Gov. Whitmer Proudly Wipes Out Wolverine State Gun Stores

By Larry Keane

Governor Whitmer
MI Gov Whitmer proudly boasts with Shannon Watts about her wanton destruction of the Second Amendment. IMG

U.S.A. -( Everytown for Gun Safety continued its Veepstakes auditions as Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer joined Shannon Watts to talk about her gun control credentials.

Gov. Whitmer’s highlight of the event was boasting about putting 6,600 Michiganders in the firearm and ammunition industry out of work by deeming them “non-essential” during the coronavirus pandemic. Most of their industry peers across the United States could remain on the job. Gov. Whitmer, though, shuttered gun businesses in her state and was proud of it on her Everytown Veepstakes tryout with Shannon Watts.

“I would do it again. I absolutely stand by the decision that I made,” Gov. Whitmer said. “I’m not going to apologize. And I’m not going to be bullied into doing things differently…It was very clear, the purchase of a gun does not fall in that [life-sustaining] criteria.”

Should she be 2020 presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s running mate, Gov. Whitmer would fit the ticket. Former Vice President Biden’s antigun track record is well-known and he’s had his own run-in with Michigan gun owners, scolding one Detroit Second Amendment supporter, saying “You’re full of sh*t!” Together the two would make for the most antigun presidential ticket in modern history.

For Safety and Security

Watts dismissed concerns Michiganders have for their personal safety. She went as far as labeling the more than 2.5 million Americans who bought a gun for the first time as just “the gun extremist community.” Gov. Whitmer blamed President Donald Trump.

“That is just the kind of dog-whistle that always makes me fearful that we’ll have more violence break out across the country.” She glossed over the numerous examples of law-abiding Americans protecting themselves, their families, their businesses, and their neighbors.

For her part, Gov. Whitmer supports reinstating the failed 1994 Assault Weapons Ban and gun control grab bag favorites like “red flag” laws that deny due process to the accused, closing loopholes that are in fact just the Second Amendment and more. There’s just one problem keeping her from getting her way – voters.

“I can’t just change these laws on my own,” Gov. Whitmer said. “I need a legislature to work with me. I don’t have a legislature that is very friendly when it comes to working on this issue.”

Gov. Whitmer is correct, though she did not make the point she thought she was making.

Biden and Beyond in November

Gov. Whitmer praised Biden’s candidacy and what it could mean for stricter gun control.

“With Joe Biden in the White House we’re going to have a leader who makes decisions based on the best information there is, so that we have higher odds of achieving all the goals that he’s running on,” Gov. Whitmer told Watts. “He’s the perfect candidate at this time.”

Former Vice President Biden’s gun control “goals” also include appointing former U.S. Congressman Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke (D-Texas) as his chief gun-grabbing sheriff to confiscate 18 million of the most popular selling centerfire semiautomatic rifles in America. His ‘leadership’ includes telling his wife to blindly fire a shotgun into the air without knowing the target and suggesting police try their best to shoot threatening armed attackers in the leg. He called the firearm industry “the enemy” and wants to dismantle it.

Not everyone agrees with Biden or Gov. Whitmer on these extremist ideas. An NSSF survey of likely voters in 18 battleground states, including Michigan, showed that enforcing existing gun laws and protecting lawful firearm sales are at the top of their minds heading into November. NSSF regularly updates the #GUNVOTE online resource so voters don’t risk their rights in the ballot box.

National Shooting Sports FoundationAbout The National Shooting Sports Foundation

NSSF is the trade association for the firearm industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of thousands of manufacturers, distributors, firearm retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations, and publishers nationwide. For more information, visit

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Vile arrogant two bit Pol.

WI Patriot

The people of michigan voted her into office, and now they can reap the benefits of that poor decision…

Deplorable Bill

Another traitorous, treasonous, tyrant. She swore her oath to the nation, the people and the constitution in front of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. If they can’t or won’t live up to the constitution they have no business in office, in judgement or in enforcement. There are consequences for treason, tyranny and bring a traitor. If enforcement will not arrest her/them, put her in jail and get her tried in court then put her to death if/when found guilty don’t be surprised when some justice seeking citizen does it for them. I think the French revolution is relevant information and instruction.… Read more »


I don’t know where you got your information from but Michigan gun stores and shops have been open. I live in Michigan and recently purchased a new gun during this pandemic. The only sore spot is the lack of some ammo in certain calibers, ie 357, 380 etc. The only store that I know that was closed is the old Field and Stream mostly because they were sold and the new owners were changing things.
Get your facts straight before making stupid comments.


I live in Mich. I have stopped in to at least 8 gunshops from muskegon to Jackson to Grand Rapids. none were closed do to corona 19 or gov. Whitlass,s orders. She may have ordererd it but nobody payed any attention to her. The only reason shops closed was they ran out of ammo and guns to sell.So as usual dems mouth a lot of stuff that does nothing but make them feel good or stuff done by other people that they can call their own whats really funny is the shop owners are getting sick of explaining to 1st… Read more »


Notice how the gun grabbers are silent over BLM/ANQUEEFA types brandishing AR15s and other evil assault weapons? Hell, they support them. It’s the same as it ever was. I grew up near where the Brinks murders took place at the old Nanuet Mall in NY in 1981. That was one of our hangouts and my mom’s favorite shopping venue, so yeah it’s a little personal with me. This crime was committed by remnants of the weather underground, an early incarnation of antifa. To this day every Clarkstown, NY police officer, every NYPD detective and FBI agent involved in that case… Read more »


Another state with one of the highest crime rates and the toughest gun laws wants to make it easier for criminals to do their job with little to no fear.
Are all Democrats and Liberals from another planet? Can’t they see the forest for the trees? Get them out of office for your own safety Michiganders!!!


To answer your question, not another planet, same one as us. Just another part of the planet…aka Communism.

Get Out

Wonder if she realizes she’s responsible for people wanting to buy more guns, ammo and gun related components after she shut the doors on citizens to buy firearms? She needs to be awarded a participation trophy for being the best gun sales employee for multiple months.

Last edited 1 year ago by Get Out
Dave in Fairfax

Ammoland Comment Policy
That’s your warning.
Musicman was referring to the stated intent by Biden to have a woman of color as his running mate.


Whitmer better tape her ankles. I suggest she start looking at the crime numbers in Michigan before she starts attacking citizens Second Amendment rights! There WILL be a backlash of which she will be the point.


You may have thought that there exists a little bias in the news over the past several years. No, you weren’t crazy or losing your marbles as there is a huge well-funded power grab going on inside local governments politics and there is no disclosure list anywhere to be found to help explain this madness from our trusted news sources. You must now connect the dots yourself and educate yourself since the press can no longer be trusted. *YES, the Governor of Michigan used to work for George Soros * YES, CALIF GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM IS NANCY PELOSI’S NEPHEW. *… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

If we are not in a shooting civil war already, we will surely be there after election day. Yamamoto thought better of trying to invade America. The socialist, communist, progressive demoncrapic party is trying to disarm America for a easier take over. If this were 1775 the balls would already be flying. I doubt we have long to wait. When a poisonous snake slithers into your home you cut off its head. Cut off the head and the body dies. Any politician, judge, lawyer or enforcer who has made socialistic/communistic decisions, laws etc is likely to be needing armor. As… Read more »


This whole political and ideological mess began back during the years of the Vietnam War in the ’70’s. Universities were hiring lib/soc instructors and professors. The ration quickly rose to about 70/30 liberals to conservatives. The elementary and high school teacher unions were quickly converted to a socialist organization. This is all following a scheme established by Marxists and funded by the Rothschild’s organization. The last two generations of young people have been thoroughly brain washed, especially in the inner cities. And as much as I hate to say it, we know the make-up of the inner cities. Obama was… Read more »


Dragonfly . . . Thank you for your post. Fact is, the Communists, when they figured out they were never going to be a meaningful political influence as Communists in American politics, took another tack. What do you need to do to take political control of a free society? You infiltrate the public education system, the mainstream public information system, and infiltrate a major political party. You then set about to imprint your political thought in these areas. The Communists have been doing that in America for about five decades now and we have never called them on it! WE… Read more »


The marxist/communists began to craft a plan to execute a takeover of America’s educatin system LONG BEFORE firty years ago. By the end of the nineteen noughts this plan was in place and being implemented. The first changes they sought were that education be government funded, and eventually removed from any vestiges of local control. Next it would become universal.. all children MUST attend some formal school. They tried mightily, but unsuccessfully, to prohibit hoe education in any form.. always must be the govenment mandated curriculum, taught by government individuals. Those were there stated goals back about 1913.. and they’ve… Read more »


It doesn’t help matters when half of the population has an IQ of under 100.

Deplorable Bill

Kruchev, in 1959 while speaking at the United Nations said he would bring America to destruction without firing a shot. It’s worth listening to and it fits what has befallen America to the letter. It’s a miracle that we are not in a shooting civil war right now. If this were 1775, the balls would have been flying for six months already.

Arm up, carry on


Whitmer, public enemy number one


Thought she swore an oath that as governor of her state she woild unhold and defend the US and her State’s Constitutions…. she has wilfully refused/failed to so do. She needs t be arrested on felony perjury charges


Broomsticks maybe, but they both postulate on the same “polystyrene sex toy”, I’ll bet!


Gov. Whitmer is a tyrant and a liar. #ArticleVI #MAGA2020


Her obvious “sister” is Governor Grisham of New Mexico. They share broomsticks.


Heil Whitmer!!


Time to leave me these commies against the wall and be done with them like our fire father’s would have


I bet she is so sad she isn’t black, and not being black lacking the number one qualification for Biden’s VP.
Too funny!


But, But, But wait a min. You must be racist because she aint black. She can’t be the vice pres. candidate. You have to be black in order to qualify this year! Of course the color of your skin being a qualifying factor is not racist. Right!
Idiots, all.


Well, I guess you told him!


I think he had you in mind when he posted.


Gee, I guess what they have been saying is true. When you state the obvious which is the truth and the demonRATs disagree, they immediately attack your mental ability, call you a racist and then conclude with profanities. Funny how the supposedly intellectual superior mind works. Must have pissed her off.


Racist and racism. Just 2 more example of made up double speak supposed words!


Please march by my house with a BLM sign or an antifa gay scarf around your little gay mug
PATIENTLY waiting in florida..

uncle dudley

The state of Michigan is like so many other democrat ran states that they have a shortage of money for their budget because of the policies they have put in place, and for this governor to brag about shutting down the firearms stores putting 6600 workers out of an income only shows how ignorant she is for the economic health of her state.
We don’t need her anywhere near a leadership position in the United States government.

Capn Dad

And as the nation descends into civil war and destruction she will be surrounded by armed guards and whisked away to a secure location and continue to govern the safe space around her she occupies. The queen of nothing.


If anyone had a mind to eliminate her along with all the other tyranny Gov., it could very easily be done. There’s a lot of quality trained sharp shooters around that would probably do it if they had some support. By support I mean being with him or her for guarding protection. Wish I was close to the problem areas, I would get ur done myself. I’m lacking the equipment for the job. I could stand as security for the person to do it for short time, would run out of ammo. Trying to buy up quantity’s for the occasion.

Deplorable Bill

I hope the day never comes but if it does I am good for 65 moa.

Arm up, carry on


@DB – that’s me with my mosin. Three foot groups at fifty yards! Good thing I’ve got the bayonet as that is what makes my hi-powered rifle an effective weapon. 🙂


The anit-gunners need to prove guns are evil by giving up their armed security! Oh, I forgot only the peasants need to be disarmed.


It sadens me to say that when Roberts and the liberals on the SCOTUS ruled against church services, it created the unlawful attacks on all of our rights protected by the Bill of Rights. That leaves Patriots will little choices anymore outside of the voting booth as the SCOTUS no longer can be counted on to protect our lawful and guaranteed rights from a usurp government.


A great American that knew the fragility of Liberty.


Governor Whitmer? She is just a piece of shit and goes to prove that anyone, even the lowest form of life, can be elected by ignorant citizens. BTW, her husband is no better than she is. She won’t even take his name in marriage. What a condescending attitude!


I remember an article a few months ago in which her elitist scum husband demanded that their pleasure boat should be taken out of dry dock before the other customers.

I think this event was around Memorial Day.


And he caught hell from the public and the owner of the marina wouldn’t do it.


Unfortunately as with All elections it comes down to the Lesser of the Evils. At this time in Our Nations history that is more apparent than ever. Simply because of the divisiveness among the citizenry. Our nation has been rolling down the hill to this point for the last 60 years (since the 60’s). As the Nation divides itself along clear lines of difference in perception of everything from Politics, Religion and Civil Rights. This is nothing new in the history of Nations. It has happened many times over the course of Humanity. After many years of study and research… Read more »