Polls: 76% Of U.S. Say that 2A Protects Your Right To Have A Gun

Rising Support for Guns Up Arrow Poll
Polls: 76% Of U.S. Say that 2A Protects Your Right To Have A Gun

California – -(AmmoLand.com)- Rasmussen does a 2nd Amendment poll every couple of years; I like Rasmussen because you get access to all the questions, demographics, and data you could ever want.

Sometimes the real story is in the fine print.

Here are some of the takeaways from the March ’21 polling.

  • From Rasmussen’s last survey in 2018, support for the 2A has grown. (Up 4%)
  • 76% believe the 2A guarantees a right to own a gun, only 16% disagree, and 8% are unsure.
  • 62% are opposed to repealing the 2A, with 27% calling for repeal and 11% unsure.

The 27% that want to repeal the 2A are mostly liberal democrats and Biden’s biggest supporters, and that makes up 40% of the democrat party.

You can find the article here.

The far left has been trying to ban guns since 1934; it’s one of FDR’s pillars that has been left unfulfilled.

The fact here is that liberals run the democrat party. While most conservative or moderate Democrats are on our side with the 2A, they are terrified of being primaried by a more liberal opponent.

So what does this poll mean for gun owners?

Rasmussen attributes the rise in the 2A in part to the anti-police riot of the last year.

  • It means our views that the 2A guarantees your rights is by far the predominant view of American’s.
  • It means that the Harris/Biden administration is siding with the 27% of the population that want the 2nd Amendment repealed and your guns confiscated.

With the never-ending non-stop anti 2A propaganda that is the MSM today, these numbers are astounding. It goes to show the common sense of the average American.

What can we do to keep winning this battle?

Take a new shooter out to the range. I know COVID and ammo prices hamstrung us, but it matters. The more new shooters we have, the more support we have going forward.

Reach out to your Democrat friends who have purchased a gun and involve them too. All too often, we allow ourselves to be divided. We are Americans and gun owners, do not let what party you belong to separate us. 60% of Democrats do not believe the 2A should be repealed; let us remind them they are not alone.

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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This is not up to popular vote. Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a Natural Right granted to us by our Creator. Nonnegotiable.


Yet so many fail to realize that MANY on the left, and even some on the right and center just don’t believe in God, (Read: Creator), therefore they do not believe in the foundation of these inalienable rights.


The results of this poll do not surprise me at all. I think that the average thoughtful and intelligent American can see for him/herself that the police are under no legal obligation to protect anyone but themselves, and are truly incapable of doing the same!
maybe the average dumb Sheeple have finally woke up! “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!”


This falls into category of “great news, but” Those 27% are energized and politically active and very vocal. Most of the 62% are busy with their lives and complacent. Many of those who “support” the 2nd, are also onboard with restrictions. Have heard too many times – “we don’t need to worry our guns are safe” frequently followed by “but nobody needs an assault rifle or high capacity magazines.” Our political opposition knows they cannot (yet) throw a fatal blow to second, however they will continue to attack and continue to be a threat. We don’t only need to work… Read more »


My question is WHY AREN”T THESE TRADERS BROUGH UP ON TREASON CHARGES AND THROWN OUT OF OFFICE!!!!!!! They took an office to PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION just as anyone who was in the Military, they should be PUT TO DEATH, doesn’t the Constitution have the DEATH SENTENCE in it FOR TREASON?????????



The proper charge for Washington politicians who break their oath of office is not treason. It is (federal-level) felony perjury. We want to be certain that the formal charge is correct – so there can be no “technicalities” to allow the politician to escape.

[Luckily, a conviction for that perjury also carries the death penalty in federal court – and in some states, as well – so the results would be the same.]


Thanks for setting me straight, but my main thing that really torques me up is if anything like this came from a Republican, he or she would have been tared and feathered, throw in jail with the key thrown away, but the Demo-Rats ALWAYS GET A FREE PASS ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!


Agreed. ‘The law’ is not applied equally or fairly across ideological lines. That, too, will have to be corrected (and sadly – solely because of DemoncRat Party corruption – that correction will, in all likelihood, have to be violent… civil war is coming. Even Obama’s Homeland Security, in early 2016, officially warned Congress of the approaching civil war).


Polls don’t mean squat unless people are ready to defend their rights. The authoritarian wanna be dictators of the left will keep pushing and keep violating our rights until we stop them. They will not stop on their own.


I see little value to polls like this. If 76% believe the 2A guarantees a right to own a gun then I would be able to own (carry) a weapon any where in the United States without a problem, but just the opposite is true.



No, demographic spread counts. The 76% approval number is an average.

The local approval number may be 96% in 38 states, like Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma, while only being 40% (still a lot of people, just not a voting majority) in 12 states like New York, New Jersey, and Hawaii.

So, where you live makes a serious difference in your real-world gun rights.


Yes, but the states that should be 2nd Amendment approvers are mostly all 2nd Amendment restrictors. That weights things in the wrong direction.