Below The Radar – HR 880 amend the Consumer Product Safety Act

Joe Biden signing one Executive Order after another, despite during the Presidential campaign calling rule by Executive Order that of a dictatorship.

United States – -( As we noted with the re-introduction of the Sabika Sheikh Firearms Licensing and Registration Act as HR 127, bad bills often turn up in Congress after Congress. But Sheila Jackson Lee is not the only member of the House of Representatives bringing back a bad bill. Chicago’s Robin Kelly is, too, and her terrible idea is far more likely to be passed into law than HR 127.

In the 116th Congress, Kelly introduced the Firearm Safety Act of 2019, which placed firearms under the Consumer Product Safety Commission. It’s back as HR 880, and the problems it had when it was reviewed last year are still there. There is, of course, the fact that it hands massive powers over our Second Amendment rights to unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats.

In some ways, this is worse than “stroke of the pen, law of the land.” Executive orders can be undone by a President. The D.C. bureaucracy, though, is an entirely different matter, especially when it comes to their edicts. Presidents have a much harder time undoing them. Imagine, for instance, if anti-Second Amendment extremists try to use the CPSC’s reporting process to claim popular firearms like the AR-15 and Glock are unsafe – trying to trigger an involuntary recall.

Could Second Amendment supporters count on the courts to halt this gun ban by bureaucratic fiat? You may want to think twice about that assumption. The harsh truth is that the courts may not stop such an effort. For instance, despite the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, lawsuits against the manufacturer of the guns used in the Sandy Hook shooting on dubious grounds have been allowed to proceed, even though the guns used in that horrific shooting were stolen. If courts can find a way to ignore a law, then they could easily ratify a dubious recall, especially if the bureaucracy involved takes pains to follow its “normal” procedures.

The best way to avoid the abuse of this power by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats at CPSC is to make sure that the power is never given to that agency in the first place. Second Amendment supporters should contact their Representatives and Senators and politely urge their opposition this legislation. Second Amendment supporters should also support the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action and Political Victory Fund to ensure that the current anti-Second Amendment regimes in the House, Senate, and White House are defeated at the ballot box as soon as possible.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

Harold Hutchison

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we do need to attack them the way they attack us bloomberg needs to be sued personally by Remington share holders
hit them in their wallet

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Excellent idea!


Now WHY do you suppose that a collective of firearms, ammo and such manufacturers haven’t already formed a coalition to do just THAT?


After the last fraud election I am convinced that the ballot box is no longer an option now that they have successfully stolen an election . The cartridge box appears to be the only option to change the course of American history . Just like the Britts these clowns on the left need educated by the power of a free and armed society .


There is one more remedy within our reach. Actually two, come to think of it. The first is the JURY. The second is to get LE on OUR side in between the psychopathic control freaks.


“Second Amendment supporters should also support the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action and Political Victory Fund to ensure that the current anti-Second Amendment regimes in the House, Senate, and White House are defeated at the ballot box as soon as possible.”

The NRA has never supported the 2A. Why should second amendment supporters support the largest, most effective arms control organization in this nation’s history?


NRA = No Rights Allowed!




Which makes no difference in what the Congress and Biden will attempt.


I don’t understand why people keep thinking the ballot box is where we can beat them. Didn’t we just have an election stolen out from under us. Did they fix all the problems and I wasn’t notified that it has been resolved? We need to dump our money into groups that will protest peacefully and make clear they are not doing what Amerka wants. We need lawyers or what ever it takes to start impeaching or what ever you want to call it to throw the bums out of office for dereliction of duty or what ever we can dream… Read more »


I wonder what the guard troops in DC would do if a million armed patriots showed up.


Or even “just” 100,000?


Kind of like one thousand lawyers at the bottom of the sea. A good start.


With torches, pitchforks and flex-cuffs.


They would piss all over themselves, literally. Some would fight but I think most would run.


Well, I am sure they have a truck load of toilet paper SOMEWHERE nearby?


Who do you mean when you say “beat them”?


The demonrats that cheat and steal elections, who else?


Considering the majority of arms laws passed at the federal level over the past 40 years had bipartisan support and were signed into law by Republican presidents, you may want to reevaluate who the real enemy is. Everyone knows Democrats will enact arms laws if given the chance. The problem is the Republicans who are helping them do it. They would have never been able to pass anything without Republican support. The Hughes Amendment, import bans, FixNICS, and bumpstock ban were all implemented by Reagan, Bush Sr., and Trump. Also don’t forget that Trump advocated for much more like the… Read more »


STAG, I appreciate your input so much. THIS is the kind of research and notice to THE PEOPLE that must occur at all times! We have the power of the grand jury, we just need to USE IT!


No matter how many times it is pointed out, many still believe Republican politicians are generally Pro 2nd Amendment. In the last 24 hours, people on this site have stated that when the president is a Democrat, there are mass shootings and the Democrats push for gun control. The person who posted it completely ignored that fact that Trump did the exact same thing. Another poster thought that G.W. Bush ended the 1994 “Assault Weapon” ban, when in fact he promised to extend it if the legislation reached his desk. Many are just programed to repeat things that are incorrect… Read more »


Posted reply, but it is on hold.

I think I need to use more all caps and exclamation marks.


Doing the same thing over and over again (including voting) and expecting different results is the classic definition of insanity. Voting in America today is the equivalent of sitting in on a crooked poker game where everyone is cheating. If you play, you lose, not contest, no chance, unless you cheat. If you cheat, then you may win, but you have become part of the problem and the problem continues (where we are today). There are only 2 ways to deal with it, first, don’t play at all, and second, turn over the table and run the crooks out of… Read more »


First of all, PROTESTING does NOTHING to, “Get The Job DONE!” It is a TOTAL waste of time, money and manpower. “The fourth federal law, 18 U.S.C. 1918 provides penalties for violation of oath office described in 5 U.S.C. 7311 which include: (1) removal from office and; (2) confinement or a fine. The definition of “advocate” is further specified in Executive Order 10450 which for the purposes of enforcement supplements 5 U.S.C.” Have you EVER seen President Trump or President Reagan PROTEST? NO! They applied DIRECT ACTION! We are no longer in the Hippie Daze of fantasy land where everyone can puff on their pot and hold… Read more »


All of these “Commie Rat Bastards” (CRBs) need to be gone. Until we line ever last one them up in front of the wall, and, or 13 steps, and a rope, this country is lost. It’s official we are now being governed by fraudulent Federal officials, who are being run by high tech, and China. New World Order.
Biden has sold his office from the start, and now he’s selling out the country!

Elisa Delaurenti

The perpetual game of whack-a-mole. Just wait a few more years, when the “educators” have crapped out several million more mind washed, marxist voters who will eagerly and viciously push this garbage. At the tune of 4 to 5 million per year, plus all the illegal aliens and jihadis they’re bringing in, all they need to do is wait just a couple short years and there will be no more “Americans” left in this nations. It’ll be marxists vs a teeny, tiny population of home schooled Americans with no voice at all.


And like good little Americans that don’t want to get involved or, “rock the boat”, MOST will sit on their apathetic asses and ALLOW this to occur!


“The best way to avoid the abuse of this power by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats at CPSC is to make sure that the power is never given to that agency in the first place.” The best way to take care of the problem if it DOES get in, is to take them out and hang them.

Doug G.

The courts would be NO help because they believe in Chevron Deference. The theory that regulatory agencies know best when it comes to interpreting their regulations. It’s little more than a brush off for cases that should have been handled in another venue. Bureaucrats really have run amok before the courts would reign them in. This ridiculous maneuvering, in addition to bad lawmaking is exactly why we need 2A organizations to help us fight this BS, that often goes unreported. That includes the NRA, 2ndAF, GOA, FPC, all of them,. So, join one or more. Give them your hard earned… Read more »


The term “assault weapon” has no meaning. It was coined by uneducated irresponsible politicians to promote the agenda of disarmament. Biden’s ‘plan’ (this is verified) is marketed at “taking only the scary black rifles”, but the reality is that any rifle/pistol/handgun/shotgun that self-loads (semi-auto), AND Any rifle/pistol/handgun/shotgun that has a magazine of ANY kind (Tube/Clip/Mag) that does or ‘can be made’ to hold more than 10 rounds (thats all of them folks) will be BANNED. That includes ALL levers/Bolts and pumps. In addition to Biden’s gun ban and confiscation, he is going to lay waste to the firearms industry using… Read more »

Mystic Wolf

When guns are outlawed then many will become outlaws, and others will design other means of defense of self and others. Those that have the knowledge will start building plasma based weapons, which leave no trace behind, these can often be built in ones garage or office. The plasma based weapons can be either LASER based or based on other means. There are plans out there that one can use to build these weapons, all can be very effective and can cause a good deal of damage.


When a Colt AR 15 pattern rifle is used to shoot up a Christmas party in San Bernardino, or a nightclub in Florida, or a church in Texas, they are quick to call it an “assault weapon”. but when DHS orders up a few thousand of them identical to all the ones we have, they refer to them as “defensive weapons”. Interesting, that, NO? I wonder if the toy safety guys decide to recall ALL AR type rifles, will that also remove them from LE< military, Fed agents? If not why not? Seems those guys should be making “SAAAAAAaaaaafety” a… Read more »


OK, So the typical gathering of us here, playing keyboard commandoes, when are WE going to form a coalition to start the ball rolling with getting the 2nd Amendment Association, Gun Owners of America and Firearms Policy Coalition ALL onboard, then form a trust in which to fund all NECESSARY actions?


HEY! Harold! When it comes to the freedom, liberty and sovereignty of the U.S. citizen, NONE should EVER, “politely urge, request, humbly or in any other manner but to DEMAND! PERIOD! This namby-pamby humbly requesting from REPRESENTATIVES is a major part as to WHY our nation and our citizens are constantly getting our asses handed to us and our RIGHTS, FREEDOMS and LIBERTIES are being eroded! PUT ON YOUR BIG BOY PANTS and TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR COUNTRY! (10th Amendment mean ANYTHING to you?)