Federal Awarded Ammo Contract for US Army Next Gen Carbine

Federal Military Ammo M16
Federal Ammunition was just awarded a contract to supply 7.62x51mm ammo for the military’s new next-gen carbines. IMG Jim Grant

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Federal Ammunition is proud to announce a contract award to supply high-performance 7.62x51mm NATO and other novel ammunition for the U.S. Army’s Next Generation Carbine Technologies (NGCT) program. This suite of ammunition utilizes a specialized alloy cartridge case allowing for elevated chamber pressures and a reduction in ammunition weight as compared to legacy brass-cased ammunition. These performance benefits deliver a significant increase in overall weapon system effectiveness for the NGCT program.

“We are a company committed to providing ammunition support to the U.S. military, as defined through our mission statement to ‘Build better ammunition in America, to create community, power defense, and conserve our heritage’,” said Jason Vanderbrink, President of Federal Ammunition. “We are extremely pleased with this prestigious contract award, as it validates the high level of trust the U.S. military has with our new and innovative products.”

“Our use of a proprietary high-performance alloy cartridge case will provide the U.S. Army NGCT Team with an excellent ammunition platform for evaluation of advanced Next Generation weapon concept performance. Program results will serve to inform the direction of future Next Generation weapon technology decisions for the U.S. Army,” said David Leis, Federal’s VP of Law Enforcement, Government and International Sales. “Ammunition products utilizing this specialized alloy cartridge case technology will be made available for commercial and foreign sales in the near future.”

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American Patriot
American Patriot (@american-patriot)
1 year ago

novel ammunition” What the he!! does that mean?
No mention of what mix of alloys for the cartridge case is, so basically federal got another Govt contract.

Randy Willy Johnson
Randy Willy Johnson (@supmycrakka)
1 year ago

Civilian ammo version will have to conform to SAAMI specs, so no chage, really.

archmark (@archmark)
1 year ago

How long before this “high-performance” ammo with “elevated chamber pressures” gets into the civilian market and into old Joe Bob’s deer rifle that can’t handle it? Not long I’m betting & old Joe Bob is gonna be really pissed once they finally get finished picking the bolt & shrapnel out of his head!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  archmark

Unlikely to blow up even an old rifle. Probably more like a +P that will just accelerate wear. A bigger issue will be that this round is designed for carbines, meaning faster burning powder will be used, which could easily mean LESS ballistic performance in longer barreled firearms, and not more…

Orion (@orion)
1 year ago
Reply to  archmark

the NGCT carbine will be a new weapon, still in testing.
.277 caliber, similar to 6.8 SPC but with a larger case.
SIG has their civilian ammo out now: 277 Fury.

CEMinMO (@charles-moore)
1 year ago
Reply to  archmark

NO .308 is old enough and/or made of cheap enough steel (like in the late 19th and early 20th centuries) for there to be a problem.