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Bidens’ Fanciful Executive Lip Service Action-Orders IMG NRA-ILA

New Jersey – -(  With the impending doom of gunmegeddon and the uncertainty of what may come from all the introduced bills, there is big talk about the White House taking executive measures to stop so-called gun violence.  You might have missed it, but I did something clever.  I said “executive measures”, essentially is a non-sense phrase.  Why does that matter?  Because of a very interesting thing that was pointed out in a recent video I watched.

Like many of our readers, I’m a subscriber of many content creators.  I take in Second Amendment information all day every day.  Unlike some content creators that take from well-researched articles and do not cite their sources (you know who you are out there and we know you do it, toss us a bone once in a while please!) to make their videos, I’m going to take from a well-researched video and tell you exactly where I’m getting the information from.

Braden Langley, from the Langley Outdoors Academy has a youtube channel and puts out some really great and regular content.  A former student and now friend of mine turned me onto his material and his channel is growing.  Langley’s videos are short, to the point, and my personal favorite, he cites all his sources.  Braden is a content creator but is not afraid to share the credit where credit is due.

On March 29, 2021, Langley put out a video: “Biden’s Gun Control Executive “Order” or “Actions”?… We may be getting played here…”

In it he goes into detail about the fancy wordplay that is going on concerning the executive measures that the Biden Administration may or may not take.  I’m just using the phrase executive measures to include the White House’s cache of executive actions versus executive orders.  Looking into what Langley explains, I wanted to follow up with some more supporting details, and found in an NPR article by Scott Neuman the following information:

A presidential executive order “is a directive issued to federal agencies, department heads, or other federal employees by the President of the United States under his statutory or constitutional powers,” according to Robert Longley, writing at “In many ways, presidential executive orders are similar to written orders, or instructions issued by the president of a corporation to its department heads or directors.”

By contrast, a presidential executive action is kind of a catch-all term, writes NBC, which quoted an unnamed administration official in 2011 as saying: “It just means something the executive branch does. The use of any of a number of tools in the executive branch’s toolbox.”

Political writer Tom Murse says: “[Most] executive actions carry no legal weight. Those that do actually set policy can be invalidated by the courts or undone by legislation passed by Congress.”

Langley in his video cited: Executive action vs. executive order: What’s the difference? if you want to follow up with his research.

Watching one of the recent press conferences that Langely cites, where there were questions about executive orders, let’s pay close attention to the wordplay:

Reporter:  And just to get some clarity on yesterday, are we, should we still be expecting executive orders from the president on gun measures?

Psaki:  Yes

Reporter:  Defiantly, or what, what do you, like a month from now?  What do you think the time-frame is?

Psaki then went on to explain about when Biden was part of the Obama administration and in her little word sparring talked about all the executive actions that the duo was involved in.  Question from a reporter was about ‘executive orders’, Psaki replied ‘yes’ to that question, but followed up by talking about ‘executive actions.’  So massive hat tip to Braden Langley for catching that little nuance.  We can have executive actions, executive orders, my new favorite executive measures, executive circle backs, executive you know the thing man that we hold to be self-evident c’mon…

The presser where this q and a occurred can be watched in full here:

As Langley states in his content, if we as a country are looking at “executive actions”, they essentially hold no actual weight of law and can be undone easily.

One other cute headline I read while reading about this:  “Analysis: Biden White House tries to craft gun executive orders that can’t be undone”, from a Reuters article, further expands in the body of their text:

The White House is trying to craft a series of executive actions for President Joe Biden to sign to try to limit gun violence, hoping they cannot be quickly dismantled in court, according to aides and gun safety groups.

They baited readers with the phrase “executive orders” and did the switch to “executive actions” in the actual reporting.

There are two takeaways here.  One, whatever Biden does concerning “actions” will hold little to no weight of law at all, and all easy to be undone.  Two, give credit where credit is due.  Many thanks again to Langley for creating his video on the subject.  For other content creators out there, a simple hat tip would be nice to some of us 2A writers.  Many of us can also be reached as well for comment, we’re all in this together!

Langley’s video can be viewed in full here:

John Petrolino is a US Merchant Marine Officer, writer, author of Decoding Firearms: An Easy to Read Guide on General Gun Safety & Use and NRA certified pistol, rifle, and shotgun instructor living under and working to change New Jersey’s draconian and unconstitutional gun laws. You can find him on the web at on twitter at @johnpetrolino and on instagram @jpetrolinoiii .

John Petrolino
John Petrolino
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honestly, i don’t think the media knows the difference between executive order and executive action. they probably think they are the same. if they do, they just gush with wonderment that the imbecile in the oval office thinks like they do. definitely would not be the same if the other party was in there. i have many friends from other countries whom i have spoken to and they all tell me that they came to America to escape the communist/socialist governments in their home country, but are now seeing it happen here. how can it be that our own people… Read more »


Sorry to be a bit off topic, but the way that Biden holds his hands in that “iconic” photo of him imaginarily holding a long gun, shows that he doesn’t quite have a feel for it. It is hard to tell whether he thinks he is holding a long gun, or he is using his right hand as a pretend pistol, sighting along the side of his thumb. A real sad sack, pretending to have a feel for this.


Can’t you see that is his 2X4 rubber band fed fully auto weapon of war? It has high intensity capacity rubber bands on it too. I bet he is going to try and turn it in for his obiden bucks buy back confiscation program.


And probably has a high capacity (paper) clip!

Doug G.

You guys talk like Biden is alive and thinking. These actions or orders are from the group that pulls his strings. They just slap his face on it trying to make them look legit. Which is impossible, given the illegit nature of how he got where he got. He is an empty meatsack wheeled out to parrot what he’s been told. He may sometimes think he’s in charge, but he’s got no say in what comes from the Whitehouse, same as when he was in his basement. Someone with such advanced stage dementia who can’t form a complete sentence, is… Read more »

Doug G.

You really have to parse words with everything said by a politician or reporter. Most pol’s are lawyers, by education, that’s why they love to talk with big words and write those long ass bills that no one can read. Reporters, are not lawyers, but use words to distract, mislead or cover-up almost exclusively, now that they’ve given up any semblance of journalism. The problem is that the general public is not listening critically, and just accept what they’re told, without nuance. Headlines, sound bites, the shiny object, are all taken in without question. Anymore, to know what is really… Read more »


Well said. Can I add that you need Wikipedia because they keep up with the word definition change to suit their needs on a hourly basis and Marium Webster is old hat before the ink even dry’s? Is it woke yet?


You mean like how the current definition of “racist” is anyone or anything that a democrat doesn’t like?

Ryben Flynn

Simply put.
An Executive Order instructs Agencies how to enforce the law. NOT change it.
(Ban bump stocks was neither an EO or EA. ATF and DoJ changed the Law illegally based on President Trump didn’t like them))
An Executive Action is a President’s Wish List of what he wants an Agency to do, suggestions from the Agency on how they would do it. No Real Effect.


Trump ordered the BATFE to ban bump stocks via a Presidential Memorandum. He bragged about how he was better than Obama at doing something about bump stocks:


Welcome back!!!! 🙂


Thanks. How have you been?


Hanging in there and reading some of the articles that I thought for sure I would see a response from you on but you weren’t there so I was starting to wonder if you were off snow shoeing somewhere having a good time without a computer.
How about you. What’s up your sleeve for today?


The weather has been spectacular for most of the last month and many of the trails up to 7,000 feet (and some higher) are open. Combine that with the completion of a project that required being on the computer for 8 or so hours a day, and I’ve been spending a lot of time hiking. Late start today due to some inside work.

I’m sure I’ve missed some interesting conversations with insightful exchanges of information and logical points of views. :>)

Glad to hear you are well.


The government is denied any power to legislate the ownership, possession, and use of weapons of war. This is explicitly spelled out in the 2nd Amendment. Any elected official attempting to invalidate the clear and concise language written in the highest law of the land is overtly committing treason. It’s just this simple: The government is denied a power. When an elected official claims that denied power and attempts to use it, he or she is acting as a tyrant and attempting to subvert and destroy the nation that is based on the republican rule of law. Attempting to subvert… Read more »


Nope , sorry clown show Joe Biden your executive actions will not pass the test in court . They will mean nothing and be dismissed as unconstitutional. You are irrelevant because you are not our legitimate president clown show Joe Biden . 80 million people do NOT accept the election results of 2020 . We will ignore you for the next 3.5 years CLOWN SHOW Joe Biden . You do not exist as president in reality only in the blue utopia of lies and deception you are irrelevant CLOWN SHOW Joe Biden !


Lol…you funny. Like saying your mommy and daddy doesn’t exist. You just appeared on this planet mysteriously. Out of over 6 billion on this planet you’re the only one that magically appeared. Lol. It’s sad that you think a squirrel is a duck but hey we all can’t be normal. But for real why even say dumb sh!t. Google it Biden is our 46th President. Now if you disagree say that. If you think he’s a clown, say that. And if 80 million don’t accept the truth just say there are 80 million dumb muthaf*ckas that don’t know sh!t! Just… Read more »


You’re right, we can’t all be normal and you are a perfect example of what not normal is! Funny that you are the pot calling the kettle black but that is standard with how demonrats act. Obiden was not elected he was forced upon the people by way of thieves that came in the middle of the night and deceived honest people. The truth will not be proven until we have a change in power. Like all things demorat and demonrat presidents, they deceive and lie tell you one thing and it’s another and accuse you of doing things that… Read more »


Lolololol….I see you heard the music. Musician play another tune. The false/lie theories don’t hold their tune very well. We all know you have no substance. Lol And if you got to lie to kick it “Craig” to have friends then I really feel sorry for you Lucifer. But your daddy (Trump) lies couldn’t steal sh!t and eventually his little party will be totally killed by his dumb ass antics. Lol. Musician do a little dance for me potna!! Lol But what’s really funny is I was not even commenting to you earlier but I got you waaay butthurt dude.… Read more »


You comment to everyone when you make statements on this board that are so wide sweeping like the 80 million which opens the door to me and others to comment if we feel like it.

Again, I was trying to let you know where you aren’t because if you would be smart enough to take a look at the votes on pieces that you try and write you would see that people think what you say is full of it. That ‘s what that thumbs down means, OK!!!! Get the message? Finally?

We can only pray!!!!!


Okay. I agree. I open that can of worms. But look, I’m only here for the guns (right for 2A). Of course my ideas are conservatively progressive so most probably on Ammoland would disagree with me. I get it I’m stirring up a lot of individuals on here status quo. That’s what progressives do. We challenge the status quo. We keep the train moving. We don’t turn back the clock because it’s literally scientifically impossible!! Trump thought he could with his 80 million followers but that proved that it wasn’t enough.


Mothrfu^%^^ and bible in the same reply? Next you’ll be telling us your a godly man. Do as your white socialist leader tells you to do, wear your mask and turn in your top of the line hi point collection when he comes for them.
Your anti Israel
Your anti 2nd amendment
Your pro illegals
Your pro taxes
Your pro handouts
May your chains lay lightly upon you.


Socialists?? Really??I never addressed this BS. Stop using fear mane!! Fear?? Musician can take heed too. So Republicans use fear to get their base to vote or to follow them. Why is that? Fear that their guns will be taking while Trump made socialism type decisions when it comes to our firearms. Pro illegals?? Every person in this country besides natives immigrated to this country: some legally, a guess some illegally, other even against their will. The legal part is just a man made law dude. Handouts?? I’m sure you cashed that stimulus check! Oh yea and Hi Point?? Sure… Read more »


1 ) libertarian..have no voice, no representation
2) election questionable
3 ) yes hi point..lots of em
I’m sure your proud of your Taurus 1911 tho
4 ) look this word up Circumlocution before you post
5) less is more


I can accept “Questionable”. I mean it leaves a lot to be desired but i understand your mental capacity may be limited.

Taurus 1911…lol…hi point…lol…good ones. And as for anti 2A?? Then why would I be here? Anyone in this forum knows I support 2A but again you understand that some Republicans will believe anything so you continue to perpetuate the LIE. SAD but true.

And for your “BIG” word….that’s probably more for musician44 mane!!! Lol

Lol…I know you like that rebuttal huh? 😉


As far as the handouts go, I sir do not qualify because I am a well payed Survey Project Mgr for the Department of Transportation in the Great State of Florida.. in other words I make too much.
Thanks for coming in today, anything else?


Likewise…I have nothing more. Enjoy your evening.


Thanks for proving my point I made earlier. Fear mongering. about taking away guns. I guess you don’t hear oliden talking about just that before the stolen election or yesterday. It’s not fear mongering when it is fact. Fear mongering is what republicans do, again proving my point that demonrats accuse the other side of exactly what they are actually doing. Ever person migrated to this country. Sorry, i was born and raised right here in America however if you think you came from Africa or your folks did against their will and you are displaced you are welcome leave… Read more »


Unfortunately I don’t think that’s right. I think that if they actually did it, that to many countries would complain and it could cause a major uprising like we have only seen 2 times to many. I think they will go in there, take out their logistics and rocket launching facilities and then step back and see if they stop. I just wish it would be all over but that will never happen, we will always be at war with Islam because there is no way the whole world will commit to Islam and that is the only thing they… Read more »


Can I choose the amount of amps to apply to the chair? PLEASE?


We might have to have the CIA and FBI to investigate you cause you waaay to close to threatening our President in these threads. You might want to clean that sh!t up brutha. I want to keep in singing outside of prison!!


You know, you talk a lot of shit. Madonna ” I must admit, I have thought a lot about blowing up the white house”, “Johnny Dep, when was the last time an actor assonated a president”, and the list goes on and what happened to them. Not a Fing thing. Free speech, first amendment right that you proclaim you have so much of and that you have been denied by the white man. I didn’t say what amperage was to be used did I. Your comment says that I would use a lethal amount but I wouldn’t handle Uncle Joe… Read more »


Lololol. You’re hilarious guy. Look you allowed Will to walk you to that water; he didn’t make you drink it tho. You did that. Don’t let that “proud white boy” get yo a$$ in trouble. See Will is a lost soul and I hope he gets counseling for his shortcomings but you on the other hand may not be that bad. I can work with you a little bit. You’re very correctable because you do read and research a lil bit. I think you slowly coming around. Maybe you’re a “RINO” because anyone who type out “demorat” or “Obiden” or… Read more »


Ya there are underlying issues. Like people trying to destroy our country while yelling that the ones that aren’t doing the destruction are the terrorists. People yelling only black lives matter when all lives matter, people saying that others are racist when they are the ones that commit racist acts and say racist slurs. Keow da why pepo while the riots, oh I mean peaceful protest is going on. What do we want, dead cops, when do we want it, NOW, Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bakon. Tearing down our history because it is racist but having statues… Read more »


Lololol…musician I believe you’re a CI or something. You infiltrated the Republicans party fairly well. Now I know deep down you’re one of us. You can come out the closet now. The gig is up. Lol. You know the actual real issues that facing this country. I see that now. I know Trump hijacked your friends and love ones and you feel a need to “go along” but you don’t have to now brutha. You remind of an individual stuck in the closet and want to come out but afraid of what your peers may feel. You got supporters out… Read more »


LOL,you are delusional. No need for me to comment or make sense of what you said because you have no comprehension of reality.

Peace, may Allah be with you kommie.


I always wondered why they say they used a stun gun on him with 40,000 volts and it didn’t kill him. Well some of the time because there has been times that it has, so they say.


I like that you are hopeful about these executive orders.
President Trump’s directive to the department of justice to ban bumpstocks is still in effect in my state.
Any executive orders Biden issues or likely to remain in effect for four or even eight more years


It should be obvious that if the courts, legislatures and president are demonrat heavy they will be here a hell of a lot longer than that. Look at obummers DACA. Even he said that it wasn’t legal but he would let the courts hash it out. Still valid even after President Trump tried to trash it. The last stolen election. Still just a lie and a conspiracy theory because they say so.
The sad thing to me is that even republicans refer to this twitt as our president.


i keep getting down on Joe but tonight I was thinking that several times he has looked straight into the (loving) cameras and said ‘I’m not supposed to take questions” or “I’m supposed to leave now or I’ll get in trouble”. Maybe ,just maybe, he is trting to tell us that he is being FORCED to act the bumbling fool, forgetting his place and misspeaking so very frequently. Does AOC or “the Russians’ have a hook in him? or is it CHINA ? just athought. Biden has almost always been a moderate, now he is an over the top progressive,… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by PMinFl

Do you think that pehaps Isreal’s own terrorist history might have a little something to do with this??


I was thinking more along the lines of beating infants brains out with rifle butts, the way the Stern Gang did back at Israel’s very beginning. Killing reporters like Rachel Corrie by running them over with bulldozers, etc.
Things like that.


Your recollections are faulty. While Israel claimed that running her over was an “accident”, she was ran over twice. That smacks of making certain their victim was dead. She had no weapons, had not had any previously, and was lying down helplessly as she was ran over.
You want to try spinning THAT as; “assassinating known terrorists”? Sorry, but that BS just won’t wash. That dog won’t hunt, as they say down south!


From your link, The footage, which MailOnline can not independently verify.
The Palestinians have a long history of staged fake news and deaths.


OFC, it is quite easily verified by other sources. Not too surprising that the British and US press, which ALWAYS cover up for Israel were “unable to verify”!
I would recommend cross checking many sources, and not settling for just one version of any event. All humans are biased, one way or another, so you’ll need to learn to view multiple sources if you want to come to valid conclusions.
OFC, you CAN just pick a side and blindly follow it. But doing that is the hallmark of religious extremism!

Alan in NH

If O’Biden told you to cut your AR-15’s into 4 pieces like they did with bump stocks, would you do it?


If Obiden jumped off a very high bridge, would you do it?


Would you gladly give him a little help off the bridge?


Thanks for the laugh and the smiles, it’s nice to have fun and joke around or are you serious. LOL just joking, maybe.


Good info John

Last edited 1 year ago by Dee

Good material.

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