Biggest Loser: Establishment Media; Can It Ever Be Trusted Again?

Fake News Biased Media Gun Banners iStock-807078422
Fake News Biased Media Gun Banners iStock-807078422

U.S.A.-( The mainstream “establishment” media—which has rarely been sympathetic to gun owners or kind to the Second Amendment—lost any semblance of credibility with conservatives and especially gun owners with its coverage of the presidential election, according to social media reactions to a question posed 36 hours after the polls closed Nov. 3.

That loss is likely permanent. Heading into the weekend, media integrity seemed to be sliding even farther as major networks cut away from President Donald Trump’s news conference, leaving many people even more convinced of a strong bias against the president that has existed since his stunning 2016 defeat of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

It has been a bad week for Trump supporters, but a worse one for the American press. Even the sarcastic Babylon Bee took a hard poke at the prognosticators.

An inquiry on Facebook simply asked, “After this year, can anyone trust the media or the polls ever again?” Every response was negative, and several were accusatory.

One man wrote, “It wasn’t as if the media miscalled certain issues on the economy or on foreign policy. It wasn’t as if pollsters simply got it wrong. It was purposeful to diminish the successes of the president. The media and pollsters aren’t this incompetent. They’re sinister.”

Another observed, “The media had turned into a propaganda machine for their leftist agendas.”

For weeks, even months, leading up to the election, various media outlets teamed with polling companies to produce poll after poll showing Democrat Joe Biden ahead of incumbent President Donald Trump. It was perhaps best summed up by Joe Concha, media reporter for The Hill, during an appearance on Fox News:

“I saw a poll, I think it was about a month or two ago and that many people are afraid to share their political affiliations with anybody, even if it is just a random person over the phone because they are afraid of some sort of consequences around that and we’ve seen cancel culture actually take these people out,” Concha told “Fox & Friends.”

“Why does this happen,” he continued. “Is it to create an illusion that perhaps that Joe Biden had this huge lead and why bother going out? It’s almost like a psychological suppression of votes in these situations to say, ‘Ok, look Joe Biden is up 17 in Wisconsin, why even bother?’ Right. These are the consequences as a result.”

There are now growing suspicions that various news agencies refused to call key states for Trump when they were willing to call other states for Biden with only a fraction of votes tallied. The prevailing suspicion is that the media, especially cable news channels that have been hostile toward the president since before he took office in January 2017, simply did not want to acknowledge a win during the still-hotly contested election. And there is something else, as pointed out by a prominent gun rights activist and firearms retailer in the Pacific Northwest: Why does it take so long to count presidential votes when they are on the same ballots as other races and election issues that got settled so quickly?

One theory discussed privately by some conservative observers is that the media wanted to create the impression that Biden was winning from the outset and Trump was trying to steal the election. What if it’s been the other way around, by preventing observers to watch in Philadelphia, for example? Those questions will now always linger.

This dilemma reaches well beyond electoral politics, and squarely into the gun rights realm.

If the media deliberately portrayed things so wrongly with a presidential election, what does that say about their coverage of the Second Amendment debate?

When was the last time a reporter demanded to know why the gun prohibition lobby is so determined to ban so-called “assault rifles” when the annual FBI Uniform Crime Report shows rifles of any kind are used in a fraction of all homicides in any given year?

That question never came up during either presidential debate, nor was it asked during the vice presidential debate.

Why does the establishment media habitually refer to “gun violence” when discussing violent crime, but reports never mention “knife violence” when someone is fatally stabbed? Nor does the press use a term such as “blunt instrument violence” when someone is assaulted or murdered with a hammer or metal baseball bat?

Gun rights versus gun control hardly came up during the 2020 presidential campaign. Trump consistently mentioned his efforts to protect the Second Amendment during his campaign rallies, but when it comes to talking about the rights of America’s 100 million-plus gun owners, Biden had lockjaw.

  • How many American newsrooms have anyone on staff who can speak and write with authority about firearms?
  • How many newsrooms even have a single gun owner on staff who can spot reporting errors regarding firearms?

For a profession that prides itself on objectivity, the establishment press is dreadfully lacking, and editorial boards that owe their existence to the First Amendment have rarely shown any regard for the Second Amendment as protective of a fundamental right, rather than a government-regulated privilege.

President Trump may not be anyone’s first choice as a dinner guest, but in retrospect, the establishment media has been openly biased against him, perhaps because he didn’t come into the job as a Beltway insider, but as a businessman who likes to finish projects rather than perpetuate them with endless studies.

The New York Times was trying to cover for its broadcast colleagues by saying they were reluctant to make early calls on election night, but several states were called for the Biden column on far thinner returns than states including Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, which were strongly tilted toward Trump.

That doesn’t go unnoticed by viewers who are still wondering how Virginia was called for Biden when on-screen returns were showing Trump with a massive lead early in the evening. If reporters knew something, they weren’t sharing it with their viewers.

The president has made a habit of complaining about “fake news.” It may not have been the prudent thing to do, but after this election cycle, a large segment of the public will always believe it was the right thing to do.

Dave Workman is a career journalist with a degree in journalism from the University of Washington. His writing career has spanned a half century.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Having watched more TV the past week than I ever do, I have concluded that Fox belongs in this Faux category. Performances by Neil Cavuto on Fox B and John Roberts on Fox have left me with no doubts as to where their loyalties lie. Aside from Dobbs, Carlson and Hannity there is nothing left for us at Fox.

Green Mtn. Boy

Fox is owned by Disney,that speaks volumes.


It started slipping before disney bought it but within a month after the purchase it was clear they were on the demonrat side and two weeks before the election it was like watching MSNBC especially on the weekends.


Well the owner of FOX is a liberal scumbag.A lot of people were shocked to see Hannity and Carlson and the few others that are Patriots,still had a job once he purchased FOX.But it is also why they still have liberal scumbag anchors and so called news casters and slowly adding more! I know im locked&loaded and ready for anything! If i could g et my wife to move “OUT” of N.J. we would be gone years ago!


If liden is really going to rule, is it going to matter which state we are in. We need states that are going to go against his new rulings on AR and AK or guns that take 1,000 clips in it. We need those states to speak up and say, we will not comply and if you are of the same belief, move here and we will save America from here.

TRUMP 2020 Liden/Kameltoe are not my elected officals. Lets start the impeachment now.


The problem with the corporate press is the same problem with corporate America and most American institutions. Put simply the dominant ideology in America has been Progressivism and that has been true for over 100 years. Progressives reject the natural law basis of our legal system and law as well as the natural law basis of our rights and liberties. Natural law assumes a supreme authority, God, in all things philosophical. When you substitute yourself for God then politics becomes disconnected from a stable and consistent moral foundation and becomes relativist or situational. Self defense is the most fundamental of… Read more »


Semper Fortis brother and i feel the same way. I have been ready to go for over 6yrs! I knew the 2nd year of Obama’s 1st term this country had been flushed and we are just in the process of flowing down the drain. The one thing i will do til my last breath is insure my family is as safe as they can be. There are places in this country that will remain free once the SHTF and all of those people “patriots”or”citizens” that want to remain free will have to come to terms with what may have to… Read more »

Autsin Miller III

Only Kardashian fans and other assorted fools trusted them to start with.


joseph goebbels would be so proud of the todays establishment media.


your 100% right they have taken all the lessons learned by the Nazi’s and recreated them here today! They are the worst enemies of our establishment 2nd only to 85% of “all” teachers in our country at all levels of education! They have brain washed out youth to the point that they will burn,loot and even murder innocent people to achieve what they want or what they think should be!Its way past time that these criminal politicians along with the media and those teachers that are our enemies be brought to JUSTICE as we all were PROMISED!!!


9/11 showed me who the media was working for. When they got away with that they knew they could do anything.


They work for the traitorous bastards who want to create a one world Dictatorship.

Say, if that bill passes will it increase the size, cost, reach and power of government??


“You will obey me while I lead you into the garbage that I feed, until they that we don’t need. Don’t call for help! No one will heed you! Your mind is totally controlled, you will be stuffed into your mold, and you will do as you are told, until the rights to you are sold!
well, I am the slime from your Video, oozing along on your living room floor.”
Frank Zappa


Please excuse the typos but you get the message. By the way. I stopped believing or trusting the Lame Stream Media in the 1970s.


you should listen to some “Green Day” they made music years ago that is exactly what is happening in our country today! The youth of our country ages from small child to their early 30s are lost,thanks to our Brain Washing teachers! 85% of all teachers are liberal scumbags and they dont care who they hurt! As long as they keep getting raises every couple of years and get paid while school isnt in session! I worked in our local school district for almost 7yrs and saw it 1st hand!They lead the kids strait into the welfare system or on… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by BigMikeU

Great line from Frank.


Thanks for adding the Frank Zapa. I knew those words were familiar.


And another note: the Pulitzer Prize has simply become a teflon flak jacket for corporate media liars. Herbert Matthews of the NYT on the Cuban civil war is a prime example. John Reed on his coverage of the early Bolshevik Revolution another. The frauds who propagandized the Vietnam war serve as more examples. When you challenge their evidence and conclusions leftists respond by saying “but he has a Pulitzer……….” So much for intellectual integrity.


Walter Durant, another prostitute for collectivism.


Yep – he really set the bar extremely low and the lame streamers have continued to dig it lower……………….

Green Mtn. Boy

Never did trust the Marxist news media’s they haven’t lost anything on my part,0+0 = 0.


Shame on you for not using new math because if you did, the answer would have been 1 for biden in todays rule and I am sure that would be correct because they said so, because they told me so, because 100 news agencies said so and even biden said so and we all know that he is a good man and can be trusted because he would never do something like getting another country to fire some son of a bitch that is investigating his son or the treason pay for play game along with quid pro quo, oh… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by musicman44mag

Fro anyone paying attention, the the media hasn’t been trustworthy in years. They are just more blatant about their BS now.


Old – I don’t know how long you have been around but I figured out as a kid that the lame stream media has been manipulating the news since the Kennedy/Nixon debates. Not only are they flat out blatant they simply do not care who knows how devious they are.


The answer has been no for many decades…

uncle dudley

An old timer I know has said for years that you can’t win an argument with the newspaper’s because they buy their Ink by the barrels, I guess today that saying needs to be adjusted that you can’t win an argument with the news media when they all vote the same way and walk in lock step with each other.
What a shame for the American people to be brainwashed by a bunch of liberals.


uncle – that original saying about the ink was that they bought it by the rail car full – but it is sort of like the other saying about fighting city hall. It can be done but you need really deep pockets, LOTS of patience and a really good legal team.


Impeach Biden/Kameltoe.


Dave – if we are going by the leftist timetable – shouldn’t we be stacking up rocks/bricks and loading up molotov cocktails by now? Of course since we are gentlemanly and civilized we likely won’t engage in illegal behavior like they do……………….

Ansel Hazen

But they claim it’s just peaceful protest so count me in on the fun.


The media along with the Demonrats should NEVER be trusted again! In fact they should remove all of these propaganda machines for good from the public view! People like Don Lemmon and others should be arrested for subversion,or at the least sedition! Its time these TRAITORS saw the JUSTICE we all were PROMISED!!!?

Deplorable Bill

Propaganda, one of the things I hated about the Russians and the Chinese. The are of mind screwing the massess for political and monitary gain. Theft of the wealth of a nation. Most of the media in America is all in on it. Back in the day Hitler had a message but Goebels was the one who spread it, who fluffed it up, made it look convincing to the people. World war two was enabled by the news media selling propaganda. It’s difficult to tell which of the two was more evil. To mindscrew the American citizenry into believing that… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

Just to add a word or two. Think about it, treason, and that’s they are doing and that’s exactly what this is, has consequences. The penalty for treason is death and rightly so. Treason is not just an attack on an individual or two, no Sir, treason is an attack on the entire nation. That is exactly what they have done and what they are STILL DOING. Along with the deserved penalty, I would add a liberal tarring and feathering ON NATIONAL T.V. to be used as prison clothing until their execution ALSO ON NATIONAL T.V. Maybe that sounds like… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

I’ll just add that it wouldn’t be waterboarding if you use #2 fuel oil.


Allegedly Colonel Randall Ray may have been involved in wiring the hotels around DC.

uncle dudley

The night before the election the tv news was talking about 100million people had already voted, yet as of today the total is around 150million.
Is this number including the early vote and if so it means only 50million showed up on election day yet there were lines at every polling place that took hours to vote, somethings fishy with the numbers.
There is no way I can ever trust the news media again as they are in the tank for the democrats.
Maybe China worked to get Biden elected, after all he has connections with his son’s business partners.


In Reality Trump Trusts The News as he spends a lot of time watching a learning from it During his first run he said he always watched CNN. Sorry, but the whole Fake thing is and was 95% brought to you by the Biggest Fake Trump.