Rare Breed Triggers Say They Won’t Comply with ATF Cease-and-Desist Order

ATF Determines That The Rare Breed FRT-15 Trigger is A Machine Gun
ATF Determines That The Rare Breed FRT-15 Trigger is A Machine Gun

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- The president of a Florida-based gun company released a recorded statement Friday saying his company will not be complying with a cease-and-desist order issued by the ATF in late July.

According to the cease-and-desist letter issued on July 26, the ATF alleged that Rare Breed Triggers’s FRT-15 trigger was actually a machine gun, and the agency ordered Rare Breed Triggers to halt production and sales, and create a plan to address the triggers that had already been sold and distributed.

In the video, Lawrence DeMonico, president of Rare Breed Triggers, says his company will not be complying with the order by the federal agency and lays out his case for why they are choosing to civilly disobey the order.

According to DeMonico, contrary to the ATF’s allegations, DeMonico says the fact of the matter is that the FRT-15 cannot fire more than one round by a single function of the trigger. That’s important to note, because that is probably the most pertinent portion of the definition of a machine gun as defined by the Gun Control Act and National Firearms Act, DeMonico says.

Beyond making the case for why they would not be complying, DeMonico says the company immediately responded to the ATF’s cease-and-desist order to inform them that they did not agree with the ATF’s claim. Additionally, DeMonico says they have also followed up by filing a lawsuit in the United States Federal Court for the Middle District of Florida.

“To put it simply, our trigger is not a machine gun as the ATF alleges, and we have complied fully with the law throughout the manufacture and production of this product,” DeMonico said. “What’s dangerous is that the ATF is no longer just enforcing the law, but starting under the Trump administration and continuing through the Biden administration, the ATF and other agencies which are supposed to enforce the law, now believe that they can reinterpret and change the law, whenever it suits their desires.”

According to the complaint, Rare Breed Triggers sought the opinion of four independent experts, which provided testimony stating that the FRT-15 is not a machine gun. According to DeMonico, it’s important to note that all of these witnesses are renowned firearms experts. They have even testified countless times on behalf of the ATF in the past and they all have acknowledged that the FRT-15 is not in-fact a machine gun as defined by federal law.

“We’re going to see this through, because this is a fight to protect not only the second amendment, but really all of our freedoms,” DeMonico said. “We’re seeing more and more examples of our government’s agencies acting without the authority to do so, and far too few seem to be standing up for our freedoms.”

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Green Mtn. Boy

I found this interview with retired ATF agent Dan O’Kelly interesting, according to O Kelly Rare Breed will prevail in their suit of the ATF.


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Thanks for posting that inverview.


You can hear and see the indignancy and disdain in DeMonico’s voice and the look on his face. This looks like a guy who believes what he says and is willing to walk the walk. Kudos to him for doing what needs to be done.

Elisa Delaurenti

I second that. We need more of him out here.


Third the motion.


I 2nd that. 😉

Elisa Delaurenti

Besides the obvious relentless infringements of our rights, does the biden administration have any standing at all to lecture Americans about the irresponsible transfer and/or TRAFFICKING of firearms now (…to “prohibited persons, haha!), after their latest massive weapons transfer to the taliban?



Lol. Bingo.


After officials of the Department of Justice absolved the member of the Capitol Police (name still not revealed) of responsibility in the shooting of unarmed January 6th demonstrator, Ashley Babett, how hard is it for any federal agency to ride roughshod over American citizens? Until Congress addresses the issue of, what is now euphemistically called, “The Deep State”, we’ll be subject to these injustices forever.


Yep your spot on the $$$ & therein lie the real problem.

That which you allow is what will continue.


A name has gotten out that is said to be the Capitol Hill officer that shot Ashley Babbet. Do a little searching and you can find it. I won’t repeat it, I don’t want any repercussions for posting it.


And it continues on a daily basis un checked because our government has the power over the people not the people have the power over the government as it was intended to be. The changes have been made and they are trying to sink the final nail in the coffin of freedom so they will have total rule and control over the people.


I would like to donate money to them to help pay their attorneys


Good man.


If this is a machine gun, then Sleepy Creepy Gropey Joe’s “Dr” wife’s double barrel shotgun that he tells her to fire blindly into the night at noises outside is also a machine gun.


RB is stepping up & showing by it’s actions how the laws controlled by the political system is rigged. Pay for play is never a true socratic method – democratic process or true system of justice. It posit’s “free” – benefits – entitlements – Gov. programs (i.e. welfare/SNAP/Food Stamps/PPP loans/Medicare/student loans et alia etc.) as a Carrot on the end of a stick. “TINSTAAFL”- Robert Heinlein wrote “There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch” years ago for this reason. He foretold the future cryptically & cleverly in his Science-Fiction books. But sadly most people don’t read & get… Read more »


You will learn a lot about human nature by reading SiFi . Heinlein was a prophet. He warned about revisionist history (“we must change our history” M Obama) “an armed society is a polite society.” R. Heinlein


100% spot on.


This is true.
Heinlein, Phillip K. Dick & Frank Herbert all contributed great literary bodies of work & highly intelligent men who wrote with passion & human spirit.

Another great contemporary writer that comes to mind & was truly genius was Robert Anton Wilson.

You will find some amazing quotes & truth’s that resonate throughout his Magnum Opus The Illuminatus & other assorted body of works.


They are entitlements to the non-producers of society who don’t pay into the system. That wound be illegal immigrants, immigrants claiming multiple children for benefit write-offs that exploit the system that are never reconciled or checked. The same cycle repeats itself over & over like a broken record & gubMINT always promises to fix & never does. These types of people never pay into the system. They typically do housework or gardening for wealthy or above middle class people who pay them cash, falsely claim multiple children for tax benefit/entitlement, typically are under insured and take all they can from… Read more »

Wild Bill

Entitlement is an often misused term. Benefits from any given government program only become “Entitlements” after a specific person applies for, qualifies for, and is awarded those benefits. After that, the entitlement, for a specific person from a specific program can not be taken away without due process of law. For example: Social Security benefits become entitlements to a specific person when those benefits are awarded. Please see Black’s Law dictionary, 5 ed, page. 477. I hope that is helpful.


Exactly the two are often conflated & interchangeably/inter-operably used.

Ask people about they’re “benefit” & they will often reply that they are entitled to they’re benefit & vice versa.

Like someone saying they discovered something when they essentially stole it.


Praise God for common sense in advance, in your courts!


Would anyone but Joe Biden even fall for it?


Mr. DeMonico,you are indeed a Rare Breed! Thank you for taking a stand!


Yes agree. He should be recognized for his ideology & knowldge of shell game being played.

Changing legal definitions after the fact not only sets a dangerous & onerous precedent but expose the Tyrants who pull the strings of the corrupt legal system. Lady Justice is in fact indeed not truly blindfolded as we are led to beLIEve.


Tank, you are spot on about that! I’m wondering how long it will be before rare breed is raided by government thugs!


Speak truth to power.

Those that can make you beLIEve absurdities can also make you commit atrocities.


I just have to add my thanks to Rare Breed, for standing up to unconstitutional acts by an out of control governmental agency. It is only when more and more groups and individuals do this that we will begin to see some effects against governmental tyranny.
As we have seen in Australia, if se don’t check this infringement in the earliest stages, when we attempt to stop it later, we will find that it is always too late.


Rearbreedtriggers.com is the link to join the mailing list. I am supprised that Ammoland didn’t post that for us. This man and company are actually attempting to stand up against the government machine and what they are doing can and will effect all of us from this point on. Thank God they are smart and know the laws rules and regulations and did their proper homework. Their four experts that concluded that this is not a machine gun are from the same ATF that is trying to reclassify what a machine gun is just like the bump stock today. The… Read more »

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David in WA

ATF: “Stop selling machine gun triggers.”
Rare breed: “Will not comply.”
Washington state citizen: “Can I buy one?”
Rare breed: ” No!”

VCDL President

Are you saying they won’t sell to people in Washington State? If so, did they say why?


How about a link to that allegation.

David in WA

1 Go to http://www.rarebreedtriggers.com
2. Click “Buy Now.” on a trigger
3 click “Checkout”
Note where it says:

“We do not currently offer shipping to California, Washington DC, New York, Washington, or Hawaii.”


Can’t blame them. Drive to Idaho and buy one.

David in WA

From Rare Breed website/ shopping cart page:

We do not currently offer shipping to California, Washington DC, New York, Washington, or Hawaii.”

It probably has to do with how machine guns are defined in RCW 9.41.010 (19) “Machine guns…..
and fired therefrom at the rate of five or more shots per second.

David in WA

Thanks for the link? Obviously, I’ve been there. They won’t ship that item to my address in Washington state.

Am I the ONLY one that finds it ironic that R.B. will sell “machine guns” to 45 states against ATF rulings, but won’t ship one to Washington state because it may run afoul an obscure state law?


Looking at their video it seems like the trigger functions like a mini-bump stock without all the added pieces and actions it takes to fire a bump stock effectively. I worry the ATF, having set a precedent with their bump stick law, will be successful going after Rare Breed. It hurts Rare Breed that their specifications required for the trigger includes a “full auto BCG” ATF will use that against them.

VCDL President

David in WA – are you saying they won’t sell to people in Washington State? If so, did they say why? (comment moved, don’t know how to delete this one.)

Last edited 1 year ago by VCDL President
Ansel Hazen

Anyone holding one of these triggers in their hand can verify for themselves. You can not fire more than one round per trigger pull. The ATF has overstepped their authority.


Just watched the video on Rare Breed website. First I understand the concept of how the trigger works, but I would say this if they had left off the video of the two guys jumping out of the car and one firing the weapon it sounds just like a machine gun because he is able to function the trigger very quickly. All the liberals who see this video will say it is a machine gun. Same as videos purposely firing a brace against the shoulder. These videos have caused us who love our 2nd amendment and our nation a lot… Read more »


This or any other video does not change how the trigger operates mechanically and that is the only issue, not the rate of fire. Falling for the rate of fire is like taking a sip of the coolaid from the ATF and exactly how they want you to react. They are using their normal tactics of deception and slight of hand while ignoring their own rules. If we would fall for this one and allow the change to stand it could set precedence for all other triggers or anything else that changes the rate of fire or accuracy to reclassification… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

NO. The time to play nice nice is over.