Below The Radar: Background Check Completion Act of 2020

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Below The Radar: Background Check Completion Act of 2020

United States – -( Sometimes, Second Amendment supporters do not need a lengthy discourse to show their fellow gun owners just how unreasonable anti-Second Amendment extremists are. Sometimes, it takes less than a half-dozen pieces of paper. Sound crazy? No, it isn’t.

Here’s how you can do it. First, you just need to print out the GPO’s official version of S 4068, the Background Check Completion Act of 2020, introduced by Senator Richard Blumenthal, who has long had a record of attacking our Second Amendment rights. That takes two pages. Then you can print out the text of 18 USC 922(t), which covers the National Instant Check System (NICS). That takes three pages for just that section (all of 18 USC 922 runs about 28 pages).

With those five pieces of paper, you can prove that anti-Second Amendment extremists are lying when they say they claim to support the Second Amendment, but just want “reasonable” restrictions. Reading the text of S 4068, it makes a small deletion but causes a massive shift for those who are trying to exercise their rights.

Under current law, if NICS cannot be completed in three business days, a federally licensed dealer can still transfer a firearm. While the setup of NICS is not ideal, the current setup has several points that make it much fairer than various licensing and waiting period schemes:

  • It presumes that someone seeking to buy a firearm is law-abiding.
  • It places the burden to deny a firearms transaction on the government.
  • It also does not subject someone trying to exercise their rights into an indefinite wait.

Blumenthal’s bill changes that. It removes the three business day limit on a delay. In other words, if there is a delay for whatever reason (NICS is down, confusion), a law-abiding citizen is denied the right to purchase a firearm until the delay gets resolved, and without the time limit, that can be potential for some serious, life-threatening abuse.

Imagine what IRS workers under Lois Lerner did to the Tea Party’s applications for tax-exempt status being applied to firearm purchases run through NICS. The injustices faced by potentially millions of law-abiding gun owners (especially when demand for firearms shoots through the roof, as it has in recent weeks) would be appalling. Worse, the tragedy of Carol Bowne would be repeated across the entire country. And many of those trying to infringe on our Second Amendment rights claim they stand with women.

But in Blumenthal’s mind, that’s all okay. Because to him, gun ownership isn’t a right – it’s a privilege that should be determined by the government. Second Amendment supporters should contact their Senators and Representative and urge them to oppose S 4068.

About Harold HutchisonHarold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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1.”Back when I was a Green Beret commando in the final days of the Vietnam War, moving unseen and unheard along the Ho Chi Minh Trail like a ninja, wreaking havoc in the enemy’s lines and then disappearing like a ghost…” 2.”On one firefight, I, a Green Beret, was fighting the Viet Cong while carrying my wounded buddies down the hill to safety.” “Okay, okay, I regret those misstatements. If you want to get all technical about it, I’ve never served in the military at all, much less in Vietnam. I did have a draft number, back in the day,… Read more »

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Ol’ Bill

A few years ago at Nat’l Convention, Vietnam Veterans of America gave him some sort of recognition for his “work in aiding Veterans”. I sat on my hands when Ol’ Dick was called out to the stage by our Leftist loving VVA president.

Deplorable Bill

Our RIGHTS come from the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and they are further written into law as our constitution. Anyone who would deny or delay our RIGHTS is evil. To delay or deny our RIGHTS is criminal and is treasonous and tyrannical here in America. There is a righteous, legal and very final payment for tyranny and treason. Make note of his name, address, email accounts, phone numbers etc etc. They will come in handy when justice returns to America. Just in case you haven’t noticed, this nation is already in a defacto state of civil war. The ONLY reason we… Read more »


Here’s the list of cosponsors.

24 Democrats and Uncle Bernie. These people need to be reminded who they work for!

Ryben Flynn

Your link to contact their Senators and Representative
NRA-ILA Active Alerts does not show any for my State.
It shows 17 States to contact. Try Again.

Ryben Flynn

Federal Alerts are for H.R. 1236, H.R 1186 and H.R. 2708.
There is nothing about S.4068.


Here ya go. Its from FPC so obviously NRA Harold couldn’t be bothered to post it.

uncle dudley

Every time I have purchased a firearm from my local dealer for the past ten years I get a delay response and I must wait for the pickup of my new gun.
What gets me is I’ve held a state issued conceal carry license for the last thirteen years which by the way has been through the FBI backround check plus the state of MIssouri Highway Patrol check.
I will no longer be able to buy another gun if this Dick gets this into law, his parents named him the correct name DICK.


First article written by Harold, that I appreciate!

I can only wonder why we don’t have similar “checks” to buy a knife, axe, chainsaw etc…

In the meantime I am on month 10 for a darn suppressor, something that in many severely restrictive countries you can buy over the counter


I’m still waiting for the Post Office to deliver a letter that should have been here a month ago. They’re the part of the government that is built to get the same task done every day by the billions. And they’re failing me. So I’m going to trust some other branch to take “just a little more time”? Yeah right. Here in NJ our gun law says the authorities get 30 days to process your permits. Six months is about average, longer if you complain about it.


But it used to only take 3 days. Now that they say they are faster, it takes much longer. The same with banks. Now that they’re computer streamlined for ‘greater efficiency’, checks take 10 days to clear, but when they used to fly them around manually it only took three days.
It appears to me as if the sheeple have now been so dumbed down that they now believe that 10 is less than 3! What other rational conclusion is there?


Road apples


Good job Harold…clear, concise and to the very important point. Keep up the good work.

American Patriot

If you wait to go to the store when you’re hungry & they don’t have what you’re looking for…..I don’t feel sorry for ya!


Lmao if ya needed any indication of just how far behind NRA is compared to FPC, GOA, etc, the only take action page they have for MI is to oppose Whitmers attempt to stop the 2A demonstration at the capitol back in Feb! Not even a link to support the MI constitutional carry legislation. And they only have one take action link for federal legislation in the link Harold provided. Meanwhile, I do about 30 everyday from FPC, GOA, and ASA. What a joke. Heres the grassroots army page with ALL the current take action links for State and Federal.… Read more »