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Caldwell Shooting Supplies
Solid Little Ear Plugs: The Caldwell E-Max Shadows are Bluetooth, rechargeable electronic ear plugs designed to go where you go, play all your music, and keep your ears protected.

U.S.A.-( Caldwell Shoot Supplies’ new shooting gear has a fresh look, some new designs, and they’re pretty slick overall. The team at American Outdoor Brands has brought the storied Caldwell brand into a new age with a new look, fresh packaging, and excellent products. If you hunt, shoot, or are just a plain old gear junkie, I’d recommend taking a look at some of the new products from Caldwell.

The E-MAX Shadows are fantastic little tools. The Bluetooth, rechargeable electronic earplugs performed flawlessly during our trip to the range. Conversations amongst us were amplified over the constant barrage of lead hitting steel and shots we deafened thanks to the 23dB noise reduction rating. Dual microphones provide directional clarity allowing you to understand where sounds are coming from on the range. These pair with your phone as well and play music perfectly. The E-MAX Shadows are easy to use with touch volume controls and a charging case integrated with a lithium battery in the charging case.

Check Out The EMax Shadow Bluetooth Earplugs For $149.99

Caldwell Shooting Supplies
E-Max Shadows

If you prefer traditional over-the-ear muffs, the entire line of E-MAX products can be seen here including the new E-MAX Pro Series.

If you have grown up using the famed LeadSled by Caldwell, you’ll want to check out this next evolution in the family of shooting sleds with the Hydrosled. The reason I’m personally excited about this is that it is designed to hold different types of materials. Water, sand, or even gravel can fill the reservoir at your shooting range. The HydroSled eliminates 95% of felt recoil. After shooting a .300 win mag at the range comfortably, I can concur with the statement several times. The Hydrosled uses a proven rack and pinion elevation ram for precise adjustments. Additionally, the fine windage and elevation adjustment knobs are comfortable to use. An advanced rear recoil pad protects the firearm and shooter while the front retention strap eliminates muzzle jump.

Take A Look At the HydroSled Here For $329.99

Caldwell Shooting Supplies
Load Up The HydroSled And Shoot Comfortably

Quality steel targets that don’t rust are a must for any range. The Caldwell brand managers showed us their full-size AR500 steel target; they had shot 10,000 times with an AR15. This adequate displayed the capabilities to withstand rounds up to 3,000fps and 3,500 ft-lb of impact. The 3/8th inch piece of yellow powder-coated steel comes in seven different sizes, which include three hanging targets to really round out the diversity of your range. Caldwell hosts a variety of target sizes from five inches to full size, with prices starting at $17.99 to $189.99 for the full-size target.

See the Full Line Of Caldwell AR500 Steel Targets Here. 

Caldwell Shooting Supplies
AR500 Steel

If you dislike loading pistol mags as much as I do, this handy little mag loader is what you need in your life, and so do your friends. For $30.99, you can load both single-stack and double-stack magazines in your favorite climbers of 9mm*, 10mm, .380*, .357 Sig, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. I stayed at the pistol station on the range with the Caldwell crew last week longer than usual because loading the pistols was too darn fast and straightforward. Does that mean I have weak hands? Essentially all you do is secure your magazine into the top of the loader and secure with the lock knob. Place your round into the slot and squeeze the lever. It’s that simple. It should be noted that the following rounds will not load with this product: 1911 9mm magazines, Bersa Thunder .380 ammunition, CZ Scorpion EVO3 S1 9mm ammunition.

Get The Mag Charger You Always Wanted Here. 

Caldwell Shooting Supplies
Make Loading Mags Easy Again

The Caldwell Shooting Supplies brand makes range gear and hunt preparation or personal defense training easy. Get your needed materials and get out to the range.

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