Barbarians At The Gates, Is Our Great Republic In Danger Of Falling ~ VIDEOS

The Sacking of Rome is starting to resemble what we're seeing in America's cities. JN Sylvestre 1847-1926 / Public domain.
The Sacking of Rome is starting to resemble what we’re seeing in America’s cities. JN Sylvestre 1847-1926 / Public domain.

USA – -( The Barbarians are at the gates, the cities are in flames, the war for the soul of America is in full swing. What I say here I do not say lightly. America is on the brink of falling, and if history is a guide and a repeating cycle, there will be very little to stop the demise of the greatest nation in the world, just like there was little at the end that could stop the fall of the Roman Empire once the decay and rot had set it.

What we are watching in our streets is nothing that happened overnight, it’s a product of years of social decay, corruption, indoctrination, and just flat out apathy. For as long as I have been active in politics, twenty-five years, which isn’t that long, I have seen the decline of this country, the spread of the corrupt cancer that’s been eating the heart and soul of America spread from the federal government to the states, to the smallest towns. It’s in our colleges, schools, our movies, television shows and in the very fabric of our everyday lives. Now add to that a virus that some would say is dubiously overblown and regulations that a year ago would have been laughed off as insane paranoia but are now seen as patriotism that must be enforced, and you have the perfect storm for the complete downfall of this republic.

George Who?

The fear and pent up resentment reached a flashpoint with the death of George Floyd, who barely gets any mention anymore. Which proves that he was simply used as the match to the fuse that is sparking riots not only all over in our cities, but also round the clock protests in even the smaller communities that don’t get much mention on the nightly news. Companies and sports venues quickly caved in out of fear of being protested next for simply not picking a side. Multimillionaire athletes are now en masse kneeling during the National Anthem before every game or, in the case of the WNBA, walking right off the court altogether. These things would have been unheard of a decade ago, now they’re seen as “taking a stand”.

Monuments are being ripped down, an act that many said would not stop with Confederate statues. It now includes anything that simply offends anyone else. Christopher Columbus, the Founding Fathers, memorials to fallen police officers, military, and veterans, are all targets. We all watched a historic church in Washington, DC nearly be burnt to the ground by anarchists who have been emboldened by liberal politicians who not only have ignored their actions, but in some instances have joined with the protesters against police, all while businesses are being vandalized, looted, and burned.

Today New York’s Attorney General Letitia James announced that she was suing the National Rifle Association with one goal, to dissolve it entirely. Now, I have had many bones to pick with the NRA over the years, and it appears that there has been a lot of mismanagement at the top for a long time, but one thing that everyone needs to see, with eyes wide open, is that if the liberals start with the NRA, they won’t stop there. You can bet they will look into finding a way to shut down every organization that they don’t like, or that stands up to them to defend your rights. The fact that an Attorney General from any state unveils a massive lawsuit against what for decades has been seen as the face of the Second Amendment in America with less than three months to go before perhaps one of the most pivotal elections in America’s history has got to be looked at for what it is, a political move to knock the NRA out of being able to lobby or fundraise for any candidates.

I hope I am wrong, but I feel that the violence we’re seeing is only going to get worse, egged on by the fact that there seem to be no consequences for those who loot and burn, while if you have a business and violate one of the many arbitrary rules that make no sense, you risk having your business shut down, being fined or even facing jail time. In some cities, if you get caught without a mask on, it’s a stiff fine, whereas we all see, night after night, a protest somewhere in this country where it seems that the rioters and looters have been given complete control of the streets.

Our country has been turned upside down, and hardworking, law-abiding citizens are on the bottom and are being trampled by the rioters and the regulations coming from blue states that worsen from day-to-day.

What Americans seem to have lost is hope, and I think that is intentional. The media on every channel beats the public down with talk of sickness, possible school closures, the economy, riots, violence, and politics. There never seems to be any good news, and all the while, everyone is told to stay home whenever possible while protesters are told that their actions are patriotic and, in some cases, necessary to get their point out. Good people are living in fear while the cities are in free fall. So of course, they feel helpless and are at the mercy of their elected officials. Speaking out is not only not good, but it’s going against the grain. Americans are told to not question what’s happening, just shut up, put on your mask, and do as your told.

Where this country goes from here is anyone’s guess, and I am not someone who is simply into the “buy guns and ammo” crowd. You don’t try to buy guns and ammo during a crisis, you should have had them before this all began. A crisis rarely takes a lot of time to spring up, giving you the chance to stock up. I think people should be looking to their own, thinking about where they live and putting away supplies of all kinds. I’m not saying go out and hoard toilet paper, but you can bet if things head south, what you saw at the grocery stores in March will only be an inkling of what they will look like.

America is going through a serious crisis right now, and it’s not just about the Covid virus. The real virus is what we’re seeing elected officials doing to their citizens while allowing criminals to go free or not be arrested at all.

The real virus is the fear that’s now rampaging through the country, making Americans afraid to even go outside for the fear they will catch something that is proving to be far less deadly than we were told. The real virus is the mobs of looters and rioters we’re seeing in our streets every single night, trashing buildings, cars, and destroying businesses while the media calls their actions peaceful. It is yet to be seen if the virus infecting America right now will be fatal to the republic or if we will be able to rally and fight it off. One thing is for sure, we’re running out of time to save the patient.

About David LaPellDavid LaPell

David LaPell has been a Corrections Officer with the local Sheriff’s Department for thirteen years. A collector of antique and vintage firearms for over twenty years and an avid hunter. David has been writing articles about firearms, hunting, and western history for ten years. In addition to having a passion for vintage guns, he is also a fan of old trucks and has written articles on those as well.

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I have always supported the police and even worked as an LEO on several occasions and worked for various police departments in several states. I find the anti-police, and defund the police movements disgraceful, but I also find the actions of these police officers who knowingly and willingly violate their oath of office by enforcing clearly unconstitutional orders, mandates and laws to be disgraceful and deserving of NO respect.

Deplorable Bill

I believe that we are, as a nation, on the brink of civil war. If it doesn’t come to a shooting war before the presidential election it’s very likely to come after the election. Antifa and blm have already said they will burn down the nation if we don’t give them what they want. Pelosi and harris have already said they will be coming after anyone who supports Trump. Threats from thugs are one thing but threats from sitting government officials is altogether different and must be taken seriously. The British tried the same things and it got bloody when… Read more »


“History might not repeat itself…. but it sure does rhyme!” – Mark Twain/Sam Clemens??


It seems to me that if a politician takes the oath of office, swearing to defend the Constitution, and then does just the opposite, he is guilty of treason. When was the last time an elected person was tried for treason?


It seems as though there is a rare politician who actually believes in their heart they will actually stand on their oath to uphold and defend the constitution. It’s too bad there isn’t built in lie detector and punishment device, say a high voltage reminder of their lie as they swear to the oath. IE AOC, Ilhan Omar, the palestinian Rashida Tlaib, Pretty certain they all would have been “lit up like christmas trees” upon taking “their oath”. Add to that list, a number demorat governors and mayors. As far as any politician tried for treason, there may have been… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by macdog

You’re on the right track, but it is not actually “treason.” It is (federal-level or state-level) felony perjury. At federal level – and in some states – that perjury conviction does carry the death penalty, just the same as treason, so the results would be the same.


“TREASON” is the only crime named and defined in our Constitution. And failing up keep one’s oath of office dies not fit that description. However, it IS a different crime, felny perjury, and as you mentioned has never yet been enforced. Time for that to change. Many of these political hooh hahs dictating all manner of unconstitutonal garbage NEED to be so indicted.. I can think of near a dozen “governors” who fit that category right now, and I’ve not made study of it. Add in at least twice that many mayors masquerading as gods, and we might have a… Read more »


Time to take out ANTIFA and BLM scum.


Good article, but Mr LaPell falls short of suggesting way ahead options. Why is that? Is civil war not the obvious endgame? Are we going to sit in our homes and wax eloquently on the virtues of civil disobedience while anarchist and rioters have their way and politicians look the other way? If civil war does break out, the first targets have to be the corrupt politicians Federal and and State (Governors, Mayors, city councilmen) because, unless it gets personal for them, they will continue to threaten the Republic.

WI Patriot

“Barbarians At The Gates, Is Our Great Republic In Danger Of Falling”

Yes, the barbarians are at the gates, but the Republic will stand…


It will stand only through the sacrifices of patriots, and destruction of tyrants.

We would do well to remember the wise words from Jefferson to Lafayette in 1790: “We are not to expect to be translated from despotism to liberty in a featherbed.”

WI Patriot

Whatever it takes…
38yrs ago, I took and oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, and to my knowledge that oath didn’t have an expiration…

a.x. perez

If the Democrats and their Antifa shock troops win the 2020 election do not doubt that they will enact emergency measures that will trash our rights under bill of rights. They will guarantee the power of the current ruling elite. They will block the ability of those not already in the elite to work their way up in social class.


Don’t look to Fox News for any help getting the truth out. Just a few minutes ago Martha MacCallum equated the killing in Portland last night with what Kyle did in Kenosha. What a vapid, lying bitch.


Fox News is controlled opposition. Here’s how to tell:
By not caring at all! Listen to the message, and NOT to the speaker. It is the words that are of import, not the looks/hair/boobs/lips nor any other physical feature that one may, or may not, find attractive. Follow the message, not the credentials, or lack thereof. A lie is still a lie, no matter how pretty one might find the speaker, or how fancy his ID is printed.


Check out One American News Network (OAN)


The Covid-19 scam-demic was a good rehearsal for me for the unpredictable chaos that’s sure to escalate in November 2020 thru February 2021. It revealed weaknesses in my “bug-in” stock preps. A 14 day supply of “any daily necessity” proved to be not near enough. I’ve since gone to a minimum 90 day supply on “all daily necessities”. November 2020 thru February 2021 is shaping up to be a potentially volatile time in our nation. Take an assessment of your daily necessities and take advantage of well stocked store shelves now. Don’t forget prescriptions. By the way, Guns & Ammo… Read more »

Mike Carbine

This is not near as bad as it was 50 years ago. Are we losing 100+ KIA in an endless war the congress is making themselves rich off of? Just how many domestic bombings (not fire crackers or Molotovs) are killing innocent Americans? A trade dispute with the Chicoms is no where close to the coldwar with the USSR and Warsaw pact threat to the nation & free world. When the race riots are so bad the active duty military has to be called in and rack up Vietnam level body counts to restore order then it’s bad. Just read… Read more »



Mike Carbine

What is this censorship crap? Waiting 3 hours for my post to be approved? What kind of commie crap is this webpage about?

Dave in Fairfax

Mike Carbine,
You’ve been here since July of 2019. You should know by now that if you put more than one URL into a comment the automatic system immediately flags it. This has been pointed out repeatedly. No commie crap involved, just a lack of paying attention to the rules.

Mike Carbine

Then check the links and approve it already! WTF is your problem with 2 links in the same post? No wonder the traffic here is dead as disco…

Dave in Fairfax

Check the Comments Policy.

Mike Carbine

TTAG has put this place to shame for the last 5 years. And now I know why most of your posts here have single digit comments after 24 hours… weak
Have fun with your censorship rules

Dave in Fairfax

MC, You haven’t been paying attention. I’ve said repeatedly that the thumbs up/down don’t matter. Popularity isn’t why most of us are here, it’s to stand up on our hind legs and state our minds. I am not interested in how many votes I get or in how popular we are compared to any other website. The URL link rule is in place to keep comments from having large numbers of links in them as has happened in the past. Once that decision is made the only question is how many is too many? The ONLY fair choice is, more… Read more »


In my personal experiences, I’ve discovered that those who think rules are for other people aren’t anyone I choose to associate with. They turn out to be prima donnas that only really desire someone to wipe their feet on.
Just IMO, OFC!


Enjoy your TTAG/WOM/Bloomberg subsidiary. Don’t let the door bruise your butt on the way out. 🙂


C;mon Mike. It takes someone TIME to first SEE a post has been flagged, then to open it, read it, and see what’s going on. This is not a subscriptioni for monye gig. It is free.. and in the several years I’ve been reading and commenting here I have come to the point where this is my first thing in the morning site to open up. All for FREE!!!!! So cool yer jets a while. You know or should know the rule about URL’s inposts. I see other feeds like this one where every other post is trying to sell… Read more »


I’m afraid you are wasting your breath on this one. He’s looking to whinge, not learn. IMO only… OFC.


I’m guessing MC works for Wide Open Media, and his current task is to attempt to lure some readers back to Bloomberg over at TTAG.
A cause for rejoicing! Ammoland must be hurting TTAG pretty badly for them to try scraping the bottom of the barrel this way.


But… speaking of censorship…. what happened to my post suspecting that MC might be a WOM employee? Disallowed?

Dave in Fairfax

You blew by it. Look up a few spots.


Yup, I sure did. Just missed it. I stand corrected.
So much for MC’s theory, huh? 🙂


Oh, you know what? I think I backed up a few pages about that time. I’ll bet I backed up right over it…

Dave in Fairfax

Hey, it happens. Don’t sweat it.


I guess I need one of those truck alarms to beep at me whenever I back up…