NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Has a Message for Members

by Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President

Wayne Lapierre Hero
Wayne Lapierre

USA – -( Dear NRA Members,

During my 40-plus years with your NRA, we’ve fought some tough and spirited battles.

We’ve beat back renegade anti-gun legislation, overcome villainous attacks on our collective character, and defeated deep-pocketed elitists trying to run roughshod over your constitutional freedoms.

But we’ve never seen anything like what is happening in New York.

Left wing politicians have cynically weaponized their legal and regulatory powers to try to take down our Association. As a result, the NRA recently filed a lawsuit against New York Attorney General (NYAG) Letitia James to confront her partisan campaign against the NRA.

Our lawsuit notes that, under the guise of protecting New York’s NRA members, the NYAG’s motive is nothing more than a gross misuse of regulatory power to undermine us as a political adversary.

In 2018, James infamously vowed to “target the NRA” and “investigate the legitimacy of the NRA as a charitable organization” while on the campaign trail – before spending even one day in office and without any evidence of compliance failures. She called us a “criminal enterprise” and a “terrorist organization.”

Therefore, it was no surprise when James undertook an investigation of the NRA immediately after assuming office.

And now, despite an avalanche of evidence regarding the financial stability of our Association, years of clean audits by independent CPAs, and commitment to good governance, James filed a legal action against the NRA. She seeks to dissolve our Association and force us to close its doors.

It’s all so pathetic. And predictable.

In fact, years ago, NRA board member Tom King was privately warned by then NYAG Eric Schneiderman that an attack was being engineered against the NRA. An “investigation” of our Association – from the highest levels of government – was on the horizon. That seems like a political nightmare that could only happen in a place where people live without our constitutional freedoms. But it happened right here – in America.

Having been through personal attacks and knowing that powerful billionaires and politicians were doggedly trying to raze the NRA, I took the Schneiderman forewarning seriously. I authorized an enterprise-wide review designed to improve our financial stability and ensure we could stand up to any scrutiny of our organization.

If there was any wrongdoing, I took swift, decisive action.

We terminated vendors and removed disgraced former partners and employees who abused the trust that was placed in them by the NRA. Many of these bad actors threatened me with a smear campaign – and then had the nerve to execute it when I would not succumb to their demands. I certainly paid a heavy price in the public arena.

These were hard but principled decisions. And I stand by every decision we’ve made in support of you – our members.

To be clear, the NYAG’s actions are an affront to democracy and freedom. This is an unconstitutional, premeditated attack aiming to dismantle and destroy the NRA – the fiercest defender of America’s freedoms.

As NRA President Carolyn Meadows observes, you could have set your watch by it: the NYAG “investigation” of the NRA was going to result in a lawsuit filed right as we began to shift into high gear for the 2020 election cycle.

It’s a transparent attempt to score political points and attack the leading voice in opposition to the leftist agenda. This is a naked power grab by a political opportunist – a desperate move that is part of a rank political vendetta.

If only it ended with the NYAG.

Politics Over Principles: Trying to Silence the NRA

The NYAG’s failing crusade follows an investigation of the NRA that began in 2017 by the New York State Department of Financial Services, who selectively pursued the NRA for its involvement in the Carry Guard insurance program.

The NRA never administered this insurance program – Lockton did. But that didn’t stop regulators trying to silence (and harm) a political foe.

An unbridled regulatory attack ensued. This was, in part, because the attack was being driven by the machinery of billionaire anti-gun activist Michael Bloomberg. It was at his urging that state regulators came after us – simply because he opposed our point of view.

That was followed by yet another campaign, as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo “blacklisted” financial institutions for doing business with the NRA. Imagine that – an elected official tries to strong-arm legitimate businesses simply because they associate with a law-abiding organization. The governor openly vowed to “put the NRA out of business.”

We filed a lawsuit against the governor and his state insurance regulator.

None other than the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) came to our side – recognizing that elected officials can’t abuse their power simply because they disagree with someone’s political point of view.

Above the objections of the governor, a court ruled in our favor. Our case will go forward.

I know many of you are following these fights, and you are as troubled as me that we have to have them.

But the NRA is well-governed, financially strong, and committed to good governance.

We will not back down during this time: this is our moment of truth.

Recognizing the partisan nature of New York’s anti-NRA campaign, the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) wrote, “Lawless liberals have hit a new low” and “the New York Attorney General is shamefully abusing her power to target a political adversary. This action is no different than what Democrats did during the shameful impeachment of President Trump: an attempt to use the levers of government to go after political opponents.”

RAGA believes the American people can read the tea leaves of the NYAG lawsuit – “It is a partisan hit job aimed at empowering the mob and endangering law-abiding citizens, who respect the Second Amendment.”

It doesn’t matter if it is the First Amendment or the Second. These are your constitutional freedoms – and we will defend them with energy and passion. You have a right to free speech and free association with others who share your desire to preserve the right to keep and bear arms. These are the freedoms that define you…and define the spirit of America.

New York’s corrupt politicians sorely underestimate the spirit of the NRA. We are fighting back – with the might of more than 5 million patriots.

There can be no place in our country for the rank behavior of elected officials who target enemies, violate public trust, and use their offices to fuel personal political ambition.

Let’s not allow Cuomo and James to weaponize government – and turn this nation into a place where those in power can shut down any organization or silence any voice with which they disagree.

We need to fight back against this attack like we’re fighting for the Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and our freedom – because it’s ALL on the line.

If we win this battle – and I’m confident with the continued support of our millions of members like you, we will win – you and I will score the biggest victory for freedom in the history of the NRA. We’ll make an everlasting mark on the Second Amendment and the First Amendment that will be remembered and revered for generations! We will save our freedom, and because of that, we will save America.

In New York and beyond, the NRA will keep fighting. We will always represent you – and the freedoms in which you believe.

To Letitia James and the other government officials who seek to dismantle the NRA, we say this: We’re ready for the fight. Bring it on!

Thanks for standing with us.

Yours in Freedom,
Wayne LaPierre

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If Wayne cared one tiny bit about what is best for the NRA, the People or 2nd A., he would have stepped down years ago.


While I don’t agree with Wayne on everything he does, he is an “in-your-face” kind of a person who will viciously attack anyone who threatens our 2nd Amendment rights. He calls a spade a spade and will go toe to toe with anyone. He’s the only one I’ve heard argue for American gun owners in a very forceful way along with GOA.


“While I don’t agree with Wayne on everything he does, he is an “in-your-face” kind of a person who will viciously attack anyone who threatens his $Million paycheck.”

Fixed it for you.


he is an “in-your-face” kind of a person who will viciously attack anyone who threatens our 2nd Amendment rights.”

Like he did when he told Trump that if he decided to ban bump stocks, the NRA wouldn’t intervene?

American Patriot

The only ones really destroying the NRA is Wayne & the Board of Directors. Just like the democratic congress is trying to destroy America….

These days there’s not much difference between the two!


Endowment member here. My NRA donations now go to GOA and the FPC. I will not give another dime to the NRA until Wayne steps down and there is a substantial reorganization of the board. Give your money to organizations that actually fight for your 2A rights!


LaPierre must leave before I ever give the NRA another dime..


Hmm. Wayno, you have fed and facilitated James’ actions by allowing the NRA to remain in hostile territory even after the warning. You laundered the suits, travel, sweet dealings, and trollop funds. You Negotiated Rights Away at every turn. You became the obstacle to the NRA mission. You and your Board must go, and pay the price for your deceit. Your jig is up. Once you and the Board are gone, and the NRA is reorganized in a friendly land, the NRA will rise as the Phoenix from the ashes. Waiting….waiting….waiting.

Last edited 2 years ago by StLPro2A
Ron Carter

Anything less than a resignation letter is unacceptable.

Watch um

then send in your letter to the NRA and tell them you are voting for Biden

Ron Carter

“then send in your letter to the NRA and tell them you are voting for Biden”

You realize the head lawyer for the NRA, who has been paid well beyond $100,000,000 by the NRA, donated to Beto, Hillary and more anti-gun politicians, right?

Maybe you should simply skip the third party and donate directly to Biden?


Wayne it is your actions and that of a few that gave the trash the ammunition to file the lawsuit. It is time for you to go.


Just another big head spewing propaganda and clinging to power. Is the organization bigger than you, or is it your organization?



Will my donation go to buy Mr. LaPierre another suit, more travel luxuries, or a portion of his far more than adequate salary, or will it go to pay legal expenses to defend him in his misuse of my donation? Somehow, I don’t see much going to defense of my 2nd Amendment rights, this year.


and NOW means NOW.

You are of ZERO value to gun owners… Negotiating Rights Away… since 1934

As far as I’m concerned YOU conned ME out of my hard earned money to live high on the hog.
I want my life membership dues REFUNDED, and stop sending me JUNK mail.

Go join your anti 2A pals and stop pretending that YOU are “fighting for us”

YOU ARE not… CON artist is what you are


Wayne, unless there are some major changes at the NRA top, I will not be renewing my membership. I’ll be going with SAF.


SAF has done more good in a year than NRA has done in decades. Good choice!


“NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Has a Message for Members:Buy Me a New Suit!”


Well I’m a Patron Life Member who’s here to tell you the real reason the NRA is vulnerable to these leftist attacks is looking back at LaPierre in the mirror every day. Ollie North was right to call him out and give him the opportunity to graciously exit the stage but his greedy ass couldn’t let go of the it he’s been suckling on for so long. I’ve joined GOA to continue the fight for Liberty and I encourage my fellow patriots to do the same. I’ll NEVER stand with NRA while Willy Peter remains in command. Consider this a… Read more »

Watch um

I guess you and Ollie North have raised millions and millions for the NRA in donations from large businesses like Wayne Lapierre has, not that the rank an file membership don’t do their part but large donations come from the rich who believe in the 2nd amendment just like we do.
Now, tell the truth, when was the last time you made a charitable contribution to anything.


Hey fool – you don’t get to become a Patron Life Member by collecting S&H stamps. You BUY into that status.
Besides, it’s none of your damned business what or who I contribute to.
I’m not the one making $1million in salary to Lord over a volunteer organization. I’ve not been charged with graft and corruption. LaPierre runs the NRA like his own private corporation – newsflash: it’s not.
Join GOA to continue the fight for Liberty. Leave the NRA to suck-ups like this clown.

StandWith Me

This DB needs to go. Pepe LePew was/is the primary causal agent for the troubles at the NRA these past years. His hubris and terribly overblown ego makes his delusion of being the personified version of the NRA a pox on the organization. I suspect many past long time members (like myself) will probably return as members once this virus called Pepe LePew is gone. But I am afraid he will take down the NRA instead of saving it by resigning.

Last edited 2 years ago by StandWith Me

Apparently, owning a gun doesn’t really protect you from getting robbed.


Wayne……do the right thing and resign……signed DPR, NRA member, Benefactor level.


I saw the headline “NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Has a Message for Members” and got my hopes up for a second. I can’t wait for him and all rest of his cronies to leave. I am also a benefactor member. I will not donate a penny, purchase raffle tickets, enter contests or attend fundraisers of any kind until the organization dumps the people getting fat on the members back. They need to be the “GUN RIGHTS ORGANIZATION” they claim to be. For years I have seen them sit on their money and wait until someone fights and when it looks like… Read more »


Something is amiss…there was no plea for donations. WTF?


NRA is so far gone they automatically assume you know to send more money.


“ Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!”
”The Who.”
F*ck the NRA! Join GOA or some other relevant organization.


Resign, you corrupt, backstabbing bastard.


Patron Life Member here……For any of you who still give money to the NRA for support of your unalienable rights, I have one question: don’t you remember the Assault Weapons ban during the Clinton Admin? Nuff said.


Um, Wayne – and the rest of you ‘Winning Team’ acolytes,

Your pleas ring hollow.

You are no Neal Knox. Remember him?

Have you read David Codrea’s column? You should.


I totally expected this entire article to end with a “and with your donation today, you can help in our fight.” with a link to Paypal or some other way to send them money.


THANK YOU, WAYNE. Thank you, Wayne La Pierre. You have succeeded where many others have failed. You, singlehandedly, have brought the National Rifle Association to the brink of destruction. You have given the anti-gun movement in the US the ammunition it needs to dissolve our great Association. You are innocent until proven guilty, that is your right in the US. I stand by you in defense of that right. However, after reading the litany of financial abuses that you and three others are accused of, it is difficult to believe that all are false and inaccurate. As a Benefactor Member… Read more »

Watch um

key word you used is ACCUSED


If ever there was a time not to make any statement, except for resignation, this would be it. Instead you’ve chosen to dig in your heels and, in doing so, you may have rung the death knell for the organization and made 2A enemies even more determined.


Let the tree of liberty be watered with the blood of these tyrants.

Green Mtn. Boy

Who gives a flying Eff what Wayne La Pew Pew or Negotiating Rights Away has to say.
Not One Penny More.


So if everyone has seen this coming why the hell is the NRA corporate office still house in one of the most corrupt anti-gun states in the union.

Why haven’t their files and offices been move to a free state that is pro-gun. Just so Wayne did not have to move is that why we’re going through this cost for the NRA.

Charlie Foxtrot

Any move of the NRA charter would have meant that Wayne and the other key NRA leadership would have lost their jobs! Moving a charter requires approval by the members, which would mean members had finally actually a voice.


Wayne LaPierre needs to resign, and the organization needs to move out of New York. There are many 2A-friendly states who would welcome them.


Wayne do u think treating us like brain dead Dems who are too stupid to breath without instructions every 2 secs is working? Wayne refund my life membership that i sweated blood summers mowing lawns through 130 Deg. temps in the swamp with 5000% humidity with billions of biting insects as a young kid…. hoping i was investing in a honest gun rights organization! U have let down Millions of Kids and Americans with ur Corruption & Lavish Spending & Jet Setting with College Interns off the backs of hard working people struggling to feed their families! Yes u have… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by ALL GUN LAWS ARE INFRINGEMENTS
Sam in New Hampshire

Look at the image at the beginning of the article: Perfectly posed and lighted portrait by a professional photographer of Wayne wearing one of his thousand-dollar suits, plus well-chosen background images expertly blended with Photoshop graphics software. I could have bought a bunch of really nice guns for what all of that must have cost.

Ron Carter

Imagine the good you could do for the second amendment with that kind of money!


Let’s not forget the photo caption “Wayne Lapierre Hero” …


One thing I left out from a previous post. I am offended by Lapierres and Meadows letters to members. They talk to NRA members like children, as self appointed minders and defenders of our freedom and as being indispensable. We are smarter than that. I will not deny the good work of the NRA, but also recognize the part they played in aiding the governments gun control plans and actions. Perhaps there is a hidden long term pro gun strategy in such recent actions, and in what they are not saying in their public statements. We also know all their… Read more »


I agree with Jacque. Let the lawsuit run its course before condemning anyone. I agree that Wayne needs to go but the organization can’t be destroyed. It’s the management that is corrupt not the organization.

Ron Carter

We let the lawsuits run its course, with no accountability on how we got to this point, and we’re just as foolish as the crooks that led us to this position. I certainly don’t want the NRA to fall. Still, I certainly do not want the NRA to be perpetually corrupt.

Charlie Foxtrot

Letting the lawsuit run its course will destroy the NRA! Realize that the NRA spent at least a quarter of its total annual revenue last year on litigation related to this alone. Any CEO spending $100,000,000 on litigation related to the organizations corruption and mismanagement would have been fired by the Board. The Board is inept and the NY AG is taking advantage of that. If we let the lawsuit run its course, then the NRA will be either dissolved or become bankrupt.


Wayne, save your deflection technique propaganda for the brainwashed Fudd forums. We don’t need you or “your NRA”. Truth is we never did.

The LaPierre Organized Crime Family, referred to in government documents by it’s front organization name, The National Rifle Association, is a Wayne LaPierre built, racketeer influenced, corrupt organization.

“Whistleblowers within the organization’s finance department helped shed light on practices targeted by a New York Attorney General’s lawsuit.”

Watch um

After reading your asinine statement about the NRA and Wayne Lapierre I will make a donation to the NRA as soon as I finish reading your so-called statement. You sir are part of the problem in this nation, people like me, a loyal member of the NRA will not let you go unchallenged. So big boy, put your money where your mouth is or shut up.

Charlie Foxtrot

Wayne needs a new suit! Your generous donation will go toward a new button on that suit.

Watch um

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your decision to donate to NRA. Together, we will take advantage of every opportunity we have to strengthen our Second Amendment rights.

I’m proud to have your support and I’m proud to call you my friend.

Thank you again.


Wayne LaPierre
Executive Vice President
National Rifle Association


I am sure Wayne LaPierre has a message for me. In fact, he flooded my inbox daily for years with constant appeals to renew my membership mere days after renewing my membership. Then he would say, your membership is expiring soon. I wonder how many people are taken in by this? I joined in response to a possible Hillary presidency, hoping the NRA would be able to help, and I’ve had four years and 4,000 emails of membership begging with nothing to see for it. It’s worse now that I let my membership lapse. He’s a fine dresser, though.

Ron Carter

His private jet and vacations thank you.


Wayne, Good, bad, or ugly, all I want to know is how much does your suit cost and who paid for it? And don’t tell me is doesn’t matter because you did it all for me. Yeah, right, when pigs can fly.

Watch um

I paid for it and proud of it


Josh Powell, the NRA’s “Sammy Gravano”, has turned informant on his former crime boss, Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s “Bernie Madoff”. Like too many rats trapped in the same cage, the vermin trapped in this lawsuit will now claw, bite, and eat each other alive. I’ll make popcorn. “Josh Powell, one of the group’s highest-ranking former executives, is poised to release, Inside the NRA: A Tell-All Account of Corruption, Greed and Paranoia Within the Most Powerful Political Group in America.” “Mr. Powell, former chief of staff to Wayne LaPierre, the group’s longtime chief executive, says the N.R.A. is “rife with fraud… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by JIAZ

. . . meanwhile, in NY, the Second Amendment was effectively repealed in 2014! In Commiefornia, a 10 round magazine limit has just been ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Yet in NY it has been the unconstitutional law SINCE 2014! AND IT STILL STANDS! At this point, the Second Amendment is nothing more than an outdated suggested guideline that is still adhered to in conservative states. Democrat controlled areas of our country have reduced it to an “Australian” type limited allowance to “KEEP” a low capacity type firearm securely locked away with NO allowance to bear. AND THEY SUCCEED IN GETTING AWAY WITH… Read more »


After the Parkland, FLA mass shooting, the demonization of the NRA, especially by that little puke David Hogg made me upgrade from Annual Member to Life Member on a payment plan. Not long after that, all the financial improprieties of the NRA came to light, and I turned off the automatic payments. I have not received one communication from the NRA about it, and unless Mr LaPierre vacates his post, I will stay gone. Every mass mailing that has come from them has gone straight to the trash, since they all include a plea for more money.


Its hardly news that the powers that be in New York were coming after the NRA. Even knowing that Wayne and the rest gave them all the ammunition they need to get the job done.

Charlie Foxtrot

Meanwhile, Wayne LaPierre’s former Chief of Staff is coming out with a tell-all book: The hits keep on coming!

Ron Carter

It’s a Jerry Springer show in every way. Russian Spy, “intern” favoritisms, lavish lifestyles and millions of dollars wasted.


Thing I don’t understand. Why do they just not move to a gun friendly state. Gun companies the same way.

Ron Carter

They had that opportunity years ago. All the directors who supported that logical move have been ousted/resigned.


True, but at least the NRA would have been incorporated in a state whose AG would have said, “Convict the fraudsters and elect new executives to replace them,” not, “convict the fraudsters and dissolve the entire organization.”

Charlie Foxtrot

Moving the NRA means change. Change means Wayne loses his job. It is really that simple. The NRA is still chartered in NY, because Wayne and a few others know that if the charter gets moved, then members need to be involved to facilitate that and that means the current NRA leadership will get fired.


Hey, Wayne; What happened to my Vietnam photo with Robert Stack that
he asked you to forward to me at the Heston Shoot?

Edward | #SDS2A

Regrettably, I, Iike so many, Mr. WLP, feel your time is up…and doing it gracefully is clearly not your intention. We’ve been staggered at your treasonous avarice which has hamstringed OUR beloved NRA and undermined its effectiveness. You’ve handed our enemies ammunition to gleefully use against us and we now find ourselves oddly beholden to them for illuminating further, the degree of your malfeasance. I will maintain my membership, but will not donate one penny beyond until you and your reprehensible cronies leave, or are forced out in the best interest of the millions whose trust and rights you have… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Edward | #SDS2A
Ron Carter

Brewer wanted to object to information being privileged. North is still a Director, though in the lawsuit NRA v North they denied him indemnification.


To keep our Second Amendment Rights there seems to be only ONE tactic that will succeed at this point.
Sound familiar?
“Peaceful protests” outside the homes of politicians that take our rights and LAUGH at litigation and true peaceful assembly. (Who was it that thought of dropping pallets of bricks and 2X4’s at “peaceful protest” sites?)
Oh, yeah, it was the armies of MOBS that work FOR those politicians that are taking our rights!


There hasn’t been one piece of anti gun legislation in the last 100 years that the NRA hasn’t helped to write, or at the very least, approved of. Even though the BATFECES has admitted that there is absolutely no evidence that bump stocks were used in Las Vegas, the NRA had no problem with banning them. With friends like you, Mr. LaPierre, we don’t need enemies. Not another cent to the NRA until you and your money grubbing cronies are gone.


I neither condemn or convict Lapierre and the NRA based on so called “whistleblowers, ” charges made by a political hack communist AG of NY, or unsubstantiated news reports. Give Lapierre and the NRA their day before a judge and jury before hanging them based on the words of town crier’s. There are many interests that would love to destroy the NRA before the November elections. Dont you think the timing of this announcement by the AG of NY during election season is suspect ? Consider the years of “credible reports” that Trump colluded with the Russians and comitted treason,… Read more »

Dubi Loo

@Jaque, I agree we are (supposedly) innocent until proven guilty. The evidence is overwhelming that WLP must leave the NRA along with many many others. We ARE saying he appears corrupt, is toxic, and for the good of the organization must leave. I’m curious why you spend the first part of your post warning folks not to jump to conclusions then in your last paragraph do exactly that my labeling ALL posters who assert WLP must resign Bloomberg trolls, pajama boys, and participating in information warfare? That kinda shoots the shit out of your argument; makes you sound as loony… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

Wayne’s own former Chief of Staff is coming out with a tell-all book: This is a guy who was protected by Wayne for years, after he was reportedly accused of sexual harassment, twice, and ran Ackerman McQueen and the NRA against the wall with NRA Carry Guard. He was protected by Wayne after all of that, because he knew of all the corruption and mismanagement. The NRA is being brought down by the infighting between different corrupt factions within the NRA, including Ackerman McQueen (that supposedly laundered money for Wayne and is now apparently cooperating with the NY AG).… Read more »


Divided we Fall! Just saying……

Ron Carter

The NRA has already fallen. At this point hundreds of millions of our dues and donations have been practically set on fire. Not to mention that well over 100 million alone has gone to an attorney (William Brewer III) that donated to Beto, Hillary and other anti-gun politicians.

We need the NRA, but even more we need it to not be a Jim Bakker style Jerry Springer Show.

Watch um

Bullshit, I just this morning rec
received a scare tactic email from them this morning. And, yes I have sent them money also


@ Watch um. Odd I’ve been a member of GOA for some time now. While I do receive e mails from them from time to time. I’ve never considered them scare tactics. More along the lines of information transfer. I guess the difference is in how you perceive them or whether you are easily scared. As a side note. All organization who rely on donors. Ask for money from time to time. As for the NRA the dirt is plain enough to see. Even without rose colored glasses.


This attack by the liberal un-trutful, un-democratic faction of the government smacks of McCarthyism in that these liberals believe that the NRA needs to agree with the democratic liberals and attack the second ammendment. That is thereupon the the crux of this longstanding issue in that the liberal politicians believe that they can tell us how to think. Imagine that the bastion of liberal attorneys, the American Civil Liberties Union are backing the NRA. The Younger politicians and even the Younger NRA members should be reminded of the attack, jailing and ruined life caused by a few powerful people (Senator… Read more »


What an incomprehensible mishmash of illiteracy. I’ll only mention that it is far from unheard of for the NRA and the ACLU to be on the same side of an action — which is reasonable since the NRA is America’s oldest civil rights organization. Examples: NRA v Cuomo, 2018 (NY’s attempt to strongarm financial outlets into denying banking services to the NRA); ACLU’s opposition to Connecticut’s 1998 Red Flag law (“requiring police to act as psychologists in trying to predict and interpret behavior”); and ACLU’s agreement with the NRA on gun registration that “that kind of record keeping procedure [gun… Read more »


Still a proud NRA life member. Regardless to folks personal and most often jaded perspectives on Wayne LaPierre, we are fighting (Mostly Democrat) tyrants who are abusing powers especially in NYC. Article VI them the hell out! When you have individuals trolling threads crying about another man’s personal spending habits, crying to divert funds to another gun organization: it raises some significant questions in my mind as a conservative. I don’t need to the peanut gallery to tell me who I can and cannot support, so save your baited breath. Support who you want to support. All pro gun organizations… Read more »

Ron Carter

Core, have you been living under a rock or do you not realize that 9 directors resigned last year? Hell, WLP is suing Oliver North who was trying to address these problems! Are you proud that everyone who tried to prevent this predicament was ousted or sued?!

Last edited 2 years ago by Ron Carter

Fear not gentlemen. @Core is just another interweb Troll. Stop responding to “IT’s” type and they go away.


Fear those who cite no facts, and stick their head in the sand. You sound quite invested in trolling the NRA. LaPierre is not the NRA, WE (Voting Members) are the NRA: long after he is gone we will press on. Only a petty bunch of nuts would attack the NRA via slander while plugging said gun organizations: most often with no prior relationship with the NRA and unsubstantiated claims. I cannot tell if you “anti NRA trolls” are just a pathetic bunch of side liners or subversive actors working for the anti-gun establishment? It does not matter to me:… Read more »


Okay Comrad Mao..

Mike Crognale

Proud Benefactor member. I trust Wayne.

Ron Carter

Trust him to destroy the NRA? Boy, he sure has set up all the dominoes to see that happen! 9 directors resigned last year and Oliver North was sued. They all tried to prevent this and yet you trust Wayne?!?


I bet you’re wearing a mask right now and staying 6 feet away from everything even in your car and at home, and doing every other stupid thing you’re told to do by your governor or anyone in the media and on line too.