NRA Gives New Update on European Lead Ammo Ban

NRA Lead Ammo Ban EU Update
The NRA discusses the recent European ban on lead ammunition. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A. -( European firearm owners are in the midst of a three fronted war on the possession and use of lead ammunition. The battles are being fought against a European-wide ban on metallic lead (ammunition), a prohibition on the use of lead ammunition in terrestrial environments, and a ban on both the use and possession of lead ammunition in wetlands.

Today, votes were set to be tallied on the wetlands ban, but instead, the European Commission was forced to end voting without result, sending shock waves through Brussels as it was widely expected that, with the twenty-three Member States already having phased out the use of lead ammunition for hunting over wetlands, and support coming from Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, the ban would pass easily under a qualified majority vote. The Czech Republic, however, had other plans, intervening yesterday at the eleventh hour to call into question both the online procedures being used to discuss the issue and the overly broad definition of wetlands, a definition which could easily be interpreted to include dry land containing a rain puddle.

Unfortunately, the end to voting does not mean an end to this battle, as It is very likely that the online procedures will be replaced with in-person discussions and that a new call for votes will go out in September. One can only hope that when discussions resume, opposition to the proposal will not only continue but expand into several other areas of concern, including:

The proposals presumption of guilt, which would require hunters to prove that they were not in possession of lead ammunition in a wetland, even if found outside of one;
The use of a 100-meter buffer zone, which not only causes confusion but shifts depending on weather and ground conditions, especially when rain is causing puddles to form;

The language which prohibits not only the use of lead ammunition in wetlands but also “where spent gunshot would land within a wetland,” language so vague neither hunters nor enforcement authorities could ever be certain if a violation has or has not occurred;

A misuse of the European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) authority, as REACH regulations are intended for the industry but instead are being used to target consumers (hunters); and,

The lack of any exemption for military or law enforcement, which, while immaterial to hunters, should concern Member States given that such a ban would almost certainly impact the ability of both their police and military forces to train and operate.

One can only hope that the delay afforded by the Czech Republic’s intervention will result in Member States rethinking their support for this proposal, but, with so many already expressing favor for the ban, it appears very likely that this front in the battle may soon be lost.

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

About NRA-ILA:

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JPM (@jpm)
1 year ago

We began this crap when USFWS banned lead shot for waterfowl in the U.S. using faked studies and BS propaganda provided by the “Green” environmentalist at the time. California has banned lead projectiles using the same flawed/fake studies and even here in Arizona there are signs in sporting goods store printed by the AZ Game & Fish “encouraging” sportsmen to use non-lead projectiles that are environmental friendly. On some Federal lands, lead shot for non-migratory species is also not allowed.

Last edited 1 year ago by JPM
donfranko (@donfranko)
1 year ago

Two things:
One, the newest ammo is being made with solid copper and/or solid brass today, and steel shot for shotguns has been around for a while now..

Two: Seems to me 90% of the “eurozone” didn’t seem to mind a bit when Americans were spraying lead all over the continent in WW2.

Spanky (@copterjockey)
1 year ago

Please export all of your lead to America immediately!!

gregs (@gregsodeman)
1 year ago

this is what happens with democracies or should i say mob rule. the freedom of individuals is secondary to the will of the state. again, only in America do we have the freedoms that have made this country the greatest in the history of the world. we cannot force freedom upon others, we can only be a example of it and let them yearn for the same. problem is, we have a bunch of ideologues in government that think our form of government is not as enlightened at these european countries. my suggestion to them would be to move there… Read more »

Laddyboy (@laddyboy)
1 year ago

This ABUSIVE “law” is nothing but ASSININE COMMUNISTS who want to CONTROL the PEOPLE!!