Careless Gun Safety Mistakes by Baldwin & Film Crew Kills One & Injures Another

Gun Safety
Careless Gun Safety Mistakes by Baldwin & Film Crew Kills One & Injures Another

SANTA FE, NM-( Anti-gun nut Alec Baldwin shot and killed one person and injured one other on the set of the upcoming western movie, “Rust.”

Around 1:50 PM local time on Thursday, Alec Baldwin discharged a “prop gun” on the Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the movie was being filmed. Unbeknownst to the star and crew, the firearm was loaded with live ammunition. Multiple people were hurt.

“According to investigators, it appears that the scene being filmed involved the use of a prop firearm when it was discharged,” a release from the sheriff’s office said. “Detectives are investigating how and what type of projectile was discharged.

Director Joel Souza, 48, was injured in the shooting and was transported by ambulance to Christus St. Vincent’s hospital, where he is being treated with non-life-threatening injuries. Souza is known for the 2019 movie “Crown Vic.” This movie was his fourth big Hollywood production. Baldwin is personal friends with Souza and produced “Crown Vic”.

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, was evacuated by helicopter to the University of New Mexico Hospital, where she was pronounced dead by the medical staff.

The Ukrainian-born filmmaker started her career out as an investigative journalist. She worked on several British documentaries in Eastern Europe before moving to America to pursue her dream of working in Hollywood. She attended American Film Institute.

Hutchins graduated from American Film Institute in 2015, and her peers viewed her as an upcoming talent in the filmmaking world. She was named a “rising star” by the American Cinematographer magazine in 2019. She was the Director of Cinematography for the action film “Archenemy.”

This incident harkens back to the death of Brandon Lee. The son of legendary martial artist and international movie star Bruce Lee was killed on the set of “The Crow.” Similarly, to this situation, the gun was supposed to be loaded with blanks, but it was not adequately checked due to an oversight by the special effects crew. In that tragedy, the crew loaded a Smith & Wesson Model 629 .44 Magnum with dummy rounds. The crew removed the powder but not the primer. The round’s energy was enough to separate the bullet from the casing lodging it in the barrel setting up a dangerous error. This malfunction is better known as a squib load.

The crew did not correctly check the firearm, with a squib round in the barrel, before inserting a blank round. When actor Michael Massee fired the blank, it caused the previouse bullet to fire out of the gun, striking Brandon Lee in the chest. Lee would die from his injury. He was 28 years old.

The film crews on both movies clearly did not follow strict firearms safety best practices while on set. The only way an incident like this can happen is through negligence.

The Professional Outdoor Media Association, a leading proponent of firearms & film safety, has a comprehensive guide to safe firearms handling on film and video sets. These most basic of safe gun handling rules that if followed by the outspoken anti-gun activist, Baldwin, would have saved a life.

Pre Photo Shoot Preparation:

  • Keep all weapons under strict control and out of the reach of minors, models, and assistants.
  • Make sure all weapons are clear or unloaded and free of ammunition [or projectiles] before bringing on set.
  • Never have ammunition on-site or on-set.

Just because a gun is considered a “prop” doesn’t mean it is not a real firearm and can’t be fired.

The investigation is currently active. It is not known to AmmoLand what prop house supplied the firearms for the movie. AmmoLand News will continue to update the story as more is found out.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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David in WA

Guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people.


This is absolute proof that guns in the hands of movie stars are dangerous and why all movie stars should be banned from shooting or owning guns.

In this case I am using demonratt logic and this instance is the science to prove my statement.

OrgonE where druggies go to so they won’t be punished for federal crimes using drugs and illegals go because they are welcomed, fed, housed, protected, supported with my tax dollars and vote demonrat on their multiple mail in ballots.


A few things have changed since the 1930s when Robert Stack was shooting trap.

Heed the Call-up

Also, the story indicates he was a teen when he first competed, not an old actor having never been taught safe handling and how to shoot.


You are useress Arrec Barrwin!


Since the news first broke, I’ve read about four differing accounts of what kind of firearm and what kind of ammunition was involved. One of those accounts may well have been correct. I’m guessing we’ll get more details with the passage of time, if POTUS doesn’t declare war on Canada in the meantime.

However, ask the average American what comes out of the muzzle when a blank round is fired and odds are they’ll tell you “a loud noise” or “nothing”.

Ignorance can kill.

Wild Bill

We knew what you meant!


Hellywood doesn’t want us, their lowly customers, trusted with guns. Their most rabid anti-2A minions kill an innocent co-worker but likely nothing will come of it.

RIP Halyna Hutchins.


“Both film crews clearly did not follow strict firearms safety best practices”

Both? How do you know the negligence wasn’t all Arrec Barrwin? Squib or no squib, what business did he have pointing the gun at her & pulling the trigger? Are you jumping the gun?

Did the cops drug test the son of a bitch? He’s walking free, tweeting excuses. The drugs become less detectable every minute they wait. You know damn well if he wasn’t a commie-lib Hollywood celeb the New Mexico commie-libs would’ve arrested him and then sorted it.

Last edited 11 months ago by Russn8r

From what I read. They sometimes shoot at the camera & operator. To get that desired effect.


with his past a drug test should have been the first thing done , and he should be waiting in holding while results come back


The deceased victim wasn’t an actress, there was ZERO reason to be pointing ANY gun at her, and if there was just one discharge then the live bullet went through her and struck the second victim. Why too was there even live ammo on the set? There is something far more to this story than an “accident”.

Last edited 11 months ago by StreetSweeper

Reports indicate she and the director were behind or close to the camera.

WI Patriot

And NOTHING will come of it, he’s such a loudmouth liberal…

Wild Bill

Yeah, he bitched about we the people being dangerous to society, but it turns out that it is the liberal loud mouth that is a danger to him self and others.


Actually they bitch that guns are evil, not users. To them this is confirmation. Surely Alex did nothing wrong – it was all the gun’s fault.

it comes down to education. Just as responsible adults who know how to drive – blame drivers for accidents rather than blaming the car. Just wish those who know nothing about guns would admit as much instead of noisily blaming gun rights advocates.

Last edited 11 months ago by Finnky

Now he is going to be even a bigger promoter against guns. We did everything as safely as possible. And still someone died. Guns are not safe. These are Professionals that deal with guns everyday. LOL

Wild Bill

That is a good point. He could never admit to anyone or even himself that he is the problem.

The other Jim

Absolutely. He will continue with his “repeal the 2nd. Amendment” agenda, but not for himself.

The other Jim

Did he have a NICS check before they handed him the gun?


he is a known drug abuser;should actually not be allowed to handle a gun. wounder how many of the anti gun people in movies should not have handled a gun due to drug use


Gotta love the supposed legal differences between a “prop” and a firearm. I wonder if there is any restriction at all on the handling and movement of firearms that are labeled as “props”. Just musing, because I don’t know.


If you haven’t already seen the image of noted “gun safety expert” Sen Diane Feinstein sweeping a crowd of women with an AK47 with her finger on the trigger, take a moment to follow this link and burn the image into your brain. Who was responsible for making sure that the firearm was safe, and for following the basic safe gun handling rules? Diane Feinstein was. The deflection has only just begun in the “Alec Baldwin Incident.” There will be finger pointing galore until those of us who do know a bit about gun safety are sick of hearing… Read more »


You are 200% spot on. Baldwin should, at the very least, face poverty from the coming lawsuits. Further, a prison term for, perhaps, negligent homicide should ensue.

Wild Bill


Knute Knute

I second that motion! Pretty obviously negligence… which is the line to be crossed for manslaughter in most States.


i expect that NM will be reluctant to risk lucrative film production in their state. Unfortunately this means little to no effort to prosecute the producer (Baldwin). Instead he will be spun as victim. After all “guns are evil” and cause stupidity in anyone who approaches one.


Hollywood hypocrite Baldwin and others show their ignorance of firearms and safety rules and it costs a young lady her life! What a shame!


Hubris and arrogance are the primary obstacles to learning and they are the prevailing life ethics guiding the lives of leftists like Baldwin. Consequences are obvious.


That is so true!


I dont walk on water , and have never met anyone who could. I ignore idiots and protect what I should


Still waiting on my ironic statement to be approved that this is perfect proof that movie stars should not be allowed to have or shoot guns using demonrat reasoning.


Spot on, Go to any public range and witness the horrific firearms handling brought to the public by Hollywood.


Just go to any US inner city…


You can bet your bottom dollar that as anti-2A as Alec Baldwin is, he will now double down and call for draconian gun control and outright bans because of his own stupidity. After all, if a person as “smart” as him cannot safely handle a firearm, us mere sheep are way to stupid too and need to be disarmed pronto! I am sure Gifford’s is about to get a new donor and spokesperson.

Last edited 11 months ago by Aardvark

We don’t know all the details and may never know the facts. One thing is for sure and that is that it is a shame the young woman died and Baldwin didn’t.

Last edited 11 months ago by JPM

I can barely wait to see the Wrongful Death Lawsuit. For all of us who are CCW folks or who carry for daily duty we live with that cloud every day thanks to our culture of litigation lotto. This one will be a masterpiece.


How or why would any prop company bring any live ammo to a set, ever? I can’t imagine what kind of idiots must exist in this world. It’s easier for me to believe it was foul play than negligence at this level.


Prop company almost certainly did not. I’d guess rumor is not far off in that unqualified staff (actors – Baldwin) though live fire off hours would be a good idea. Those people brought and loaded the real stuff. When return gun to the set they swapped out five of the six rounds in SAA revolver. Easy to imagine if one is hurrying, inexperienced, careless, and an idiot – after all unless cylinder is removed you can only access one chamber at a time.


If only Baldwin put the gun to his head.


this is what happens when a stupid person has any dangerous thing under their control., someone else pays with their life, and the stupid person says “It’s not my fault” really who pointed the gun?


When a gun is in your hands you and you alone are responsible for the gun. Alex Baldwin shooting two people and killing one of them was not an accident and not “just a tragedy.” It was criminal negligence leading to manslaughter.


Hours before the shooting staff walked off the set protesting numerous complaints, including the lack of safety regarding firearms. There had previously been at least one “unintentional discharge” in the previous days, though it wasn’t clear whether the discharge was of a live round or a blank. There was a single armorer working, but reportedly a non-armorer prop worker took the pistol and handed it to Baldwin who subsequently fired it, killing the cinematographer and injuring the director. Some of the details are found here: Actors are trained to check weapons themselves to ensure that only blanks or inert… Read more »


I will wait until credible new sources publish details. LA Times is not a credible news source. But your points are well taken. Please note the Orwellian language used in the article: prop gun. The only thing ‘prop’ about that live firearm is the way propaganda is used to try to diffuse accountability on the part of the shooter. In the end, you are responsible for anything coming out of the muzzle of the firearm in your hands. It is no surprise to me that this set was a Clown Circus. I worked on years ago for a friend who… Read more »


And all the more reason to refuse to abide by any of the unconstitutional laws this illegitimate president and his illegitimate Admin come up with! I will never submit to these criminals in DC and i will never give up my Firearms! PERIOD!!! May GOD have MERCY on all our Souls!!!


you assume much when you think they have souls

Wild Bill

Yeah, anything that they may have had was sold, to the usual buyer, years ago


“all OUR souls” – not theirs…


would be nice to see him go to jail,

The other Jim

Baldwin will probably sue the Studio, union and all the employees who walked off fearing safety issues, etc….and the Gun Manufacturer for sure blaming them all for the murder he committed.


And the pre-shoot preparation rules do not supercede the Cardinal Rules of Firearms Safety as published by the much hated NRA. And that is the point. And here is my point: hubris is the Achilles Heel of the Progressive New Left. These kewl kids have been so occupied with making the rules for others that they forget to impose rules on themselves. And please do not lecture me. I worked on a studio set for a Class III FFL once. I walked off three hours in to the job when I realized that the actors and staff involved in this… Read more »


As a CCW and a vigilant American, no, I will NOT always keep my guns unloaded until ready to shoot. That NRA “safety rule” is highly flawed. What I will do, though, is keep my guns safely stored when not in personal control, and be judicious about what is happening with loaded, ready-to-fire guns, such as what I carry, that I am not particularly “ready to shoot”. (Of course, much rides on what “ready” is intended to mean, that ambiguity between “prepared to shoot”, and “about to shoot”.


John, your “Pre Photo Shoot Preparation:” is good advice for a Photo Shoot. When I do a Photo Shoot involving weapons, I ALWAYS check and hand the weapon to the model myself. No one else in-between. Of course I give a short introduction to everyone present concerning safety, and that includes “Every Frearm Is ALWAYS Loaded”. Nobody is behind the camera if a weapon is pointed in that direction, etc. However, the “Alec Baldwin Incident” was not a Photo Shoot. This was a movie production, and the rules are different. More than once I’ve turned down offers to work in… Read more »


There was an article about this in my local Birdcage liner this morning. A source explained that there were issues with labor. The Union people walked off after Scabs were brought in. It may be possible that unqualified people might be responsible or, worse yet, there could have been malicious actions! Who knows!

Wild Bill

True, and there could be a legal defense in what you say, but it is pretty difficult to get the gun out of Baldwin’s hand at the time of discharge.


Fortunately as producer he was also responsible for ensuring use of qualified personnel. Unfortunately he will probably only face nominal fines for workplace safety violations.


my comment is held for approval. not one cuss word or non PC word was used and no statement provoking violence was stated.. Is ammoland now part of the fake book tweaker movement not letting pro 2nd amendment or anti illegal comments be posted? WHY!!!!!!!


That little blue haired liberal armorer shouldn’t have been anywhere near a firearm, doesn’t matter if she’s Thell Reed’s daughter. She was probably given the armorer job BECAUSE of her blue hair, not qualifications.


I assume the prop handguns were single action revolvers; so, unless the stunt double was fast draw fanning how did he have two ND’s when the gun was supposed to be “cold”. Where was the safety Nazi?. From the LA Times article it is obvious the next ND was likely to cause an injury. The budget probably contributed to the bypassing of some safe firearms handling procedures. Another thing is squibs like loaded ammo should never be on a movie set. Squibs are very dangerous because the gas generated by a primer will lodge the bullet in the barrel. Been… Read more »


Do we actually know there were two NDs? Is it not possible both people were injured with a single ND? If there were indeed two shots, I expect they will claim actor was so focused on role that they were unaware – did not notice difference between real load and blank.


There were two separate NDs on the set a couple of days earlier, with no one injured. This one killed someone.

TWO NDs should have made everyone involved take a few steps back and examine their procedures and practices.


You would think even a simple protocol of not aiming for another human could be put in place. The camera shot won’t know the difference.

Last edited 11 months ago by JC

This wasn’t Keanu Reeves on the set of a John Wick movie.

I’ve seen average skill shooters on a local range who couldn’t keep it in the black at 7 yards. No joke! The idea than anti gun Hollywood leftist could hit what he was aiming at stretches credibility. Its time to consider that him actually hitting the victim was just bad luck piled on top of the rest of a calamity.

Last edited 11 months ago by DDS

Thoughts go out to the family / friends of the young woman who lost her life in this unfortunate incident.
Can we all cogitate / speculate on the events of that day? sure
Will the truth ever be known about what happened that day? probably not
Will Alec Baldwin be held accountable for his negligent actions in this incident?
The one fact clear in this incident is the breakdown of the basic rules of firearms safety which I think we can all agree on


You asked “Will Alec Baldwin be held accountable?” Obvious answer is no. No prosecutor in NM will be allowed to seriously pursue Alec as doing so would likely cost them their piece ($) of future film production. What other producers would risk working in a legal environment which could hold them accountable – particularly as I’m sure majority see Alec as victim rather than perpetrator? One might ask about OSHA or other federal prosecution. Current administration would be far more likely to cut a deal with Alec to produce more anti-gun propaganda. They will try to portray Alec as victim… Read more »


I thought prop guns were supposed to have plugged barrels?


I never heard of that.


A lot of automatic weapons prop guns have plugged barrels. It is painfully obvious in observing the muzzle flashes on machine gun sequences where the flashes are quartered rather than a solid flash as would normally be seen.


If this was a revolver, a plugged barrel wouldn’t prevent a live round from being loaded into the cylinder – and a discharge then would literally blow the gun apart. Still trying to figure out how the two victims were producer/director people who should have been behind the camera – and well out of the trajectory of any down-range projectile, regardless of its source.

Last edited 11 months ago by MarkE

It is not uncommon to film firing at the camera. Just watch a few movies 🙂


True prop guns resemble standard guns, but are only supposed to accept specialty blanks. Standard guns, by contrast, can accept blanks, as well as live ammunition.


I’ll bet anyone here someone on the set including Baldwin were shooting live rounds on the set prior to or while filming was stopped. If those idiots can’t tell the difference between dummy rounds and live ammo, none of them have any business touching a firearm.
Another hollyweird “elite” giving the rest of us responsible gun owners another black eye.
They screw up and it’s our fault.