‘Gun Control Myths’ a New Book by John R. Lott, Out Now

Gun Control Myths by John R Lott
Gun Control Myths by John R Lott

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- My new book, “Gun Control Myths,” is, I think, is one of my best. The book explains the problems with all the common false claims continually made about guns in the media and by gun control advocates. It covers myths about mass public shootings, how suicides and crime vary with gun ownership, how politics corrupts the FBI’s gathering of crime data, and gun-free zones. Andrew Pollack, whose daughter was murdered in the Parkland school shooting, was kind enough to write the book’s forward. For a donation of $30 or more, we will send you a signed copy of the book. Here is some of the praise the book has received.

Gun Control Myths #ad

“John Lott has been giving us the facts about guns for decades. Finally clear to all that one party in America has an anti-Second Amendment platform and wants to disarm you. Now you need to arm yourself with the Truth. Buy and read Gun Control Myths today. Before it’s too late.” ~ Sebastian Gorka Ph.D.,host of AMERICAN First, former Strategist to President Trump.

“John Lott shows that the media and many politicians are biased against guns. For example, many stories are written in the media about shooters, but very few about defensive uses of guns. Similarly, he shows that some gun control policies are actually counterproductive. Shooters seek out gun-free zones. If we banned “assault” weapons, shooters might shift to larger hunting guns. The book is copiously footnoted. It is full of statistical and graphical analysis, so that his points are easily grasped and persuasive. Anyone who advocates gun control and does not seriously consider John’s work is negligent. Any journalist who does not at least consider John’s work is committing journalistic malpractice.” ~ Paul H. Rubin, Dobbs Professor of Economics Emeritus, Emory University.

“John Lott is the go-to expert when it comes to protecting the second amendment. Without the second amendment Americans could be stripped of our right to arm ourselves against aggressors. Arm yourselves with knowledge by reading “Gun Control Myths” and join me in protecting the Second Amendment.” ~ Eric Bolling Host “AMERICA This Week” Sinclair Broadcast.

I have been busy doing other things over the last couple of weeks. One op-ed that I am particularly proud of at Real Clear Politics discusses how selective media reporting is largely to blame for increasing racial and political divide among Americans. The media, not President Trump, is fanning the flames of violence. If you read only one of my pieces this week, I suggest that you read that piece. In another article at Real Clear Politics, I provide another example of the bizarre extremes to which the Washington Post fact-checkers are willing to claim that Trump has made a false statement. In this case, among other mistakes, the Post looks at total violent crimes rather than the per capita rate to assert that Trump’s claim is false that Democrats run the 20 most dangerous U.S. cities.

Other op-ed pieces discuss Joe Biden’s comments this past week on policing and Democrats hypocrisy at hiring armed private security for themselves while they move to reduce funds for the police and oppose private gun ownership.

Radio interviews that we have done include Nikki Goeser’s discussion of how the justice system failures can occur across races and my interviews on how Democrats’ policies are leading to higher crime rates as well as how their policies on crime and education are harming blacks.

For information on activities at the Crime Prevention Research Center, here is a link to our “info deck.” Please view in full-screen mode and scroll using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen.

But we need help getting this message out. If you have any friends who you think might find our emails of interest, please encourage them to sign up by sending them the link here.

Thank you very much for all your support. These have been difficult times for everyone, and I just want you to know how much your support has been greatly appreciated.

John R. Lott, Jr.
Crime Prevention Research Center
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(484) 802-5373

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uncle dudley

You can buy the democrats and liberals books and buy them more books and send them to school, but you still can’t educate them.


Incorrect. Mark Twain said “you can educate a fool, but you can’t make him think.”


Thats because they are STUPID !!!


You’re preaching to the choir. Changing the mindset of people programed to be deceived is almost insurmountable. The Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights is non-negotiable. These vipers disguised as representatives are no more interested it following it than they are representing us. We all know by witnessing the events that they clearly have no boundaries and support those who would subvert honest legal authority by any means. I live in the one party state of California where this social disaster will spread across our nation as a plague unlike any other, using any or all means to destroy… Read more »


Dr. Lott does sound work that should be in every gun rights advocate’s personal library. This is just what the doctor ordered to have a fingertip reference when responding to leftist nitwits in editorials or comments section of a news site.