Right To Dissent & The Right To Bear Arms: Bulwarks Against Tyranny


American Flag in Distress
Right To Dissent & The Right To Bear Arms: Bulwarks Against Tyranny iStock2

New York – -(AmmoLand.com)- Americans remain at the moment privileged to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Independence Day, Labor Day, and other Holidays. But, for how much longer.

A year ago July, Independence day we wrote of the dire threats to our Nation, coming from within.

“With Independence Day only days away, this Country can hardly be in a celebratory spirit, as the very words, ‘nationalism’ and ‘patriotism’ are treated like obscenities.

We witness two-legged predators laying waste the Land, destroying property, intimidating innocent Americans, causing bedlam and mayhem. The police, under fire, are ordered to stand down. Government cowers. Law and Order breaks down everywhere. The seditious Press and Radical Left members of Congress, along with Radical Left State Governors and City Mayors give their blessing to the perpetrators of this violence.”

See also our sister article, posted a few days earlier.

Has anything changed, almost seventeen months later? Yes, the threat to our Nation has only grown direr.

The Trotting Horse of American Marxism and Neoliberal Globalism is now running at full gallop. It is charging directly toward a formidable defense to be sure—the Bill of Rights. But it is determined to break through, destroying the Constitution of the United States, annihilating a free Republic, subjugating a free and sovereign people.

Evidence for this is everywhere, including, inter alia:

  • Government acquiescence to violent rioting, and looting in the Nation’s cities.
  • A systematic plan to indoctrinate the Nation’s youth with “Critical Race Theory”.
  • Constraints on the exercise of Free Speech/Intolerance toward Dissent.
  • Violations of Due Process and Equal Protection Guarantees.
  • Violations of the Right Against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures. [Red Flag Laws]
  • Unlawful Government orders and mandates, such as mandatory COVID Vaccinations.
  • Failure of Government to Enforce the Nation’s Immigration Laws.
  • Debilitation of the Military: Purging of the Ranks, Politicization of Upper Echelons, Creating Dissension, and Destroying morale.
  • Consolidation of Governmental power in a single Branch.
  • Expanding Federal Government power over the people and the States.
  • Emasculation of State and Community Police Forces.
  • Politicization and Corruption of Executive Branch Departments.
  • Deliberate Destruction of the Nation’s Economy.
  • Collusion between the Government and the Press to Distort News and to indoctrinate the public. [Fake News Media]
  • The defacing, destroying, and removing of national monuments.
  • Denigration of the American Flag and other national emblems.
  • Belittlement of the notion of “Citizen of the United States”.
  • Ennoblement of Marxist Lawbreakers and Illegal Aliens.

And most ominously,

  • Concerted Attacks on Civilian Possession of firearms and of the inherent, natural Right of Armed Self-defense.

The Era Of “Hybrid Warfare”

The Marxist & Neoliberal Globalist [deep state] forces that dare to crush both the institutions of our Nation and the spirit of our people are engaging in a new, sophisticated multilayered stratagem. It has a name. It is called, “Hybrid Warfare.” This is an expression that entered the political and military lexicon in 2008.

“In the twenty-first century, wars are not declared or waged conventionally; instead, conflicts are instigated by clandestine agents using military, non-military, media, cyber tools, information operations, NGOs, nonstate actors, intelligence agencies, economic tools, propaganda, ambiguity, terrorism, and insurgency or rebel movements. In hybrid warfare, the lines between peacetime and wartime and between combatants and civilians are blurred. Further, systemic aggression is imposed on the targeted state using gray zones, nonlinear warfare, unrestricted warfare, unconventional warfare, and color revolutions to avoid attribution and possible retribution against the aggressor.

The threat posed by hybrid warfare is real. hybrid warfare employs a wide array of power tools, including: political, economic, military, asymmetric, civil. Additionally, it includes informational tools such as: diplomacy, terrorism, proxies, and economic attacks to persuade populations or to divide societies. hybrid warfare targets the vulnerabilities of a society and system while deliberately exploiting ambiguity to avoid detection. It is usually detected only when it is fully functional and capable of inflicting harm. Some researchers believe that lawfare (in which law is used as a tool of aggression) is also a branch of hybrid warfare.”

John J. McCuen, in his 2008 paper ‘Hybrid Wars,’ describes hybrid warfare as ‘spectrum wars with both physical and conceptual dimensions: the former, a struggle against an armed enemy and the latter, a wider struggle for control and support of the combat zone’s indigenous population, the support of the home fronts of the intervening nations, and the support of the international community.’

McCuen sees hybrid warfare as using a variety of tools to persuade the domestic population of a targeted state.” ~The Rise Of Hybrid Warfare, 10 Notre Dame J. Int’l & Comp. L. 173 (2020), by Waseem Ahmad Qureshi, Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Marxists and Neoliberal Globalists, are using hybrid warfare against Americans.

Be cognizant of it: what it is; how and where it is employed against our Nation and its people; and its impact on the Nation and on the people. Its effects are both subtle and lucid.

The application of hybrid warfare is subtle where it attacks the mind, psyche, and spirit of the American people. It is lucid where it attacks the tangible infrastructure of our towns and cities along with the intangible fundamental institutions of the Country, the very fabric of our society. These fundamental institutions include education; health; law; business and finance; and family and religion.

It is all under attack.

But the most insidious attack against the American citizen is the subtle—the attack on the psyche of the American people.

The Marxists and Neoliberal Globalists have attacked the very core of the American psyche in its assault on natural law rights: The most fundamental Natural Law Right—the Right of Self-defense—includes the Reciprocal Natural Law Responsibility of Self-defense.

Armed Self-defense provides the best means available to protect one’s physical being and that of one’s family.

The idea of “Self-defense,” generally, and “Armed Self-defense, especially, embody the concept of the sanctity and inviolability of Self.

The Right of Free Speech also goes to the sanctity of one’s Selfhood. The Right of Dissent is intrinsic to Selfhood.

The unalienable, immutable, illimitable right of the individual to be individual means Government cannot lawfully impinge upon or encroach on one’s Selfhood.

The sanctity and inviolability of Self are at the core of what it means to be an American. The framework of our Constitution is grounded on that sacred, inviolate, Truth. It is the single source of our Nation’s power and success.

The Marxists and Neoliberal Globalists know this to be so, and they are chiseling away at all of it. They intend to destroy the Soul of the American citizen. To effectuate this it is necessary to destroy the exercise of armed self-defense and exercise of free expression.

If the Marxists and Neoliberal Globalists defeat the exercise of armed self-defense and the exercise of free expression, they have succeeded to defeat the two salient avenues of resistance to their iron will.

For, if one is prevented from exercising one’s freedom of speech—the freedom to dissent, the freedom to exercise independence of thought—one’s mind, spirit, and soul is damaged.

And, if one is prevented from exercising his freedom to bear arms—one’s right of defense against a predatory beast, predatory man, or predatory government—then the safety and well-being of one’s physical Self are imperiled.

The two most basic rights—the right of self-protection and independence of thought—go together.

To lose the one is to lose the other.

Autonomy of Selfhood is impossible where the individual is helpless—physically, psychically, mentally, intellectually, spiritually.

The Marxists and Neoliberal Globalists intend to cripple mind, spirit, and soul, and they are doing this through the propagation of disinformation, misinformation, and psychological conditioning.

Control of government and the Press and social media provide them with powerful mechanisms to accomplish this.

Americans must do what is necessary to see that these ruthless, jealous, rapacious forces do not succeed.

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information free.

For more information, visit: www.arbalestquarrel.com.

Arbalest Quarrel

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Wild Bill

Gee whiz, Mr Katz, you forgot stolen public offices through election fraud, which gives life to most of the things that you mentioned.

Deplorable Bill

Sadly, with tyranny and treason being a common denominator in state and federal government these days, the day is obviously coming and may indeed be here at present when due process, once again, is a bullet. Our founding fathers went through this for decades with King George and parliament. They, as we have, humbly protested to the “authorities” only to be answered by more tyranny, threats, intimidation, assaults, illegal imprisonment and taxes, even death. The issue finally came to a boil when the “authorities” decided the only way to stay safe from those whom they enslaved was to disarm them.… Read more »

2A Gun Guy

Excellent Review of what is Happening to Our Free Republic. We Must Resist and Combat this Takeover at Every Level!

Wild Bill

Soros. GRRRRR. Bloomberg. GRRRRRR.

Elisa Delaurenti

Indeed. The “education system” is what’s programming their minds to embrace this nightmare.


Let’s just get it on and get the civil war started as it is inevitable unless you are all going to surrender to tyrany ? When the tree gets watered this will all stop ! Let the bloodletting begin . Nothing is off the table Accubonds , ELDX, softpoints , hollow points . FUCK THE GENIEVA CONVENTION !

Wild Bill

While I admire your enthusiasm, the Geneva Conventions are about the treatment of prisoners of war. The Hague Conventions concern the conduct of war, but do not include civil war. The U.S. has not been a signatory for at least forty years. If we had a civil war, now, the marxists controlling government would also control the Armed forces. It is better that we wait until we control the governments and the armed forces, then goad the libtards into revolting. I know, I know the libtards are already … revolting. When civil war comes, this nation will be subject to… Read more »


We’re already being invaded ! And the Govt has been assisting in it’s fruition.

Wild Bill

Yes. When is a country not a country? Answer: when they can not defend their own borders. Build that already paid for WALL!
I see this as a part of the set up to cause America’s destruction. So many of our own citizens want to our country fail.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wild Bill
Deplorable Bill

Those poor bastards, they have me surrounded! I can’t take on an army but, given the right circumstances, I can destroy a platoon and delay a company. War should always be the last of choices but there comes a time when it’s all too appropriate and needed. If this were 1775, the balls would already be flying. Freedom is never free, it comes with the highest of costs, but freedom is worth it. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happyness, the right to keep and bear arms, of self defense and defense of others, to assemble peaceably, to speak our… Read more »


A little wordie but finally someone who understands what’s actually happening in this country.


I recently posted the following in response to an article about the Rittenhouse trial and its meaning:

What this trial was really about was the Left trying to show everyone that self-defense will not be tolerated, especially if it is used against the Left or those they support. If you dare defend yourself when the Left or its minions come after you or your property, you will be punished. Or at least that was the message they wanted to send and how it was supposed to turn out…

Deplorable Bill

I believe you are correct, America was on trial, the right of self defense was on trial and the right to keep and bear arms, even the dastardly AR-15 was on trial. I am glad that we won but that was just one battle in a war for our very freedoms and rights. It aint over yet.

Arm up and carry on


Evil is setting itself to bring more carnage on humanity than has ever happened in human history. When it is over and they believe they have won, they will be celebrating over a burned up landscape with no hope of ever being anything more than predators on each other until there is only one left.
But, thankfully, the story of mankind doesn’t end there, there is one who has a better ending than the evil of today can ever grasp.

Elisa Delaurenti

Absolutely spot on. I’m a bit surprised the author didn’t mention the “education” system as a major influence, though.

Last edited 1 year ago by Elisa Delaurenti
Ricardo Pacetti

My 2 cents is that our only hope at this point is to take Congress next year and get DJT reelected in 24, however, he is going to have a tough 4 years to bring law and order back and drain the freaking swamp.