Taurus’ G3 ~ A Working Man’s Workhorse ~ Tops Sept/Oct 2020 American Handgunner

Sept-Oct 2020 American Handgunner
Sept-Oct 2020 American Handgunner

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Delivering rock-solid performance at an eminently affordable price, the polymer-framed striker-fired Taurus G3 9mm is featured in the Sept/Oct issue of American Handgunner.

Sept-Oct 2020 American Handgunner Magazine

Simple yet refined, the low-profile G3 features a molded-in grip texture, reversible magazine release, three-dot sights including a dovetail-mounted rear sight adjustable for windage, manual safety and memory pad. Executive Editor Tom McHale [who cut his publishing teeth at AmmoLand News] put the budget-friendly 9mm through its paces with a variety of self-defense and FMJ ammo with impressive results.

“Here’s the bottom line,” Tom concludes. “If you need a solid gun that will perform, and at a budget-friendly price point, check out the G3. With a limited lifetime warranty, you’ll get new gun benefits at a used-gun price point.”

On the other end of the spectrum, can you compare a Ruger revolver with a Bentley? Publisher Roy Huntington says yes, if it’s a custom done by Hamilton Bowen’s shop. Bowen Classic Arms adds elegance, custom details, and enhanced performance to a Ruger SA Bisley in .44 Special in “A ‘Best Quality’ Bisley.”

Inspired by the infamous Doc Holliday, the issue’s Handgun Of The Month prize package is topped by Uberti’s Outlaws & Lawmen “Doc” 1873 Cattleman Revolver. Chambered in .45 Colt, the single-action, fully nickel-plated revolver sports a pearl-style grip, six-round capacity, and 4 3/4″ barrel. The winner will also receive a Street Scalpel 2.0 from TOPS Knives and an American Patriot Gun Magnet from Sofhold.

Readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing — valued at more than $1,000 — online at www.americanhandgunner.com/giveaways.

Additional standouts from the Sept/Oct issue include using a pistol-caliber carbine for self-defense in the Tactics & Training installment. Tiger McKee reasons the ability to use one ammo and magazine with both handgun and carbine definitely has a way of simplifying things. The Ayoob Files warns the “self-defense immunity” doesn’t necessarily mean what many think by highlighting the case of homeowner James Stiffler who went on trial for murder after catching a burglar in his own home. Have a tissue handy when Will Dabbs, MD reflects on birthdays past and an especially touching T-shirt in Guncrank Diaries.

Discover a variety of exclusive online-only articles, including “Because It’s Different! Joys Of Black Sheep Calibers,” by David Freeman and Jeremy’s Clough’s “Historically Significant — The Groundbreaking ASP 9mm.” Digital subscriptions and the Sept/Oct issue are available for purchase at www.fmgpubs.com. Kindle and digital versions are also available.

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FlashBack (@flashback)
1 year ago

Just got one this last weekend…will probably add a G3c when I get a chance to.
Own everything from a Taurus up to Sigs…all good to go.

Bill (@hittpink)
1 year ago

U am looking forward to the release of the SCCY DVG 1RD, a pocket- compatible 9mm pistol with. Factory optic, in the low $300 price range. The CPX w optic is around $335. I expect the new gun to be in the same price range. Reviews are good?

GUNFUN (@manwithgun)
1 year ago

Meh, I would still recommend the PSA Dagger when it FINALLY arrives. (Come on PSA!!!!)