Have the 1st Shots Been Fired in the Next American Civil War?

Civil Unrest
Have the 1st Shots Been Fired in the Next American Civil War?

USA –  -(AmmoLand.com)- Is the new American Civil War here?

For the last couple of years, I have been saying that we have been in a “cold civil war,” but it seems like it is becoming a hot war. On my old podcast (Patriot News), I predicted the next Civil War would start with small scale skirmishes around the cities and then would spread out to the suburbs and finally to the rural areas.

These events are what we are seeing around the country today. The flashpoint was the death of George Floyd that started rioting in Minneapolis after months of being locked in our homes. Democrats were quick to try to capitalize on the end of the man for their own despicable needs. They hate Trump so much that they would rather see the country burn than see our President Trump succeed. It was the perfect storm.

I also predicted that the Black Lives Matter movement would be co-opted by Antifa to push their Marxist values on the mainstream. Make no mistake, Antifa is a violent terrorist group hell-bent on overthrowing the federal government. They are opportunist that will use any cause to push their twisted agenda. They don’t care about black lives. They care about implementing communism in the country. They want to accomplish Stalin’s dream of the “Hammer and Sickle” flying over the White House. They hate our country and they hate our liberty and freedom. They want to control our thoughts and actions.

Democrats have embraced the far-left movement. Biden and Harris cover-up for the rioters and looters because that is a big part of their base of support. They blame “Boogaloo Bois” or rightwing groups such as Three Percenters and Oath Keepers for the crimes of the far left. Oregon Governor Kate Brown even had the gall to blame Patriot Prayer for one of their members being gunned by a violent Antifa member for just because he was a Trump supporter.

“We got a Trump supporter here,” a voice in the video can be heard saying in a video before shots rang out into the night.

Brown claimed that it was the Patriot Prayer’s fault for exercising their right to protest earlier in the day. Antifa terrorists celebrated in the streets as they left a man dying in the streets because of his hat. Brown did not mention that the far-left terror cell that has made Portland their caliphate. Maybe because she is on their side?

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler blamed DHS for the shooting. He continued to reject Trump’s offer to help get his out of control city back under control. Wheeler is another liberal politician that is afraid of calling out the radical left even though they occupied his apartment building. He fears the people that pull the strings of these common thugs.

Another Antifa member and child rapist, Joseph Rosenbaum, attacked a young 17-year-old kid named Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, WI, for trying to put out a dumpster fire. The Antifa members were planning on pushing the blazing dumpster into a police barricade. The 17-year-old was armed and could fight back. The child molester tried to take his rifle. Fearing for his life, Rittenhouse defended himself, killing Rosenbaum.

The angry Antifa mob started to chase Rittenhouse. He could have easily defended himself with his AR-15, but he decided to try to retreat to protect the lives of his pursuers. He ran down the street to get away until he slipped and fell to the ground. That is when domestic abuser Gaige Grosskreutz pulled his gun, but Rittenhouse got the first shot off ripping Grosskreutz bicep off his arm. Later Grosskreutz said he regretted not killing the kid.

Another serial abuser, Anthony Huber, attacked Rittenhouse by trying to beat Rittenhouse with a skateboard. We have seen an unarmed man beat into a coma by a man with a skateboard only a few weeks ago. The attack forced Rittenhouse to defend himself once again. Huber took a bullet to heart, and it dropped him dead. Rittenhouse had other rioters that were chasing him in his sights, but they stopped and put their hands up. Rittenhouse didn’t pull the trigger and retreated.

The liberal Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley filed first-degree homicide charges against Rittenhouse even though it was very clearly self-defense. He insinuated that Rittenhouse was there to kill people. In a despicable move, Biden went on CNN and called Rittenhouse a white supremacist militia member. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t true. Biden had to double down since his running mate told people to stay out in the streets.

The stance is hurting Biden’s chances of winning the election against Trump in November. As it stands right now, Trump is closer to Biden in the polls than he was to Clinton. There is also Biden’s issue with the undercover Trump voter. A Trump voter is twice as likely to not tell the poll taker who they really are going to vote for in the fall.

If the debates happen, Biden will have to explain his rejection of law and order. I believe this is the real reason Democrats are asking him to sit out the debates, or it could because he has a hard time remembering where he is most of the time. Right now, Biden has been avoiding the press. Don Lemon even begged for the riots to stop because they are helping Trump.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but the Biden campaign must know their stance on the riots is hurting them with the American people. Why would they stay on a course that is driving them towards the cliff? The only reason I can think of is someone or some group with a lot of money is refusing to let them take a stand against the violent anarcho-communist rioters that are plaguing the American streets. Maybe someone with the same goal as the Antifa members themselves.

It is not only Biden’s choice to abandon law and order. It is not only their call to defund the police making our streets more dangerous. It is about the buses that police stopped coming to Kenosha from Portland. It is about the paid protestors that harassed Rand Paul in Washington. D.C. It is about pallets of bricks found at protest sites. It is about the bail money being paid out to get the protestors out of jail. Who is paying the bill for Antifa?

Then we have the cover-up on Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, and Google have taken a stand against one side. The platforms are blocking supportive posts for Rittenhouse while letting Antifa organize their violent protest out in the open on their platform. Twitter banned Cassandra Fairbanks for supporting Rittenhouse.

Facebook also personally banned me for calling out their allowance of foreign election interference by the French press. The Agence France-Presse (AFP) was marking Kamala Harris’s anti-gun past as false even though it was reported accurate. The social media giant even marked her amicus brief as fake even though it was submitted to SCOTUS in the Heller case. Facebook banned me for life, effectively trying to remove me from the public square and take away my voice, but I will not back down.

GoFundMe pulled down the support fund for Rittenhouse’s defense. The fundraising site still has up the campaign for Jacob Blake. The police shooting that set off the Kenosha riots involved Blake, who was wanted on a warrant of sexual assault, refusing police demands and then reaching for something in his car. The police had no other choice than to shoot the wanted man. The NFL is going to put Blake’s name on their helmets. Just imagine his alleged victim being forced to see her rapist be raised to saint level.

My final question is, “What will happen in November after the next election?”

For the first time in my life, I do not see how we can get through the next election without violence. I am not talking about broken windows and looted stores in the cities. I am talking about the tipping point of the next American Civil War. I fear the enemies are at the gates. The battles will spill over to the suburbs.

They are preparing, so we must prepare as well. We must stand up for our kids, our country, and our Liberty. Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction, and I will not let it die in this generation.

There is no middle ground in this war. It is time to choose sides. We might not want to fight, but the fight is coming no matter what we want.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons. He can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

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Deplorable Bill

Agree . I hope that civil war doesn’t turn hot but I think it will, if not before then after the presidential election. I hope that people have been preparing for trouble on that scale. Food, water, guns and ammo etc. I don’t want trouble, I want peace and I want a peaceful life for my family. I love life therefore I will defend it. I absolutely will defend my family, friends and neighbors, co workers, the innocent guy on the street, myself and property. I am an old crippled vet. I can’t run or walk fast so if/when they… Read more »


It won’t be a civil war. It will be the second American revolution. Patriots will be in opposition to governments in liberal states that refuse to uphold the law and do the bidding of the domestic terrorists.


With you DB. Same OFWG poor health can’t run. What I can do is Pile the bodies high for the carrion. These Burn Loot Menace and Antifa types think because they’ve been allowed to play their games mostly without regard. Makes them tough. The problem is they’ve never seen the bodies bloated and rotting in the streets. Sure they may have shot at or even shot someone but they’ve never had to live with the carnage of death. They have No concept of all out War. I too do not wish for WAR for it is a horrible thing. Not… Read more »


I’ve got a trackhoe you can borrow to plant the new crop when it is harvested. I can use it well, but while I am O and W I am not F and G. So I like to think I’d be useful in more vigourous activites to further the cause. You will have to find a source for the diesel it drinks, though.


I have a bunch of hogs across the street.


I’ve tried my best to live a life with no regrets, Owned up to my failings and accepted the consequences of my own actions. For the most part I have but few regrets. But one big regret I do have is not getting into and staying in shape. After injuring my back 20+ years ago I just gave up making an effort to stay healthy and fit. I’m as ready as I can be (and then some), I can’t travel by foot, but I can make a stand if it comes my way.


Amen. I can’t run due to age, but I can still shoot. It’s been a good life, but I’m willing to do what’s necessary, so the Grandkids can be safe.




It finally clicked with the little woman last night, that yes its probably gonna get hot. I then explained that if they come across the river to my neighborhood, our best bet is to secure the children and hard point the church on the corner, brick, clear fields of fire and elevation for overwatch. I then explained that, the older less able cats (like yourself, Darkman and Chuck) would be best used to secure hardpoints like that. Whilst the younger, more able bodied ones like myself (early 30’s) would need to be able to function as a fire and maneuver… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

Amen, proper tactics, manpower and equipment. An elevated position is always a good idea. Force the rioters into a narrow corridor by means of terrain or other obstacles. Not only do you have home field advantage, you are also able to deal with a large group of terrorists. O.P’s and l.p’s. Are good ideas if you have the manpower. Noise makers like a soda pop can with a few rocks and fishing string and now you are alerted. If one must move you might try bounding overwatch. One person moves from cover to cover while the other stands guard ready… Read more »


Good ideas. I, personally, as a 60 year-old with a bad hip, and so slow moving, prefer a Designated Marksman Rifle. I can provide a base of fire for others to maneuver from. In my opinion, a DMR is a much better choice than anything belt fed for a base of fire, in the absence of constant resupply. A good semi-auto .308 will provide very good range and precision for taking distant targets under fire, while others maneuver againt the attacking force. And do so with a minimum of resupply. Or to cover choke points. In fact, just a few… Read more »


I, too, and way too old to fistfight or to run away. I will indeed stand and protect my family, myself, my home, and my community. I cannot do anything else (not and still live with myself).


When the civil war is over, the following should be the terms of surrender:

  • the democrat party is to be abolished (two civil wars is enough)
  • Marxist/communist parties will be banned from American politics (WW I, WW II, and Korean and Vietnam Wars is enough)
  • National reciprocity gun rights to be be the law of the land
  • Anchor baby immigration will end (babies born in U.S. will simply assume the citizenship of the mother)
  • Finally, social media will lose their 1995 immunity protections and be held accountable for 1st amendment violations as content providers
Last edited 2 years ago by Bob

Right On brother !!!



Joe Schmo

Have you noticed most of the protesters are white kids? Indoctrinated by these evil college professors teaching them capitalism is bad and the US is full of racism. That sh!t needs to stop! If you don’t like our country, then get the hell out!!


There is no longer teaching and education being done in our schools, what is being done is INDOCTRINATION pure and simple, the majority of the teachers do not want parents to see what their kids are being exposed to on home schooling !!


Confirmation of this can be seen by some of the more egregious “protesters” in NYC, committing violent felonies, were recent Harvard (and Yale, and Princeton) graduates. Lawyers. Goog will show you the articles.


Soooo, there was this KGB defector in the 80s named Yuri Bezmenov…… he had alot to say about that.

Autsin Miller III

I appreciate your thoughts John. I hope you are wrong in your assumption. They said much the same thing in the sixties and then again in the seventies. Both times there was much more violence in the streets than we see now and somehow the nation managed to get past those times. My take on the left leaning radicals is that while well funded, there aren’t really that many of them. And they don’t appear to be all that tough, heck a terrified seventeen year old took out three with very little effort it appears. If Trump wins there certainly… Read more »


Except that in the sixties and the seventies the police took care of business. Now they are ordered to stand down. Prepare for the American Hiroshima on November 4th all over the USA (not just the inner cities) if Trump secures a second term.


Yes, there WERE riots, serious ones. in a few of the major cities. Fifteen blocks in LA were levelled by fire, except for the area where the Koreans were well prepared and willing to protect their own. The coward rioters made an informed decision to take their mayhem elsewhere. I lived a few miles away during that season, and except for the crazy flicks on the nightly news, I’d have never known. I now live in a VERY small city in the PNW and have seen the damage in this town from the riots. Had to reroute only once from… Read more »


Well said John! Hard to find an argument.
I also believe the war has started, doesn’t matter which way the election goes. There is one possibility that may make one small difference, take out the deep state treasonous crooks before the election. Just saying…?
Locked & Loaded


“There is no middle ground in this war. It is time to choose sides.”

I’ve been harping on LE for a long time on this subject, and I’ll say it again: When you enable unconstitutional activity, and you are an enemy of the people.


When the head(s) are cut off, the snake is gonna’ die.

And I would add that it is Law Enforcement who is in the best position to cut the head(s) off the snake with the minimum amount of bloodshed. I believe the vast majority of Law Enforcement is/will be on the side of the Patriot.


The supporters of these Anarchists and Marxists need to be investigated and exposed !! Follow the money !!


blm and antifa ae both Marxist organizations

Some guy

Let me fix a couple things for you. 1) antifa and BLM are two arms of the same monster. Both are democrat terrorist organizations. 2) Democrats are traitors. 3) Law enforcement is not going to do anything. If we are not going to die in concentration camps, we are going to have to kill and die in the street. Now, go back and read it again.




there ARE a fair number of county sheriffs accross the country that will certainly come down on our side. Most have their hands tied somewhat (or a lot) by local prosecutors, judges, etc, but they DO have authoirty they can and almost certainly WILL use when the ship hits the span.


“If we are not going to die in concentration camps, we are going to have to kill and die in the street.” Truer words… !!


As he should be!

Dave in Fairfax

1st, thanks for expediting the book.

2nd I think you’re right which brings to mind a quote about war being in my time.
DB is not alone in his condition, I suspect a number of us are in the same basket.
This will get ugly, but WTH, we bin ugly before.

Happy Camper

This Soros and Bloomberg will get instant karma soon. They think they can control Antifa and BLM by just cutting funds when they are not useful anymore. History tells me that when they do realize is time to cut ties and send this groups to the garbage, they won’t be in control and will have a huge dose of their same medicine


I’d call it the Revolutionary War II. As in 1775, We the People are reclaiming our rights from the power brokers in the government and from the wealthy anti-American globalists.


Post-November election, there will be massive domestic terrorism in the streets of America regardless of who wins. If Trump, to de-stabilize and oust him. If Biden, to implement their promised Socialist agendas. Ammo up boys, it’;s going to be a TRE.

Last edited 2 years ago by StLPro2A

Wish I could disagree with you, but I can’t. The s*it is about to get well-and-truly DEEP.


The death of George Floyd wasn’t the flashpoint, it was the excuse! BLM and ANTIFA had been waiting in the shadows, just waiting for an excuse to start their war with white, conservative and Republican Trump supporting Americans! The fact that the President and DOJ are reluctant to declare both organizations to be TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS only increases their power in their quest to destroy our country! Why the Terrorist Declaration hasn’t been made is a question that needs to be answered! And soon!


consider the following about the George Floyd “incident: it happened in Minneapolis, one of the most corrupt and third world cities in Noerth America. The guy was a nobody, going nowhere it would not surprise me in the slightest if our enemies, rather thick in that city, set the whole thing up from the git go. Sell him drugs, make sure they are not ‘cut” and thus far more lethal than he’d suspect, so a fatal overdose (4x on fentanyl, 2 to 3 x on meth), prop him up to drop the bogus twenty, pick a store owner likely to… Read more »


Open season on these cockroaches.
No limit.


China and it’s allies are smiling, but,this isn’t Americas first rodeo.patriots are preparing and are locked and loaded.Enemies of state are jammed into the Trojan horse,pelosi,Harris, schiff,etc. Bottom line,Trust in God and Bye Biden,Bye China.


@Bunk – How does internal strife in the US harm China? While we are distracted they continue to solidify their domination over neighboring territory – both terrestrial and aquatic.


It doesnt harm China, short term, its partially fomented by the CCP. They gave how much money to Hunter Biden? Never forget the end goal of Communism is global control. That was the goal and purpose of the old CommIntern, or Communist International. Want to see the modern one? Look now to the UN, how many committee heads are bought and sold by the CCP or Soros. Its the end game that will hurt them. You think after fighting commies in our streets, that we are not going to immediately go after the ones that helped them. I KNOW we… Read more »


Trump maintains the presidency, what we be experiencing now will become a full all out war. Biden and his handlers take 1600 Pennsylvania Ave We the People still lose. How many of us will open our front door and say, ‘ here take my guns.’ Sure as hell won’t be me. Its a no win situation for We the People!


mikeL . . . if the Left wins and wants my guns, they can have them . . . BULLETS FIRST!!!


Antifa would be listed as a terrorist group if the FBI was still the independent FBI instead of the DEMOCRATS STOOGES. The bureau does what ever the DEMOCRATS command them to do. If the pukes want a civil war it may happen but Law Enforcement will have difficulty in trying to contain it. Those citizens, with gumption, are sick of the DEMOCRATS whining power seeking attitude and will not allow them to take over without a big death toll.


Evidence has come out that Rosenbaum was shot by another rioter with a small caliber handgun who was targeting Rittenhouse. It makes sense because a 5.56 rnd from an AR-15 would have done the same damage that it did to the other attackers arm.

WI Patriot

The truth and entire story is slowly but surely coming out…

Dave in Fairfax

Hippy Biker,
If you listen to the initial video, a woman says, “You shot him.” A man replies, “The F I did.” neither of them sounds like a 17 y.o. boy.


Yes, Mr. Crump, Civil War 2 started already but it started a long time ago. The leftists were setting off bombs and killing cops in the 1960s when I was a little kid. Those same people started Hussein-Obama’s campaign. Those ’60s terrorists are today’s teachers at high schools and universities. It has been an almost one-sided Civil War, though. Until recently, not one conservative has actually fought back, we have just taken all the violence of the left. Sadly, the left will not stop, no matter how much we conservatives hope for and preach for peace. The left wants us… Read more »


I want to hear trump say on T.V
To the nation it appears that the
(Liberty tree needs watering) with no strings attached. Unfortunately it may have to come to this since L.E. is sitting on their hands and won’t make a stand.

Last edited 2 years ago by SEMPAI

Bernardine Rae Dohrn (née Ohrnstein; born January 12, 1942) is a retired law professor and a … School of Law. She is married to Bill Ayers, a co-founder of the Weather Underground.

Arizona Don

The death of George Floyd was only possibly caused by a law enforcement officer holding his knee on his neck for an extended period of time. He had overdosed on drugs and that was causing his inability to breath. However, no one knew or at least realized that at first. Consequently George Floyd was an excuse to riot and loot not a reason. Rioting, looting and burning down buildings and businesses is never justified. BLM and Antifa are both terrorists groups with more or less the same goals. Black lives matter are words with no meaning as far as the group is concerned. The only black… Read more »


Absolutely agree. Did the press forget to mention the possible use of fentanyl and or excited delirium which may have been present in Mr Floyd’s case and which can contribute to depression of the respiratory effort without external influence or force. This phenomena effects all races.

BLM (the marxist organization) and Antif–k are terrorist organizations and their primary sponsor George Soros as well members of the democrap party should be dealt with accordingly. Tried and sentenced accordingly with the laws of insurrection and treason.


you said: However, no one knew or at least realized that at first. Not quite true. Two of the four cops there, the one with his knee GENTLY on his neck to safely restrain him as he was melting down, and the other one closest to him nad both identified his condition, and had had very specific training by MPD for exactly that syndrome, which they correctly ideitified, and had clued in the medics who were on their way so they would be better prepared to deal well with the situation. That exact restraint was developed for people in this… Read more »


This is a perfect example of the outright lies that are put forth by the “news media.”



“Does anyone believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected?” – Joe Biden on Twitter.
No, Joe, but if it suddenly ends when YOU are elected it will prove that all…ALL of the protests were about Trump and not the causes they claimed to be. THEN people will begin to ask why that is and who organized it.


The author says, “The only reason I can think of is someone or some group with a lot of money is refusing to let them take a stand against the violent anarcho-communist rioters that are plaguing the American streets. Maybe someone with the same goal as the Antifa members themselves.”
I say, spell it out! It is GEORGE SOROS and the groups he funds who are the backers of Antifa, BLM etal. The Tides Foundation, Open Society Foundation, and more.
I don’t talk out of turn and make baseless assumptions either….


Right On !!!


he and his organizations have been instrumental in putting district attorneys into the offices they currently hold and are metering justice in opposition to the Constitution.


Maybe I should have picked up that Kim Gardener sign a few weeks ago.

I could have made a video of it being pissed on.


surprised to find such damning activity written up in the Times. Seems they’d rather keep this one more “subtle”.

Mystic Wolf

The first shots were fired a few months ago, we are at this time in a full on civil conflict, the satan worshipping DEMONcrats have turned this whole thing into one giant race riot, and saying that it is the fault of only one person, I say it is the fault of all those that refuse go do anything to the rioters. The DEMONcrats are using these riots to try to further their agenda, of hate .


Mystic Wolf . . . Actually, they are furthering the agenda of COMMUNISM!!!

WI Patriot

“Have the 1st Shots Been Fired in the Next American Civil War?”
More likely the “race” war that dems/leftists/liberals have wanted and have been fostering for yrs…


not race war as most of the people rioting (blm and antifa) are white and women. leftists want to cause separation between groups of people to foster the conflict that is needed to push the socialist utopia they envision.

WI Patriot

Their skin may be “white”, but their souls are as black as coal…and yes, it’s turning into a race war, whether you want to believe that of not…


I don’t think it’s turning into a race war. There’s a handful of noisy blacks, but the vast majority want more police, want better for their families, better education for their kids.

The handful of noisy ones might be armed and in the streets, but they’ll be outnumbered 2,000 to 1.

Pro football, baseball, and basketball will be out of business soon, so we won’t have that influence.

Deplorable Bill

I have traveled most of the world and there’s no race problem in the USA. Yes we do have some raceists but it’s an individual thing not a job, group, state or national thing. I have seen it many times in other countries. A good, close place to visit is Mexico, go look that nation up and see if you would want to live there. The comming war is not about race, it’s about freedom, rights, right vs wrong and good vs evil. I don’t care what color you are, I judge people on what they say and do. There’s… Read more »


I too have traveled the world and spent a great deal of time in places like Jordan where they actively discriminate against Palestinians, although the media never tells us that. I was in Cairo while Mubarak was being overthrown and the hatred in the air was palpable. I spent 2 1/2 years in Iraq watching the Shia and Suni slaughter each other. In Europe they hate the Romani and persecute them actively. Anyone who says America has systemic racism has never looked at the rest of the world.


Or the caste system in India. And the things you mentioned plus most all the rest have been in place since the beginning of the Human race. And animals do it also and for the same reason: practical experience, whether personal or that which has been passed on from someone else. Disregard it at the your peril or the peril of “yours.”

Deplorable Bill

Well said Sir. I agree 100*

Arm up, carry on

crazy joe

I am glad that I am not as the only one to have seen it coming. I been saying it since the stupidity of the election of
Obama. No matter if or not trump gets back in we are going to have a fight on our hands.


crazy joe . . . I am going to assume you are a Constitutionalists, but your handle is throwing med off a little, Believe me, your were not the first and only American Patriot to understand that we are going to have a Civil War in America regardless of the outcome of the next election. The Communist Democraps have figured that they are strong enough to challenge the Constitutional Republic that is now running America. When American Patriots have had enough and begin our counter attack, we will roll right over the Communists and DESTROY THEM!!! If you are an… Read more »

crazy joe

to begin with am a Vet. and had more than my share of fighting I’m ex SF and 4 hearts from battles also from being prep was a gunsmith for 22 yrs. i have more than possibly 95 percent. may be 100% disabled but can still fight. So don’t worry about my handle.


John Crump, I have been censored on Facebook so much lately that it is almost impossible to write anything, without knowing that they will not allow it to remain. I am pretty much done, and thinking of just unsubscribing from the entire platform. As for the next civil war, I don’t think that the election matters. No matter who wins, the losing side is going to be mad as a wet hornet. The left will hate Trump and say he cheated, and violence will spill into even more neighborhoods. The right, if Biden wins, will claim that it was election… Read more »


“Just as Cain slew Abel……”

Last edited 2 years ago by RoyD

It may be the only way to recover what we have lost over the last several decades.


Yes, Mr. Crump, we are in the first stages of America’s Second Civil War. This will be guerrilla warfare from both sides. United States military forces are approximately 14% Black and what the military forces may do overall will have a decided influence on the outcome! If you are an American Patriot who wants this country to remain a Constitutional Republic you had better ARM UP AND GET READY ‘CAUSE THE NEXT CIVIL WAR WILL BE COMING TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!!!


Excellent piece, John. The only thing I would note is that BLM wasn’t co-opted by Antifa. BLM has been a Marxist organization from the beginning. Trevor Loudin documented how it is a front group for another group calling itself Liberty Road, which is itself a splinter group from the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. Freedom Road can trace its roots to the Weather Underground, which was responsible for about 25 bombings in the 1970s. In fact, at least two of the three BLM organizers brag about how they are trained Marxists on video: https://banned.video/watch?id=5edfea623df0b000240ce347

Paul Valone
President, Grass Roots North Carolina


For those who have not seen it or perhaps don’t remember what happens may I suggest that you watch a movie which I would make mandatory as an education element if it were up to me. The movie is: Shadow on the Land.


Scotty Gunn

By definition, it is not a civil war. It is a communist revolution. Give it time, and you will see it reveal itself for what it truly is.


1860 election was being talked up among the people that a Lincoln victory would bring war which it did by April 1861. Now 2020 it may actually start on election night as the Communist Democrat Party, Yes Communist has been telegraphing their intentions for years and has openly financed and supported the Bolshevik style violence in the streets. Many top and former leaders of the (D) Communist movement that were and are DC elite have done all possible to stoke the fires of chaos. If troubles start it may become impossible to stop as NO Miranda Rights to be issued… Read more »

Capn Dad

Hopefully. Let the fun begin!


“I am not a conspiracy theorist”

Last edited 2 years ago by Seadoggo1776

I have seen more hard documents from the conspiracy circles, warning about what the schools, the 1% and the commies/globalists were up to than anywhere else. Follow the money and a decent bit has panned out it would seem.


Ah yes, the mighty “Book of Faces.”


Thank you, Mr. Crump, for your article. The Second Civil War has already started. The Communist Insurrectionists have already MURDERED many innocent women and children! One child, as young as four years old, was MURDERED while he was riding his tricycle!!! If you are an American Patriot who believes in the American Constitutional Republic and the U.S. Constitution, IT IS PAST TIME TO ARM UP AND GET READY!!! DO NOT GET CAUGHT FLAT FOOTED AND WAIT UNTIL THE ARMED COMMUNIST MOB INVADES YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! YOU WILL END UP EITHER BEING DEAD OR A PRISONER!


Thank God they haven’t disarmed us yet, I have a feeling November is not going to be a good month


How many of you have the physical fitness and mental fortitude to adapt to prison life? Have you ever been gang raped by the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang? Mexican Mafia (“EME”) prison gang? Black prison gangs? Street gangs? Civil War? Lol!!!! You’ll be experiencing civil war with your fists, shanks, spears, and blunt objects. Lol!!!!

Dave in Fairfax

Why would we be experiencing it unarmed? You seem to have an obsession with gang rape, is there something in your past that you’d like to share?


Well Dave, he is probably just following that age old advice to writers; “Write about that which you know.” It seems the only question is whether he was pitching or receiving or playing both sides of the plate.


My money is on pitching. He’s trying so hard to fearmonger, that it makes more sense that way.


Alpha, sounds like you’re looking forward to your prison cell!
I’ll be shooting or looking down on my fellow patriots with pride ;~)


alpha . . . What is you point