Slain Portland Murder Suspect Had Record of Gun Offenses

Portland, Oregon murder suspect Michael Reinoehl was interviewed not long before he was killed by police near Lacey, Washington. (Screen snip, YouTube, NBC News, Vice News)

U.S.A.-( The suspect in the fatal shooting of a counter-protester in Portland, Oregon, who was killed by members of a U.S. Marshals task force, reportedly had prior troubles with law enforcement over illegal gun possession, according to various published reports.

Now the question is how will the gun prohibition lobby exploit this case? And there are now new details emerging that raise questions about self-defense in the Portland incident, thanks to a Sept. 5 Seattle Times article.

Incredibly, the suspect’s sister is quoted by the Daily Mail stating, “’I wouldn’t say at this point that this counts as bad news. It’s just more news.”

Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, was arrested June 8 in eastern Oregon, according to the Wall Street Journal. He was traveling at a reported 111 miles per hour along Interstate 84, allegedly under the influence of marijuana and with a handgun on board. The newspaper said he also had his 11-year-old daughter in the car, and at the time he was racing his 17-year-old son.

NPR also reported the incident, noting, “A state trooper found unidentified prescription pills inside the 2005 Cadillac STS that Reinoehl was driving, an unspecified amount of cannabis, and a concealed and loaded Glock pistol. Reinoehl didn’t have a concealed handgun license, according to state police.”

The WSJ said he failed to appear at his arraignment in July.

And the Daily Mail report said Reinoehl’s sister, April, had actually expected her brother to be killed by right-wing activists rather than police. She is now concerned he will become a martyr, used to justify more violence.

The Seattle Times reported that Reinoehl was cited by Portland police in July for possession of a loaded firearm in a public place, though at the time of his death there apparently have yet to be charges filed.

A retired newspaper journalist, in a private email to this correspondent, observed, “Before passing more ‘common-sense gun laws,” how about enforcing the ones we have?”

As disturbing as the suspect’s background appears to be, so also have been news reports repeatedly, and uniformly, referring to the murder victim—identified as Aaron “Jay” Danielson, 39—as a “right-wing supporter” of the Patriot Prayer movement. The New York Post described him as a “right-wing protester.”

The Portland Oregonian reported Danielson had participated in a caravan rally supporting President Donald Trump. The report said Reinoehl “encountered Danielson walking with a friend after the car caravan had left downtown. Danielson was wearing a ballcap with the insignia of Patriot Prayer, a group of right-wing activists based in Vancouver.”

In an interview with Vice News not long before he was killed, Reinoehl asserted, “I had no choice.” It appeared he was admitting to having shot Danielson.

“I mean, I, I had a choice,” Reinoehl quickly added. “I could have sat there and watched them kill a friend of mine of color, but I wasn’t going to do that.”

Reinoehl was a self-described Antifa supporter who apparently worked as a “security guard” during Black Lives Matter protests in Portland.

As reported by the Oregonian, the shooting was captured on video by a man identified as Justin Dunlap. He was reportedly live-streaming a demonstration on his Facebook page when the shooting occurred. He told the newspaper, “I saw the victim pull something up from his hip with his right hand and a big cloud of mace goes in the air. And then half a second later, there were two pops.”

There is now some disagreement about the chain of events, as detailed in the Saturday Seattle Times report updated. Danielson reportedly was carrying a pistol and had three spare magazines in his pockets. These facts do not, however, change Reinoehl’s previous encounters with law enforcement, and his actions following the Portland shooting. If he believed that shooting to have been justified, why did he flee the scene? Why did he wind up in an apartment complex about 120 miles away, in another state?

CNN was reporting that Reinoehl, wanted on a murder warrant issued by Multnomah County, Ore., was tracked to the Olympia-Lacey area in Washington State by the task force. In a statement, the task force said, “Initial reports indicate the suspect produced a firearm, threatening the lives of law enforcement officers. Task force members responded to the threat and struck the suspect who was pronounced dead at the scene.”

Incredibly, according to the CNN report, Reinoehl told the Vice News interviewer, “What they’ve done is they’ve tried to make it look like we’re all terrorists. And they’re trying to make me look like a murderer.”

This makes at least four protest-related deaths in the Pacific Northwest, combined with two in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Two black teens were killed in separate shooting incidents in Seattle during the summer occupation of the so-called CHOP (Capitol Hill Occupied Protest) zone, and a female protester was fatally struck by a car on I-5 on July 4. Danielson’s slaying was just the latest incident, and the number of shooting deaths would climb to four if Reinoehl’s death is counted.

It remains to be seen how Northwest anti-gunners may try to exploit the situation. Moms Demand Action, the subsidiary group of anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, posted an email blast on Aug 31 declaring, “The tragedies and injustices we saw in Kenosha…are symptoms of two diseases plaguing America – a toxic gun culture combined with systemic racism and white supremacy.

“Let’s be clear: police violence is gun violence,” the Moms message declared, with the emphasis in the original post. “Last week, there was yet another tragic example of such violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin when police shot Jacob Blake, a Black resident of Kenosha, in the back seven times, leaving him paralyzed.”

This was not the first attempt by gun prohibitionists to try linking the Second Amendment movement to white supremacists.

Four days earlier, the Seattle-based Alliance for Gun Responsibility, launched its own email with a not-so-subliminal attempt to associate Second Amendment activism with racism.

“White supremacists have become emboldened under this administration and the gun lobby is openly stoking fear about people of color in an attempt to drive gun sales,” the Aug. 27 email asserted.

It was not clear where Reinoehl obtained the guns he was carrying in Oregon, or why he had not been charged for the alleged offense in Portland.

However, it is almost a certainty that Northwest gun prohibitionists will use the events of this summer, in Seattle, Portland and Kenosha, to justify even more demands for stricter gun control laws in 2021.

About Dave WorkmanDave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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The loser is dead. No one is shedding a tear. Insignificance has its price.


The world is a little bit better place now rhat he’s dead.

Alan in NH

Not even his own sister will miss him.


Good riddance to trash and a waste of oxygen.


Just another example of the double standard – in this case “guns for me but not for thee”. Ban legal firearms but It’s okay they carry illegally!

Clear evidence those who advocate firearm bans routinely violate their own proposed ban!

Gun violence – hardly. The gal ran over by a car, car violence?



Excuse me while I step in this salon and get my hair done.


Thanks to the USMS/FBI for obtaining swift justice for Jay. And lets eradicate BLM and ANTIFA like the cockroaches they truly are.


“news flash” for Mom’s Demand Action. My Rights Do NOT END Where Your Feelings Begin.




It is too bad those on the left have not the intelligence to actually see the truth of the evil they support, even when it is right in front of them.


Oh, they have the intelligence, they lack the righteousness.


Great job LEO’s! It saves taxpayers thousands of $$$ for a trial! He’s now where he belongs!


With the devil.


The truth is that the laws in place were not carried out from the start! Should have been charged booked put in jail and above all weapon removed from his ownership, I’m sure if it was myself, I’d still be trying to get out of jail, criminal got all of the justice, Jay got a body bag and no justice!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least the police did it right and served justice and saved the tax payers a lot of money and wasted time to support that trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To stop a rabid mammal that’s loose in the street, the solution is a properly applied mixture of metal and meat.

uncle dudley

I am sick and tired of hearing “moms demand action’ if these liberal democrats were so concerned about gun violence they would be screaming about all the murders in the inner cities like Chicago and others.
Face it, this dead guy was a loose cannon with his behavior and there is evidence to prove it, I wonder why no one has talked with his wife or ex-wife which ever the case may be and get her take on his behavior.


Aside from the guy’s involvement in riotous political activity, he showed no concern for the safety of his own children; driving recklessly with toddlers on board. It’s a shame his wife, or ex-wife didn’t have more control of the situation, assuming she were a responsible person.


For some reason I don’t like the title of the article. It makes me feel that the killing was unjust. I would have preferred ” Terrorist  Michael Reinoehl put to rest by law enforcement and no longer a threat to society”.

I notice more and more the right is using the left terminology. Assault Rifle, extended magazine, undocumented worker. Don’t let them change what it really is. A sporting rifle a standard capacity magazine and an illegal alien..


And good for you for doing so. Too many sensation mongers running around nowadays…. on both sides! IMO only, OFC. 🙂


The large cloud of pepper spray was a result of the canister being hit by a bullet, not before then.


Your source for this statement?

Love peace

Don ! I think you need to watch the video of Justin Dunlap recorded again, remember the cloud of mace can be faster than sound of gun. Do you know how fast the sound move ?


Taking out the trash…. There are still PILES of Dem trash to take out yet, one bag of SHIT at a time…


Michael Forest Reinoehl forfeited his life by his own actions. The man should have never been on the streets.


The LAW is stated in Article Number Two in the Constitution. It is called the SECOND AMENDMENT.
At this point in time, there are OVER 25,000 ILLEGAL INFRINGEMENTS on Owners of guns in America. ALL of these INFRINGEMENTS MUST BE REMOVED COMPLETELY. According to the Founders, they wrote in the Federalist Paper that there is only ONE REASON to restrict an individual from WEAPON OWNERSHIP.
This REASON is that an individual is WANTON TO HARM OTHERS.


“Thus, the particular phraseology of the constitution of the United States confirms and strengthens the principle, supposed to be essential to all written constitutions, that a law repugnant to the constitution is void, and that courts, as well as other departments, are bound by that instrument.” SCOTUS Marbury v Madison February 1, 1803

Liberty Valance

The concern I have about this obvious criminal is the fact that he chose to end his life as a martyr to the cause, much like an ISIS terrorist, rather than have his day in court. Will his act encourage others to do the same? Perhaps next time when an ANTIFA member chooses to sacrifice his life on the altar of Socialism he’ll do it with a bomb strapped around his chest. These guys are beginning to look more and more like ISIS. While I can protect myself and loved ones in a small skirmish. I can’t protect them against… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Liberty Valance

A Perpetrator received Summary Justice. No great loss to society. Also one less Stolen Valor claimant.


Please pass one more gun law.
This gun law should be called:
American Nationwide Constitutional Carry.
Along with this law, Americans who are FORCED to DEFEND themselves or other LAW ABIDING CITIZENS should be exempt from judicial charges relating to the DEFENSIVE use of their gun!!!!

Love peace

Control gun law is ridiculous in my opinion. The tittle of this post is funny too, and very leftist one. I love the Fact than the talk. I see so many states where strict control gun law applied are horrible homicide crime by gun. And the less control gun law States are better rate than others. I think the gun law right now is enough. Need to check background by FBI, Marshal approved without criminal or violations law such abuse, rob, thief…to have a gun as usual. Whoever think get the gun easy like go to maker get a pack… Read more »


You are correct: the gun control in the US is already very strict. But not about the title being leftist. “Slain Portland Murder Suspect Had Record of Gun Offenses”, is the most unbiased way to word this. Slain only means “killed” and not “murdered”. And that is what occurred. He must be called a suspect since he has not been convicted, and now never will be since he chose to fight to the death rather than face trial. And he did, indeed, have a long trail of prior legal offenses, including gun ‘law’ ones, as well as others.Thus this title… Read more »


You’re very welcome. I just thought this obviously English as a second language speaker had a definition or two wrong, but certainly understands the gun situation in the US quite well, and could benifit from correcting those definitions. I think the main error might have been taking “slain” the wrong way. If it was thought to mean “murdered”, as in by Law enforcement, then the title would be pretty leftist, as well as turn it into a lie. That’s just how antifa would like to “spin” it; as a poor, peaceful little rioter, viciously gunned down by police. They’d just… Read more »


quote: “openly stoking fear about people of color in an attempt to drive gun sales,”” Dummies have it backwards. Law enforcement of the type promoted by WHeeler and Durkan are drving the gun sales, and it does not bother my at all that thus fact (five million first time gun buyers so far this year) are driving some real fear in the sick hearts of those wanting to overthrow our legitmiate government and destroy our country. The Mad Mom,ies need to reassess their mission, and the source of their money and infamy. They are, and have been, part of the… Read more »


Tionico, how big is your penis?