Full30 Firearms Video Website Announces New Ownership & Management

Full30 Video Screengrab 07-22-2020
Full30 Video Screengrab 07-22-2020

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Full30 (www.full30.com) has been fortunate enough to gain new ownership over the past few months, and we thought it was time to release an official statement on the subject for the sake of transparency. As with everything business-related, a lot has been happening behind the scenes that could not be openly discussed until negotiations and discussions were finalized. We are past this point now and are ready to discuss our ownership overhaul, and with it, our new management team.

Full30 (www.full30.com)

First, we would like to introduce everyone to Jeff Kirkham, the new majority owner of the platform. Jeff spent 28.5 years within the United States Army Special Operations community. After retiring from military service, Jeff Kirkham moved into the firearms community where he has spent the last decade of his life dedicated to improving the community in every way that he can.

Jeff is a firm believer that the industry needs a cohesive platform that connects content creators with manufacturers and provides both with the digital infrastructure needed for industry growth in today’s new ever-advancing technological world. The first amendment protects the second, and Jeff recognizes the need for a platform free from the censorship and oppression of “Big Tech’s” ideological crusade against both.

Jeff Kirkham
Jeff Kirkham
Jarrad Markel
Jarrad Markel

Next, we need to introduce Jarrad Markel, the new CEO of Full30. Jarrad Markel is the son of Professor Paul Markel from Student of the Gun. He grew up fully immersed in the firearms world and has spent his entire adult life working in the firearms industry promoting a cohesive learning environment for shooters of all skill sets. Jarrad has also helped multiple people begin their own career in the firearms industry through a multitude of classes and lectures centered on promoting the health and well-being of their companies.

Jarrad is an industry-leading expert in the growth of businesses inside of the firearms industry. He understands and believes in the potential of Full30 as a platform to connect the industry and build a strong community of like-minded people who believe in free speech. Also, Jarrad brings much-needed perspective to the team, having lived and operated as a small content creator himself. We look forward to having him on board as one of our top decision-makers moving forward.

We are extremely excited to welcome both of these people to the Full30 family. Since they have come on board, things have taken off at an exponential pace behind the scenes. Projects that we previously thought would take years to complete have come to fruition and are nearly ready for a public-facing launch. Before we close out this industry update, we would love to leave you all with a message from our two newest family members.

“Without the second amendment of the American Constitution, there can be no first amendment. In contrast to this, our first amendment right to free speech protects our ability to peacefully inform lawmakers on the opinions and stance of the average gun owner. Big Tech has failed to recognize this and has instead opted to censor the average gun owner. We’ll forge our own path forward without them.” – Jeff Kirkham (Owner)

“I am ecstatic about the opportunity to be a decision-maker in the industry’s leading content delivery platform. Full30 provides the infrastructure our industry needs to break away from big tech censorship. Our goal is to bring together a community of freedom of speech lovers. Together we are stronger.” -Jarrad T. Markel (CEO)

Visit www.full30.com

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Thank you Fredy The boots on the ground experience both Jeff & Jarrad are bringing to FULL30 will be for the patriot who’s voice seems stifled by our current media, They want it known we will be placing that relationship at the top of our mission statement, from this point forward our help desk [email protected] will be tasked with answering and directing customer needs, if you have problems, suggestions or wish to partner and advertise please use that and reach out. Additionally please utilize our forum community, check out our informative blogs and keep an eye on our expanding store… Read more »

Some guy

Well then, that’s a lot of pretty talk….. Now let’s see what really happens. I suspect that the SOP will apply……. Free speech and no censorship will be the beginning, then the business side will begin to erode the viewers voices, then those who realize that there’s nothing else to gain with “peacefully informing lawmakers of our opinions” will find themselves pushed aside and silenced….. Full 30 will become just like the NRA, a business. Likely a business willing to piss away our God given rights, and profit handsomely in doing so.