Camp Chef STRYKER 200 Camping Stove – Review

The Camp Chef Stryker 200 can run on either propane or butane, that is a very desirable option.
The Camp Chef Stryker 200 can run on either propane or butane, that is a very desirable option.

U.S.A.-( When we’re in the outdoors doing our activities, we’re hitting it hard. It can be intense. On a good elk hunt, by the third day I can barely walk. I’m so sore, and I think that I’m in at least mediocre shape. We’re also burning a lot of calories. Sure, sometimes we can eat a cold meal like a sandwich but I’m not eating a dry protein bar 3x’s/day for 7-days straight. I want some hot meals and a hot cup of coffee. So there are certain times that you need a backpacking stove and the Camp Chef Stryker 200 is a great choice.

Camp Chef Stryker 200 Camping Stove

Let’s list a few times when you’ll need a stove:

  1. It is super wet and there’s no dry wood.
  2. There is a fire ban in the backcountry.
  3. The area that you’re in is super dry/windy and you’re scared of starting a forest fire.
  4. You don’t want to build a fire and make smoke thereby spooking your game.
  5. You’re hunting in super deep snow and can’t build a fire.
  6. You’re getting pounded by rain/snow and want to cook a quick meal in your tent before crawling into your sleeping bag.
  7. You want to whip up a hot meal or hot cup of coffee out in the boat.

Do I always carry a backpacking stove? No. But when I need one they sure are handy. If you’ve never used one, you’ll be amazed at how fast they bring the little pot of water to a boiling level. You can whip up a lot of different kinds of food as long as you have some hot water available. Backpacking meals, coffee, hot chocolate oatmeal or instant dried potatoes. Also always carry a couple of dry packages of Lipton soup in case you have to rescue someone, warm-up someone after they fell in the river or finding someone half-frozen in the snow.

I mainly use mine for backpacking when fire bans are in effect or maybe on a real cold elk hunt. I’m sure in time you’ll find you own applications such as a Bug-out bag, Rescue bag etc.

So, what are the ins/outs of a Camp Chef Stryker 200 stove? Camp Chef claims that you can bring a ½ liter of water to a boil in 2-minutes. It can function on propane or butane, that’s a big plus. Another big deal, like all backpacking stoves they’re designed to be super compact and everything possible stores inside of another part.

Carry a lightweight plastic bowl and coffee cup and you can whip out a hot meal and a piping hot cup of coffee anywhere in almost any kind of conditions. It doesn’t add any weight or bulk but if you throw in a couple of motel coffee packs and a couple of Lipton dry soup mixes so you can warm up and gather your thoughts in an emergency. If you’re an outdoorsman, you need to check out the Camp Cher Stryker 200.


  • Multi-fuel version compatible with propane and butane
  • Heat Ring technology increases efficiency by 30%, thereby reducing fuel consumption
  • Matchless ignition
  • Boils 0.5 liters of water in 2 minutes
  • Includes unit, insulated pot, folding tank stabilizer, lid and mesh carry bag
  • Lightweight hard anodized aluminum
  • Insulated sleeve keeps contents warm while providing a comfortable grip
  • Measurement markings in the pot
  • Added wind protection
  • Compact design, stores inside insulated pot


  • Wt. 19.4 oz.
  • Pot volume 1.3 liters

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This might be fine for camping or survival, But for backpacking. It violates the first rule of humping a load. Ounces=Pounds, Pounds=Pain.


So where’s the link to get half off ? LOL


Cost is $117 on Amazon!!


So why not simply include the cost


Because all they could tell you is the MSRP which will be the highest price that you might pay. If you are interested, a quick search will find what you are looking for.