Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pak – Review

U.S.A.-( I love the outdoors but when someone gets hurt it sucks the fun out of things. We go outdoors with family and friends so if anyone gets hurt, it will probably be someone you love and care about. We need to take all the preventive measures we can to avoid accidents but sometimes they happen so we need to be prepared.

Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pak

I say we need to be prepared and yet if you’re backpacking you can’t carry a full-blown medical kit due to wt. and bulk restraints. So we usually end up only taking a few basic necessities, don’t we? But there’s a new item on the market that caught my eye. Adventure Medical Kits offers a Trauma Pak now. How cool is that? I live an active life. So, stuff happens now and then but I don’t want to set by and helplessly watch someone I love bleed to death while I do nothing. Sure, I know to wrap a cut up to stop bleeding but what if it’s bad and they’re really bleeding? I think the Trauma Pak is the answer.

Lest you think I’m a little girly man and talking about a vicious hang nail I’ve been around my share of cuts, stabs etc. I remember one night I had someone get cut. Sent them to the hospital. Driver got 150 yds., called her back for another one. When she got to the hospital called her and told her I had another one. She said no, I got him already. I told her no, I’ve got a 3rd one, get back over here.

I’ve been around a lot of cuts so maybe I’m more paranoid than a lot of people but if I’m out in the mountains by myself or with buddies, I don’t want someone to bleed out before we can get them back to town.

For instance, Friday we’re taking the horses up to the mountains to check the bear bait. If one of us gets thrown or hurt it’ll be 1-2 hr. horse ride and a 4-hr. truck drive back to the hospital. This Trauma Pak will be nice to have. My only hope until now was this method. I read about a guy in Iraq that put the cellophane off his cigarette package on the bullet hole in a buddy’s chest and was able to save him.

To start off. I’m not medically trained so take what I say with a bag of salt. So how do I plan to use the AMK Trauma Pak? If someone is bleeding bad, I’ll lay a QuikClot pad on the wound. Compress it down and then wrap it tight to help stop the bleeding. According to how bad the bleeding but you may want to use multiple pads.

If you lose too much blood you can pass out or go in shock. Don’t set around scratching your head if someone is bleeding. The QuikClot pads are cheap. A while back I had a buddy that got stabbed in the wrist. It didn’t hit the main artery but he was bleeding bad. We were out in the country. I called an ambulance but they were taking forever so I said screw it and got him up and was going to have a buddy take him. My truck was about 30 yds. away. We got 15 ft. and he went down.

I‘d just taken him to dinner a couple of wks. before. I met his awesome wife and little baby girl. She’d been born way premature but was doing fine now. While I was trying to get him to come to and stay with me, I just kept dreading having to call his wife and tell her that she’d lost her husband. We got him to the hospital and everything worked out but that’s the last time I’m going to have someone I care about bleed to death in my arms. Carry an AMK Trauma Pak. I think I’m going to get a couple.

The MSRP on the Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pak is $17.49. I try not to post stuff off of a company’s website in my Product Reviews but on a topic this important, I’m going to include excepts to ensure that I didn’t miss any important details. Stay safe out there.

The Trauma Pak I gives you the power to stop bleeding until medical professionals arrive. This compact trauma kit features a WoundStop® trauma dressing, which combines a trauma pad and gauze to apply direct pressure and stop potentially fatal blood loss, reducing the risk of shock. This clinically-proven wrap from Persys Medical can be self-applied and includes a closure bar to keep the dressing securely in place. Inside the trauma pack, you’ll find emergency essentials like EMT trauma shears to help access the wound, nitrile gloves for personal protection, and gauze dressings to help manage the wound. The resealable, waterproof DryFlex™ trauma bag keeps these vital contents safe and ready to use.

  • Designed for Immediate Response – Respond quickly to control severe bleeding. This trauma bag contains the essentials you need to stop bleeding in an easy-to-use format, perfect for a personal trauma kit or bleeding control kit
  • WoundStop Trauma Dressing – Stop bleeding fast with the WoundStop trauma dressing. Modeled after the Israeli Bandage, this easy-to-use trauma dressing applies direct pressure to immediately stop blood loss.
  • Trauma Response Instructions – The one-page guide outlines how to use the Trauma Pak I contents to stop bleeding in five easy-to-follow steps with illustrations.
  • Waterproof DryFlex™ Bag – The re-sealable DryFlex bag is completely waterproof and durable.
  • Compact & Lightweight – Have the tools you need to stop bleeding wherever you go. The Trauma Pak I weighs less than 5 oz. and is small enough to fit into a glove box, backpack, range bag, or first aid kit.
  • Emergency Essentials – The trauma pack contains nitrile gloves for personal protection and EMT trauma shears to cut through clothing, tape, and more.

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“I love the outdoors but when someone gets hurt it sucks the fun out of things.”

Try pouring hydrogen peroxide on a wounded child. Fun disappears really quickly, and they are just getting better.