Democrats Predict Forced Citizen Disarmament will be a Winner This Time Around

If Biden and Harris win, history will require each of us as gun owners to make a terrible choice. (Giffords/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “Democrats [are showing an] unprecedented embrace of gun control,” The Atlantic noted Thursday. “The party is betting that support for restrictions is more likely to attract moderate voters than turn them off.”

If nothing else, this shows the goalposts are continuously being moved to the left. If the “centrists” of the party are all in for eviscerating a keystone right and ignoring the crystal clear mandate of “shall not be infringed,” you know what those pulling sentiment in that direction intend to end up with. That also allows those previously considered “moderate” to now be smeared as “extremists,” with accusations of being haters not far behind.

It wasn’t always this way, of course – at one point within the lifetimes of many of us, even Democrat “liberals” were on record expressing belief in the Second Amendment and demonstrating that they understood founding intent in a way that today would have them condemned as insurrectionist traitors.

Two cases in point:

“By calling attention to ‘a well regulated militia,’ the ‘security’ of the nation, and the right of each citizen ‘to keep and bear arms,’ our founding fathers recognized the essentially civilian nature of our economy,” John F. Kennedy responded to GUNS Magazine’s inquiries in the April 1960 issue’s “Know Your Lawmakers” feature. “Although it is extremely unlikely that the fears of governmental tyranny which gave rise to the Second Amendment will ever be a major danger to our nation, the Amendment still remains an important declaration of our basic civilian-military relationships, in which every citizen must be ready to participate in the defense of his country. For that reason I believe the Second Amendment will always be important.”

“Certainly one of the chief guarantees of freedom under any government, no matter how popular and respected, is the right of citizens to keep and bear arms,” then-senator, soon-to-be vice president,  future presidential candidate and “liberal” icon Hubert Humphrey had asserted in the February issue. “This is not to say that firearms should not be very carefully used, and that definite safety rules of precaution should not be taught and enforced. But the right of citizens to bear arms is just one more guarantee against arbitrary government, one more safeguard against a tyranny which now appears remote in America, but which historically has proved to be always possible.”

So much for the lie that the individual rights “theory” didn’t start to gain ground until the NRA started getting more political circa 1977:

“While conventional wisdom suggests that an individual’s right to bear arms is enshrined in the Second Amendment of the Constitution, it is, in fact, a relatively recent interpretation, according to New Yorker writer and legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin.”

It’s fair to wonder what it was Toobin “analyzed.” It certainly wasn’t the clear record left by the Framers or prior Supreme Court cases including Scott v. Sanford, Cruikshank, and Miller.  Then again. Perhaps he’s just an apparatchik advancing an agenda regardless of the truth, which my looking into past asinine assertions he has made appears to corroborate.

Meanwhile, back at The Atlantic, meet the new exemplar of “moderation”:

“He’s laid out an assault-weapons ban for new purchases,” a man named Bill, a managing partner at a small investment firm and a former intelligence officer, told me excitedly, when I asked why he backed Bloomberg for president. (Bill declined to give his last name for privacy reasons.) “And there absolutely should be universal background checks,” he continued. “It’s like, that’s a no-brainer—come on.”

“This is the new normal in the Democratic Party: Moderate voters not only support gun-control legislation, but have begun to use the issue as a litmus test,” The Atlantic advises.

So “Bill” is a Democrat? Having an intelligence background, I don’t suppose he actually did any pertinent data collection before deciding that trying to force millions of his armed countrymen to surrender their rights and bend to the will of the collectivists was a “no-brainer”?

Threatening infringements on the right to keep and bear arms did not work for Al Gore (who ended up losing his home state) or Hillary Clinton. Now the Democrats are betting the electorate has changed enough for denial of rights to be a winning issue. That makes fair the question: Has it? Virginia gives us some clues:

“Gun control was indeed a core campaign message for Spanberger, the Democratic representative who defeated the Republican incumbent Dave Brat two years ago in a suburban district near Richmond, Virginia, that had long been represented by the GOP. It was also central to the campaign platform of Jennifer Wexton, Spanberger’s fellow Virginian and fellow freshman, who flipped her D.C.-adjacent district from red to blue. By 2019, polling showed that gun control was the top issue for voters in their home state; that fall, Democrats managed to gain control of the state legislature and immediately passed a huge slate of gun reforms.”

How did that happen? The New York Times thinks it knows:

“Unlike three decades ago, the residents are often from other places, like India and Korea. And when they vote, it is often for Democrats.

“’Guns, that is the most pressing issue for me,’ said Vijay Katkuri, 38, a software engineer from southern India, explaining why he voted for a Democratic challenger in Tuesday’s elections.”

We will see in November if the demographics have changed enough nationally to give the House-holding Democrats the win for the White House and Senate, and for upcoming federal/Supreme Court appointments. If it is, that “history” the above feature photo predicts, with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris leading the charge against our guns, will prove catastrophic.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Red Falcon 1325

I’m one of those old farts who believes in the Constitution. I retired from the Army and then served and retired as a Deputy. Like other people with my background, we swore an oath to protect the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. Regardless of the election results, I would consider a firearms confiscation order/turn-in as unlawful, and would not obey. Should such a thing ever come to pass in my lifetime, be careful when you pick up my rifle, the barrel is going to be awfully hot. ‘Shall not be infringed’ is pretty f’n clear.  


Never better words spoken from a future Frontline Commander! I pray to God sure that it doesn’t come in your lifetime but I fear that it will around election time and your experience and prowess is going to be needed on the front lines, if not commanding boot camps for the civilians to get properly trained and disciplined in a Military Manor so they can be effective in saving our nation.

Last edited 2 years ago by USMC0351Grunt

Gun confiscation will begin with registration laws. After a grace period, confiscations will begin using warrants. When police arrive at your door, you will have a decision to make: (1) let them in, (2) call your militia neighbors to surround your house and intimidate the police, (undercovers will be taking pictures of the crowd and identifying individual members and leaders), (3) open fire and make them take your guns from your cold, dead hand while your wife and kids become collateral damage. All of these choices are losers. The only long-term option is taking a page from the antifa/BLM rioters.… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Bob

The problem is going from a totally unorganized militia run in many cases by a goofball Negan type to a real ORGANIZED one that the 2nd amendment says is NECESSARY. BTW, that is the only place in the Constitution the word NECESSARY is used. It should have been used in the monetary clauses also. No state shall make anything but gold and silver coin NECESSARY in the payment of debts. But since that oversight took place..>WAALAAA< we have wonderful worthless fiat federal reserve notes to wipe our behinds with!


the solution to this is get a group of people together and find out who are the veterans then have them proved that they are veterans by showing you a DD-214 then discover what branch they served and if they served in the Navy you don’t want them trying to teach Rifleman you want Marines or Army infantry personnel. at that point you have your people for month you tell them they’ve got two ears and two eyes tell them to put that to work and then use their mouth only when the training is over and they have questions.… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by USMC0351Grunt

You sound like an authoritarian who wants to relive your days in the military.


– I did not thumb you up because I like what you describe, but because I’m growing to believe you are (unfortunately) correct. 🙁


at first news of mandated registration and certain eventual confiscation, take steps to sequester the najority of the tools you now own. Most states are not set up to accuratley track every firearm. Yes, they’ll have records of purchases new from FFL’s. Many of us will have “stuff” that did not come to our hands via that pathway, and yet came legally. Further, any tie one buys a used gun, even from an FFL, the chain of custody from the manufacurer is broken, and I could very plausibly have sold/traded that one off even through an FFL (sold it on… Read more »


STUFF via that pathway? Why yes…
Yes i do.


Even though a colorful scenario in reality it’s not going to work that way you know damn well you won’t be able to get enough phone calls out to get everybody to fart in the same tune. I strongly suggest people do not use hypothetical scenarios cooked up in their brains from movies they seen her video games they played and realize but if they do come for you they’re going to come hard and you will be alone in most cases.


If we hand in our guns to the government either piecemeal or all at once what is going to protect us from the government????


ah, Tennesee, THAT is THE question of the day. WE know what was the founders’ intent for protecting us from government, and all other enemies and threats, foreign and domestic.
Apparently the likes of BuyThem and Whooriss hve forgotten that. IF they manage to hornswoggle enough voters/vote counters to “win”, they may soon enough learn how mistaken they are.

WI Patriot

Come and get ’em…plain and simple…


@WI – Life is short and I don’t want to spend what little I have left in prison. Their idea of a moderate small step is to apply NFA rules to almost every magazine. Compliance is not an option. Ten years and $250k each for majority of rifle and pistol magazines is also not an option. I am an incredibly peaceful- law abiding, and honestly kind of wimpy man xx yet what choices do they leave me? In negotiation the biggest wins come when you offer the other side a way to claim victory, or at least to save face.… Read more »


live free or die. slavery is wrong, no matter where, no matter when, although it still happens around the world. i too am a law-abiding citizen, i obey Jesus and the Constitution and Bill of Rights. i will not be a slave to an authoritarian government.
by the way men are xy.


– like the 3 in economics, I’ve got no idea where the “xx” came from. My spell checker seems to have lost it’s “mind”. Am well aware that men are xy (which spell checker just changed to dying!)… I am xy, if you need proof… see children 🙂

Oh… xx came because I tried sliding down for —. Guess I need to start using a computer with a real keyboard instead of iPad.


@OV – I think you misunderstood my meaning. After trapping a wild animal without means of escape, would you stick your bare hand in to grab them? Even a gopher or rabbit can deliver a painful bite, though you might consider what I/we would be resisting and implications regarding tools and skill sets.

uncle dudley

When the wealthy can afford to have hired security that carry firearms to protect their rich client or elected official they want us everyday citizen to give up our right to defend our family and what really gets me is how hypocritical they can be when they are afraid they may get shot in a gun free zone by a nut with an agenda, they still think it’s okay for a women to kill an unborn child.
Killing someone who has no defender is what needs to change.


What most Democrats fail to realize is that the very people they want to disarm the public are being defunded and demonized by them at this moment with no signs of letting up. Do you honestly think that the Police are feeling beholding to the Democrats and their constituents right now? After being attacked, demeaned, prosecuted, and fired, the Cops are just going to get their marching orders and start grabbing guns. The Democrats will want them to disarm the only segment of the population that actually supports the Police. The Majority of Cops won’t cooperate and will find ways… Read more »

Mystic Wolf

Call them what they are satan worshipping DEMONcrats, those on the left and far left are DEMONS you can tell what they are by the eyes.


VERY TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are cowboys in the Police Departments, but as I think there is a chance to clear them out, but as Oldvet says it will turn to ally with the police to weed out the Turn-Coats against our Republic, much as our for fathers did when we broke from England!!!!!!!!!


Take a good look at how closely the governors of the craziest states are working with the chinese. Also study how deeply embedded into the economic fabric of those states are the chnese “investors” and businesses. It was only recently the Port of Long Beach (California”s largest) was removed from the controlling hands of chinese interests. IF it comes down to it I do not think the Boys in Blue will be the ones taking up OUR arms. Or dying trying to. No, Those guys invading ourhomes will be wearing light green. It is also possible a different such lot… Read more »

uncle dudley

The democrats want to take your gun rights, they want to defund the police and they have a track record of always cutting the military so who will they send for the guns a social worker?
If they think too many people have died from the covid-19 virus the numbers will be much higher when they try to take the guns as most Americans will not give them up.


I expect them to make a deal with the cchinese and/or UN. Dont forget, those rats are all real chummy wiht both outfits. You watch.. if the worst happens in November, how soon will it be before the dynamic twin idiots will be pleading with the UN to let us re-ratify the Small Arms Trade Treaty, then ask UN blueheads to come round and help enforce THEIR laws now purportedly oart of “the supreme law of the land”? (they will have conveneintly forgotten that ONY fireign treaties consistent with the written Constituioin we have are part of “the supreme law… Read more »


Oh, please, God, please! Let Antifa show up… the results will not be to their liking, but I’ll enjoy the hell out of the experience.

Last edited 2 years ago by JoeUSooner
Ryben Flynn

I think I better recheck the 50/200 zero on my ARs.


You, ( and anybody else that has their head in ass wired together) better take whatever Optics you have on your AR OFF and rely on your front and rear iron sights and punch out to 500 yards! if you have the extra ammo right now would be the time to start practicing. if you cannot punch out to 500 yards with your AR-15 using iron sights chances are you wI’ll be in a world of hurt you don’t want to be in I shit you not. ANYTHING additional to your AR should be a Lower Parts Kit, the tools… Read more »


If they de-fund the police, who is going to take our guns?

Also, if they de-fund the police, who is going to stop us from shooting the ANTIFA / BLM terrorists?

Interesting paradox.


Antifa is now showing up with guns, it won’t be long before they fire the first shot.


Antifa-BLM killed two and injured 3 in Seattle. Police could do nothing.


The left wants to make BLM and antifa the new police.
Lawlessness and injustice is the lefts/democrats new agenda. It is called, “anarchy.”


it was not that the Seattle police “could do nothing” it was that the perverted city hooh hahs decided they MAY NOT do anything. This is in breach of their contract with their constituents. I’m waiting for enough Seattle residents to sue the city for breach of contract, and demand charges be filed for felony perjury for swearing their owth of office then refusing to uphold said oath.
At minimum I’m hoping a functional recall is persued, and that the city rid themselves of these traitorous treasonous trough feeders.


Don’t interview remember Obozo’s private paramilitary jackbooted organization? When Biden becomes president, and I do mean WHEN, that organization will be restarted and filled with antifa and BLM.

The Democrats will not be denied this election cycle, they’re going to steal the election, and they do not care who knows it.

Get ready people Civil War is here!

Cheers from the Oil Patch in Central WY

Last edited 2 years ago by Neanderthal75
Capn Dad

What IS a no brainer is that gun control has nothing to do with guns. What they are advocating (and demanding) is citizen control. The Democrats (which is the front name for the communists) seek to create a one party nation and an armed citizenry is the last obstacle they face. Demographics insure that the Democrats will get their one party nation but only if America is disarmed. Anyone no matter what is a fool to give up their weapons. Giving in is tantamount to treason.

Mystic Wolf

Remember these ARE satan worshipping DEMONcrats that we are talking about, they care nothing for the people they care only for the master they serve (satan). The only way to get what they want is to disarm the people by force, they think we will give up our weapons willingly they are wrong. All these riots and protests that are going on are all part of the DEMONS plans, and make no mistake these are TRUE SATAN WORSHIPPING demons we have running the DEMONcrat party at this time. Keep your eyes open and watch what they do next, they telegraph… Read more »


“A man named Bill, a managing partner at a small investment firm and a former intelligence officer, told me excitedly, when I asked why he backed Bloomberg for president. (Bill declined to give his last name for privacy reasons.) “And there absolutely should be universal background checks,” he continued. “It’s like, that’s a no-brainer—come on.”

I’d like for this “Bill” to show me a retailer where you can purchase a firearm without a background check.

Maybe I’m missing the part where he wants criminals to get background checks when they purchase stolen guns.


Yea lets make history and make the democrats and their arrest an example to traitors.


“For that reason I believe the Second Amendment will always be important.” So President Kennedy got it. When you need to defend your nation and your values as a nation you need to be armed. Modern democrats do not see any need to defend this nation. They intend to destroy it. That is why disarming America is such a critical element in their public policy. They will try by hook and by crook to disarm American so they can achieve total power. Total power equals totalitarianism. That is their goal. That is their “precious.”


President Kennedy met the enemy of our country and fought against them, today, his party believes the enemy is the American people. What we are about to find out in this country today is, are the American people capable of fighting the enemy within? The democrats are counting on the American people not fighting against each other and just letting them, democrats, have their way. Slavery was put away 165 years ago in this country, the democrats want to reinstitute slavery again but under communism, which is a demonic form of slavery. We have until November to convince people they… Read more »


You are absolutely correct.


“Choose you this day who ye will serve. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” IF they tell me to register my lawfully obtained firearms and weapons of war, I will refuse and they will have to kill me and mine before they can have them.


They will say, OK ! We value life, they do not.

Idaho Bob

“Forced” is a very strong word. I can only hope that the resolve of those like me is far greater than the determination of the American hating tyrannical left.
As Moses once said, “From my cold, dead hands!”


And somebody here added, “But be careful. The barrel will be hot.”


Idaho Bob, there will be two of us together in those trenches. I would hope that the rest of my Marine Corps veteran family would also stand with us.


Now there’s 3 of us Ask not how many enemies but where are they!!!!!


To use 1st & even 2nd generation immigrants with no roots in the USA as a stepping stool to gain power will infuriate millions. To use this power to dictate to Americans with 300+ years in the country that have used up their treasure and family blood to build it will not go well. A firearms speaker years ago, with facts , estimated to disarm Americans with force would see millions dead and a never ending attack against the US Govt. The hate filled Democrat Communists better think long and hard should they attempt such a scheme and action.


In 2016, the Homeland Security office (Obama’s Homeland Security!!) told Congress that civil war WILL indeed arrive – they estimated within the “next 5 years” (by 2021). Can’t find a reason to argue with their conclusion…


I think most politicians overestimate the willingness of LEOs and military to participate in confiscation schemes. What percentage of them do you think will? When cops start getting pictures in the mail of their kids playing in front of their houses and their wives at the grocery store they will probably start rethinking their positions.


Do you think? I suspect that after the first confiscation that when they start getting ambushed at a stop sign by a guy with a shot gun and the word gets out that being a “law” (read, edict of psychopathic control freak) enforcer of “laws” that are in direct violation of the peoples right to keep and bear arms, they will quickly rethink their position in life. At that time many of us will consider the “thin blue line” a line between freedom and TYRANNY and they will be the enforcers of TYRANNY.


@CL – How do intend to distinguish between those who enforce federal law and those who don’t? Just how often do you think that would happen? Not disagreeing, but even a few hundred such events would simply motivate increased police brutality, drive up budgets and militarization, AND motivate cops to try to disarm the rest of us for their own safety. A million such events would definitely change the equation, but good luck inspiring so many to act in concert. Couple years ago there was a rash of police ambushed by black men. Do you think that made police begin… Read more »


yuo forget that when that was happening the cops KNEW it was the action of a very few individuals, and that they (cops) had he full support of the vast majority of the nation behind them. You will also recall this was short-lived. The perps were NOT enforcing rightsoueness, they WERE lawless murderers.
In this scenario, of taking all our guns, the cops KNOW they would be on the wrong side of justice, the “supreme law of the land”, and moral law. That makes an YUUUUUUGE difference. And the coppers know it.


Tionico & CL – Very good points. While I’m not into suicide missions, necessary risk taking is a given. No sniping on a parade, to be trapped in a parking garage – but occifers could quickly learn to not travel alone.


I suggest a read of “The War of the Flea” which is a classic study of guerilla warfare. At that time in our history, if it were to occur, EVER LAW ENFORCER who maintains his or her job will be considered an enemy because ALL of them, both federal and local enforce federal “laws” (read, edicts of psychopathic control freaks). Who needs to act in concert? It is called leaderless resistance. Read this comment from one of the greatest dissidents to live in our lifetime… “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like… Read more »


The TRUE BLUE LEOS which from my last Testament was 60% or greater and this is coming from Leo’s that they will resign or quit the forces and not take part in an unconstitutional act against those that they serve to protect. Fathers mothers sisters brothers and some uncle’s even grandparents are law enforcement in this nation. Sworn to uphold the law not the Lawless or the unconstitutional they know where the line is and they will die to defend it.

Last edited 2 years ago by USMC0351Grunt

What? We saw LEOs arrest people for singing outside, cutting hair, paddle boarding in the ocean, playing catch in a vacant park. We saw LEOs stand by and watch people commit major acts of arson, terrorize motorists and shop owners, loot, and commit major acts of destruction. They vacated their own headquarters and surrendered it to the rioters when ordered to do so. The vast majority of LEOs will enforce any and all gun control laws. Some reluctantly and many with crazy eyes and foaming at the mouth as they demand people respect their authority. You seem obsessed with some… Read more »


I hope Beto the buck-toothed moron is at the front when they come to try to take my only pellet gun…


Good luck with that. He’ll be hiding in his ivory tower with lost of goons in military garb protecting him while the enforcers are out enforcing his psychopathic control freak edicts.


Agree granddad Beto / butthole, the fake Irish who disparages the name O Rourke is too much of a pussy to be point on a confiscation raid. He is more willing to let somebody else pay for his idiocy.


I hope these communists do attempt to come in person.


The NY SAFE Act has a 4% compliance rate.


And in Kommiecticut it is about 15% compliance. I am proud to be in the 85%, and have been since 1994.

My guns can be picked up among the dead bodies (mine included) and empty brass.

Deplorable Bill

The FACTS are they fully intend to disarm the American citizen. They can’t force socialism/communism on us while we are armed because they know we will revolt. The British tried the same thing and they got their assess kicked. History does repeat itself. The socialist, communist, progressive, demoncrapic left has made their intentions abundantly, tyrannically clear. We stand diametrically opposed. Either what we know to be right and good and true IS right and good and true for all mankind, under GOD, or there is no hope for mankind. If we don’t stand up now there will be war and… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Deplorable Bill

Ill stand. Our well fed,well paid politicians whom we elected to protect our freedoms and "rule of law' that they are so fond of waving in our faces, have ignored their sworn duty. I swore that oath you mentioned, and Ill stand by it.


Do they even THINK about the consequences of trying to disarm the descent citizens of this country?
I guess it’s obvious by what they are allowing to happen in our cities, that they don’t care about bloodshed!


Unless it’s their own blood, no they do NOT care. Not one bit.


“Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil; May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; And do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.”


Archangels, and Angels, cannot be Saints! Humans who are believers in Christ I’m saved by the blood are Saints. Angels have the pure undiluted Grace of God himself.


I think God is going to let us defend ourselves. After all he gave folks like Colonel Colt the idea of the great equalizer and then we have Gene Stoner who gave us the idea of the lego kit gun idea which has pretty much armed ever patriotic American in the last 10 years.




That will light a fuse for an “explosion” that NO DEMOCRAT (politician, neighbor or even family member) EVER wants to light…
For the Dems/socialists it is basically a self elimination fuse, go ahead make our day.


Life itself is a single-elimination event (think about it…). It’s even tougher if you’re as stupid as a Leftist.


All hands, please stop using the term “liberal” to describe leftists and progressives. Humphrey and Kennedy are long since dead and so is their presence in the democrat party. I know you were brought up on a steady diet of “owning the libs” but owning real liberals, the membership of the Libertarian Party for instance gains you nothing in the fight to restore and defend individual liberty. Call them by their proper names: progressives, leftists, communists, socialists and whether they know it or not, fascists. That is the cabal that comprises the Progressive New Left in America. That cabal is… Read more »

Country Boy

OK, how’s : To hell with all socialist progressive marxist/communist democrats. Especially Joe, and the Ho, Nancy, Chucky AOC, Tleib and Omar and Waters

Green Mtn. Boy

Ah yeah Eff the Commicrats,that will be the kickoff of what ever you want to call the next great aggression.

Elisa Delaurenti

America’s common sense voters MUST reject this anti-America, socialist, far left, anti-Human & Civil Rights LUNACY.


Are these idiots even American? Their job is to support, defend and protect the Constitution. The United States is the envy of the world, no wonder people break laws trying to get here. Democrats no longer represent their name sake, they are communists who no longer hide in the shadows.


Its quite obvious that the communist party of America don’t have both oars in the water. What I fail to see here on their platform is whom will actually give the order for you and I to surrender our freedom. They obviously do not fathom that we gun owners aren’t illiterate nor stupid. It may have went well in Germany but not gonna happen here. I know I’m not nor will I. A rough road ahead of us Patriots.




Let me see. How well did that work out for the British?


Sadly you have to realize that the masses that we are facing today in our country were handed their freedom and liberty they didn’t have to fight for it therefore they hardly understand the value of it. However, the.Veterans know, especially those that have faced combat and were fortunate to come back home, only to see basically the same crap that they went over to fight! never forget that we have 22 million plus or minus veterans in this nation at any given time and I pray to God that they are all stocked and locked and ready to rock… Read more »


But if they defund the police who is going to come and take our guns?


@Camotim – First time cops are killed carrying out a gun confiscation raid, haters will jump all over themselves calling for increasing police power, militarization, and of course funding. The mob is fickle, that is why we have a republic, BoR, and SCOTUS with lifetime appointments. First is to ensure geographic differences are respected. Second to protect civil rights of individuals. While third insures some legal stability over time. Modern travel, communications and 3conomics have drastically reduced effectiveness of the first. Political differences are no longer along state lines and billionaires do not restrict themselves to influencing their own states.… Read more »


probably arm them with full auto military arms anyone else notice the small announcement that Customs and Border Protection discovered and seized a massive shipment (tens of thousands) of drop in auto sears and conversion kits to render AR pattern rifles now semi auto only into select fire full auto weapons? Anyone else remember a recent series of raids up near Cairns, the remote northern territoty in Austraila, where thousands of NEW full auto military pattern chinese “assault weapons” have been found being brought in to the country? If Australia can have be a desitnation for them, so can the… Read more »


The military.


Are you sure? Are you talking about the military that voted 75% conservative in 2016? The military that’s made up of citizen-soldier patriots? The military (and their families) that live in our local communities? The military that would likely react very negatively to being ordered to open fire on fellow American citizens? THAT military??


Absolutely. To begin with, today’s military came thru the same indoctrinating educational system as the rioters on our streets. Second, the vast majority (be it police, military or whatever) will do what they are told out of fear of retribution or losing their jobs. In addition, if you’re not aware that for decades our military has been used as one big social experiment, then your head has been in the sand. My statement was not anti-military and I am anything but. However, you need to be realistic. It may be before your time (I got out of the Army in… Read more »

jack mac

Defunding intended for local police; not federal enforcers whose numbers are increasing. The number of prohibited persons also increasing.


I tend to the geography camp. Those east of the Appalachian and west of the Sierra/ cascades seem to suffer from a strange affliction. Respect for and adherance to the Constitution appears to be absent in the populace. Maybe it’s just living “the good life” insured by the rest of our nation that makes this prevail there? The coastal” elites” (I hate that word) live in a bubble at the expense of us “normal” people.


One bright ray of hope that may be strong enough and early enough to affect voting MIGHT be the recent and continuins chaos, destruction, anarchy, etc, in most of the major cities, particularly those long controlled by radical democrats. The lazy and emotion-driven in Seattle voted in droves for that Sawami crreature, the most vocal of the commie nutjobs, and their mayoress, and now they’ve been forced to confront the reality of their thinkng/values, real estate proces in Seattle are plummeting rapidly, while those in surrounding areas are spiking. Large corporations that have been mainstays to the tax base in… Read more »


It’s fairly a sure thing that attempts at total citizen disarmament will result in most of us not complying. If they are counting on UN troops to do the task those troops will be treated as enemy invaders and shot.


I dont believe the Communistic Democrats really have any clear understanding of the ramifications of the fuse they are so intent on lighting. On the other hand, they are friends with our enemies. If they are able to implement their agenda, Ive little doubt they will call upon what they call,foreign assets. So, some load of Red Chinese may be conducting door to door searches. (Remember those forms we had to fill out ,so we could buy a gun?)They value life so we should be safe.Right? The other scenario, is if the Dems. lose, I expect the rioting we see… Read more »


Shades of NAZI Germany, or is it COMMIES who had a history if disarming the people and then subjugating them into mind control….AND TENS OF MILLIONS DIED!


Come and get them. Be prepped with body bags and wagons when they do. Anyone who follows a Dumbocrat order to unlawfully infringe on the 2nd will be met with dire consequences when they come to take them away. But dammit, I can’t go practice as much as I’d like to on moving targets. F#KemAll2HeLL


While I agree, and I most certainly WISH this is the position most gun owning Americans take, what are you REALLY prepared to do? It’s not like Kamala Harris or Beta O’Rourke are going to knock on your door and demand you hand them your firearms. It’s going to be your local law enforcement who are charged with this task. They are going to be the ones charged with taking you down if you do not surrender your weapons. So are you honestly ready to become an outlaw and drop a LEO where he/she stands? I think all of the… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

RyanLamp, I suspect that you are incorrect. I would guess that most of us have been giving this a lot of thought for the last 12 years or more. I also suspect that, given the number of “prior service individuals” among us, it isn’t the first time that they’ve looked over sights. If you’ve been there, you’ve probably dealt with the possibility that you won’t make it to dinner. Most people want to be left alone to enjoy their lives and hobbies. Once a person decides to interfere in those at the point of a gun, they put themselves in… Read more »

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Hey, 2ndA’murrican, I’m not picking on you in particular, in my little rant. I’m on your side, buddy. I just think we all need to take a step back, drop the rhetoric and the tough talk, ask ourselves what we’re REALLY willing to do, and have a REAL conversation that’s based in reality, about what needs to be done, and what can be done. I for one know the key to all of this. The key to this entire fight is not the politicians. They’re merely the puppets. The key to it all is the mainstream media. THEY are the… Read more »


Might I add: if they cannot find 20 million illegals how will they find several hundred million firearms in the hands of a hundred million citizens?


They were never actally knocking on doors looking for the illegals. Democrats very desperately need us disarmed in order to move to stage two of their plan.


I predict the democrats can will go f&@k themselves like we tell them to


Good luck finding people to enforce such a law.


Cold, dead hands!

Chris Mallory

Make sure you read the article. It clearly shows why all immigration has been bad for America and Americans. It does not matter who, from where, or how legal they are. Until we close the border and start mass deportations we will not win this battle at the ballot box.

Get Out

Yeah, and they also predicted Hillary was going to win too.


The Republics Constitutional Laws and Penalties are in place for a reason. Elected servants only have power that is delegated to them by the Constitution. These servants are there to protect the individual rights of the minority from the demands of the majority. As soon as that oath is taken, then willfully broken, that offender is merely someone impersonating an elected official. Nothing more. They intend on making us explain to our children and grandchildren how we let their freedom slip thru our fingers.


No, what you’re going to have to explain to your children is why WE, the People, the individual citizens dis/do not do OUR DUTY and immediately remove these corrupt Traders from office by use of our people’s grand jury indictments and prosecution for high crimes against the people. so rather than try to tell your children some bullshit story tell them about the apathy of We the People


I’d just like to point out that we all know the left extensively cheated in this election. What I’d like to know is what are we going to do about it? Our Founders left us the Second Amendment for a reason. THIS election is that reason.

Ansel Hazen

I think we should begin to look at Inauguration day as a drop dead date for having patience with the system.


The people I know who use the term “no brainer” are really describing themselves, people who cannot think or reason for themselves.

Ansel Hazen

“If Biden and Harris win, history will require each of us as gun owners to make a terrible choice.”

Making the choice to save this country from ruin is hardly a terrible thing.

Dave in Fairfax


I suspect he meant the other meaning of terrible.


What will happen.


The writer doesn’t have the ‘nards to mention the modern day interpretation of “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” He’s scared of beinmg chareged with “inciting violence & getting slapped with a “red flag”. SAD…


Article ends by saying “catastrophic”. Does that mean in the sense that they will effectively disarm citizens through registration followed by confiscation? Does it mean it will spark a new civil war between those who support the 2nd amendment and democrats? Why all the nuanced conversation about what happens next?


Why all the nuanced conversation about what happens next?

Gee, if YOU can see the future, please enlighten us mere mortals…


History is our guide. The Communist Manifesto and historic examples like the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Vietnam and North Korea give the Progressive New Left their practical guides on how to enact this specific catastrophe. That model is this. Form gangs of thugs, Antifa and Black Lives Matter for instance and appoint them as “block captains” in every neighborhood. Then turn those gangs of thugs loose on the general population. Incentivize or terrorize common citizens to denounce their neighbors. Conduct Stalinist show trials. Make any suspected gun owner or sympathizer a public example of what happens to… Read more »

Country Boy

I fear you are correct.


Exactly!!! Most of these writers tip toe around actually mentioning the final result if the assault on the 2nd Amendment continues. They’re all scared s**tless of the bottom feeding liar, uh, lawyer class. Comon’ David, GROW A PAIR!!!


After reading what experts have had to say. Seeing the political divide, the division amongst the people, and the violence being seen across the nation. This great nation has never been closer to a civil war. Historians are estimating 2-5 years. I believe that’s farther away than reality. To support any candidate in this election is not going to make a difference. One is going to push the divide even further, the other is going to force a response. Either way the ending is the same. This nation is within a couple years of an all out civil war. While… Read more »