoned him the other day to ask if she could “”borrow”” a pistol because of all the “protesters” (why would anyone need a weapon to defend against legal, Constitutionally protected protesters?) She wouldn’t even know which end of a weapon to point at the bad-guys, so he told her a resounding NO! Once she realized that all of her pleading and begging wouldn’t gain the loan of a pistol she finally relented and went out and bought her own. Of course, there… Read more »

Wild Bill

@SoSue, Don’t give or lend her anything, not even advice. When she does something stupid, and she will, she will drag you into it.


I second what Wild Bill said. Help such citidiots not at all. IMO, not only will they drag you into their mistakes, they will even attempt to convince the other sheeple that the whole scene was YOUR idea, and that she would’ve never even THOUGHT of having a firearm…. if YOU hadn’t MADE her take it!
OFC, it will not be true, but they are people of the lie. To expect truth from such ones is, in the words of Tom Jefferson, “what never was, and never can be…”


If the police will not protect you, you have to protect yourself!

Wild Bill

@Mac, The police have no duty to protect anyone. We have no right to police protection. Protection has always been, and remains, up to us.

Deplorable Bill

I have not seen antifa or rioters first hand and I hope not to BUT, I will defend the innocent, my friends and neighbors and my family and my property from anybody who would try to do them harm. If you (antifa etc.) are going to riot, pillage, burn, assault and murder go do it someplace else or stay out of rifle range, a bit over a mile with a clear line of sight. If not, the next test you take may very well be the room temp. challenge.

Arm up, carry on.




Sheriff Grady is a publicity hound, but that’s okay cause he backs up his words with actions. We joke that he is on the news so often.


Minneapolis = the New Detroit !


I believe it was Chairman Mao that said
“ Power comes from the barrel of a gun”
Guess what ? We got the power ! It will be there when needed. The stupidity of the Left is to continually poke the sleeping bear. Most of us bears live in the burbs-
Come into our dens and you Communist Clowns will catch hellfire and brimstone!

Get Out

IMOA, should we ever be approached, go out of your way to help these new gun owners as much as possible to obtain a firearm. Let them go to the LGS and jump through the hoops to obtain the firearm. If they need additional permits just to get a firearm or a BGC to get ammo that’ll help our cause as law abiding gun owning citizens who want less firearm restrictions. Don’t laugh at them, turn them to our side.