Bloomberg’s Bodyguards will Keep Him Safe from Collectivist ‘Protesters’ – for Now

U.S.A. – -( While coming for Mike Bloomberg with pitchforks may have a certain schadenfreude appeal to it, the protesters are all in for socialism as long as someone else is paying for it. How about putting the chains on government instead of citizens, and lowering taxes and regulatory infringements on all? (NY Taxi Workers Alliance/Facebook)

“Pitchfork Wielding Protesters Come For Mike Bloomberg In The Hamptons,” a July 2 HotAir headline observes. “More than 100 taxi drivers and about 200 protesters marched to Bloomberg’s $20M Southhampton mansion.”

The pitchforks were plastic, and “for effect,” we are told, but the message behind them is clear: “Have Nots” feel entitled to the property of the “Haves” and demand wealth transfers to make things “equal.” And that means confiscation, an idea Michael Bloomberg didn’t consider might come back in a different form to bite him.

Besides, aren’t we told that “property is theft“?

The taxi drivers, caught up in covetousness and envy, might not realize they’re acting the role of useful idiots. “Rich” is a relative term, as Third World imports benefiting from Bloomberg’s cheap labor/amnesty for illegals policies understand. You have to wonder how many of the middle class, taxi medallion-owning cabbies realize they are the “bourgeoisie” the communists sing about killing.

Let the mob have its way and continue to spread out and the pitchforks will no longer be symbolic props. Bloomberg’s fellow billionaire and gun-grabber Nick Hanauer understood that when he wrote “The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats,” in an open letter published on Politico. And calls to “Eat the rich” are only getting louder as the in-your-face Marxists are emboldened by Democrat politicians (who, as the Jenny Durkan experience showed, will experience their turn in the barrel soon enough) signaling solidarity and letting them get away with violence and destruction.

For now, even if the mob returns and ups its antics, you won’t see Bloomberg emerge from his mansion like the couple in St. Louis who defended their home.  He leaves that to “the help.”

The man who would disarm you has bodyguards, including the ones who were protecting him on the taxpayers’ dime back when he was mayor. And unlike the gun owners that he would impose edicts on, Bloomberg hasn’t let a little thing like “the law” stop him from surrounding himself with the finest armed protection money can buy.

Case in point, a report on “Bloomberg Privilege” from The New York Times:

“The mayor also takes along a police detail when he travels, flying two officers on his private plane and paying as much as $400 a night to put them up at a hotel near his house; the city pays their wages while they are there, as it does whether Mr. Bloomberg is New York or not. Guns are largely forbidden in Bermuda — even most police officers do not use them — but the mayor’s guards have special permission to carry weapons. A spokesman for the Police Department declined to comment.”

Any bets on whether he would call it “vigilantism” if, rather than retreat, his security professionals deemed the most tactically sound approach would be to stand their ground? Because Bloomberg calls it a “license to murder.”

The thing is, the protesters are absolutely right to be angry about New York taxes – but those are the results of an unchallengeable government implementing collectivist controls.  Attacking the private sector from which wealth is created is exactly the wrong thing to do, so naturally, that’s exactly where those who would destroy capitalism place the blame.

If they succeed, and if the “revolution” ever goes full bore, Bloomberg and his fellow “plutocrats” may find options for running and hiding closing up — even to the point of bodyguards choosing between staying on guard or saying “Nuts to this” and abandoning their posts.  It’s not like we didn’t see “trained professionals” do exactly that during Hurricane Katrina. Lots of them.

I confess that scenario has a certain Twilight Zone-ending appeal to it.

If this country does reach that point – and increasingly, the prospects seem more like “when” – the people who will be able to protect themselves from murderous mobs are the ones who say “Nuts” to the “gun laws” Mike Bloomberg has been funding and that Joe Biden promises to expand on with a vengeance if he wins in November.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Oh ya, “tax the rich”. Ok people, here is the real truth that NO ONE wants to talk about. We do not have a TAX REVENUE problem, we have a SPENDING problem. There is NO TAX PLAN that will solve this problem. But you say “tax the rich, tax the rich” … ok lets look at that. Might as well start with the richest guy (depending on how you keep score), Bill Gates. He is worth in the neighborhood of $90 BILLION. Please also note we tax INCOME, not Net Worth. But lets say we did! We are gonna soak… Read more »


DING DING DING This guy has a solid grasp of ECONOMICS. And government. The best place to start “trimming” the spending is to lay off no pension, about 95% of ALL gummit “workers”. We saw during this Chinaflu panic demonic that many gummit agencies are not needed. But how many did we cut? Maybe FDA suspended a few rules so those who were already distilling ethanol for people to drink could now supply it to people to smear on their hands. But the gummit dweebs harrasing them still are on the payroll. And they’ll be quick to slap the restrictioins… Read more »


Just to let you know, putz, I EARNED my government pension. It did not fall out of the sky. Grow up.


only if you were in the military.


It’s ALWAYS been the spending. The Treasury has announced record revenues collected every quarter for years now. There are NEVER budget cuts…actual budget cuts. Proposed spending is what gets cut, not the real budget. We’re simply getting new credit cards to make payments on our maxed-out old ones.


Bloomberg’s “only the police should have guns” is an easy statement for him to say when he can afford to hire police with guns as his personal protection detail. It’s not a problem for the extremely rich when the laws are written that can give exceptions like these to them.


He has suddenly gone silent now that the police have been declared to be racist murderers.


Years ago Paul Allen bought the Burlington Northern railroad. He lives near Seattle. After a while he then bought the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe line, and merged the two into Burlington Northern Santa Fe.. BNSF. He is an incredible businessman, and remade the line into a VERY efficient and thus profitable outfit. I do not know their numbers bit I DO know that line is by far the largest in terms of tonne miles of goods moved in the Western US. Possibly the nation. On a road trip out to Texas a few years back I got a broader… Read more »


@Tio, Very well put. Reminds me of A. Guthries song, Alice’s Restuarant.


How can you expect these people to understand economics? If they did, they could no longer be Marxists.


“Tax the rich, to feed the poor. Till there are no rich no more.”
Alvin Lee “ I’d Love To Change The World.” Basic sarcasm at it best.


The idiot carrying the sign apparently doesn’t realize that the poor don’t pay taxes, the middle and upper class pay them.


I notice quite a few on this page that seem to have forgotten that there are a whole LOT of taxes that aren’t income tax. Sales tax, “value added” tax or VAT (‘value’, ‘added’… yeah, right…:-) ), fuel tax, gasoline tax, bed taxes, ad infinitum. Not to even mention the ‘invisible’ tax of printing fiat currency by deficit spending, which dilutes the purchasing power of everybody using that fiat currency, except for the multinational corporation that gets granted the largess. Whoever it is bestowed upon gets the benefit, and everyone else pays the price via increased costs. Also, no matter… Read more »


it IS oteworthy thatol Harold has rather changed his tune. About the only things I’ve seen from him in a while are hose “below the radar” look-see pieces on different bills trying to sneak in under a thin veneer of “this will help”. Doesn’t get real in depth on the effects or sponsors of the bills, but it is a great improvement. So maybe Will Flatt has gone through a name laundering phase because his campaign mostly worked,….


I’ve noticed that too. Hutchison seldom even cautions to make sure to be polite to the oppressors any more.


I think that’s “Wild Bill” you’re thinking of, and he hasn’t posted since just after he had the horse too slow to race with the hoof problem. Last I heard he was waiting for the farrier to come back for the second or third time, and then nothing. Hope both he and the horse are OK. “Old Harold” I think was the name. Personally, I’m more fond of horses and dogs than your average psychotic, hairless ape, to quote Nibbler from “Futurama”. Present company excepted, OFC… Average hairless apes don’t hang out here. I’ve found that here, they’re either way… Read more »


If so, I’ll hear about it. Sturgis is only a couple hundred miles from NE Montana. We always get a lot of bikers headed for there every summer. Even me a couple times. Did you hear about the biker rally about ten years back? The one with some anti-leather protesters that threw a water balloon and got tied to a tree and peed on all night? They called him “La Trine”? 🙂 They turned him loose unharmed after the party was over. He called the cops but everybody at the party swore that he asked for it as some kind… Read more »


Amen Joe. It’s probably been quite awhile since that one has put in a hard days work. Another useful idiot who doesn’t know he is even being used.


Hah, the guy might even have gotten a check that prigniated with Little Mikey Bloomie, paid thorugh Antifa or BLM, to show up at the protest. That would be the height of irony, but we DO know he does help fund both of those communist agitating outfits.


Bloomberg and Biden both need to be Exiled. This country would be much better off without them. Biden is Senile and Bloomberg is just plain out Evil Bloomberg is a Leprechaun. Ugly, Evil, Little Man with a Pot of Gold


AS for the sign, last time I saw any stats 49% of the people do NOT pay any taxes! Seem the middle class and rich carry the load there..


I notice quite a few on this page that seem to have forgotten that there are a whole LOT of taxes that aren’t income tax. Sales tax, “value added” tax or VAT (‘value’, ‘added’… yeah, right…:-) ), fuel tax, gasoline tax, bed taxes, ad infinitum. Not to even mention the ‘invisible’ tax of printing fiat currency by deficit spending, which dilutes the purchasing power of everybody using that fiat currency, except for the multinational corporation that gets granted the largess. Whoever it is bestowed upon gets the benefit, and everyone else pays the price via increased costs. Also, no matter… Read more »


those folks how don’t earn/make enough to have to even file for Fed income taxes pay a far higher percentage of what income they DO get in the small taxes, Knute names a bunch of them below. Since such goods/services are taxed evenly the effect is to ipose a higher burden, percentage wise, on the poor than on the rich. Sales and fuel taxes for a guy like Littie Mikey Bloomie are chump change, but for a guy who only has $500 a month on which to survive, he pays out a HUGE percentage of that in the piddly taxes… Read more »


If the pitchforks are plastic, they are probably more correctly manure forks, such as the ones we’ve been waving at Arizona protests for 20 years — less expensive, widely available at tack and feed stores, and much richer in symbolism when protesting against politicians.

a.x. perez

I am reminded of a story I read in the Eighties of the overthrow of the Governor of the Dominion of New England. When the the mob approached him, the lieutenant governor of New York ordered his bodyguard to open fire. The order was disobeyed and one of the guards said words to the effect, “Are you crazy? I shoot at them they’ll shoot back at us.