Ammo Deal: Remington .22 LR Ammunition Thunberbolts 1500 rnds $149.97 FREE S&H CODE

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Remington .22 LR Rimfire Ammunition Thunberbolts Deal Nov2021

USA – -( Brownells has 1500 round or three (3) boxes of Remington .22 LR Rimfire Ammunition Thunberbolts in-stock and shipping now for $149.97 with no purchase limits after a coupon code “AMMOLAND15” at check out. That is $0.099 each a round. Brownells Edge Members get FREE Shipping on all their orders.

The price is fair, no gouging. I would say check prices here or here but most everyone is sold out.

Remington .22 LR Rimfire Ammunition Thunberbolts

They’ve become the outstanding favorite of 22 owners the world over. These round nose bullets in high-velocity loads cover the broadest range of 22-caliber excitement.


  • Type: Round Nose High Velocity
  • Velocity: 1,255 FPS
  • Grain Weight: 40GR

No wonder 22 Thunderbolt® is Remington’s best-selling and most popular round of all time.

Ammo Deal: Remington .22 LR Ammunition Thunberbolts 1500 rnds $149.97 FREE S&H CODE

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Remington .22 LR Rimfire Ammunition Thunberbolts Deal Cart Check Nov2021

Remington .22 LR Rimfire Ammunition Thunberbolts Deal Cart Check Nov2021
Remington .22 LR Rimfire Ammunition Thunberbolts Deal Cart Check Nov2021
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I will never pay the price asked for .22 LR today. Of course i stocked up when a 500 rnd brick was 11 bucks on sale at Woolworths. Ive got plenty and will never use it all before I cant shoot anymore.

Wild Bill

It is not that the value of 22LR has gone up, but rather the purchasing power of the dollar has been driven down.


No other commodity that I purchase has increased in cost like Ammunition. No other commodity has become as scarce as Ammunition. Whereas inflationary pressures are real the .22 round historically is a low profit margin round for manufacturers. For a while no .22 was being made as other more profitable rounds were put into production. Something of value to me may not be of value to you. If you hold .22 to be of sufficient value you would be willing to pay more than one who sees little value in the same .22 round. I do not believe the diminished… Read more »

Wild Bill

A 1900 dollar purchases 3 cents of goods, today, generally. Having said that the dollar’s reduced purchasing power is measured against each other commodity individually.


And the dollar continues to sink like a lead brick!

Wild Bill

Six point two percent in October, alone. The series I savings bond is paying 7.2 percent for the next six month period.


I would not pay $1.49 for those inconsistent pieces of shit . They are bar none the worst 22 shell I have ever shot . I stocked up on Federal and Winchester 22 ammo when prices were reasonable .

WI Patriot

The price is fair”

At $0.10/rnd, that’s hardly “fair”…

Wild Bill

Well, you know there is no fair in economics only supply and demand.


I just went to cabelas in east hartford, ct. 500 round red/white winchester box of 9mm for 99$. Bought 4 because that is all they would let me buy haha! They also had .22 Remington ammo range bucket 1400 rounds for 69$!


Just a word of caution to the potential buyer of the Remington .22LR Thunderbolt. The topmost pic is misleading in that it shows plated “Golden Bullet” rounds. The Thunderbolt is a non-plated, economy bullet made of soft lead. They will thoroughly gunk up your barrel and chambers as such and are a PITA to clean up a gun after firing them in quantity. If you are desperate to have something that goes bang and makes a hole on a severe budget, then by all means, get these. If it were a choice between an empty gun or these, I would… Read more »


What IDIOT would buy these 22LR at $50.00 per brick? This is OUTRAGEOUS PRICE GOUGING!!!!!!!!!!


As the last guy said, Thunderbolt is not a plated bullet. With that said it is good enough and the price is fair. I have been shooting 22lr for about 58 years now and I have found that some guns do not like some brands of ammo. I have always said if a semi auto runs good on Thunder Bolt it will run on anything. Point is buy enough to last, and then test it. Have fun doing so.

Wild Bill

Here is a better deal:
Simply Wall St
Sun, November 7, 2021, 5:50 AM

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE:RGR) will increase its dividend on the 30th of November to US$0.79. This will take the annual payment to 4.6% of the stock price, which is above what most companies in the industry pay.