Bushmaster Firearms is Back!

Bushmaster Firearms is Back!
Bushmaster Firearms is Back!

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- The venerable Bushmaster brand has been a household name in firearms for many years. Today we are proud to announce, that Bushmaster is back!

The preliminary offerings will focus on variants of the XM15-E2S model such as the QRC and M4 Patrolman’s. We look forward to supporting law enforcement, military markets and reestablishing export sales with these items. In the future, we look forward to producing the ACR and models chambered in 450 Bushmaster.

Bushmaster Firearms is excited to announce our return. We are not an affiliate with any other firearms manufacturing companies. In times to come, our array of products will provide Proven™ perfection to all.

“Bushmaster Firearms is proud to be focusing on quality, American made manufacturing, driven by a long history that Bushmaster™ has accompanied. We will be using innovating and improved engineering, advanced materials, as well as the latest technology. It will always be Bushmaster’s™ mission to push our limits of performance, so that you can push yours.” CEO, Sun Naegele

About Bushmaster

Bushmaster is a Nevada Corporation focusing on Quality, American Made manufacturing. PROVEN™ through hard use in competition, and in the woods and prairies of America, Bushmaster™ has PROVEN™ itself. Driven by the spirit of innovation that began more than 48 years ago, using improved engineering, manufacturing techniques, and advanced materials, Bushmaster™ continues to enhance our products. Our Consistency, Accuracy, and Quality Driven American Made weapons are critical in our overall success.

From our workhorse of reliability, the XM15-E2S™, to the rapid adaptability of the ACR®, to the ultimate long-range tool, the BM50™, no other manufacturer offers more cutting-edge firearms innovation for America’s competitors, Military, Law Enforcement, Hunters, and Recreational shooters than Bushmaster™. Bushmaster™ proudly defends freedom, as we are Proven™ in the most severe conditions.

It will always be our mission to push the limits of performance, so that you can push yours.

Bushmaster™. PROVEN™.Bushmaster logo

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Glad to see they’re back. I’ve got a XM-15 E2S Patrolman’s Carbine (Freedom Group) that I just recently added a Retro 4×21 scope to from Brownell’s. I’ve got several thousand rounds downrange thru mine with no issues. Just checked out their website. Prices are a bit high considering where they were when they were shut down. I see DPMS has a Coming Soon on their webpage so maybe they are coming back also. I’ve got a DPMS AR-10 Oracle that has been a good performer also.


Hopefully quality is better than the Freedom group era.


Glad to see them back. I have had no problems with my XM-15 M4A3 Patrolman’s Carbine that I bought in 2013 with the 800 rounds I put through it. Haven’t shot it in almost 3 years, but that’s beside the point.


have yet to see one locally for hands-on but i hope the boys in Nevada get them right.


I am really happy that Bushmaster is back. i have owned a Bushmaster for years and I hate to say this but the only issues I’ve ever had were self inflicted. It was recommended to me by an expert I have a great deal of respect for. Great Great Weapon!!!!