Losing Trust in Politicians and the News Media

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Biden’s latest executive orders are as short-sighted and self-condemning as they are draconian. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A.– -(AmmoLand.com)- The business of politics is to sell favors to influential special interests. That is how politicians like the Clintons, Obamas, and Pelosi became multi-millionaires. Today’s politicians have divided us into so many small factions that the favors they give to one group collide with the special interests they already granted to earlier groups. Simply stated, big-government politicians have made so many excuses for political abuse that they are now contradicting themselves. In theory, the media is supposed to scrutinize politicians rather than cheerlead for ever-greater government corruption. That didn’t happen. The accumulated political contradictions we see today help explain why both politicians and the media have lost our trust. Two more glaring examples caught my eye last week.

Again last week, Democrat politicians told us the police are racist. They said we need to defund the police and “reimagine policing”. Meanwhile, Democrat politicians also said we need to let the police decide which individuals may go armed in public. The unstated claim is that the police are politically neutral. The claim is gun prohibition disarms criminals, that disarming your neighbor will somehow keep a criminal from getting guns. Both history and recent evidence say they lie.

Remember that gun control grew enormously immediately after the civil war.

That is when Democrat politicians used gun-control laws to disarm recently freed black men and women in the face of the Klu Klux Klan. Gun control has reached its ultimate contradiction today.

Today, we see anti-gun billionaires fly from resort to resort as they are protected by private armed security. Meanwhile, grandma is disarmed as she walks to the mailbox to get her social security check. That shouldn’t surprise us. When the police are given discretion, like in Los Angeles and New York City, they sell the right to go armed to the highest bidders. Politicians and judges are given the rights that are denied to the rest of us. As expected, many judges look the other way when we ask for our right to go armed in court.

Many of us have learned from the past, even if politicians have not.

We can’t both defund the police and pretend that our families are safe while we go unarmed. We can’t pretend that gun-control laws disarm the bad guys in the face of rising crime and open borders.

The politicians’ claim that gun control makes us safer no longer fits the everyday evidence we collect through our own experience. The average citizen has seen too much, and the medias’ spin no longer convinces us.

The political contradictions go deeper. We were told that we’d finally be safe if we had universal background checks on every gun owner. We were told that we need the FBI to run a background check on us every time someone buys a gun or even a box of ammunition. The claim is that the FBI would never ever be used as a tool to punish the administration’s political opponents. Again last week we saw that the FBI is as political as any government agency can be.

This is the same FBI who refused to provide documents about their corrupt Russia investigation during the Trump administration. This is the same FBI who stopped answering questions after Biden was elected in November. This is the same FBI who raided former prosecutor Rudy Guliani last week.

The FBI is partisan. We’ve seen Democrat politicians order a background check on every person who has a concealed carry permit every night. They claimed it was for “public safety”, but it isn’t. Licensed concealed carry holders are one of the most law-abiding and least violent sociological groups we can find in the world. Rather than doing what they are doing, the police would discover more criminals if they looked at random people from the phone book. Given the FBI’s political past, I can’t trust them to tell the truth about gun owners now. Looking at licensed concealed carriers to find crime is public-safety theater rather than real law enforcement. The FBI will stop performing background checks when their political masters tell them to.

The two examples I used show our politicians’ fake concern for justice rather than the real thing. Politicians act to get more kickbacks and more political power. The media bought the political excuses and closed their eyes to the political corruption. The good news is that more and more of us see the truth despite the media’s spin.

We used to talk about subjects like this on social media. Then, we got tired of being thrown in Facebook jail for pointing out the obvious. I don’t know which venue we will use, but we’ll again shout that the emperor is naked. We’ve seen too much to close our eyes. We’ve tasted freedom of speech and we won’t close our mouths.

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All this happens because the Republican politicians treat politics as a
spectator sport.


Cruiser – ya nailed it short and sweet. The author got it right about ‘politicians’ instead of actual public servants in government.
If we could go back in time and tell the founders that they needed to put in term limits or something similar they would likely have laughed us out of the room since the concept of professional politicians would have been inconceivable to them.


Loosing? I said it before. That is an understatement. It is lost, gone, fineto austa LA vista, by bye, saylavee, dead.

The last election finished my belief in the system and a free country off and it hurts me that we let it happen, didn’t fight to change fix it and the news refers to that dick we have as a liar and thief as our president.

My A$$. Kiss it.

Nun Ya

You ain’t nothing but right and to not say anything after all the evidence, tapes, testimonies, etc. and to let them keep what they stole is incomprehensible. What needs to happen, won’t. It makes me sick to my stomach to even discuss it anymore. I really just cant effin believe the bullshit and all the people that went along with it are in on it or got something from it.


mm44 – I didn’t give give ya a thumbs up since ya had so many misspelled words BUT yer meaning was still there 😉

As to the kissing, NO way I would let those polluted lips near my hind end!


Major corporate media respond to the click bait, money machine nature of mass media. If it bleeds it leads. If something incites an emotional response it plays. People have become Pavlov’s Dogs by watching this machine.Politicians know this. The political parties know this. Unfortunately for Conservative America the media has been flooded by Progressive New Left types who feel entitled to ‘massage’ the truth in to a progressive message. They play upon emotion and existing confirmation bias to lull people in to a critical thinking free state of intellectual slumber. And so ended the once Great American Republic.


I cannot remember when I trusted a politician or a reporter. When I think of liers, politians are at the top of the list. I temper all FACTS with critical thinking. Specifically looking at who profits from the outcome, money/power. The solution is to remove these incentives. Term limits and defund career politicians.


The Democrats have pulled off and got away with the biggest political hoax in American history ! It was and is an absolute coup, let the purging begin !
We have met the enemy and they are the media- it was either Stalin or Krusheve that said prophetically , that there would be no reason to war with America , it will fall from within. He was right and leading this coup is young, urban, privileged, White woman who are woefully ignorant of the realities of life.


Look again. The corruption includes both genders (their claim there are fifty seven genders is part of the coup) and all races present here in the US and abroad.


Lifetime career politicians are no one to trust, their voting records bear this out. People who keep electing these vipers are lazy not to hold them accountable, but then rigged elections are probably a major reason these people stay in office.


The divide is nothing more than real Americans against Communists, call them for what they are…


Today’s politicians have divided us into so many small factions that the favors they give to one group collide with the special interests they already granted to earlier groups

Straight out of Alinsky.WHY is anyone surprised? After the reign of the kinyun it seems Alinsky has been mainstreamed as our new MO.


divide and conquer I was taught to respect others ,and understand there are some people you will never like ,you salute the uniform not who is wearing it , he can be called out ,but you never attack an idea unless you are willing to die for yours all the ex military will understand but the oath to defend the constitution that is every ones rights and note the government attacks oath keepers trained loyal people because they wont follow illegal orders


“Losing”???????? That ship sailed long ago.


JLS – ya left out the ccc (intentionally NOT capitalized) – that is the clinton crime cabal. I reckon there are a whole lot of others that should also be on that list as well but that group is blatantly obvious. 😉

Green Mtn. Boy

Never had any trust, this country was founded on the mistrust of would be tyrants and the times haven’t changed this.


If Slo-mo Joe fired that shotgun he pretends to aim, his thumb would be stuck in his eye. Go ahead Joe take the shot. LOL

uncle dudley

The government has gotten to large in size and President Trump didn’t get enough of the swamp drained in his first term, the swamp monsters who hate Trump together with the corrupt media and tech made sure he had to go other wise their playground would be in danger of being shutdown. In D.C. if you don’t go along to get along they will come after you and ruin your life in any manner they can devise, it’s a case of keeping power which these people are junkies, can’t get enough of being somebody with the grease to control others… Read more »


anyone remember the snake in jungle book serkan? trust in me the politicians song trust in god and keep your guns near and ready we need to get rid of the “law enforcement” agencies set up under roosevelt, and wilson yes lower case no respect deserved neither was a good person and both were control freaks. wilson had black ww1 vets forcibly disarmed , the fbis roots and actions have been more criminal than some groups they have attacked the branch dividian to name one we do need a police clearinghouse and expert investigators but not the political machine we… Read more »

Old Ch.E.

Losing??? How do you lose something you never had?


Pretty good