Dad With a Gun Protects His Young Daughter from Four Thugs

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Dad With a Gun Protects His Young Daughter from Four Thugs

U.S.A. -( We start with a news report from Fox8 WVUE, and additional reports from ABC WGNO, both in New Orleans, Louisiana.

You are at home on a Tuesday morning. You’re taking care of your four-year-old daughter when you hear shouts. Four armed men rush into your house. They threaten you and hit you in the head with their guns. You are armed. You shoot all four of your attackers.

Now you scoop up your daughter and call 911. Your daughter is injured. EMTs take her to the hospital for treatment of a bullet wound. Police find two of your attackers dead at the scene. Two more of your attackers ran from the house and are found wounded in the front yard. EMTs take these attackers to the hospital.

Later news reports say your daughter is expected to fully recover from her injuries.


No one wakes up on a Tuesday morning and thinks they will be in an overwhelming fight to defend their life and the life of their child. Some of us prepare for the unexpected anyway. We go armed. We took instruction and we trained. Some mornings, that training pays off.

Our defender recognized an attack. He continued to fight even though he was injured. He used a firearm to defend himself and his family. He put effective shots on his attackers. Our defender stopped shooting when the attackers were no longer an immediate threat. He stayed at the scene rather than chasing the fleeing criminals. He checked to see if his family was hurt. Our defender made a call to 911 to get help, and he made a brief statement to the police.

Bad things happen, and they could happen to us. There are over a million home invasion robberies a year. That averages to about one robbery with the occupants present in the home for every hundred homes.  The good news is that most of those home invasions don’t involve four armed attackers. The bad news is that most robberies involve more than one attacker. Criminals don’t fight fair.. and neither should we.

The news report leaves us with a lot of questions. It doesn’t say how the defender stopped four armed men without getting shot. We can also speculate about why the attackers chose this home. I wonder if the dad had medical training and supplies to save his daughter’s life.

No one wants to make themselves a target. Was a relative or an ex-roommate involved with drugs? Addicts talk to other addicts and they will steal from anyone. This is the holiday season, and we don’t want to leave a large cardboard box on the curb that says “Rob me first!’ Sometimes we can find out why we were targeted, but most times we will never know the reason. Bad things happen to good people. The news articles don’t mention a forced entry, so perhaps the only reason this dad was attacked was that his front door was unlocked. One lesson is to lock our doors. That simple step protects our family.

Our defending dad was in deep trouble by the time he recognized his need for armed defense. We assume the defender had his gun on his body since he was able to defend himself. He didn’t have time to go back to his bedroom, load his gun, and get back to the fight. Few of us would leave our family defenseless so we could run away and get our gun. The good news is that we have tens of millions of new gun owners this year. The bad news is that they are still learning about holsters and how to carry their defensive tools.

We know the odds are against us if we are out in the open and have to draw our gun while attackers have their guns pointed at us. Fortunately, good tactics help us overcome a numerical disadvantage. We want to move so the attackers get in each other’s way. We want to move so the attackers can not shoot us without first shooting their accomplice. Maybe the good guy ran down a hallway and the bad guys followed him. That effectively stacked the attackers one behind the other. That means our defender could defend himself from one attacker at a time.

Angles matter. Perhaps our defender was in another room and was shooting at the bad guys from behind a corner. The attackers were in the open and our defender could see all of them. The attackers saw only an ear and a gun barrel if they saw anything at all.

We can also exploit the dimension of time as we defend ourselves. It is harder to shoot someone after you’ve been shot. Action happens faster than reaction. Perhaps our defender shot the bad guys before they understood that he was armed.

Most of us would step in front of a bullet to save our child. Part of our defensive tools are a family safety plan and first aid. Emergencies happen, and the response is different. We want our children to do different things in case of fire, an intruder, or a tornado. Talk to your children about where to go, and walk through the drill with them. It takes practice to hide under the bed and leave your favorite toy behind.

We are more likely to use our medical kit than our gun. Get some first aid/trauma training. The local “stop the bleed” class usually takes an hour and is often free of charge. The Red Cross also offers trauma training.

Rob Morse highlights the latest self-defense and other shootings of the week. See what went wrong, what went right, and what we can learn from real-life self-defense with a gun. Even the most justified self-defense shooting can go wrong, especially after the shot. Get the education, the training, and the liability coverage you and your family deserve, join USCCA.

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Rob writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob was an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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I advocate for public hangings. Let the perps friends watch as the criminal shakes and pees down legs.


Absolutely, bring back public hangings, this was done in the past for a reason, public education !!

American Patriot

Yeap…..Prime Time Executions Rated (G)!


In fact, I’d be in favor of beheadings. How long ago since we burned somebody at the stake? Too long!


Not saying yea or nay, but there are generally a bunch of posts with projecting arms that are only used when there isn’t enough light to drive. If it gets that far there won’t be much driving going on anyway. No need to build scaffolds. Just a random thought. I remember I read that in a book once, or maybe twice.


Invading my house would be a death sentence for all invaders. I am ALWAYS armed and have a firearm at my disposal either on my person or in every room in places that no one would suspect. Most folks put a gun on a shelf. I put mine under it with a very high powered neodymium magnet. My son printed 3d covers for the magnet to so the finish on my firearms won’t be damaged. One of them is behind a towel on a wall. WHO would expect a gun to be behind a towel hanging on the wall? They… Read more »


shhh. keep those guns hidden so NO ONE will know where to look for them. geez.


Wow, I am glad that you got all of yours before liden puts the one gun a month deal into effect. That would mean if you have a 13 bedroom home you would have one room unprotected. . My wife has this shoe rack thing made of plastic that goes over the door into our bedroom. You only see it if the door is closed. I took some garden handle clips that you would use to hold your broom, shovel etc. and used them to clamp an AR on the door behind the shoes. You would never know its there,… Read more »


Perfect example of why your gun should not be in the safe with a lock on it and the ammo stored in another safe. Being ready at all times is important and having a gun on the dresser while you sleep is a smart idea as far as I am concerned. 1 million houses a year. My God people, are you that lazy and don’t value anyone’s life but your own. Sad state of affairs and you know these stats come from before there was covid and the Chinese messed up the world..


I agree with you.

Now try and convince the NSSF of that.



There have been examples like this for decades and yet the fight to preserve the 2nd amendment uninfringed gets more difficult. I’m not optimistic with a rabid antigun socialist administration coming. Antigun liberals don’t read “Ammoland” or “Concealed Carry Magazine”.


The only two things Democrats/Socialists/Communists have historically been truly concerned about are: Republican politicians successfully countering their agenda. That’s not much of a concern anymore since once they get into office, Republican politicians support more gun control; more forced wealth redistribution; more unnecessary, costly foreign adventures; more funding of ridiculous foreign projects that only result in enriching foreign Totalitarians; continuation of birthright citizenship; and more power in the hands of government employees. The pathetic thing about it is: Republican voters defend them to the bitter end when they do these things. Armed government employees refusing to do their bidding. If… Read more »


I posted a response (not disagreeing), but it was not released. Doesn’t appear to be a system issue.


This is a prime case of why magazine capacity limits are unconstitutional.


In regards to magazine capacity I am always reminded of this:

SWAT teams shot suspect with 68 bullets – Orlando Sentinel

Sheriff Judd is a good man and has been the Sheriff of Polk Co for 16 years.


In one instance, a Jamaican, illegal, alien shot and killed a Polk County deputy and his K-9. They shot 100+ times. A liberal news woman asked why they shot him 100 times. Sheriff Judd deadpanned “we ran out of bullets.” Ha Ha.


Similar incidents occur too frequently in large metro areas; they should not evoke confidence in the LEOs nor are they laughing matters if you become collateral damage. … Such high discharge counts may have a valid explanation but I am suspect. … And, good luck to the non-LE defender who pulls the trigger one more time than absolutely necessary based on the “prosecutor’s 20/20 hindsight judgment”.


Newspaper delivery ladies in LA and the collateral damage in the Miramar UPS fiasco (Frank Ordonez and Rick Cutshaw) are good examples. The average American believes almost all LEOs are good shots.


There are many in NYC, but the one I expect NYPD would most like to forget was in 2012 when on Fifth Ave outside the Empire State Bldg, weekday morning, two officers attempted to stop a suspect murderer walking away, not threatening anyone, not displaying a weapon, officers reacted to an alleged witness (no other knowledge), fired 16 shots, killed the suspect and wounded nine innocents. … Inept, poor training, lacking judgment, … Reckless disregard; a consequence of “qualified immunity” and power of the PBA.


I remember that – as I recall all the officers went home safe.


How do I know that you didn’t bother to read the story. But then, with it being you, I am not surprised.


Seems like the guy over reacted by shooting the cop over a traffic stop. They didn’t seem to have any other dirt on the guy other then traffic related from 1999. I wonder if had just had a Covid vaccine…something isn’t right about the whole story. And I don’t like the Sheriff’s if we had more bullets we would have shot more. So much for innocent until proven guilty. And I’m sure if they were standing over him that he made an effort to shoot them. Sounds like suicide by cop. Maybe he had lost his business lately and who… Read more »


300 cops and only 68 bullets? Damned ammo shortage. A guy who executes – executes – a cop by shooting him behind the ear and in the temple after he has already killed his K-9 and taken him down with a spine shot, with a long history of priors, is not a “suspect” – he’s an infection. When they found him in the hole, they should have poured gasoline on him and flipped a match, conserving bullets and saving the cost of a funeral. There are some people who just aren’t worth considering as human – they are wild animals… Read more »


4 guys invade a house and shoot a 4 year old girl and her father? Too bad he only killed two of them. I am sick to death of the lot of them who think that the rule of law is an inconvenience to be ignored at every opportunity. We need more prisons, not fewer; longer sentences, not shorter. An investment in keeping these morons off the streets returns more value than some mush-headed notion that all criminals are “misguided” and “owed a break” and can “be rehabilitated” and returned to a productive member of society. By the time a… Read more »


Bring back hard labor and the death penalty.


Public executions (broadcast) would be even better


Exactly !!


Yup. The two that managed to pass the Room Temperature Test should be tried and convicted for felony murder, and executed. I personally prefer the classic firing squad especially in cases where the perp used arms in his crime. Seems only fitting.. he who would kill by the bullet shouold die by the bullet. Only fair and just. No hood, face the music. The two survivors were involved in crime that ended the lives of their two pals. This pair should go join their buddies in the Hot Place, and get there by the same ticket they gave their pals,… Read more »


If you shoot a child and the child lives you should automatically get life in prison. If you kill the child firing squad or hanging!


You know, I’m pretty disappointed that there haven’t been any articles since Dec 22. Today is Jan 12 2021. I have to assume the principals of AmmoLand and their companions are busily prepping for Inauguration Day when Joe Biden becomes the President of the United States. Only eight days away.

Dave in Fairfax

He’s Baaaack,

Take a loot at the numbers under the pictures in the articles, those are dates. There have been plenty of articles.