Oregon: Recall Republican Sell-Out & Anti-Gun Sympathizer Fred Girod

Oregon: Recall Republican Sell-Out Fred Girod
Oregon: Recall Republican Sell-Out Fred Girod

Oregon – -(AmmoLand.com)- After months of watching Republican “leadership” roll over for the Democrat supermajority in the Oregon Legislature, some folks had enough.

As you may have heard, a recall campaign has begun against Senate Republican “leader” Fred Girod.

Under Girod, the Senate Republican Caucus has been fractured and two Senators have officially left it in disgust.

Dangerous anti-gun legislation has passed the Senate because Girod refused to stand up to the Democrats and managed to convince 5 other Republicans to join him in the sell-out.

Since then we have learned that each Republican Senator has been offered 4 million dollars to spend as they like in their districts. Now the reasons for the sell-out are becoming clear.

The damage Girod has done to Oregonians and his own caucus is incalculable. As the state slips further into chaos and people and businesses continue to be crushed, Girod continues to hand victory after victory to the Democrats.

Oregon cannot survive Fred Girod. If you live in Girod’s district or know someone who does, please consider helping remove Girod and replacing him with someone who cares more about Oregon than himself.


About Oregon Firearms Federation:

The Oregon Firearms Federation has proven itself to be Oregon’s only no-compromise lobbying group, OFF takes the same tough stands and serves as a vehicle for educating gun owners, promoting their rights and when necessary, fighting the freedom haters in court. Visit: www.oregonfirearms.org

Oregon Firearms Federation

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Please remember one clear truth the Republican Party is a Progressive Party. If you support that party you are supporting clowns like this. We had the same types in Arizona and have driven them out. Do the same here. Support the individual candidate and not the party.


Yep, sell outs. 2 million designated for projects in their district and another 1 million if I remember right, for them to do what ever they deem necessary. I wonder how much of that will inadvertently flow into their own pockets. You know, my son gets a contract or my relative gets a contract and I get the kick back. It’s like uncle joe kamalatoe obiden and huntress hunter.


Start the removal proceedings through Grand Jury investigation and indictment immediately!


problem with something like this is where is that money coming from? sadly the way our government SEEMS to be working… think we will not be told or we will be given a lie… sad how things appear to be going… it would seem our local votes are very important… especially now!


according to what I read the money is coming from the covid relief package that was given to Oregone via the federal government. Don’t worrry, it didn’t come from your tax dollars, it came from the printing press they just increased production for their trillions of dollars committed for the bail out.

Henry Bowman

RINOs are the death of the GOP. If you’re a Republican, you need to target these sellouts in the next primary! Vote for the primary opponent!


Oregon has officially become a complete joke. Once the dims finish destroying it, Oregon will be nothing more than an unlivable extension of Khalifornia.


Kommiefornia and yep you are right, the kommiefornians move up here and out of staters get involved with the politics and Oregonian ethics, morals and way of life goes right out the door. Thank you so much environmentalists for getting the ball rolling with the spotted owl that is now becoming extinct anyway because another bigger badder owl is kicking it’s ass and taking it’s territory. Kinda like the kommiefornians are doing and did to the Oregonians.

Deplorable Bill

I wonder what they offered the original ben arnold? Tried to sell out West Point not an entire state and nation. Treason is still treason no matter what the bribe is. Isn’t bribery illegal? Treason shure as hell is and it’s expensive. I hear tale it carries the death penalty. I don’t know what bribery carries. I would hope he would be ashamed but, like most politicians, he doesn’t have it in him. Money covers a lot of guilt. One day this will come back to haunt him.

Arm up and carry on


how much longer before hyper inflation and all the fun wont be depression money supply is now unlimited so value will crash bring back gold


Be patient. Obiden is working as hard as he can and it takes time. He can’t do it over night but he is doing a dam good job and it shouldn’t take much longer to bring our economy to it’s knees. By the way, you can invest in gold but you can’t eat it. Food, Guns, bullets, bows, arrows and fishing gear as well as traps will be more valuable than gold.