‘Gun Sense’ Approved Politician Jewell Jones Could Become ‘Prohibited Person’

Michigan state Rep. Jewell Jones is facing an array of criminal charges
Michigan state Rep. Jewell Jones is facing an array of criminal charges. “Gun Sense” candidate Jewell Jones thinks you can’t be trusted to bear arms without permission from politicians like himself (44th Circuit Court).

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)-

“Michigan state Rep. Jewell Jones is facing an array of criminal charges, including two new serious felonies after he was found in possession of a handcuff key after he was arrested,” legal scholar Professor Jonathan Turley notes. “Jones, 26, was arrested for allegedly violating his bond for the third time after driving into a ditch.”

His blood alcohol content was reportedly “more than twice the legal limit,” and Jones “was already fitted with an ankle tether that registered alcohol in his system in violation of this bond on three separate occasions.”

As has happened before in other “Do you know who I am?” incidents, when self-important politicians try to avoid accountability for their misbehaviors, Jones reportedly dropped Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s name. And after he’d changed into the obligatory inmate-wear, a handcuff key somehow ended up “on the bottom of his foot.”

But wait, as infomercials always seem to say, there’s more.

Jones is facing prior charges on driving while intoxicated, for resisting arrest, and this is interesting, for “possession of a weapon under the influence of alcohol” that could land him a four-year felony sentence.

I say it’s interesting because Jones is what Moms Demand Action has deemed a “gun sense candidate” (look him up for yourself), and the charge is for “possessing [a permitted] gun during [a] ‘super-drunk’ traffic stop.”

Gun Sense Approved Politician Jewell Jones
Gun Sense Approved Politician Jewell Jones

It’s fair to ask what a gun-grabber is doing with a gun in the first place, since the groups that endorse him say having a gun on your person or in the home is more dangerous than being unarmed. Then again, “guns for thee and not for me” is the very definition of a violence monopolist.

In the second charge, authorities are treating the key as the weapon under the rationale that  it is an “item that may be used to injure an individual or assist in escape,” so it’s not exactly a “hoist with his own petard” bit of irony, but one fact is:

Based on his words and actions, Jones, who will not control himself, demands to control his countrymen. He does not trust them to have the sober and mature judgment to keep and bear arms. And he plays the race card to do it.

“Jones said it is especially harmful to people of color, and people should have the right to live without fear of gun violence,” NPR recapped when reporting on Michigan legislation on permitless carry (years later it still hasn’t passed).

“As a young black man who has to read articles in the newspaper and have to see clips on social media and hear interviews on the radio about senseless gun deaths that happen in neighborhoods like mine and yours, near and far across our state, my question is: Why does one right take priority over another?” Jones asked when speaking in opposition to the bill.

One might ask back: Why do out-of-control political opportunists’ delusional demands have any priority over anything?

That such legislation won’t give a legal pass to the people committing the “senseless gun deaths” is left unacknowledged. They are already unpermitted and overwhelmingly legally deemed “prohibited persons” on the basis of priors and age already. So, it’s a stupid argument Jones makes, and one best answered with an invitation to “have another drink.”

And that leads us to the second bit of irony: If convicted on the felony charges, gun-grabber Jones will be legally designated a “prohibited person,” forbidden by law to have a gun.


About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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It’s fair to ask what a gun-grabber is doing with a gun in the first place”

Well obviously to protect himself from all the gun violence…

Deplorable Bill

Isn’t it guns for me and not for thee? Anyone who has ever seen the results of a drunk driving crash can tell you a vehicle is just as deadly as a firearm. Those who abuse their authority are double worthy of the consequences. That goes for all of those tyrants and treasonists who hold office or work for the government. You must take your oath of office and that includes swearing to defend the people, the nation and the constitution to work in government. This guy should live in a cage with tar and feathers for prison clothing for… Read more »


Obviously, this guy thought he was above the law. Escape plans, too. What? Go on the lam for forty years? Planning ahead doesn’t mean something like that to a sane, rational person. Liberalism is a mental disorder. He needs a few years away from the hustle and bustle and he should try out the Greybar Hotel and Spa for a better fit. He may like it. The County Prosecutor can help.


if I remember the numbers rightly more people die in car crashes nationwide each year than are killed by the misuse of firearms. And no, I do not count suicide by lead pill. This guy, double plus drunk, crashed into a ditch WHILE WEARING his alcohol monitoring anklet, is one for the fairy tale books. Add in his now-felony possessed firearm (if he’s wearing the anklet he’s “in” for a felony drunk driving rap,under monitoring by a court, thus at least temporarily prohibited) I’m waiting to see how he or one of his pals tries to spin this as somehow… Read more »

uncle dudley

Three strikes and your out is what happens in baseball, should be the same for this clown, his attitude and character is the reason he is in trouble.
The comment about people of color is also stupid, everyone is a color whether it’s White, Black, Brown etc…
The double standard of politicians should have a tougher sentence if they get caught breaking the law as they are supposed to be examples for others to live by.


I’ve been saying white is also a color from the start of the ‘people of color’ term. Goes to show that most are in fact “sheep”. One thing I’ll add is the undisputed fact that those colored ‘red’ have put up with the most, lost the most, but have been compensated the least. God help those responsible. It will bode very bad for them come judgement day.


Typical corrupt liberal politician thinks he can dictate to others while breaking the law . The African express race card is in full play here also with this clown . He needs removed from office and held accountable for his criminal actions. Hope the judge throws the book at him and locks him up for an extended period . This should put an end to his political career.


unfortunately it probably will not end his political career. remember alcie hastings who was caught smoking crack with a prostitute, he got re-elected. william jefferson clinton who smoked weed, had an affair with a barely legal intern and lost his law license for lying. it is a resume enhancement for leftists, fighting the man and all that crap.
why are mothers against drunk driving and moms demand not demanding he spend some time in prison? he is one of their own and they won’t turn on him.


Rules for thee but not for me – hypocrisy is deafening & austerity makes us see who we are. People rarely look inwards & introspectively sadly.

Any good standard of Leadership should be leading by example not excuses or exceptions.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tank

there are not any leaders in today’s government ,just control freaks


Simple case of projection. Most everybody thinks they are normal, yet the reality is that no one sits right on that mathematical line labeled “normal” in the statistics textbooks. Mose of us fall somewhere near the line in most respects but some do not. Regardless, we still feel we are “normal” and assume that others have the same variations from the actual “normal” that we do. That’s “projection.” Mr. Jones knows his behavior isn’t the best but might not label it as “poor impulse control.” Nevertheless, he has it, knows he cannot really be trusted with a gun, yet carries… Read more »


“Normal” is a dryer setting.


Criminals will be criminals!!! and they acquire firearms despite 30,000 + firearm laws.


Can anyone name on criminal from CDC (District of Corruption) that has been charged or incarcerated by the system itself ?

Here’s a clue. How can a corrupt criminal system ever investigate itself with probity ?

Far bigger things planned for the USA unless people really decide to wake up & pre-empt the destruction.


More evidence that proves without a shadow of doubt, that voting for ANY dimocrat is insanity. Dims are a plague on this nation and have been since their inception. This guy exhibits the classic signs of cognitive dissonance another condition besides being insane that ALL dims possess as do some assistant dimocrats like Mittens Romney, Susan Collins, et al.

Deplorable Bill

Ammo land, I have marked thumbs up 3 times on this page and it shows thumbs down, what is going on here?

Arm up and carry on

Henry Bowman

There are trolls & leftists here, and they downvote all the good comments. One fellow even runs a whole drawerful of sockpuppets!

Now watch and see how many times my reply gets downvoted…


True. Amazing how many opportunist’s try to capitalize on a concept or something that was/is already a law. 4/5 G Warfare derision/division/exloitatiin brings out the capitalist pig greed DNA gene in several different ways. Makes me ponder the context & metaphor of old common phase I heard many times growing up. “Commie Pinko – Capitalist Pig”


100% they do.


Technically: Don’t all Dems (New National Socialists, actually is what they are now) and Republicans too, fit into the whole “you should be wearing orange” category? They are basically all traitors / criminals, except for maybe one or two people in Congress (Rand Paul, maybe, and possibly Ted Cruz – you might add one or two more names, but that is about it). They’ve voted for Garland, to advance the “infrastructure” bill, to authorize the NDAA (and indefinite detention) year after year. And they absolutely had a hand in keeping the Afghanistan mess going for 20 years. Who are these… Read more »


Fell through the cracks, eh? If you sit by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.


Just another “I’m better than everyone else” dirt bag Liberal Democrat.


if you remember bloomberg changed the name of his anti gun group because it was found out most of them were gang bangers or other prohibited people they dont want to get shot while robbing people


This sort of thing is as old as politics. Although the gun owner in my example was a rabid antigun columnist, he shot a kid who got in his OUTDOOR pool. This was 1988. I relished the irony at the time.


Last edited 1 year ago by TGP389

Hmmmmm.. t’would appear this creature (I have difficulty applying the term “man” to this sorry piece of work) is effecting a large dose of projectioin. He KNOWS his own level of dirt-bag-osity and lives in fear that if he does not DO SOMETHING others of similar ilk just MIGHT fall into the category of DOING the evil things HE does. Let’s hope this creature not only ends up being permanently debarred the use of arms, but also rejoice that such a creature will no longer be able to impose his twisted “realtiy” upon others, as he so easily does being… Read more »


You’re modest and your time is worth more (if your sheriff withstands the test when BATFE, FBI, and U.S. Marshals Service people are standing in his office with a short list of white supremacists, racists, far right extremists, insurrectionists, climate deniers who undoubtedly have an “arsenal” of weapons – like the LAPD typcially claims (when they are not blowing up neighborhoods).

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

“Do you know who I am?”

Sounds just like an ex-federal enforcer.

One here said something about once the local enforcers found out who he was and what he was capable of, the local enforcers backed off and bowed to his greatness.